10 Reasons To Stay On Your Cruise Ship In Port

10 Reasons To Stay On Your Cruise Ship In Port

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What are the 10 good reasons to stay on board
a cruise ship in port. This is Gary Bembridge and this is another
of my Tips For Travellers. I am on a cruise and I’m staying on board
in port today, and that got me thinking why don’t I share with you 10 reasons that I think
are great ones to stay on board and not explore a port, starting with this one. It is important to remember that cruises is
also vacation time. It’s a time to relax and if you are on a port
intensive cruise you could end up coming back from your cruise tired, because you are exploring,
coming back and eating, drinking, going to a show, staying up late. Taking a day out one day when the ship is
in port and just relaxing, sleeping late as it is going to be much quieter and it is just
a time to slow down and relax, and make your day a total relaxing day. After all you’ve come for a great time but
also to unwind. It’s a really good reason to stay on board. The second good reason is if the ports are
not interesting, either because you have been before or it is just not interesting to you,
or very appealing or the weather is not great , either too rainy or hot. Or, perhaps you already have seen all the
key sights and even the secondary sights are just not very interesting. Another good reason for staying on board is
if the port is going to be crazy busy. I take a look in sites like CruiseTimeTables.com
and take a look at how many ships are going to be in port. You could be going to some ports where there
could be 15,000 to 20,000 passengers coming off ships and making the place busy crazy,
and so you it might be nicer to stay on board the ship in those ports where it is going
to be crazy busy. Plan in advance and use sites like CruiseTimeTables.com
and see how busy the ports will be and perhaps choose one of them which is going to be crazy
busy and stay on board and not fight all the crowds.The fourth reason for staying on board
depends on the type of ship you are cruising on. If it is a big resort ship which has huge
amounts of facilities, like rock climbing walls, ice skating rinks, go karting and 4D
rides and huge amount of facilities. It is worth spending one or two days on the
ship because the ship is part of the vacation, which you have paid for in your fare. If you are out exploring ports all day you
won’t have time to experience them all. If it is a resort ship I like to plan day
on board rather than going to the port as it is a resort in its own right. On smaller ships with much less facilities
it may less worthwhile and much more about the ports. If you are cruising on a ship with lots of
facilities it is a good idea to spend at least a day on board. Another good reason for staying on board is
you will find on port days there is usually a lots of offers. So, particularly the spa will have discounts
or 2-for-1s which making going to the Spa much cheaper. There might be happy hours and cocktails of
the day or other activities which are much cheaper. It is a great way of doing some of the things
you want to do but for much less money. I love going to the spa but its really expensive
and going on port days is what I do as its much cheaper. When you are on a cruise you know that finding
space and time in the laundry can be quite difficult. On port days the laundry is usually quiet,
you can get a machine and drier and you can do it much easier. A great reason for staying on board is simply
the ship is not that busy. And that is particularly around the pool,
finding a great lounger and good spot close to the pool can be a challenge or using the
hot tubs. You’re going to find great loungers, use the
hot tubs, many of the other facilities around the ship, restaurants, afternoon tea if you
want to go to that will be quieter, if you want to do flow riders, use the waterslides
you are going to able to do it multiple times without lining up. The ship is much quieter , things you want
to try and do will just be completely empty or free to do. Find a fantastic lounger in a great spot,
use the pool and hot tubs is a great reason to stay on board. Another great reason to stay on board is even
if there are not lots of facilities in board there will be lots of activities to do on
the ship like trivia, craft classes, fitness classes. There will always be a full schedule of events. The ship will have a full program of things
for people who stay on the ship to do, even if you are on a small ship. So, if you are yearning to win that trivia
competition, the advantage on a port day is there will be less people and less competition
and increased chance of winning. But definitely there will be loads of things
to do, so don’t think that there will be nothing to do as there will be a full daily program
of events. One of the key reasons I stay on board on
port days is I can get around the ship and take videos and photographs of the ship when
it is not crowded and full of people. You can get great pictures of your friends
and family and port days are a good time to do that, as you will be able to take nice
photos of the ship, posing on staircases. So, I will stay on board in one or more ports
so I can take my photos and videos without having lots of people in them. It’s a great way of exploring and seeing the
ship and taking the photos you want, and really important of course is the photos taken by
the ship photographers are pretty expensive. It is a time to explore and take great photos
you want. Staying on board will also help with your
budget. If you go out on excursions, it could costs
quite a lot of money. Cruise excursions can cost quite a lot of
money from $50 – $100 and upwards per person per excursion. So, that can ramp up quite fast. Even if self exploring you will have costs
for touring and entrance fees for museums and sights, eating out, drinks and so on. So staying on board can help you with your
budget by avoiding some of those costs like food and entertainment are included in your
fare on the ship. It is a good way of helping to manage your
budget. So, if there are some excursions you really
want to do in some ports then staying on board on other days could help make them possible
within your budget. Staying on board is one way of managing your
budget. There is a lot of good reasons for staying
on board in port. Those are the ones I think are good ones. If you have any others let me know. If you enjoyed this video, why not watch another
one of my tips videos right now

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  1. We did this once on Seabourn Odyssey while docked at Troy. The excursions there just weren’t that appealing to us, we were tired from daily excursions for all six days prior, and we had a great day relaxing by the pool and getting great service.

