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Hey YouTube family it’s your girl Lia
back again with another video and as you can see from the title today’s video is
a highly highly requested video. And it is my 2018 beach, vacation, cruise
wherever you’re going crochet hair rankings video. So it’s my top 5 hairs
that I believe these are my opinions some of these may work for you some of
these may not work for you but I believe these will be the best vacation hairs
that I’ve tried on my channel so far. So I’m about 20-21 maybe crochet hairs
deep right now that I’ve tried and so I kind of calculated the hairs that I feel
comfortable or I feel that would be best for a vacation friendly. I made this
video in 2017 but I guess the season has come back around and people have been
swapping me like what are your favorite hair. Now you’ve tried more hairs.
Do you like mane concept beach curl do you like freetress beach curl. What’s your
hairs now that you would add to this list. Some of the hairs you said on your
last video don’t even exist anymore. So today’s video is an updated version of
that. So I got my flowy dress on even though I’m in North Carolina right now
and the weather ain’t as you know picture-perfect for Beach right now. We’re going through a weird spring season. Today’s video I’m gonna embody
the vacation. Believe that I’m in the Bahamas right now and tell you guys what
my top five hairs are. Now these are not in any particular order but my number
one hair is kind of in a order. It is my number one hair.
I love the Mane Concept Beach curl hair. That hair whew. That hair I wore on my
birthday so my birthday. So on my birthday I went to Florida. You guys if you watched my
birthday vlog video I had my mane concept beach curl hair in and I didn’t
know that was my first time with mane concept. I did not know how that hair was
gonna interact with any kind of water being out in the elements. You know the
weather in Florida is a whole different type of a thing. You can have rain one
minute. You can have the sun out in another 20 minutes. The humidity is different everything about it is different but that hair held
up well. I got it installed right before I went on my trip wore it out and still
wore it for several weeks. I have a wash day routine with the mane concept beach
curl. So if you want to see me washing that hair and everything I’ll leave that
video up above. Now like I said that hair was so incredible because it held up
well. The curls did not frizz after I got it wet. I was able
to repeatedly get it wet and nothing changed about the curls. If anything it
looked a little bit better in my opinion. That was an incredible hair. Now the
other mane concept hair that I haven’t showed on this channel yet but its Mane
concept waterfall. Hopefully I can get that video up before I’m posting this
video but it was another hair that I actually kind of like a little bit
better than beach curl but I’m not gonna do it to you yet. Not gonna spoil the
surprise with you and that hair yet. I enjoyed it.
Now Mane Concept I made a little quip in one of my videos where I say about Mane
concept I like their hairs. They have some incredible hairs but they are hard
to find and hard to get on some shelves. Mane Concept needs to do a better job I
know they used to be called the ISIS collection and so they’re in a
rebranding moment where you don’t want to be called ISIS anymore
you want to be called something else. But they’re in a rebranding situation so
they’re hard to find. Now I recently purchased this Mane
Concept Sassy Curl hair that I’ve been dying to try for so long. Took me
forever to find this hair and it was on this site called hairstopandshop, I’ll
leave it down below. Very fast shipping. I spent my own coint on this hair and it
was a very affordable. So if you’re looking for Mane Concept anywhere. I get a lot of questions where do I find Mancept concept cuz it’s not in stores and it’s
not in stores near me. Try hairstopandshop. That was my first time ever trying
them. They had fast shipping. They had incredibly low prices for
everything and it was free shipping at that too. So if you’re looking for
something Mane Concept look at hair stop and shop. And Mane Concept overall. I’ve
only tried two hairs they have not let me down in there two hairs. Mane
Concept is really up there if you’re trying to get away from Freetress.
You’re trying to get away from Outre. Try mane concept they are an incredible
brand. Now the number two hair on my list you guys know I loved it this hair. This
was before I tried Freetress Presto curl. Before I tried mane concept beach
curl. This was my number one hair. It is the Outre bohemian curl hair.
Another incredible bad and like just slayage
beach kind of hair. Now I recommended that hair to my roommate who’s upstairs
right now. She wore that when she went to Cancun. So she went to Mexico I think it
was last year sometime this time last year she went to Mexico and she wore
that hair and she slayed in that hair. That hair was everything. So that’s why
it gets my seal of approval. She came back his hair was still looking
beautiful everything. So like I said Outre bohemian curl that was one of my
longest wearing hairs and I didn’t even touch water and she touched water and
she still was able to get a lot of wear out of that hair. So if you’re looking
for something Beach appropriate Outre bohemian curl it’s a
beautiful curl. Now the hair that launched this channel. The hair that my
first ever video. The first ever video on this channel Freetress Deep Twist hair.
Y’all knew it was gonna be on this list again had to do it again. That is the
