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so the other day I went to my channel and I made some playlists and I realized one playlist I didn't have was a playlist designed for first-time travelers so like a box I made a playlist and I put it on my channel homepage playlists will be maintained below and then I realize what video would go perfect with this then I thought what video is missing from this playlist and then it came to me ten destinations perfect for first time travelers it's a question I get a lot so let's get into it so I'm basing all of these countries off of comfort a slight lack of serious culture shock or language barrier and some people I know go to India for their first ever trip alone abroad and stuff and they love it they get a lot of culture shock they love it but I'm just picking those are easier in a sense to get around more infrastructure and less of the language barrier and just countries where you can really get into the travelling vibe let's go through some Western countries Australia has to be number one it is huge for first-time travelers and for a reason everyone speaks English now may I just point out I know not everyone speaks English as a first language and I will get onto that later the trainees infrastructure for tourism and travelers is just so easy you are not going to struggle whatsoever something on butter's cheap flights and trains to get around sure it's pretty expensive to get there it's pretty expensive to live there that's why a lot of people go on working holiday visas that way they can earn money whilst they're there second ones is not too far from that is New Zealand very similar to Australia in terms of language and infrastructure and prices zealand also offers working holiday visa for people in the surface now I have done a video on different countries such as Japan and stuff that offer working holiday visas I will link that up for you then another Western country where language if you speak English is the first language will not be a problem if the USA and I'm also probably going to throw Canada in with this one as well are you going to do the USA then roadtrip it in a candle ban is probably the best way to go it's the best way I read about when I asked people the countries so must a few and a few friends why not get out there get a campervan all pitch in together or going solo it all depends on your budget again America has a really good infrastructure for tourism shockingly enough for number four in western countries I'm going to put the UK on there are people only want to go to the UK on their Europe tour to go to London and okay yeah London's grey camden town is really cool with the markets and the waterside bars and you know there is a lot of cool stuff in London but you know where there's some also really cool stuff outside of London seriously you cannot judge England or Great Britain as a whole because it is pretty great on what you find in London go up to northern Wales not have a clue of what they're saying so that's kind of like knocking out their easy language barrier because they do speak Welsh in Wales you're going to go to the UK please get types of London go to stratford-upon-avon which is like really close to Birmingham / Shakespeare was born it's like typical England trap to go to Warwick go to Warwick Castle if you want to seem real England like proper Britain go to some of these places like Warrick or green go to Sussex it's not far from London really and it's just so picturesque it's very very Queenie very Queenie and I want to kind of include Europe as a whole as places to go now this is kind of like you will have a language barrier in Europe but a lot of people do speak English even just a bit in pretty much any country in Europe during a tour around Europe or just going to a few countries or just one country you'll find it super easy the train networks the bus networks flying around Europe if you saw my video today it's so ridiculously cheap so it's really good for budget-conscious try and sit east if you're really budget conscious because West is pretty expensive like you know like France Germany and places like that Europe as a whole is fantastic for first time travelers let's move on to Asia Thailand Thai and is one of the most popular destinations in Asia for first time travelers and travelers as a whole you don't get a massive culture shock coming to Thailand but you will get a really good level of culture shock which I do recommend for people the point be traveling to a foreign country is to get some water the culture shops but it's not too intense in Thailand car from Thailand is Vietnam so six Vietnam Vietnam is fantastic because a lot of people actually English is not bad our sort of language is a problem and you're really worried about communicating you're going to be finding really any of these countries I'm recommending it now has a very varied landscapes you've got the big cities of Ho Chi Minh and things like that then you've got beautiful coastal line which you can jump on really cheap train rides like down the coast I'll also leave a link for these country playlists they're all on my channel if you want to catch a bunch of logs or some informational videos apart from Vietnam or Thailand is Cambodian so region a lot of people do Thailand Laos Vietnam and Cambodia is because they're all super close together there's a really nice route you can take around all of them and Cambodia is pretty special it's super budget-friendly the English spoken is really good we were super surprised and you have the islands in Cambodia which we still haven't been to and you've also have a hustle and bustle you've got the history and it just kind of Cambodia has a lot to offer and is super easy to gather and move around think in a number 9 where we are right now is Malaysia now a lot of people skip Malaysia they go to Thailand Vietnam Cambodia and all that kind of stuff but they miss Malaysia and Malaysia has a lot to offer anywhere around Malaysia is super easy and because it was under British rule until not long ago they speak a fantastic level of English it's actually insane the Malaysian people are so wonderful their hospitality is second to none you've got islands like langkawi you've got the east and islands as well which we haven't been to then you got place like Penang which in covered in street art with loads of good street food then if you like the city you've got Kuala Lumpur which is like huge high-rise petronas towers cheap Indian food you eat with your hands it's quite expensive beer but you can get a great beer and just watch this really bustling city go by it's not that expensive and it shouldn't be missed if you're doing a trip to Asia for the first time now this last one is a little bit out there but I'm going to put it up simply be the language pretty good we were surprised getting around really not that difficult price pretty good a bit more expensive than Thailand Vietnam Cambodia but it doesn't break the bank and it's maybe for a little bit more of an adventurous time and I'm going to say the Philippines arriving in place like Manila it can be a big culture shock so if you're going to do it Asian tour for your first and a trip away first time they mainly do Thailand Vietnam convertible Malaysian or place like that first then go to the Philippines it can I can imagine being the more of a culture shock it – your first destination in Asia so you're flying into Manila or Cebu it's going to be mad alright there's going to be scams around every corner people will have for you and it's going to feel very huh if you get adversities you get down to the island she goes Quran or palawan or borrow Thai wherever you decide to go we love the Philippines it's very doable for a first time traveler they've got and season allows infrastructure it is improving but like I said if you're going on – alright Asia for your first trip away then I would definitely put the Philippines in there as one of your destinations so I talked a lot about English being spoken because I do get a lot of emails from people asking where is good for first-time travelers where will I not have a huge language barrier that's why I brought it up a lot however that's one of the most fun parts of traveling is learning a few phrases or just a few words of a different language and then you can see there I like twinkle when you say radhika in thailand or Capcom car or – emaki see here in malaysia and they're just like wow you you said that so don't let that put you off pretty much any diesel engines I said it's all your figures English you'll be absolutely fine but don't get to three stuff in there a little bit you know play with the language learn by the cultural order and have fun if English is not your first language and that's one of things you're worried about then for example if you speak Spanish then there are lots of other countries in the world that Otto speaks Spanish the same for France if you speak French you go to places that okay you could go over okay I know a french-canadian it's not the same as French you know where I'm going with this if English is in your first language you might not be the only country in the world to speaks it and it's a place that concerns you then go where you know there's a certain level of comfort zone first time travels are looking for and I can guarantee you once you've been to one place for example if you go to around Europe you're going to be like right get me to China get me to India you'll just want to go and throw yourself in this is for all those anxious first-timers who just don't know where to start so I hope this if you have to add like I said I didn't make a whole playlist perfect first time traveler I'll link it down below let me know where you would say in the world is perfect for first-timers where the culture shop isn't too massive and where is your first place so you ever visited let me know below and I'll see you in a few days but what

