$465 Costco Haul // August 2018 // Family of 4 // Some Keto Friendly Items!

$465 Costco Haul // August 2018 // Family of 4 // Some Keto Friendly Items!

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hey guys it's done welcome back to my channel today I am sharing another Costco haul with you I feel like it has been forever since I have gone to Costco I am out of all of my staples that I normally buy in bulk so this is probably going to be an expensive trip I'm just stuck in traffic right now waiting so I'm gonna go on in to the store get what I need and then when I get home I will show you what I got so I'm home now and it is actually the next morning and I have a dinner date last night and so I didn't have time to film this haul but I just basically kept everything out and then some of it I had to put in the freezer so I spent four hundred and sixty-five dollars which is again more than I anticipated but I haven't been there since the beginning of July so let me show you what I got okay so this is the first time I've ever bought shredded cheese at Costco normally I buy the smaller bags at the grocery store or I like to shred my own but I did get some of the shredded mozzarella cheese we've been doing low-carb kind of off and on but getting it more back on it since we got back from vacation and there are quite a few recipes that use the shredded mozzarella cheese in like what they called a Fathead dough so like pizza dough and low carb bagels that kind of stuff so I decided to get this they recommend the kind of shredded cheese that has potato starch apparently that works better for those recipes so I actually already put this in the freezer but I figured this would be a good thing to have on hand both for that both for those low carb recipes in when I want to make the kids you know like a quick pizza or something like that I also got some of the Campari Tomatoes I like to get these when I'm not costco they are good for salad they're also big enough that you can slice them and put them on sandwiches so we will go through those pretty quickly this is new at my costco this is the Beecher's flagship cheese if you guys are familiar with Beecher's I believe they have a flagship store in New York and they also have one in Seattle which I've been to the one in Seattle they have really good mac and cheese that's made with this cheese and they were actually sampling this at Costco yesterday and so I ended up getting a block this was pound and a half for ten dollars and 11 cents so it's a little bit pricey but it's really good like sharp kind of like a white cheddar cheese I also got a bag of limes this is quite a large bag but we do go through them for drinks and for cooking I normally get the cook one bacon at Costco but they were sampling this and it is the pure farms applewood smoked bacon it's a little bit more thick cut so I decided to try this it's a lot pricier there's three pounds in here I can't remember exactly how much it was I haven't done this before but if you guys would like me in the future to add prices to the video in my Costco hauls let me know I can like put those down on the bottom of the screen in the future if you guys are interested in that okay I got some of the columbus rotisserie seasoned chicken breast lunch meat the kids are back in school so they will be taking sandwiches every so often and then I also like to have this on hand it's good to slice up and put in salads or you can even just roll it up with a slice of cheese for like a low carb high protein snack it's really good I've gotten it before and we usually tend to go through it pretty fast I got a package of strawberries I like to slice those up on the weekends and we can have them for breakfast or the kids can take them in their lunch or have them as a bedtime snack I bought some salmon normally I buy the farmed but this actually was on sale it is the fresh wild sockeye salmon filet its $8.99 a pound so it's a little bit pricier but it is the wild cut so it looks like there's kind of two filets in there so what I'll actually do this weekend is portion this out and put it in the deep freeze so that I have it for meals when I need it but my favorite place to get salmon is at Costco I just think it's it's really good salmon and for the price you really can't beat it I had been out of my cook 'land butter for quite some time so I ended up getting a four pack of that Costco is my favorite place to get better and I've already put this in the freezer it freezes really well and then you can just take it out package my package when you need it Costco is also my favorite place to buy frozen shrimp this two pound bag is around $15.99 which is a great price and these are pretty big shrimp and they're good quality sometimes we like to make shrimp cocktail out of it or I will saute them in a skillet with butter and Old Bay seasoning which is really good so Nina's some of that they also had Mayo on sale I didn't