  2. Totally Agree, stayed on boarded while docked in Victoria Canada. Was in the evening and I live 16 miles from Canada . Had the ship to our self's and also the dinning room. best decision ever.

  3. One more point: while in port, your phone will likely have low price, shore based internet access that is very fast. It allows you to catch up on all your connectivity stuff without paying usurious cruise ship internet prices.

  4. I love to cruise and part of that is relaxing. I will pick out an excursion or two but I don’t want to run the whole time. I love sleeping in and having a leisurely breakfast, and just enjoying the ship. Yes the spa treatments can be less expensive on port days but watch out sometimes they make you buy a package of 3 which can get pricey and not save a whole lot in the long run. Just watch what you sign up for. I learned the hard way. I was able to get a refund but it was a lot of hassle. Editorial comment: I do enjoy going to the spa but I feel like the cruise ships really overcharge. Sometimes folks think oh I am on vacation, I will treat myself but I don’t like being taken advantage of. Just my two cents…

  5. I love staying in the ship when we are at a port because I’m the ship is so quiet. It’s almost like a ghost town. We can do pretty much whatever we want without a big crowd.

  6. I totally agree with all execpt NO. 1. Not all travellers/vacationers are the same. I certainly love to relax and unwind, but if I do that for more than 4 hours it bores me. When I am on vacation I would like to walk around, move, explore, learn new things by seeing things. This is when excursions become necessary. Of course, there are 9 others good reasons for me to stay on board, but just to stay on the ship just to "relax" is not for me. If the ship had good facilities to keep me busy, then great.

  7. I totally disagree, please don't pay attention to him go out and leave the ship for me, oh! I meant go out and do fun things, you are on vacation. 🤥🤥😂😂😂

  8. ports and more importantly, why did you come on the cruise? caribbean, south pacific, alaska, new england, africa, maybe, certainly, europe, asia , you should make a point to go to the destinations you came after all to see: europe Florence (Livorno, la spezia), Rome Vatican (civitavecchia), Milano (Genova Portofino Savona), Cordoba or Granada (Malaga, Motril), Seville (Cadiz, Huelva), Figueres (Palamos), Paris ( Le Havre or Honfleur), London (Southampton, Dover, Harwich; or Tillbury no excursion needed), Edinburgh ( South queensferry, rosyth, leith), Glasgow (grenock), copenhagen, venice, oslo, amsterdam, Brussels ( zeebrugge), stockholm, helsinki, tallinn, riga, st petersburg, kalipeda, gdynia, Napoli Naples, dont miss these. Valencia, also excursions to hercolano, pompeii or paestum from ports of salerno, sorrento, positano dont miss. ibiza, palma mallorca, malta, taormina, greek isles except for oia santorini, morocco, atlantic islands, feel free to stay on ship. dont let cost of excursions defeat why you came to see , beautiful art paintings sculptures, music, palaces, ruins, museums, …. please budget for excursions, choose best ones based on quality not price alone, by all means find out if there are cheaper ways to visit the vatican, uffizi, mezquita, alhambra, but allow yourself to enjoy , fulfill your bucket list. dont come home disappointed, we only live once, cant take your money with you.

  9. I got off the ship in only one port out of 5. I read books and relaxed without a million people around me. I also didn’t need to get scrutinized by a bunch of security. I really hate when people use my own money to treat me like I’m a criminal. I also don’t like visiting a bunch of socialist countries and giving them my money.

  10. OMG I would hate to go on these huge ships… Prefer smaller ships with less people to set off with… How come cruising be relaxing on one of those huge things?

  11. Personally, the ship itself is the main reason for a cruise. I've been to Alaska a number of times and find with the new megaships it gets overcrowded at the ports of call.

  12. I have 2 cruises coming up, one on Norwegian Encore and the other on Celebrity Edge and each voyage visits 2 of 3 ports twice, which will allow me the opportunity and freedom to explore these beautiful ships. The Encore being a brand new vessel and the newness (to me) of Celebrity will make staying on board actually refreshing and exciting seeing as I have been to all the ports of call in the past and leaving the ship this time around would be kind of short changing myself out of enjoying each ship's offerings. Thank you for your most informative videos….Cheers!

  13. I'm going to alaska for the views, it's already costing me a fortune for 3! As long as I can see some whales from the ship and get to try some great and fresh seafood at the towns; I'm good!

  14. Hello Gary another good video as usual as I’ve a suggestion for a port docking day whilst aboard the cruise ship and that is going for a good relaxing walk strolling to certain areas of the ship that has not been discovered yet to familiarise oneself with the surroundings as it’d be good exercise to possibly lose a bit of weight that ones gained by eating a lot of food and thus lazying around after meals plus the fact that there’s less people on board means it’s easier than normal to get around from A to Z and wherever so that’s it for now so until then take care happy cruising and cheerio

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