85. Hurricane Damaged Fifty Foot DREAM Bluewater Cruiser! [Full Tour] Learning the Lines

85. Hurricane Damaged Fifty Foot DREAM Bluewater Cruiser! [Full Tour] Learning the Lines

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hey guys so we are in Fort Lauderdale again we are doing a little boat tour that we've actually toured before we had a little mishap the last time we're out here when we filmed that Joey Lee we actually filmed this boat as well however we had the wrong setting on the camera a footage was just completely unusable unfortunately so we came back out here because this boat is a really cool boat it's a Shannon 50 it's a blue on a cruiser it was hurricane damage during hurricane era it lost its masts so that's the major project that needs to be done this boat but the interior is in really good shape so I'm excited to show you guys this boat if you didn't see our quick little update you might have noticed that Jordan no longer has a long luscious locks ya couldn't take it anymore Florida Heat terrible one other thing I wanted to mention is that it seemed like some people were a little confused as to why we were looking at other boats like why we looked at that Julie like they thought we were gonna be buying that boat and we're actually not we're doing it because you guys really enjoy these boat tours and we just want to keep giving you content that you enjoy so we're gonna do as many boat tours as we can as long as you guys keep watching and liking them but it's fun it's really fun to be able to see the different types of boats and go to see them you know with our own eyes so we're not in the market right now but it gives us a good idea of you know what we might want in the future so anyway let's get going nice of Kimbo needs work yeah I know the brokers already told us a little bit about this boat so you can see it's hurricane damaged actually I think from Hurricane Emma right yeah Hurricane Irma hurricane Irma but the boat owner is doing some projects while it's still for sale like you can tell obviously been stranded looking nice just needs to be varnished it's been sanded that's why I'm guessing like for instance I'm sure you've noticed there's no lifelines there's no masts I believe the broker said that the masts were damaged so there are no masks that come with this boat I don't know if this goes on the main or the catch it actually looks like it's attached right there but I could be wrong I don't know if it's maybe a boom for the like a self tacking stay soul or something but there is a brand-new bow sprit right there really long bow sprit yeah and then it looks like a pretty new bow pulpit as well that's gonna be put on I know that the broker said there's been some custom work on this so yeah the bowsprit was at it and it looks like there's also a custom hardtop back there that we'll have to take a look at so you have no mass but what is it are those you see maybe maybe they were granny bars or something like that my friend there's a life raft you this is the forward companion way there's actually two companion ways on this boat so this is a little mini dodger it's kind of an interesting area of the boat you're like in the center of the bow you have a companion way but you're not in a cockpit yet the cockpits back there it's kind of a cool little area this is like a tunnel to get you know between the aft cabin here and then forward section the main salon it's really cool interesting layout we'll keep going aft to the cockpit big old traveler and this is this is like basically brand-new this is a custom custom hardtop it's really really nice and then you have the aft companion way I would say probably the main companion way and then a cockpit which is it's a very big cockpit yeah I mean for a 50-foot boat it probably better be very very big cockpit really nice yeah the cheek here is some really good shape yeah it looks like maybe he started off working on the teak in the cockpit because oh yeah yeah so like this still needs to be redone yeah half this is all nice and varnished and feels good this is interesting – you can see the top of this there's nothing here I assume it probably you put some sort of cover on but you should be able to see the sales in the sales are up yeah there's gonna be like a plexiglass or a lexan or something in there no the pedestal looks real nice and the compass the pinnacles are really nice to Haley they have labels here so for reverse fast slow just case you don't know fast faster but um this is really nice too so the the wood here is really good on the steering wheel yeah alright let's go down below so we're going down into the aft compartment here or the aft cabin which is really cool space yeah I believe the owner currently lives aboard so imagine this is his main main bedroom was engine access right here this whole thing comes apart I don't really want to mess with it too much right now but you got the nav station which is super cool right there we've kind of got everything you need well the board right right back here and then kind of lockers closet and then the really cool thing about this is this right here so we've been we were last time we were aboard this really kind of blew our minds this this right here becomes this big divider that closes you in which is really really cool actually how it works so that goes like that and then I believe there's another right there and then watch this so is that there but wait I didn't push it all the way but now you're fully enclosed in your little private area or and you just got it and there's a door here so super cool and I can come out here hello Randy and then that's and then that's the super private aft compartment in our aft cabin really cool and it's even set up so like if this were the captain's quarters the other quarters are forward of this and you can make it your own little area this hallway so you've got complete privacy you have your birth you have the nav area you have your own head here and I believe a separate shower to head and separate shower so everything is in really good shape so even though the boat needs some work on the outside the inside it's very very good shape ready to move aboard yeah just like all the little doors all the latches so that nothing go so anywhere crazy people oh you're under way right cool let's move forward well I kind of notice cuz we pointed this out on the toilet ooh there's a little plaque so you got the engine controls right here and then above that you've got a little plaque so built in Bristol Rhode Island Shannon boat company hull number four it looks like looks like a four to me I don't know how many Shannon 50s were built but did you get a good look at how this oh yeah this the joinery here is just so cool like look at that just goes right over there and it goes in a little actually goes on yeah so like that that is so cool like just how it fits together so nice I could never achieve something of that high quality of my own probably yeah the interior on this boats in much nicer shape than the choy Lee yeah and also you guys know we're a fan of headliners oh yeah the headliners super nice we got a headliner I just like this arm up but um the air conditioner is working really good nice and cool down here and we'll move forward are these built-in frames are they just screwed that's interesting there's nothing in the frames right now but it's like it's almost like they're built into the boat it's crazy and actually now that you mention frames I started looking up at these patches and they've got little framed screens which is really yeah the lights come on with you oh there we go so this is like that tunnel that is like that raised area on deck that I showed you earlier and then there's the forward companion way forward stairs right that goes right into a salon a nice nook galley that Randy loves so much refrigerators probably yeah it's really cool really cool design for this and you can really brace on every side even you can even brace against this if you're here at sea so yeah Helen that up there too this boat is on the Mahina list for blue water cruisers so this is this is a go anywhere go anywhere world Cruiser this is so cool alright so we've got these two seats that I really like on the poor they're super comfortable like almost like reading chairs recliners to aft of these port seats here we have a little guest cabin with bunk beds that's kind of cool this is where you put your children or your the guests that you don't like as much and then just a really comfy salon table it's just really big in here like it feels very roomy very livable certainly different than freebie the big this is big post no this will be a keel step mass but this the keep the mass I think will actually slide through this this is not the mast this is like a mask trunk almost so the mast looks like it looks like to me the mast slides through this unless maybe this is a piece of the old masts I don't know but I believe the masts probably slides through this I could be wrong you have another head right in here it looks like there's access to where for more Randy is so we'll take a look at your Bieber fever it's a good side this is just a storage closet I believe right storage closet so much so much storage on this boat yeah that's a really big deal oh yeah and Randy's sitting like at the vanity there's actually a seat here here so you can do your makeup now some of these some of the some of the poor lights are taken out they're being replaced so yeah we didn't probably show an original – they're actually nice bronze portly yeah and this is the head access from the v-berth so you can access the head here it's just a standard head no no separate shower on this one but yeah accessible head with a separate shower head one head without yep this is accessible from the v-berth or from the salon so it could be like a guest head but I mean just look at this boat like it's just very very nice boat here are the for Italy so there's it's interesting they do like a switch forward like from here forward their oval port lights and then back of that is more screw angular this is kind of like what we had one freebie yeah these guys but they're bronze they're really nice so I'm not sure if the owner is just rebidding the ones forward and putting the footing the original ones back in or if he's completely replacing them I'm not sure you can see there's some they're taking out here too it works for sure yeah that a C's right there it's real nice and it's not loud like you know I like window units are like it's a it's a true marine a sea water cool the last thing I just wanted to show was engine access back here engine axis here this all comes out but the coolest thing is the access out here from right in there let me show you that in a second so down here is the engine room you can see there's a ladder right there go down in there and I'm just gonna stick the camera in there rather than getting in because it's a little easier for me right now but there's your access to all the equipment everything you need really really a good access you can get your whole body down here and change everything out so there's water heaters and everything really really cool so what do you think of that boat Randy really nice craftsmanship yeah I can't picture what it would look like with the mast but I'm sure it would look beautiful from the outside with a little bit of work the interior is in pretty good shape though which is nice yeah we know but we're still working on the interior of our boat that's a lot of work to do with the interior is interesting because it's almost like it's a split layout kind of where you have an aft cabin but you typically see layouts like that when you have a center cockpit and this is an aft cockpit so it's kind of interesting to see an aft cockpit boat that also has an aft cabin and kind of a split layout I like it yeah and it gives you options with it being separated the way it is where you can close off that whole aft section oh yeah if you're chartering or if you have kids that are like grown that you're like get away from there's a lot of privacy on the boat like it's a great boat if you're you know plan on having guests aboard a lot a great boat for a family if you have kids you know a couple with with a few kids yeah because you can kind of have your own little areas and spaces you know a lot of people like catamarans because of that but you know this is kind of a boat that's just like the last video guys we're gonna put a link to Barry's information down in the description below so if you want any more information on this boat if you're interested in purchasing it and like that you can contact Barry using his contact information in the description below I think I know the answer this question but if you want to see even more boat tours let us know in the comments down below also if you have any suggestions for types of boats you want us to tour let us know that as well because we can kind of look at you know the different listings and see if we can find something that you guys suggest us to go on and do a video about that as well that'd be kind of fun don't worry we haven't forgotten about freebie we know that we still have a lot of work to do on her and we will definitely be getting back to some DIY videos for you coming shortly as always guys if you enjoyed this video make sure you leave a like and a comment down below if you haven't already hit that subscribe button to follow along with our journey and if you want to know each and every time we upload a video go ahead and hit that notification back see you guys bye but otherwise come with me let it go for a little so

