5 Reasons You Need Packing Cubes For Your Cruise

5 Reasons You Need Packing Cubes For Your Cruise

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today’s episode is sponsored by CruiseLine.com where you can find reviews tips and photos from real everyday
cruisers check them out in the description box below hey cruisers we
are big fans of packing cubes here at cruisetipstv seriously I love them
and I’ve got a closet full of them to prove it no shame but what’s the big
deal with packing cubes anyway and why would you want them for your cruise well
I’m glad you asked because we’ve got five solid reasons you might want to
know I’m just gonna say it why you need packing cubes for your cruise stick
around to the end because I am going to throw in a bonus reason number one
packing cubes help you keep things organized for instance you can put all
your shirts in one cube pants and another and socks and undergarments in
still another packing cubes come in all sizes and colors so you could even
organize things by cube size or color this makes finding things super easy
without ripping everything out of your suitcase and tangled mess been there
right number two packing cubes help keep clothes neat and they minimize wrinkles
it’s true but let’s be real you’re always gonna have wrinkles and packing
clothes and traveling but packing cubes keep neatly folded or tightly rolled
clothes in place throughout your travels and that is going to reduce those
wrinkles number three packing cubes help you get the most out of your luggage
space you’ll be able to compress your clothing more using packing cubes there
are also packing cubes specifically designed to compress your clothes before
placing them in your suitcase think of this as a better way of mashing the lid
down on your suitcase actually a way better way yes I am a reformed lid
smasher folks and here’s a tip for bags with pull up handles make sure to fill
the gaps between the bars at the bottom of the suitcase before placing the cubes
in we often put little things like socks or similar items in that space number
four packing cubes are an excellent way to
redistribute weight between luggage let’s just say you find one of your bags
is overweight at the air port rather than paying the overweight
fee simply pull out a packing cube and transfer it to a lighter bag or worst
case scenario take the packing cube on the plane as carry-on believe me trying
to redistribute weight by grabbing handfuls of clothes and stuffing them
into another bag at the check-in counter is not a fun experience I’ve been there
trust me number five packing cubes help keep your
cruise cabin organized most times we unpack on the ship we simply transfer
our packing cubes directly on to the storage shelves or even in the drawers
there’s really no reason to pull everything out it stacks up all nice and
neat and we know exactly where everything is we have different colors
for each of us in the family so we just pick a shelf and bam unpacked there’s
our 5 reasons but I promised you a bonus so here it is reason number six you need
packing cubes because they are the fashion accessory of the luggage world
am i right come on I think it’s cute we’ve linked to a big variety of our
favorite packing cubes in the description of this video so check them
out and let us know in the comments which ones you choose and why but more
importantly tell us why you use packing cubes honestly we have many more reasons
we like packing cubes but I know we’re running the risk of gushing here with
that said though I’ll leave you with one more packing cubes make great travel
pillows it’s true check it out good night and until next time we’ll see you
on the high seas

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  1. I travel almost every week for work…Packing cubes make it easy for me to pack in minutes. In fact Thanks to cruising and CT TV videos got me interested in packing cubes….And I will tell you a big plus…It helps keep my wife from over packing for cruise..lol

  2. I've been using these cubes for about a year now and I love them. How did we not have these years ago.

  3. I used packing cubes on my last cruise for the first time. I loved it. I was able to move everything around very easy to fit into 3 suitcases. Organizing the socks and undergarments was the biggest help.

  4. I have a set of cubes like the orange ones you had falling on your head:) I want a few more and thought I'd upgrade a bit. Is there a particular type of cube that you were more impressed with than others ? I was thinking about BAGAIL Compression Packing Cubes. Do you have any of these and if so, are they any better than regular packing cubes?

  5. Because of your past videos we used them on our first cruise, we lent our cubes to our daughter and son in law for their Alaska cruise and now they are sold too! You best invest in a helmet before you do your next luggage video!😎😎😎

  6. Glad I had them when I traveled a few weeks ago, because my luggage was overweight. I didn’t know Spirit airlines weight limit was only 40lbs.

  7. I use them to stay organized AND because some of them are so pretty, it fancy's up my otherwise boring suitcase

  8. Had that happen with our bag overweight. It was easy to grab a cube and … tada👍 it was then under weight. So much easier than having our belongings visual for the attendant to see and for that matter the people in line seeing too.