hair that launched this channel. It’s soley because of that hair I got it
installed cuz I was going to cruise myself. I was going to Nassau Bahamas. I was
living up my Bahamas dream and I needed a hair that was gonna hold up. Now I
had was a sewin queen before crochet hair. I always had sew-in in but I knew
for this particular vacation I needed a hair that was gonna hold up and that was
gonna last and the Freetress deep twist did just that. I dipped my head in
water. I was swimming all over the place. That little slide that people be going
on at Atlantis I was on said slide. Got soaked and that hair still held up
incredibly incredibly well. Love that hair. Now the next hair that I’m gonna talk about is freetress deep twist was the
reason I had this channel but why did I start with crochet hair and it’s solely
because of the Freetress Bohemian braid hair. Now my best friend Sasha you guys
met her in my birthday blog video. In that video she had in the Freetress Bohemian braid hair. She for the last maybe three years has been a crochet
hair queen and the only hair that she has ever tried. She tried deep twist she
hated it. She went right back to the Freetress Bohemain braid hair. So anytime I see Sasha anytime you see her on this channel
don’t ask what hair she got in. It’s bohemian braids. She wore that when we went to the beach for her birthday. I had never seen crochet hair. I didn’t know what it
looked like. It was May 2016 and we went swimming. I was at just took swimming
lessons. You guys know summer 2016. I was like i’ma learn how to swim. So I
took swimming lessons and all that I had a solo in in was a complete disaster was
very high maintenance we went to the beach we went swimming ourselves went to
the hotel room everything was looking fly about Sasha’s here my hair was
looking in disaster look at the picture this is a so in this is a sewing that
was not well maintained this in bohemian braid her hair was looking
slate so anytime we go anywhere near water Sasha always got in bohemian
braids hair and that hair holds up tremendously with water now the last and
final hair on my list is the free transit Beach car as well a lot of
people try to make me choose between main concept Beach curl and free trust
beach curl and I was like I can’t choose I can’t choose now I would say main
concept Beach curl I did like it a little bit more the curls were more so
and my bouncy spirally set now free tres was a little bit more tighter than I’m
used to but I still think and that was an incredible hair too now I washed that
hair I put that hair through a lot and that hair still held up incredibly well
that hair was a colored hair just like main concept beach crow I got free tres
beach girl and I have colored hair too and normally colored hair is fail a lot
of times color here is fair this hair did not so if you’re going to the beach
I know they got Beach in them and it’s like you’re partial to it because it
says it’s Beach no it’s really good it really is a good hair so those are my
top 5 hairs I get a lot of questions and let me address this right out there
about hair is like this this is sensational Jamaican bounce but people
ask me about free shirts winglet Wong curl and here’s like that do I think
they’re good for Beach for me personally I would say no no no no and the reason I
say that is because these hairs are beautiful they work so amazingly well on
land but if you get this hair wet repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly this
hair has intend to see the frizz up a wee bit if frizz is up and my free
choice ringlets want curled video I went that hair a little bit and if you don’t
what you guys don’t see in that video is right after I wet it I come on camera
and I do a big thumbs up you got cut out the video because I sat on the hair for
maybe about six six hours and I let it air dry a little bit who wants it air
dried it was a frizz bomb and that’s the thing you want when you’re on vacation
you ain’t got time to think about your hair you can’t put time back into your
hair if you go on a cruise and you do a dispersion off the cruise and you’re
getting that hair wet you can’t run back to the ship and do something to your
hair you’re off the ship for what eight nine hours and then you’re back in the
room and then you can do what you want to with the hair but what soon as you
get off and you get the hair wet you wanna be like oh and now I look a hot
mess that’s how I wasn’t Bahamas Bahamas I was like I got the air wet and I was
still looking fly still be able to take all my Atlantis pictures even after
dipping my hair in water so these hairs they they look good and you can dip them
in water and they might look good immediately following but I’d say about
four hours later you’re gonna be dealing with a lot of frizz
that may be able to be tamed but it will look weird for a little bit so if you
enjoyed this video give it a big thumbs up if you have any questions leave them
down below if you have any hair suggestions for me leave them down below
if you have any hairs that work well for you on vacation leave them down below I
want to know I want to test out some hairs I want to test every hair if I
could this channel will probably have a hundred different crochet here its
tested and that’s what I’m working towards do you want to see all those
hair reviews make sure you subscribe to me so you don’t miss anything make sure
you’re following me on instagram at lila bond and you know make sure you’re
following me on snapchat and miss Aleeah 89 i will see you in my next video thank
you so much for watching bye Oh