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  1. Hi Mich!
    A Shannon is a great boat with some unusual features, forgot to mention the near useless center cockpit!
    I never owned a Beneteau but I do know several people who sails them, the 50, 51, …, and who sailed in Australia, N Z, Tasmania, places which are certainly different than the Adriatic or Aegean Sea. Look at the Amel boats and you will find a « ready -to-sail » for 150 grands without a burden to search a yard, a mast, a rigging and all so many things this boat of 119.000 needs before taking to sea.

  2. Great boat, would be nice if you knew what you are looking at. This boat can not be compared with any Taiwan boat. If you are going to do boat tours, please become an informed sailor first.

  3. What a mess of a boat!
    From the nav cockpit to the master’s cabin, which is not a real cabin because it’s also a nav station! And that’s not all, it’s also the engine rooom!!!
    And OMG! The price!!! Simply saying it’s RIDICULOUS ! 119000US$ for a 1980 boat WITHOUT masts and riggings!
    Search the web and you will find a 1989 build Beneteau 51 designed by German Frers in ready to sail condition for less than 100.000US$!
    And what about the boat on it’s Starbord side? Is this an Amel’s Maramu or a Super Maramu?

  4. Great boat, looks nice and I am really impressed of the engine room. Great access. Unfortunately I can't afford it. Thank you very much for your informative and sympathetic videos. Greetings from Germany.

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