A Beautiful Magic Kingdom Day At Walt Disney World! Classic Rides, Snacks & More 🇺🇸

A Beautiful Magic Kingdom Day At Walt Disney World! Classic Rides, Snacks & More 🇺🇸

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Good morning everyone. WDW? Yes, as you can see. We’re back in WDW. Wasn’t it a great surprise to be back in Disneyland Resort Anaheim with Jordy? I’m recording this while it hasn’t happend yet. So weird. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about. The vlog serie with Jordy in Disneyland during Holiday season is up here. But for now, I traveled back in time to have a nice here in WDW. That was such a nice Move it , shake it, Mouseke dance party. This was the first time I saw the whole show. During my first day, it was just out as parade without show stop because of the rain. So, I saw the whole show now. Nice show. Well done. A lot of things are going on here on central plaza. Dancing with characters. They’re doing a great job over here. And the song ofcourse. The song we know from Paris. It’s a good time. Because I’m in WDW. My first Fastpass is at 11:15 AM. And it’s quite busy already in the Magic Kingdom. But let’s go in the Stand-by line for the haunted mansion. It’s worth the wait. It’s nice to be in the stand-by line for once. Now I see some stuff that you can’t see in the Fastpass line. Just like these books and all the soundeffects. Okay, it was the stand-by line. But I just waited for like 15 minutes instead of the 40 minutes on the board. That’s a good thing. It’s also very nice to the original Haunted Mansion after all that Haunted Mansion Holiday stuff. In this room I have to pay attention. I discovered last week that they’re making a photo with the hatbox ghost from Disneyland. That’s fun. And here is the start of the regular Haunted Mansion like we now it from almost every other Disney park. I’ll never get bored on the Haunted Mansion. Especially here with the original one. Love it. So much fun. And as I’ve said. They’re making a picture now inside the room with the paintings. During my first time during this trip, it was a little surprise on my photopass. I didn’t knew they did that. So, now I know where they’re making it. I searched on the internet. So, if everything goes well, the photo will be on my magic band now. And if I’ll snap my fingers, I can show you the photo. It’s with the hatbox ghost from Disneyland Anaheim. So nice. He’s not in the ride over here but he’s still here now this way. Hello there. So nice to see how this park is covered with a lot of water around it with all the rivers. Such a cool atmosphere. So cool. Even this is WDW. Sitting here in the shadow on Town Square with a tapped water. Life’s all good. So amazing. Today as the “Long lost friends” they had Robin Hood and Little John. Little John was one of the characters I wanted to meet for a very long time. Actually since I’ve seen the episode from Modern Family. Yes that episode. Since I’ve seen that episode I really wanted to meet Little John. And so nice that I was able to meet him here. It’s the last week they’re having the long lost friends here. So, I was really lucky. And now I really need to go to Fantasyland. My Fastpass for Peter Pan is almost over. Waiting for that meet and greet was a little bit longer as planned. That was a very nice ride on Peter Pan Flight. When you’re doing this ride over here, you can see that we’re very lucky in Paris and Disneyland Anaheim. It’s way more modern over there. But over here they have some good lights and it’s fun. It’s kind of a different ride over here. You’re flying over Neverland and everything is way bigger instead of the smaller things in Paris and Anaheim. It’s different and fun but Paris and Anaheim are better. That’s for sure. But I’m glad I could do this with the Fastpass. Because the regular line was 65 minutes or something. So strange, this ride is always busy in every park. On the castle, they’re performing the “Royal Friendship Faire” now. So cool to see it this way. It’s 12:30 PM now. And I still need to find some breakfast. Disney World. It’s hard… They got some delicious things over here. So, I really need to choose what I want. I haven’t had breakfast, so I’m a bit hungry. This sweet and spicy chicken waffle looks so good. But the fresh fruit waffle looks good as well. Hmmm, choices… I choose the Sweet and spicy chicken waffle with home made chips. And a tapped water. I’m curious how this will taste. Hope it’s not gonna be too spicy. And I was one of the lucky people who got a seat. This looks delicious. I’m going to try it. How do I need to eat this? This is delicious. The combination from all the stuff is so good. And now I’m going to try one of these. Not too salty. So delicious. Good morning. That was such a delicious breakfast/lunch. Spicy chicken. I’m a little bit one fire. Not only from the sun, but this was so good. I forgot about it, but when I was looking on the app I saw that my Fastpass for seven dwarfs mine train will be able from now on. Because I got my Fastpass for Peter Pan a little later, I can use my next Fastpass already now. There aren’t a lot of people with strollers here today. Talking about that little house… Now we’re going inside the mine. Is that a castle? That’s it. Seven dwarfs mine train. Always a good attraction. Talking about this little house… Oh, boy. I’m happy I had a Fastpass. 