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  1. How is your hair braided for the crotchet installation? Any videos of you getting the hair installed? I’m new to all types of braiding and heading to the beach. I want the look you have but I have seen some installations that look a hot mess and they say it’s because how the natural hair is braided. Can you please show?

  2. Hey Lia! I'm getting married in Barbados in a few months…I'll be swimming and then I have to slay on the big day. What do you suggest as far as that much activity and having to slay days later?

  3. Will these hairs hold up for the pool as well as cruise excursions like swimming with dolphins and snorkeling?

  4. First off just wanna say thank you so much for all the details you give on the crochet hair you use. I’m looking for crochet hair that looks better the older it gets for my Myrtle beach trip that’s coming up. Any suggestions

  5. Have you ever seen or tried mane concept water wave (CB26)? I was thinking of installing that one for my vacation but I'm hesitant cause I'm not sure if its water friendly like the ones you meanted here.

  6. Great review! I have had all of the Free Tress and Outre recommendations you mention and you are spot on with those! Also, great point about the Jumbo Jamaican Bounce curl – great curls for work and social life, but not for vacation cruise/beach – well at least not for me. I wore to Cancun last year and noticed tangling, shedding, hair became jagged and a little hard and even looked dull after all my time in the water for four days. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I loved the freetress bohemian braid . I swam daily and scuba dived. I wore it for 2 weeks in Cancun then another4 weeks after. Held up beautifully. No mousse needed. Just a simple cowash after diving, sand and sun

  8. Girl! I bought the Outre Bohemian Curl hair for my crochet & I may NEVER get another hair again! I’m obsessed! It’s light! It’s exactly how you reviewed it! It’s everything! Thank you for your honest review! I’m going to get another one before I go on my birthday cruise in August. I had to test it out first to see if I loved it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  9. Would you please review a LuLuTress hair please? Their Ocean Wave looks really pretty. Thank you! Love your videos. You are my go-to for Crochet Braids reviews!🤩

  10. Hi Lia, can you tell me what do u think of mixing freetress water wave & freetress beach curl or go go curl together. Thanks in advance!

  11. Okay I watched your 2017 video and freetress Presto curl was your number one hair of all time so im going on a cruise to Jamaica I don't like extra thick because I want to wear a hat so I don't put it in so thick but which hair do you recommend the freetress Presto is beautiful but / this video you have a different favorite so help me out

  12. Hey hun. Loved your video. Very informative…but please slow down and take breathe when you speak. Since you speak in fast, run on sentences, some of your information is being lost.