  9. Oh my goodness,you have as many packing cubes as I have bags and pouches‼️😂😛😛❤️. Great video ‼️

  10. I use packing cubes because you already convinced me to use them in a previous video. LOL. You can't argue with logic and proven experience. Thanks, Sheri!

  11. I first saw these on your videos last year before my cruise and have used them ever since! I love taking them straight out of my suitcase and throwing them on the shelf! Definitely keeps me organized!

  12. My boyfriend and I are converters!!

    When my luggage was overweight, I took one out of my suitcase and transferred it to my carry-on. No problem! (Saves $100!)

  13. I have been using them for years. We were on one of the first planes to fly after Sept. 11, 2001, and the security was, as you might imagine, intense. They opened every passenger's bags, checked and carry on, and did a thorough search. (This was in a large room with lots of tables and dozens of security personnel.) I used packing cubes, and the man who searched my luggage said "I wish everyone used these." It made his job easier.

  14. We really enjoyed the benefits of keeping closing organized on our recent Alaska cruise. With 4 of us in the same room for the first time in a few years it was so convenient and clean. I always overpack and find it so easy to zip up all of the leftovers and stuff them in one suitcase. The Ending 😂😂😂

  15. I am trying PCs for the first time. Got'em at the Dollar Tree. I figure if they don't survive I can trash them and move on to big girl cubes. The concept is great and my helpful angel on one hand tells me so, but the devil on the other shoulder is telling me can it make that much difference? I am still rolling and packing so how can it change the capacity of my suit case? I don't know but I will report back!

  16. I like anything that expedites unpacking, at that time I'm more interested in sail away and getting my first drink special.

  17. My first packing cubes are from e-bags.com and they are my favorite. I looked up my ordered and I ordered them 8/11/2013. I have loved packing cubes since then for almost 6 years. That was when they weren’t very common but someone told me about them. I still can’t convert my friends. During my trip I put dirty clothes in an empty packing cube. When I get home I throw the whole thing including the cube in the wash, even those that say not to put in the washing machine and they have been fine. I just don’t put in the dryer. Use them from overnight trips to longer trips.

  18. LOL ..avalanche ….love my cubes….learned from you 5 cruises ago….converted my husband and my sister too…we all pack smarter now!!!

  19. Packing cubes are great if you are on the move and stopping in different hotels. You don’t waste time packing and unpacking nor searching through your suitcase

  20. I love them for the return also. Just pack your dirties together in one or more cubes, and when you get home just unzip and dump in the washer.😁 put some ice on that Sheri😉

  21. Because of your videos i used packing cubes for the first time on my recent trip to Vegas and plan to buy more for my Alaskan cruise in 2020. I also did carry on only for the first time because of your videos. Thanks.

  22. LOL, Mr. CruiseTipsTV will have to check the bags before the waterfall. I didn't think I would like the packing cubes, but after seeing your packing tips, I ordered the Bagail travel packing cubes because they seemed durable, the zippers seemed sturdy and the price was right! Loved them on my last cruise. I only had to hang up my dresses and everything was so much easier to find. Thank you! I will look at the eBags as well! 🙂

  23. I am an avid clothes roller but decided to to give the cubes a go after seeing them in a previous video of yours. I ought the Amazon brand and a higher quality compression brand (can’t remember the brand.) I’m the packer in the family and found them very useful, I do like the compression cubes better but the Amazon cubes worked well too. I still rolled many clothes inside the cubes but the cubes made arranging and rearranging things a breeze. Most of the time we try to travel light and small but on occasion we need a midsize suitcase and the cubes get utilized for both. Great travel tip, keep them coming.

  24. Yup, big fan of packing cubes. Each of us in the family has their own color. There's no guessing involved.

  25. Finally took the plunge and bought two large compression e bags you recommended for my hubby. Being 6'5" it doesn't take long to fill a suitcase. Lol. Cant wait to try them out for our September RC cruise. Thank you!

  26. We haven't gone full packing cube yet. We used them to organize phone and device charging cables and adapters and first aid supplies. It really was a big help. But, I really liked how you just unpacked the cubes into your closets in the cabin, maybe non-hanging clothes will make it into cubes next cruise.

