3 Days in 3000 Rs – Goa | Ep.8 | #bha2pa

3 Days in 3000 Rs – Goa | Ep.8 | #bha2pa

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We had many comments asking us to visit Goa. So, yes! Finally, I am at Goa. Hello! I am Indrajeet. And, yes…this is the 8th episode of
budget backpacking with Indrajeet. I am shooting it in North Goa. Do watch this video till the end as we have given the breakdown
of this entire trip at the end. So, those who think that Goa can’t be explored in Rs. 3000/- do watch the video till the end. It’s 9.00 AM now. This trip has got a really bad start. On my way from Mumbai, my shoes were ruined. While buying a pair of new shoes, I missed my bus. Then I took another bus to Goa. Now… I am very hungry. First of all, I will eat something. So, this is the Mapusa Market. I am going to Xavier’s Cafe located in here. This is my first meal – my breakfast in Goa. The hostel in which I have stayed is an old Goan house that has been converted to a hostel. I have checked-in hear. I will freshen-up quickly. My friend Malay has come here. Now, he is coming to meet me. We will have lunch together. BhaDiPa is everywhere, bro. He is Malay, our sound recordist. What are we heading to? Vinayak. What is it? It provides the best fish thali ever… in Vagator. Yes! This is our fish thali. Chapora fort is near from here. So we are going there now. Everyone recommended us to visit it. It’s a great place to visit. A part of Bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai was shot there. It’s nice weather here. Chapora river flows by its side. The fort stands at a place where the river meets the Arabian Sea. It will be amazing to watch the sunset from here. So the Chapora Fort is located there and this is the beach that didn’t look crowded from there. Now, it’s raining heavily here. We are sitting in a shack here. It’s pouring here. But, it’s worth enjoying. [Goan song] As it was raining, I waited at the hostel
for the entire afternoon. I think the hostel where I am staying
is the best hostel in Vagator. This entire day was spontaneous. I met Malay. Today evening, he has a show to perform at. He and his band ‘Easy Wanderlings’
will be performing at ‘Hideaway’. So I am attending that show with Ruma whom I met at the hostel. Yup. This is our dinner. We have ordered Pesto Pasta which is worth Rs. 300/- So today we wrapped up with such a great show. Dude, enjoyed it? Yeah!
-That’s good. Tomorrow, Malay is also free. So we will be going on a road trip tomorrow. Day 02 Malay is meeting me at St. Anthony’s Church. We will be going to Arambol – the far north side of Goa by his bike. Thanks man. Now, I have to search for Malay. Let’s go. We will reach the main road in 31 minutes. So, we have reached Ashvem Beach. And you can see it’s as good as secluded. Although North Goa is famous for parties and clubbing, there are some beaches
where you will find nobody in this season. These are sedimentary rocks. Because the layers of minerals in the seawater get deposited on them forming sediments. This is the Goan bread which is called ‘Poli’ in the local language. However, it is different from what
we call ‘Poli’ (chapati) in Marathi. It has an omelet inside it. So this is our breakfast. It’s almost 11.40 PM now. Yes. I have reached Arambol Beach. It is one of the nice and quiet beaches in North Goa. You may not find much of the Indian crowd here. Being the starting of the season,
It hasn’t been opened yet. But, all in all, it’s a wonderful place to visit. It’s 2.50 PM now. I am very hungry and don’t want to experiment. Yesterday’s thali was so amazing that I am going to the same place now again. I am very sorry if the viewers are vegetarians. Do visit Vinayak Hotel. If you are a vegetarian, they do offer veg food also. This entire trip is spontaneous. I am loving it. It’s 6.30 now and I am traveling to Anjuna near Vagator. You may get famous stone jewelry in Anjuna Flea Market. I am checking it out. These guys, who are riding a bike next to me, met me at my hostel. They are Shailesh and Roma. We have come to Nadeem’s Burger Point. Shailesh says that we can get
a really nice burger here. So, yeah, let’s try it out. This is a chicken burger. It has melted cheese, chicken and many more things. It’s indeed very tasty. For desserts, we are going to Jaw’s Bakery located nearby. So we are here. We have got an apple pie. Yeah, ending up my day with this apple pie that is worth Rs. 60/- and it’s nice. Yummy! Day 03 I have checked out of my hostel. From the North, I am going to the center of Goa that is Panjim. From there, I will travel back home. But, before that, I will have my breakfast and then will catch a bus to Panjim. This is green peas preparation with coconut and this is banana bread. Its taste is amazing. After finishing this, I will leave for Panjim. Mapusa. Yes. I will travel there first. Now, I am at the old Goa church. This area has got a different heritage value. When Goa was one of the Portuguese colonies, old Goa was their capital. Father Francis Xavier was their priest. It is said that his body has been preserved here. Here is a random trivia. This window is a classic example of Goan architecture. These are the shells. They have been fitted after carving. Now, nobody manufactures it this entire window is manufactured manually. This is another church next to the museum. It’s a pin drop silence here. There are so many churches located in the same area. I had to literally catch the bus. It’s 3.00 PM and everything is shutting down here. The way everyone takes a midday nap
from 1.00 PM to 4.00 PM in Pune, here they have ‘Siesta’ here. So, this is the ‘Siesta Time’ for Goan people. Finally, I found Anandashram open. I am going to try their thali now. So, Anandashram provides this Fish Thali worth Rs. 150/-. I am trying this out as a dessert. They call it Serradura which is a Goan dessert. When there was a plague epidemic in old Goa, many people relocated here in Fontainhas as they could buy land at the cheapest rate. So, we can see many houses built in a contemporary style. So this is the church. I will have a light dinner at Route 66. Route 66 is a rider themed cafe
located just outside Fontainhas. I have ordered just a sandwich that has
lots of chicken and cheese. I got this whole thing for Rs. 370/-. It has again started raining. I have to catch my bus quickly as it’s raining. So, yes, this was a trip to North Goa. This trip was indeed a cliche. Many locations were closed because of the rain. So, here is the budget breakdown of this complete trip. The entire expense of this trip was Rs. 2565/-. There are many people who know many things in Goa. I would request them to share their tips in the comment section. Moreover, I have mentioned some details in the description box of this video. So, do check them out. First of all, do subscribe to Bha2Pa. I am available on Instagram. My user name is my_blue_backpack so do subscribe to it. Yeah, that’s it. Bye.