need any quite yet but this doesn't expire until April of 2019 so I'll just keep that in the pantry I got some Capri Sun juice boxes for the kids to have for their lunches for school we were out of those and then I've been out of k-cups from Costco for a little while also we have a Hamilton Beach flex brew coffee maker let me show you it's this kind I heard it on Amazon I can leave a link in the description box below I actually got this recommendation from Leon over at Grady's mom she has a YouTube channel and I like it because you can brew the carafe or you can brew the k-cups the only thing I would say is that you kind of have to play around with which K Cups you get because for a while we were trying like the MIT cafe brand and I think the Seattle's best and some different other ones in the k-cups were like exploding in the machine and then getting coffee grounds in our cup I'm not sure if anyone else has had that problem but we found that the Starbucks brand K Cups do not do that so I have been buying globes religiously and this comes with 60 K cups it was $5 off so it was $30 just a little bit pricey but honestly this box will last us quite a while Adam doesn't like to drink hot coffee in the summer I'm pretty much the only one that drinks it so it's nice to have a cake up for just me in the mornings to take to work Connor started kindergarten this year and so his teacher requested for parents to bring some snacks he has about 20 kids in his class they had these goldfish on sale for like I think it was six dollars or $6.99 but you get 45 over the little snack packs in there and for six dollars I thought that was a great Buy so I ended up buying a box of these these will go to school for his class then they can get two days worth of snacks out of that I also bought some spices I haven't I don't think I've really ever bought spices before at Costco I bought peppercorn there before but I don't think I've bought any of the other spices or spice blends but I decided to at this time get a couple containers I use taco seasoning a lot and this is a lot more price effective this huge jar was only five dollars and you guys know if you buy the little packets they can be like a dollar apiece sometimes I make my own taco seasoning like with chili powder cumin stuff like that but honestly it's nice to have this on hand so this is the Spice Islands premium taco seasoning so I will keep that in the cupboard for whatever we want tacos and then I also ran out of garlic powder a lot so I just decided to buy this large package of the Crooklyn granulated garlic and then I can refill my smaller door when it gets empty I also saw these these are new I haven't seen them at my Costco before this is the pretzel ax soft pretzel bread bites and today's the 25th they expire on the third so I'll probably have to end up freezing some of these but you can see their little pretzel bites so I thought these will be fun for the kids to take in their lunches for school or just have for a snack with maybe like some lunch meat and cheese so I don't know if they just it looks good they're not low-carb so I probably won't be eating very much of them but maybe add them and the kids could eat those I also got these I'm trying to cut down not totally but by West processed snacks for the kids but these are on sale for $4.99 and I figure they would be fun for about to school treat there's 32 bags in there and these are the hello Panda chocolate cream-filled cookies Connor had a bag yesterday and they kind of taste like the Keebler Elf sandwich cookies if you guys know what I'm talking about like with the shortbread and the chocolate in the middle so I thought these would be a fun that snack for them to take in their lunches when they take lunch to school it's not the nutrition isn't too bad actually one bag is only 110 calories in 6 grams of sugar so they will think those are fun I also picked up some almond flour I don't know if my Costco has been carrying this for a while if I've never seen it or just never looked for it but this huge bag is 1199 which is a lot cheaper than I have found at other stores they have it at Trader Joe's also but it's a lot pricier so I ended up getting a bag of this to keep in the pantry since we've been doing more low carbon keto baking I got out of a 24 pack of the sugar-free Red Bull he's been lucky to have this in the summer instead of coffee in the morning he says it's really good over ice so I got that for him now lasts quite a while and then we are planning on having a cookout at our house on Labor Day and Adam has a smoker he likes to try and smoke different types of meat and so we thought it would be fun this Labor Day to smoke a brisket so this is a whole beef brisket it we can see it's pretty pricey it was forty nine dollars and 76 cents overall you know 13 pounds it's 379 pounds so it's a pretty good price this is a huge huge cut of meat but anyway he likes to smoke different