  13. Woooooow Thankyou because I work at a Beauty Supply store and people have asking about good vacation hair !!! Definitely have to share this video !!

  14. Can't wait to get my Mane Concept Beach Curl hair. Took me forever to find it. Thank you for all your reviews. They are very knowledgeable and detailed with everything I need to know. Going on a 7 day cruise and you have been a lifesaver!!!

  15. I'm not sure is you answered this already but when you swim do you have to use a swim cap? I had wearing them that's why I usually get braids for vacation but I would love to try crochet.

  16. I just found your channel and I really like your videos & the info you provide. Quick question is the Mane Concept Beach Curl the same as the Mane Concept 'Caribbean Bundle Braids' Beach Curl? As you mentioned previously, Mane Concept is hard to find. Thank you.

  17. Hi Lia thank you, thank you for the video. I'm going on vacation in another month and trying to decide on a crochet style that's good for ocean and not too hot. Love all the styles. I too can't get away from the Curly look. May try the Bohemian. Keep posting beautiful!

  18. What maintenance did you do later, after swimming, before going out in the evening? Did you need to blow dry it, trim away frizz, wash or rinse it, etc? I don't know anything about crochet but my daughter wants it for our Riviera Maya vacation this weekend. Thanks in advance! YOUR VIDEOS are SOOO HELPFUL!

  19. OMG! My vacation for my birthday is in November and I've been stressing about how to do my hair! Your videos just saved a huge headache and coins, Thank you hunni! P.S.>I literally liked, subscribed and watched almost all of your videos, keep doing your thang Lia!♥

  20. Girl! Your review is the truth. I’m going on a trip to Cuba in TEN days. Then a cruise right after. Which brand do I choose?! I definitely want to get in the water but still go out and look cute

  21. I love more of a wave than tigh curls. What are your suggestions? I will be going on a cruise in October with my bae.

  22. Cam you recommend any wavy styles that are water proof? I prefer wavy styles over curly. Can't find anything since the Bobbi boss nile wave was discontinued.

  23. Do you think any of those crochet hairs would work for a wedding too? I am getting married and I want to do crochet braids, I want to straighten them to get the style I want, and I my hair to be effortless for our honeymoon which is the next day on a cruise as well. Which hair do you think is the best for a wedding and honeymoon?

  24. Quick question: How long does it take for these hairs to dry? Is it safe to use the ships blow dryer on them for faster dry time or to dry the natural hair underneath?
    Heading on vacation in two weeks and want to be sure i look great.

  25. I just found your videos and they are great. I need to pick up some hair today for an install tomorrow. What is a great crochet you recommend that is generally found in hair stores. I usually buy Kima Ripple Deep but i want to try something else. Thanks.

  26. Thank you for this!!!! I'm going away in September. My go to crochet is outre 3b.
    I have freestress crochet braids in right now – was thinking to do it for my vacay, bust that's squashed! Too heavy.
    I'm definitely going to use one of your recommendations.

  27. I love your channel. I searched YouTube and was blessed to find you before my Myrtle Beach trip. You helped me decide on my hair freetress bohemian braid. I love it and thanks for all the maintenance tips. Loyal subbie 🙂

  28. Hi!! Just want to let you ladies know I ordered from HairBird.com, I have never ordered from them before and I was hoping it wasn’t the one you mentioned having a bad experience with. I ordered online last night, they had the Mane Concepts beach curl in my color and I already received tracking information 🤗🤗🤗.

  29. Hi I'm going to Puerto Rico in two weeks and I'm a fish out of water…I want to try the freetress bohemian braid what website can I order that hair from?

  30. I have tried the Freetress beach curl and i absolutely luv it so il definitely try the Mane Concept brand beach curl once i can find it in my country.

