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Hi travelers, I’m in front Saint Francis of Assisi Church, in Goa Come with me to know it? Here is an Archaeological Museum And here the Saint Francis of Assisi Church The Saint Francis Church and Convent is a Catholic temple, one of the oldest churches still standing in Old Goa. It is part of the group belonging to the World Heritage of Goa Churches and Convents. The Franciscan Order was the first to settle in Goa and the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi og Goa was founded in 1518 by Friar António Louro, who arrived with eight more Franciscan friars on his mission, with explicit orders from King Manuel I of Portugal for Governor Lopo Soares de Albergaria to facilitate their missionary action and their installation in Goa. The facade is narrow and tall, with two towers of octagonal section. Opposite there is a large granite cruise. This church is all under renovation The original construction of the church was completed in 1521, but was completely rebuilt from 1661, while preserving a Manueline-style portal incorporated into the mannerist facade of the new church. This dark stone portal features a typical Manueline trilobed profile and a border flanked by armillary spheres, symbols of D. Manuel. The interior is a single vaulted nave with side chapels and transept, covered with stucco and paintings. The church floor, like other Goa churches, has a large amount of inscribed graves and coats of arms. The chancel has several paintings on the life of St. Francis of Assisi and a large gilded altarpiece dating from 1670, with an image of Jesus on the cross embracing St. Francis. Behind the altarpiece, visible through an opening, is a carved tabernacle, supported by statues of the Four Evangelists, which was used to show the Blessed Sacrament and the ciborium. But as the church was in the works and quite empty Could not see much. This is the museum. Ticket is 10 rupees to enter. They are already closing the museum. Museum internal garden

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  1. Nossa que igrejona Ana essa igreja realmente tem muita história mesmo de tão antiga né, mas tá super conservada isso pode-se dizer, e o convento foi fundado em 1518 nossa muito tempo heim, e no momento que mostrou essa estátua gigante preta até pensei que essa é uma relíquia que eles tem na igreja, que pelo jeito não pode nem tocar, e quanta imagem tem nela, a da nossa senhora tem também mas é bem diferente da daqui. E como você disse a igreja ta bem vazia mesmo, nem aqueles bancos ela tem em que os fieis sentam pra assistir a missa, e gostei também dessas casinhas que tem nela, é a chamada maquete. Gostei do vídeo Ana, a igreja é bem legal, essa maquete mostra né quantas casas tem perto da igreja, interessante 😃🧡

  2. Fico imaginando como esse povo conseguiu fazer obras tão grandes e bem feitas quando não se havia tanta tecnologia. Esta é até recente, mas mesmo assim ainda não havia tanta facilidade como hoje para levantar tudo isso. Adorei o vídeo, sempre cheio de muita informação! Bjs

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