meats and so he will take this out of the freezer several days before and thought out and smoked it up for Labor Day I also got another bottle of vodka we always keep this on hand for just drinks or Bloody Marys and likes to have Bloody Mary's on the weekends and this is actually a really good low carb drink option you can mix this with like my favorite is Diet squirt and then put a little bit of low carb cranberry juice in there it's really good and squeeze a lime so this is actually pretty cheap I think this vodkas only around $15 for this when is it 1.75 liters but it's comparable to like a good quality you know smirnoff vodka so that is really good and then I got a package of 60 paper plates we didn't need these quite yet but since I was there I decided to get them you get 285 plates for and he was around $12 which is a pretty good price I think for those I got some dog treats these are the jerky treats they had these on sale also I think they're around six or seven dollars but it's a huge container so I always buy those when they have them on sale and then this finish jet dry this was actually on sale buy one get one free so I got both of these huge bottles for $9.99 which I thought was a steal so I won't have to buy that for a while I like to use this in my dishwasher because I have a Bosch dishwasher and it's very we just obviously built our house last year so it's new but it doesn't quite dry dishes like I'd like it to and so this helps with that so I was happy to pick that up I actually saw this on another YouTube channel Amanda's daily dish I'll link her channel down below you guys can check it out she does a lot of similar videos to what I do but she does more cleaning videos which her cleaning videos are really good but this is just a champion long-sleeve sure it's really soft and you can see that it kind of goes down low in the back and covers your foot so if you want to wear this with leggings I don't know I thought it was very comfortable so I'll be looking forward to wearing that in the fall in the winter I also picked up some of these Pyrex glass bowls they had these on sale for $12.99 and you get four in there two of the larger and two of the smaller I'm always looking to stock up on my glass storage dishes so I got those and then I was actually excited to see these Clarke's toilet ones I love these things and we have four bathrooms so I have one in each bathroom and so I'm always needing the refills I have been buying them at Walmart but I was really excited to see them at Costco so I picked them up this is a 36 pack so that will last a little bit for us and then I also saw this on the YouTube channel she's in her apron I'll link that down below to you guys probably know Kimmy but we are running out of hangers constantly and so they had this package for $13 you get 50 of the non-slip hangers and these are nice to hang up dress clothes which I have quite a bit of in my closet since I have to wear sort of business casual everyday so I'm going to work the next couple weekends on sort of getting some of my hangers switched out giving the kids more of the plastic hangers so that would be a good project for me to do I also was running low on Ziploc bags so had these on sale I ended up just one pack I kind of wish maybe I would have gotten to because we go through these pretty fast but this comes with the gallon bags quart bags and snack bags and sandwich bags and then I got a package of Bounty paper towels we were out of those and then stocked up more on the Charmin toilet paper which we were running low on – and then the last thing I got is this jacket it's like a kind of like a rain jacket I guess you would say but it's waterproof it's kind of like a trench coat style and I have a kind of like a trench coat style jacket it's black from Old Navy that I got several several years ago probably four or five years ago now and it was just time to replace it with something new so I ended up getting this it was only $30 and I thought it would be nice to have for work when the weather starts getting a little bit chillier or if it's raining outside okay so I thought I'd just try it on so you kind of get a better look at it but I ended up getting the XXL which is true to size I'm usually like an extra-large or 1x you can see that it has like some detail right here sorry if I'm not showing this but yeah it's a nice a nice jacket I thought and I like that it has a hood sorry so if it's raining that would be good okay guys so that's it that is my Costco haul for the month of August if you're new to my channel I hope that you consider subscribing I usually post a Costco haul every month and I post grocery hauls and meal plans every week on Fridays I also post a lot of other food related videos and home related videos I do a weekend prep series I do meal prep videos and what I eat in a week videos so yeah I'd love it if you stick around thanks for watching and I'll see you next video