  31. But you didn’t say anything about Freetress deep twist. How does it hold up in the water? That’s the reason I clicked on the video🤷🏾‍♀️

  32. Thank you so much for making this video! I'm going on a beach holiday in a few weeks and didn't know which hair to use. But now I know which one's for me! Thanks for Sharing lovely. xx

  33. So I do crochet hairstyles and I love love love freetress…I think the only hair I'll never do again is the ocean wave by kima…it was cute but hair was everywhere meaning kind of frizzy…I haven't tried the bohemian yet so that's next and I want to try the 7 8 9 hair as well…right now I have the Havana twist in and they are so heavy, I've only had them for a couple days and omg I'm ready to take them out already

  34. I watch your channel all the time. Crochet hair is fast, easy to maintain, inexpensive, and I love it…I've been doing crochet hair since before xmas and I got to say I'm addicted to it now…love love love it

  35. Hi Lia, your videos are so informative. I am going to Jamaica in April for 7 days and want to know out of the 5 that you mention in this video, which would you most recommend for easiest maintenance, daily pool and beach swimming and minimal shedding, frizzing and tangling? I don't want to travel with a lot of hair product and was hoping to just use the shampoo/conditioner provided by the resort. I look forward to your response.

  36. Thanks Lia again!!💖💖 headed to the Pocanos for my birthday Feb 13 and I need a water friendly hair for the pool and hot tub???

  37. Freetress Kinky Brazilian Braid is EXCELLENT in water! It can be totally immersed in a pool, shower, whatever and it does not tangle or lose its softness. It's not a super curly style so it doesn't tangle much at all wet or dry. I would put it in a bun before dunking your head underwater though

  38. I luv your energy. The info you provide is bomb. I'm so used to sew-in styles but no one can install it correctly. Crochet braids give me the volume and look that I've been dying for!!!

  39. You may have already answered this but how many packs of the main concept beach curl did u use? Thank u for these reviews!

  40. Thank you soooo much for this video! Going to Tampa in August for my honeymoon and wanted to try something other than braids. Will be buying one of these brands!

  41. Miss Lia, do you think the Fretress gogo curl will hold up in the Caribbean? I plan on getting in the pool!

  42. Hi Lia, Im new to your channel … Thank you so much for all your information. Im going on vacation and it cost 150 – 200 just to get some one to do Crochet hair. Was going to try to do it myself…? What do you think???

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  44. Hi Lia, I as well as several of of needed this review on water friendly hair. But my favorite is Mane Concept hairs. You're my hair QUEEN. I was your videos repeatedly. Keep up the fantastic work.

  45. Im so 🤗🤗🤗 i stumbled upon ur vids of best hair to wear on beach vacay. Bc im 1 of those who always got braids but even if i installed crochet which ive been since i discovered crochet in 2014 (wow thats a long time), i still was afraid to get it wet. I was running from water like i still had a perm and couldnt get my hair wet. But YOU just gave me my beach, pool LIFE now that i know what hair is beach approved. So i thank u from THE bottom of my heart. My vacay's will NEVER b the same. Thx thx thx!!!!! My next cruise in Aug will b living my best life.

  46. Hi. I’m really loving all your videos and it has been a huge guide for me. Wanna hey the Mane Concept beach curl now for this summer. I also wana ask… pleaseee is the Spring Twist braid/crochet hair good for swimming and summer? I wana braid my daughters’ hair with the Spring Twist type hair. Thanks.

  47. Thank you hun me and bae are going to jacksonville florida for the 4th. And I was looking for a hairstyle that I could get in the water with.

  48. OMG you're saving my life. I was about to ask my beautician to sew my curly wig onto my head for vacation🤣😂

  49. Thank you so much for all of the information! I very rarely leave comments but I was about to use Jamaican bounce hair for an upcoming island trip and cruise (2 weeks!) but now I will be doing freetress deep twist or water wave!! You saved me from a frizzy vacation!

  50. Love your videos! Been binge watching them…:) What are your thoughts on Zury Water Wave for vacation? Can you swim with it? Looking for hair with the same texture that will hold up well in salt water. Would love your opinion.

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