✈Reykjavik, Iceland ►Vacation Travel Guide

✈Reykjavik, Iceland  ►Vacation Travel Guide

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JON: Hello, I’m Jon Olson, welcome to Next
Stop, from the most volcanic island in the world.
NEXT STOP ICELAND rolls JON: I’ve always wanted to come to Iceland,
and now with Alaska Airlines partnership with Iceland Air, here we are, in the most volcanic
island in the world. On this episode, we will actually go inside a volcano, we will also
explore the beautiful capital city of Reykjavic, and we will travel a couple of hours outside
the city for adventures in glacier water. The Iceland music scene is blowing up on the
world stage, and on this episode we feature local favorite Jon Johnson. All this and more
on Next Stop, from the land of fire and ice. The fun starts now!
Next Stop logo JON: After a scenic, and I do mean scenic,
2 hour drive outside of Reykjavic, we are with Arctic Adventures for white water rafting.
This is not what you wear rafting in Iceland. This is what you wear to go rafting in Iceland.
MUMMI: OK, I’m going to take a small safety brief before we go in, I am going to start
with the paddle. How you hold the paddle, you have a C grip on the top, so place your
thumb under here and grab it. Say all forward, use your upper body. Lean forward, all forward,
ok? Sometimes you say hold the line, get in, so everybody should get in, ok, so all at
the same time, ok, and all forward, and all backwards, all backwards, and get in. Good,
very good. JON: What an exhilarating day on the water,
and it was beautiful, beautiful color of green. FRIDRICK: Yeah, it is a sort of grayish green
color, but we say that rivers with this color are white, hence the name of the river hvitur
litur a, means white river. JON: So I love the rapids, it’s very challenging,
it’s a lot of fun, but I also like when you get to the spot where everybody can jump
of that big rock. FRIDRICK: I did the back flip!
JON: That’s right, you did what we are not supposed to do.
FRIDRICK: We have to demonstrate that also, yeah?
JON: You know what I liked about the tour today, there were people from all over the
world, we had a couple from Singapore on our boat, people from the States, people from
all over the place. You must attract a lot of different visitors.
FRIDRICK: Iceland was nominated as the number one destination by Lonely Planet.
JON: Really? FRIDICK: So there have been a lot of advertisement
and we are having people from all over the globe.
Next Stop logo JON: We were surprised to learn that Icelanders
love their hot dogs. You pretty much find them on every street corner, every gas station,
convenience store, kiosk, eatery, wherever they sell food they are going to sell hot
dogs. They are consumed for lunch, dinner, late night munchies, we are even told that
school children consume them for breakfast. Each hot dog comes standard with raw and fried
onions, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. But the best part, you will pay less that 3 dollars
for this national delight. Next Stop logo
JON: Today we are going to learn a little bit about Iceland 1101, it kind of all started
with this guy. GUNDI: Ingolfur Amarson.
JON: So tell us about him. GUNDI: He was a viking, came from Norway in
1874, he found Reykjavic and settled here. JON: What else is around us here?
GUNDI: You have the Supreme Court over here, this little gray building with the green and
copper top, and the national theater, the black box over there, and then of course we
have the harbor. JON: Now you guys have the very first parliament
in the world. GUNDI: Yes.
JON: Let;s visit that. ‘GUNDI: Yes, let’s do that.
JON: So Gundi, we mentioned that the first parliament in the world was in Iceland, but
it wasn’t this building, but this is parliament today.
‘GUNDI: Yes, this is the parliament, and we have 63 parliamentarians and it is actually
in session now, though it is Saturday, because they are arguing about the fishing policy
JON: Well there is your postcard. GUNDI: Yes, Hallgrimskirkja, our largest church
in Iceland. In front we have Leif Erickson, which discovered America.
JON: So we now know, 500 years before Columbus. GUNDI: Yes, in the year 1000.
JON: But they are thinking it was maybe Canada, right?
GUNDI: Yeah, it was somewhere around that area.
JON: I notice there is a steeple tower up there where people are looking out, can we
check out the view? It’s got to be amazing of Reykjavic.
GUNDI: Yeah, let’s do that. JON: Let’s do it. So, we are at the beach,
the beach in Iceland. GUNDI: Yes, the beach in Iceland.
JON: I didn’t expect a beach in Reykjavic. GUNDI: No, but this in the only beach in Reykjavic,
and it is man made. We pump hot water, geo thermal water into the ocean here.
JON: So all of this is hot water. I like this too though, there is a long man made hot tub
up there, it’s just stacked with people. GUNDI: Now this is our last stop, Perlan,
the Pearl, it’s a restaurant. Restaurant on top is a revolving restaurant.
JON: So I love your city, but you know, we love your landscape, you feel like you are
on the moon. I love the geysers flowing out, steam vents all over the place, you really
feel like you are in a special place. GUNDI: Yes, it’s like, some people say it
is like on the moon, but this is Iceland. JON: It’s a beautiful place, thanks for
having us. GUNDI: Thank you very much.