80 minutes for two minutes on the ride. We were a little bit late today in the park because of the bus. So, we were a little bit late already. And it’s already time for the parade now. So, I took myself a Frozen Lemonade Mint Julep at Casey’s with mobile ordering. After two minutes I got it already. Now I’m going to wait 45 minutes here with this delicious cold drink. This is a good vacation. Now I need to go, between all those people from the parade, to Space Mountain. I can use my Fastpass already for a little while. I got 15 minutes left now. But that parade is always so good to see. We had a perfect spot in front of a shop in the shadow. Sometimes we had a little wind on us. It was fun. I already survived all those people. You’re vlogging and you’re already out of the busy group. Tomorrowland. Always a little bit weird here in the USA parks. It’s an older style. 70’s or 80’s. But it’s a good vibe. It’s a bit older but I like it. Space Mountain! So, that was my missie through the space. It’s going so fast in here. You’re going everywhere. I survived. They’ve changed the exit over here. Last time when we were here you didn’t had to walk here to go up and there was a big green screen over here. But now we have to walk with our feet. After my Fastpass for Space Mountain. I could get a Fastpass for Buzz Lightyear already directly after that. I just left Space Mountain. And I’m already walking to Buzz Lightyear. Now I’m skipping a 50 minutes wait time. I hope I’ll get better every time now I’ll keep practicing with these. Oh guys, let’s go. I’m trying but I can’t hit anything with this thing that’s keeping on his place. I can’t help it. I can’t do it with there ones. Zurg, I feel you. You didn’t help me very well, space ranger. You have to admit. NIce picture. The Magic band scanned it and it’s already on you MyMagicExperience. I’m curious if I still like this ride after the ride in Tokyo. Oh well, I liked this attraction very much the last time. But I’ll miss Tokyo fur sure. This one is with a track. What the track? The ride system is nothing compared with the one in Tokyo. Because you’re on a track and just like you know with classic darkrides. But the ride is almost the same. The scenes are the same and the animatronics as well. The atmosphere and building are kind of the same as well. So nice. I was a little bit back in Tokyo with Pooh’s Hunny Hunt. But now in English. Another thing for refreshment. You don’t wait too long for Aloha Ice Cream Refreshment. But you’re using Mobile Ordering, You’re selecting it. You pay. And now I’m here already. I’ll say, “I’m here, Prepare my order” and they’re going to prepare my order. So, I’m waiting a bit and one minute later I got my delicious DoleWhip float. It’s so good. I’m hopping from Fastpasss to Fastpass. Now it’s time for Pirates of the Caribbean. My last Fastpass that I already got today was Space Mountain. And after that I could directly go to Buzz Lightyear. After that Winnie the pooh and Philharmagic. And now, I’m going on Pirates of the Caribbean. In the waiting line I’m already making a new reservation for a meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie. It’s a very populair one. And I didn’t booked this one. And now I got it. But first, Pirates. Where is that boat going? Ah, there he is again. The views are so beautiful herre in Frontierland. But I think I got a sunburn. Because now I’m going to do something that I normally won’t do. I’m going to give the Country Bear Jamboree another try. Oh yeah. We’re here again. One more chance. It’s so cool to see how all those Americans are very nostalgic at the Country Bear jamboree. For me, it’s just fun to look at. Actually, I’m only here for the airco. Just chilling here on Main Street. How beautiful life can be. Just sitting here and enjoying all the decorations. I really appreciate Main Street USA. I have to wait five more minutes before I can use my Fastpass to meet Mickey and Minnie. Not the regular Mickey and Minnie. Mickey and Minnie are in their Birthday outfit. And I think that’s a bit special. Because Jordy and I were in Anaheim during their 90th birthday when they showed these clothes for the first time. We’re almost one year later now. And in one week they will stop wearing these costumes during the meet and greet But after Anaheim & Paris I’m going to Celebrate their birthday here in WDW as well. I like it. It’s really special. Because I won’t forget that day in Anaheim. Trippel Birthday Completed. Anaheim, Paris and now Orlando. That’s a long birthday. They’re almost 91 now. After having some amazing nacho’s at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe here in Frontierland, it’s already dark here in Magic Kingdom. And it’s even better to have a stroll in here. And we’re ending this day with the same attraction as we started our day. The Haunted Mansion. That was my day in the Magic kingdom. Now we’re walking with all the people from Happily Ever After to our bus. After this morning, I’m scared we’ll arrive after three hours at our hotel. But we’ll see. It was an amazing day. What did we think about Happily Ever After?
– Goosebumps. Well guys, till the next one and sleep well. Till the next one. And ofcourse, exit through the gift shop. High five, Pooh! .

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  1. Back at WDW! You really took us with you in the video was like I was there myself ❤️ I miss Disney world. Also Robin Hood I need to take a picture with him. Thanks for sharing your magic.

  2. Geweldige vlog Disney Goofballs die meet and greet met Robin Hood en Broeder Tuc echt zo gaaf ik wist niet dat Broeder Tuc te meeten was.

  3. Hele leuke vlogs. Wil ook heeel graag eens naar een Disney park. Welke adviezen zouden jullie kunnen geven, zoals keuze tussen Disneyland of Disney World en in welke tijd van het jaar?

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