3 Days in the City of Love: A Paris Vlog (LGBTQ+)

3 Days in the City of Love: A Paris Vlog (LGBTQ+)

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My Muslim Girlfriend has been randomly selected…
again. Hello from the airplane
Hey Z where are we? We’re in the UK! This is Z, she’s our photographer and we brought
her along with us Goofy! Say hello
Hi my love Hi
Where are we? Paris! This traffic is insane
Hello! Welcome to our tiny apartment in Paris! Here’s our sofa bed
Here’s this little cactus… little baby Um, here’s the really cool rosé bottle that
our host left us and some chocolate that tastes like ferrero
rocher here’s where we’ll have our cute romantic
dinners and
here’s where we’re gonna cook them! We’re gonna go to the supermarket tomorrow
in the morning here’s the best part
whoa je ne parle pas le francais
je ne parle pas le francais that was really good!
and then, uh… parlez-vous anglais? parlez-vous anglais? nice! you got it! je t’aime chocolate? j’aime le chocolat
j’aime le chocolat how’s your first croissant?
it’s really good I’ve never had one like this before
hello! hi
today we’re roaming Paris and we’re going to Saint Chapelle which I think is right behind
us if we got dropped off at the right place and then we’re gonna go to the outside of
Notre Dame because after the fires you’re not allowed to go inside
yeah we’re gonna go to Jardins de Luxembourg and
we’re gonna walk around and check them out I don’t know how to say any of those things
I barely know how to either We’ve been getting by with my, like, 50% French
language knowledge It’s not – it’s pretty good! Thank you! Probably sounds good to anyone who doesn’t
actually speak French! All right, let’s get out of here
Bye I’m really dumb and I’m wearing these shoes
and these jeans without high rise socks. Like, little low-top socks and I’m freezing. The line is very long. She said she’s “fweezing”
I figured out how to skip the line! I downloaded an app and here we are
I look like an egg hi
okay so we found this postcard and we’re gonna try to cross everything off and keep it in
our journals as memories so we’ve already seen the eiffel tower
we’re gonna go see the louvre we’re gonna go see Notre Dame right now
and then after that we’re gonna go to Jardin de Luxembourg
where are we going now? Je suis! Bonjour! Madame! We’re gonna go have some lunch
Sufi’s having such a hard time understanding when I tell her the names of different French
foods I said that a Gratin sounds really good right
now and she said “a croissant?” they all sound the same! Hi
we just had some wine but I’m still really cold
we just finished our lunch and now we’re walking to the jardin
the streets are really pretty hi baby!
hi Hey babe, where are we?
we’re in the Jardin de Luxembourg! ooh
I like the way you said that look at these trees, guys!
you know we’re in EUROPE yerp
this guy is just walking his horses home
show me baby, how are the horses walking? hey baby where are we? Arc de Triomph
NICE! all of the lights just came on
It’s 5:44 baby, who are you on facetime with? I’m on facetime with Sarowar
hey Sarowar, you’re in our vlog! HI!
good night! just kidding
it’s literally midnight you can see the tower sparkling, because it’s
actually midnight and we got hungry, so… we got dressed, and
we’re going out for a snack we’re starving
ayyy this place is right around the corner
mission accomplished we’re taking a break from our shoot to photograph
our photographer Hey Z! Welcome to Montmartre!
they had to rehearse saying that hey!
so we could change in the bathroom we’re just like… taking off our jackets
briefly, and like stunting for the ‘gram and trying not to freeze to death during these
shoots whoa! who’s that?! hey where are we?
we’re at the Louvre! that’s so cool
look at those tiny little tweezers from 1770 this is the enormous crowd to see the Mona
Lisa Sufi trying to squint and see it while we’re
at the back of the line I think the jet lag is catching up to us
catching up to us? you’ve been tired all day oh
hey babe, does something look off to you? hello
you can’t really see us, but we decided to walk a bit away from the museum before we
call an uber and before you knew it, we were walking across the Seine!
are you an egg? haha, shut up! Hi bub!
this really looks like that bridge from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
so I made Sufi sit on this bench. Maybe we’ll have a deep conversation about
our lives and our feelings right now What?! We just finished our last shoot of Paris this
morning! Right here, of course
Sufi is freezing. She trooped – she’s a trooper and trooped
through it We made a compromise, and got food that Sufi
wants, because we’re going to a restaurant that I really want to go to tonight
we’ve got to pack all this stuff and we just keep dancing instead!