Next Stop logo JON: You’ll want to stick around for what
is coming up, we go inside a volcano, and feature Alaska Airlines partner, Iceland Air.
Next Stop logo JON: Iceland is comprised of 40,000 square
miles and has a population of just over 300,000 people, the least populated country in Europe.
Two thirds of its population lives in the beautiful capital of Reykjavic. So what does
this low population density mean to the most volcanic island in the world? Gorgeous unspoiled
landscape that will impress you beyond words. Next Stop logo
JON: For the first time in history, travellers have the opportunity to see what a volcano
looks like on the inside, but first, Bjorn, let’s hike. What are we doing today?
BJORN: Well we are going to take a hike over the lava hills over here, we;ve got some smaller
caves, and some both new and old lava streams. JON: Oh, that’s cool.
BJORN: Yeah, that is quite common here in Iceland, it is formed by lava streams.
JON: You know what else I like? This is natures trampoline right here folks, this is awesome.
So, I just learned something new and interesting, the american and european plates meet in Iceland,
and they are splitting apart right now. BJORN: Yes, excellent example about how it
is splitting apart and we are going to America, at least this part is.
JON: This part is going to America, this part is going here. Cool.
JON: So we have arrived at base camp, and now it is time for safety.
BJORN: Yep, now everybody puts on helmets and harnesses.
JON: It is going to totally clash with my outfit, but we will make it work
JON: So I’m not exactly sure of what all this says, but I am pretty sure we are going
into this. BJORN: Yes, that is right, so we are here
at the top now, and now we are going 120 meters, a little less than 400 feet, down into the
bottom of the crater. JON: Here we go! This is kind of intense,
in a good way. I am speechless. These formations look almost too perfect to be natural, it
looks like a Hollywood set. BJORN: Yeah, Nature overtook prizes.
JON: Oh man, this is just fabulous. Um, wow. This was well worth the hike.
BJORN: Yes, this is amazing, this size, of course the size and the height, and also the
bright colors. JON: What do you want people to take from
this? BJORN: Well, of course, just the adventure
and see how the plumbing looks like on the inside.
JON: The real plumbing. BJORN: Yes the real plumbing, how it all works.
JON: Thank you for the experience, this is a once in a lifetime experience.
BJORN: Yes, I am happy that you liked it. JON: Takk.
BJORN: Thank you. Next Stop logo
JON: When we told our friends and family we were coming to Iceland, they said ‘Alaska
Airlines doesn’t fly to Iceland’ But their partner, Iceland Air, does. We boarded our
flight in Seattle, and a short 7 hours later, here we are in Reykjavic. From the minute
we got on the plane to the minute we left, the Iceland Air service was impeccable, we
didn’t want the flight to land, but here we are at Keflavik International Airport,
Iceland Air’s hub to it’s 31 destinations in North America and Europe. Now I love checking
out new airports, and I especially love exploring lounges. Our friends at Iceland Air said you
have got to check out our new Sega Lounge, and from what I’ve experienced so far, I’m
expecting greatness. What did I tell you? The newly refurbished Sega Class Lounge is
a modern state of the art facility, with super cozy furniture, free wifi, a wide assortment
of snacks and beverages to your hearts content. It’s the ideal place to spend your layover
on your way to your next Iceland Air destination. If you are not able to visit the Sega Lounge,
Keflavik Airport, Iceland Air’s international hub has plenty going on. From world class
duty free shopping to fabulous restaurant and lounges with wide open spaces to stretch
your legs, you will find it here at Keflavik. For more information on Iceland Air and its
destinations, visit icelandair.com Next Stop logo
JON: Up next, a brand new sustainable hotel on Reykjavic harbor, and world famous Blue
lagoon. Next Stop logo
JON: We are staying at the brand new, ultra modern, super cool, Icelandair Hotel in the
Reykjavic marina. and Snorri, this wasn’t always a hotel?
SNORRI: No, certainly wasn’t. In the beginning it was offices for the dry dock, this is actually
just right outside. This is probably the only hotel in the world where you can actually
touch the ships. JON: So what was the process like building
this? You were a part of it? SNORRI: I was a part of it.
JON: You kind of used everything, you found stuff in the attic, you found stuff in the
attic, you found lights, you found wood to use, that’s so cool, very sustainable.
‘SNORRI: Our architect did a marvelous job on the hotel, and did everything we could
recycle, reuse, we did. As you can see here, the bookshelf is made from our carpenters
as well. JON: And that was just old wood that you guys
were just going to toss, but you found a use for it,it looks so cool. So I noticed this
guy when I walked in, who is this handsome guy?
SNORRI: This one here, there are two of those, we call them the sailors, and this one is
all dressed up and ready to go out. JON: He’s ready for the night. Now this
is all used, this is an egg carton? SNORRI: Yes it is, it’s all recycled from
the artist who made this. JON: So Snorri, I heard you guys have a very
well known chef. SNORRI: Actually we have 2 very well known
chefs, one of not enough, but they are really good, they have been culinary chef’s of
the year in Iceland a couple of times. JON: And they cook out here in the open?
