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  1. Wade and his family really makes these events as great as they are. He is the real rockstar here. Thank you buddy for all you do and have done.

  2. Thanks for video, I left a message for Jerry trying to get info on this if it's invite only or just show up. Would love to come out and play from the Phx areaThanks again.
    Btw music and still hearing the boats nicely done!

  3. how cant you like a boat that has more power and goes faster than anything other boat on the water id call mine the death trap and twin turbo power plug and tune system blowers look great there super fast but turbo i think it less work to keep at tuned who wants a blower to really blow off ya know a turbo ok it will not fry your engine

  4. What’s with the gay music in so many videos, we just want the sound of the boats. If they were outboard’s I’d understand

  5. These ghosts are bad ass and sound awesome but what is really the point? Haul ass in a straight line for a few seconds and the idle back to the cove and sit all day lol

  6. 2:35 Don't let the hull get free of the water, asymmetric prop thrust will bring her right around on you…just like that

  7. 2:37, homeboy is going to need some new kevlar shorts! Cool video man, good shots, cool boats, good music (tad too loud) and glassy water! Thanks for the upload!!

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