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  1. Great video! However, it did make me think about how unwilling native anglophones are to learn other languages, they just expect the rest of the world to learn English.

  2. Really great list! I think other places that are the big cities of glitz and glam – Dubai (yes I know there is a whole other side to the UOI outside of Dubai), Singapore and Hong Kong but yeah not too much culture shock compared to many places. Each successful rich global city with different vibes (HK is EASILY my fave of the three though). TAIWAN is also good though not a lot of English out in the countryside and less English compared to many of these places. Very warm people though and very developed!

  3. Have you tried canyoneering activity in Cebu? Would love to do it again 😊.. Glad that Philippines is included in your list 😍💖

  4. My first trip was to India. I lost paper, rock, scissors after a bottle of vodka 😂 first solo trip was Argentina – Buenos Aires is FAB for first time solo so long as you don’t mind a language barrier! Aaaaand I am about to go to Malaysia. So excited! X

  5. I highly recommend to visit China since you are an experienced traveller. China Mainland is the Central Far East, China adapted a little of each culture from other Asian countries. There are many changes going on everyday in China, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Most importantly, it’s very safe to travel in China. I’m sure you met many Chinese in your trips but you will see the “real Chinese” and experience differently.

  6. The question is difficult to answer without knowing where a person come from. It's pretty obvious that for a Frenchman (like myself), and especially if you don't speak a foreign language, the most accessible places will be Wallonia/Brussels in Belgium or French speaking Switzerland. For Germans, it will be Austria. Language is a huge part of the accessibility factor.

    Also, some countries are incredibly diverse and will have very accessible parts in them and more difficult ones. For instance, in Indonesia, for inexperienced travelers, Bali and Lombok are perfect destinations in the developing world because there are a lot of tourists there. Sumatra and Borneo, less so. Hell, there are even some places in Indonesia that could be dangerous (such as Aceh).

    On the whole, I would have to agree with most countries on the list though Chile and Argentina are also pretty doable destinations, even for someone with no traveling experience and so are Morocco and Tunisia. But I think the perfect destination for first time travelers will nearly always be the country right next to where you live.

  7. I’m Malaysian, thank you for positive comments. But I would like to propose Indonenesia, as our sister country has a lot to offer

  8. Now that you've been to India, and courtesy your vlog, I got to see many places in my own country for the first time; how would you recommend it to first time travellers? As for me, on my first solo travel, I want to explore my country first.. in all its length, width and depth!! It's so diverse, so culturally rich, and full of surprises.. so, before going out, I will take my time knowing India 🙂
    I've been following you from the past month, you are one high spirited traveller!

  9. Am from Nigeria but live in Dubai. I want to travel to UK for my vacation. Am chef cook here in Dubai please if u have any information please here facebook DJ Chika GO. M number +971503576897

  10. Singapore is by far the easiest place for first timers. The country is confined to a single city but it has a real oriental feel and the official language of instruction is English. It has an excellent public transportation/Metro system which in my opinion is probably the easiest in the world to navigate. There are lot's of places to shop. It's quite expensive but you can buy snacks and drinks cheap enough if you find a supermarket and if your looking for cheaper options the mall in Johor Bahru Is just a quick trip across the border.

  11. cambodia & vietnam are full of scammers and not that easy for first time travellers to asia..unlike philippines has no language barrier..english everywhere

  12. I live in USA and never traveled. My fear is mostly communication cause I only know English.

    • Don’t ever drink water in USA it’s contaminated with fluoride.

  13. Great video! However, what about Laos? I've got the feeling that Laos is often combined with Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, what do you think about that?

  14. As someone local to Warwick and Stratford-upon-Avon, I can definitely recommend it, especially in the summer.

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