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    Khup shakey yetay videos..
    Goayche kisse tr khup aahet 🤪
    Evdha ikde lihu shkt nai
    Gimble ch jara manavr ghe 😝😁

  3. Maintain this enthusiasm and energy levels young man. All the best for more videos. Btw do you have vibration reduction on your camera

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  6. Thodi ghai ghai jhali as vaatla.
    Ani baryach thikani mitrane firavla ahe so tyacha kharch jhala nahi.
    Usually 300-350₹(depends on location) scooty rent var miltat plus tyacha petrol cha kharcha.
    Ani khup places explore nahi kele, maybe due to rains😞
    Prayanta as usual chaan hota pan nhemi sarkh nahi vaatla episode
    Hampi ani jaipur sarkha ❤️

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  8. @Indrajeet More Aik na दादा, मी पण dombivlichach आहे, मला तुझे videos far आवडतात, मी सुधा एक budget backpacker आहे. आपण dogha nakkich ekatra trips करू. तू कुठे राहतोस?

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  11. You can even have awesome Gadbad ice cream at a place named Cream Center and even buy fresh bakery products at Geeta Bakery.

  12. Guys Visit "Paulo Tourist Center".
    Day 1 south goa in Rs.320 for AC and Rs. 250 for Non-AC Bus.
    They Also provide pick up and drop off service.
    Other Visit Fees for museum and Food are exclusive.
    Same for North Goa.
    Also each Bus They Provide Guide for Information.

  13. खुप आवडला व्हिडिओ पण खूप काही मिस केला आहेस तू.
    १. बाईक किवा स्कुटी ही गोव्याला १ दिवस्साठी नाही मिळत. कमीतकमी २ दिवचाचे पैसे चार्ज करतात.
    २. कलंगुत बीच बागा बीच नाही दाखवला.
    ३. अंजूना बीच वरचा शिवा व्हॅली आणि क्युरलीज श्येक नाही दाखवला.
    ४. बीच अॅक्टिविटी नाही केल्यास. बनाना राईड वगैरे.
    5. फोर्ट नाही दाखवला अगुडा. बिच नाही दाखवला कांडोलीम.
    ६. अजुन बराच काही राहिला भावा…
    BTW overall okk.ok. and main thing what about boooozzzz bro.. minimum 15k hoto kharcha. Like if u agree..

  14. Info barobar navta , Maps var nit note karun aakha trip kuthun kuthe gelo dakhavla along with all money spent tar informative hoil. Currently its not worth informative

  15. https://www.google.com/maps/@15.5030659,73.9112554,3a,75y,358.59h,60t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sAF1QipN_kSDmPUvAnbFOZknse_-Qy3K5y6F-7e2J9Ger!2e10 Check out Church of St. Francis of Assisi Shared via the #StreetView app

  16. Hiii am from goa n im ur old subscriber…….
    Thanx to cm GoA!!!! 😍🙏
    U missing lot's f beautiful place in goa………… See u next time!!!!! U cm next time so plzz contect me!!!!!! Visit again 🙏

  17. Goa madhe Dudhsagar Waterfall khup sundar place ahe… majha channel war video ahe tyache pahu shakta… khupch sundar ahe te…

  18. Lol, this is like I visited USA in just 50 thousand bucks. Cz traveling cost is free, isn't it.

    Mumbai to Goa by bus is 1600 one way for an ac sleeper. Non AC might be cheap.
    Pls count that. Cz traveling to a destination is the costliest expense in the entire trip.

    But Mitra video baghun Maja aali. Ajun pan bharpur destinations cover Kar. We are looking forward to it.

  19. Good Indrajeet,
    However, you have missed the bus fare to Goa and back which should also be mentioned in the budget.
    Train would be a best, convenient and cheapest mode of commute to Goa. I would suggest, to get down at Thivim railway station(if taken a train) if you have booked a hostel in North Goa as this will save time. Using public transportation, you can easily get to any of the locations in North Goa within 30 mins.

    Please share the location or Coordinates of 'Vinayak' restaurant. I want to visit there.

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