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  2. Pray I get to actually go see Paris someday. Love this video because it was just….tres belle…et merci beaucoup 💜

  3. তোমাদের দুজনকে একসাথে খুবই ভালো লাগে দেখতে। আশা করি সবসময় এভাবে একসাথে থাকবে ও হাসিখুশি থাকবে। বাংলাদেশ থেকে অনেক অনেক ভালোবাসা পাঠাচ্ছি

  4. Just loved the video!!😍 Very well edited.👌Appreciate it!! 👍God bless you girls… Stay blessed ❤️ With lots of love 💕💕💕

  5. U girls r so cool with everything you do.. U need luck to have such loving girlfriend.. N u girls complimente each other really well n r lucky to have each other… Hope to find such love in my life too… All the best with ur upcoming videos we support u with hearts..

  6. « Je t’aime chocolat » my frenchie heart is melting, you girls are so cute. 😍 That vlog is so sweet thank you for sharing. I wish you the best for your whole Life. 🙏☺️

  7. This is the most wholesome thing i've seen today. Love you guys so much from Pakistan. I came out to my sister last friday and she's so happy for me! Love you both a lot. Hope you have a wonderful future ahead Sufi and Anjali.💚

  8. These two are simply such a beautiful couple. They make people love to be in love. Every time I watch them, I'm mesmerized by their beauty & love! 💕❤

  9. Although u were visiting the world's most beautiful n romantic city but I believe when u r in love with a beautiful loyal n dedicated person n that amazing person equally love u too it's paradise on earth any where n every where u feel like this , enjoy anything u have , it's just the sheer company n u girls r truly blessed to have each other, stay together n.stay blessed , it's good u post late n often , I wish I could say plz post less or u will pressure ur relationship , it's my perception maybe I'm wrong , but I don't ever want u to breakup or split or part ways n u r giving so much closure to others ….. just take care of each other n give sadqa for your self (sundus malik) do it for both of u …..

  10. This so far the best and prettiest vlog from paris i’ve seen, I am going there on tuesday so this put me in the right parisian mood! 💙

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  12. this channel makes me extremely happy as an arab lesbian that loves travel vlogs like ahhhh ♡ sufi & anjali are probably my favorite couple….as individuals, you are so sincere and beautiful. as a couple, you guys are extremely cute and heartwarming ♡ كتر خيركم

  13. Wow its so romantic being with someone greatest ĺove .wishing someday I wil visit paris and found a person who will accept me for who I'am.continue inspiring the people by showing the magic of love..

  14. As someone who lives in Paris I love seeing it from your point of view!😍 I literally used to live 5 minutes from Jardin du Luxembourg

  15. Wow you are muslim and gay
    Im from the UAE and im a gay muslim too
    But i dont think my parents will accept that
    I might get disowned…
    Im in 9 th grade soo i have 3 years a head of me to make memories with close ones till get kicked out🙃

  16. I’m look like Sufi (a petite and short hair with the same fashion style), a bi, and a moslem too. Oh but I don’t hv gf so poor me 🙁

  17. It was the bridge from ae dil hai mushkil. They filmed most of it in Paris even though they said it was different places ❤️

  18. Only 10% of the lesbians get their soulmate. And in India, as a middle class family we have to compromise with our sexuality.

  19. Your accent is definitely the cutest! you went to my district ahah, hope that u enjoyed ur trip, waiting for u to come back !! 🥳

  20. I don't know why I keep thinking Sufi is going to say some random NY lingo.
    I got my best friend from Cali to start saying "deadass," "shit got me tight." Or "it's mad brick." 🤣🤣🤣

    Love from Brooklyn baby. ❤

    Also, the music! Whoever added the music really made it feel like I was in Paris. 🤣

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