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  1. YEAH Costco! I love their bulk garlic and taco seasoning! Another thing I love in their spices but i think its only online now is their rustic tuscan seasoning- its like Italian seasoning on steroids- so good if you have the opportunity to try it, you should!

  2. Thank you very much for saying some of the prices yes I would appreciate you doing all the prices have a great day

  3. Love Costco. I'm a little jealous, though, ours doesn't carry Charmin. I am a big fan of the giant pack of Bounty (especially having puppies). You mentioned a bagel, if that's a recipe for making them, I'd love to see a video of that. Planning to make that lasagna recipe that you showed previously sometime this week.

  4. We have Bosch too. We actually replaced the dishwasher that came in our new home with a Bosch because we love it. It does not have a heating element. It dries with Condensation.

  5. Great Haul Jen!! I need to find out when they are going to have a Costco closer to me. Cause the idea of buying in bulk is great idea. I have had the Kirkland brand coffee. I use a regular coffee maker. Hoping to buy a K-cup style…so I will cut down on my coffee intact. I will drink a whole pot of coffee so it doesn't go to waste. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!!! Take care & Great Big Hugs to you Jen!!!

  6. Jen, try calling or emailing Hamilton Beach customer service. We use all different brands of K cups and have never had any issues with grinds. Maybe yours is faulty? Great haul babe!

  7. Costco is the only place we buy brisket because the price is amazing! My kids like the strawberry Panda cookies but I might try throwing in chocolate ones once in awhile! I buy the garlic from Costco too but I swear it's much more potent then garlic powder lol!

  8. Loved the haul! I got that jacket last year for my trip to Ireland and it is PERFECT! You're going to really like it.

  9. Love getting bulk spices at Costco! I also like to get the ranch mix occasionally. That pretzel bread sounds amazing!

  10. Thank you for your videos! Could you please share where you purchased the blue container with the white lid. It looks like the number eight or pinched in the middle. Thank you!

  11. Hi Jen๐Ÿ‘‹ I love the jacket itโ€™s looks nice on you.๐Ÿ˜Œ Great haul, the Costcoโ€™s in New York only sell wine, bummer. Have a great Labor Day weekend with your family ๐Ÿพ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ’•

  12. Thanks for the haul love all the great ideas! I always say this but u are so real about life shopping and that is awesome!!I really enjoy your channel. Thanks for taking the time. I will make my Costco run on Wednesday ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Costco Haul! Costco Haul!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    I LOVE the Kirkland granulated garlic. And I'm waiting patiently for my Costco to carry the almond flour.

  14. Hey Jen. Iโ€™ve eyeing that coffee machine. They have it at Samโ€™s for $69.95. But I donโ€™t know. I do love my Keurig. Anyways. I need to start shopping at Costco. The bad thing is that is on the other side of town. Will see. Great haul.

  15. LOL, first thing I do is get the Costco sale book. Go through look what's for sale we'll eat or, use and buy enough for 3 months. Their sales seem to be on that 3 month cycle. So, laundry soap, ketchup etc. all gets bought at once. Then pick up what we would use for the week/month on fresh stuff. Costco's produce has really been horrid here for a year or so. I've returned more produce to them in the last 6 months than I've returned anything to Costco in the 26 years I've been a member.

  16. Absolutely love your meal prep videos! Easy to watch and great ideas๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜˜

  17. Costco is great! Although I always spend too much- everything looks so good. BTW: farmed salmon is the lowest grade of salmon and dont have the omegas you want because the fish never develop the lean muscle that wild caught has. Sockeye is the best. That raincoat is fabulous! Cheers.

  18. I have the exact same Hamilton Beach Flexbrew machine and we just love it. I havent had any problems with the Kcups yet(fingers crossed) I'm a new subscriber and loving your channel!!

  19. Try the Kirkland brand paper towels. You get more and they're just as good as Bounty …and they are the half ones too. Didn't love the Kirkland toilet paper though (actually LOVE Walmarts Great Value Ultra Strong TP – it's red…great price!)

  20. I've heard that the Kirkland vodka is amazing. But my Costco doesn't carry it…I asked! ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿน Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend with your fam! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ’“

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