  27. I do need these. Being a pilot for last 20 years, its something I legit should have done a long time ago! A week in a roll-board, not easy!

  28. I followed your advice a few years ago and bought my first set of cubes, I am now 100% hooked and have several sets! Thanks for ALL the great advice you have given me over the years 😁

  29. Funnest video ever! 🤣🤣🤣 You’ve already converted me and now my family benefits from organised luggage and minimal unpacking on arrival. I also separate the laundry in the packing cubes for the return journey and all the dirty clothes get dumped from cube to washing machine. No sniffing clothes when you get home to work out whether they’re dirty or not 😜

  30. Great video Sheri! Oh my gosh!! The ending…. I just literally died laughing! All by myself… 🤣😂🤣😂 Hope your head is ok!

  31. I bought packing cubes for our first cruise last year because of seeing you use them so much! they are indeed wonderful and AMAZING for overnight trips too!

  32. Why i got your attentions im flying into Miami international and my pre-cruise hotel is going to be the Pullman have you ever stayed there and for cruise day what car service would you recommend uber lyft or does the airport have a shuttle that would take me to the port and how much would any of those cost which would be the best deal thank you

  33. Love the idea of them, but I'm cheap. Gallon ziplocs from the dollar store work just as well. And they're clear!

  34. I just bought the 6 piece Turquoise set using your link manually typing it as you need to make your link clickable in the video description. 🙂
    Too funny the falling cubes on your head. I think Mr. CruistipsTV had too much fun doing that! 😄

  35. Never thought about stuffing the area between the pull up handle! Always learn something new from you guys!!! Thanks

  36. Packing cubes have changed my life! For all the reasons you listed. Such a simple concept but such a great impact on travel.

  37. Help! I’ve been drooling over packing cubes for a little while now. I just can’t figure out what size would be best for my suitcase. I have a medium (24 in). Would all medium sized ones fit well? I’ve debated doing the variety sized ones but don’t want wasted space, either.

  38. First time using packing cubes on this weeks cruise. I'm not liking them. I have less room in suitcase but I'm not going to give up. I'm an organized person, so there's got to be away!

  39. What sold me was the luggage weight and transferring items!! Totes been there and such a pain in the butt!!! Now, to just pull out a cube and carry on is amazing!!

  40. Packing cubes are great for organizing what you will wear the day of your cruise. I always pack a cube just for the night before and day of the cruise. This way you only take that cube out and leave everything else packed. I also pack a small cube with swimwear and cover up and put that in my carry on for embarking day.

  41. Just purchased packing cubes for a trip coming up to the Holy Lands. Looks like you have quite a few packing cubes.

  42. I never thought I truly needed packing cubes until you mentioned the dreaded "rummaging through the neatly packed suitcase ". Buying some today to save my travel sanity.

  43. I bought Bagail packing cubes for my first cruise last year. Now those cubes are helping me organize socks, thermals and undies in my dresser drawers. Have to get new set(s) before my November cruise. Thank you for another great video 😊

  44. I have a serious question about these when it comes to clothing – do they actually take up less or equal space vs packing loose? It always seems like they take up so much space for such a small amount inside.

  45. I've always kind of questioned the use of packing cubes until I realized I essentially do the same thing in my theme park/adventure day bag: everything neatly divided up and organized in clear plastic bags. It makes security checks easier and helps me find what I need with minimal hassle.

    With this realization, I'm open to re-evaluating my position on packing cubes. Maybe one day I'll splurge and try some, haha!

  46. I have a set of ShackePak cubes in purple and used them for my travels. I find I can pack a bit more than I could, previously, and still have room for my shoes, toiletry bag and souvenirs from the trip.

  47. Recently purchased cubes per your recommendation. Used on a 2 week Alaska cruise as well as Florida vacation. Definitely helpful with compressing and keeping luggage organized. Also unpacking was a breeze with just being able to stow as is in cabin storage area.

  48. Thanks to you, Sheri, I am a packing cube convert! I won't travel without them now, and don't know how I ever did before using them. Makes staying on ships, hotels and even relatives homes a breeze! I got mine at ebags.com in my favorite color… purple!

  49. They let me start packing early, without having to pull out my suitcase. I can fill the cubes and have them stacked off to the side, then put them in the suitcase right before I leave (this 8s in addition to the benefit you mentioned of being able to unpack quickly.

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