SNORRI: Yes they do, their main station is here at the bar.
JON: We fast forward several hours later, back in the lobby bar, and I mean several
hours later because it is almost midnight outside and it is still light out. With Chef
extrordanaire Johannes, we are going to talk about what is happening with food in Iceland,
and I am going to make some stuff. Let’s start out with what is happening with the
food scene here. JOHANNES: There are lots of things going on
in Iceland. JON: I can tell!
JOHANNES: It’s about using your ingredients that appear to you, and make a lot of food.
JON: Sustainability. Tell us what you are going to make and lets do it.
JOHANNES: We are making cots, a cottis. JON: Very thin.
JOHANNES: Very thin, cut very thin. So next thing is horseradish, chili of the north they
call it. JON: Chili of the north, I like it. I love
horseradish. JOHANNES: OK, next thing we have lovits.
JON: That’s the stuff I was smelling. JOHANNES: It’s an herb, actually I picked
this herb this morning. JON: You did?
JOHANNES: Yeah, before I came to work. JON: So many different tastes going on here,
that is really good, the flavor just pops. You nailed it, man. I can see why Snorri said
you are the man! Next Stop logo
JON: The Blue Lagoon, located just a half hour outside of Reykjavic has been considered
to be one of the wonders of the world by National Geographic. And from first glance at it, I
can see why. This is so incredible. We have been watching this from the webcam in the
lobby in out hotel all week, and I have been dying to come here, so here we are.
EDDA: As you can see, people just enjoy relaxing in the lagoon, and you’ve seen the benefits
of the active ingredients from the sea water. JON: What are those?
EDDA: Those active are basically silica, minerals and algae. And these are unique, not found
anywhere else in the world. JON: So I’ve got a couple of hours hereto
spend this afternoon. I have been nursing honestly a sore shoulder, and a pinched nerve
in my neck, so I’ve been real excited to come here. What do you recommend I do today?
EDDA: I recommend you to of course, just warm up in the water, dry sauna, steam sauna, and
the energetic waterfall we have is amazing for your shoulders. I would recommend you
to the relaxing massage with is extraordinary because it takes place in the water, the masseuse
is with you in the water while you are having a massage.
JON: So we have found Iceland to be quite high tech, check this out. Basically, this
operates like your wallet, it opens your locker, closes your locker, when you want to buy something
at the bar, in the restaurants. Enough chatting, let’s get in the water. Alright, lets take
10 years off this mug of mine with a silica mud mask. So from my calculations, it’s
been 10 minutes, and do I look like a just saw a ghost? OK, so it is time to get the
massage, do I give you this? Saving the best for last.
GISLI: Yes, you relax really well in the warm water.
JON: Yes, I am totally floating on air right now. They say 85% of tourists who visit Iceland
visit Blue Lagoon, I can’t imagine why it’s not 100%, I love this place.
Next Stop logo JON: Coming up on Next Stop, music by local
favorite and talented Jon Johnson. Next Stop logo
JON: Iceland’s music scene is both innovative and thriving on the world stage. Tonight we
are at Factory to feature loca favorite, Jon Johnson.
MUSIC JON: Let’s talk about music in Iceland,
because the scene is just thriving around the world right now.
JJ: The music scene is so small here, like everybody knows each other, so they kind of
motivate each other, but still they are competitive you know, they are like, OK, I’m nice to
that guy but still I want to beat him you know, I want to do better than he does, so
they go into their room and be like, OK, I’ve got to do something cool, but it has to be
original, it has got to be something that no one has done before, so I can be better
than the other guy.
MUSIC JJ: It really started for me when I was in
Boston, oh, I went to Boston. JON: I was going to call out the green elephant
in the room in just a minute but let’s go ahead and talk about that.
JJ: I had like, recorded like maybe 6 original songs, I was on a soccer team there and the
guys heard it, and my friends heard it and they were like ’Yeah this is good stuff’
and I was like ‘Really is it good, OK? Americans like it’ so I was like, yeah, I can do it.
MUSIC JON: So I am digging the Factory, and I’m
really digging this, outdoor football, soccer, as we call it, pool. Is this common?
JJ: Yeah, right. In Iceland, on every street corner. Soccer pool table.
JON: We had no idea what it was until we saw people kicking it around, this girl is screaming.
JJ: I am even more happier. MUSIC
Next Stop logo JON: Thanks for tuning in to Next Stop from
incredible Iceland, and thanks to our shows sponsors, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines
Visa Signature card. Without you, we would not be here today. Takk to our Iceland show
sponsors, Iceland Air, Iceland Air hotels visit Reykjavic and visit Iceland. Now is
the perfect time to come to Iceland and enjoy this incredible country. Wow. Next Stop, where
will we take you next? Make good memories everybody.
Credits roll

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