A weekend in KENTING! Southern Taiwan! Part 1/3

A weekend in KENTING! Southern Taiwan! Part 1/3

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Welcome! I’m Alex. I’m Erin. We left everything in Canada so that we can travel the world and right now we are in
Taiwan going to a place called Kenting. Going for a beach weekend! On this episode of Vaan and Bibby,
Kenting Edition part 1. The Express bus to Kenting is sold out for today. No swimming? We still haven’t made it to
the beach… I think we’ve given up on that. It was a weekend like any other but
because Taiwan is so ecologically diverse, it’s easy to escape to a
tropical paradise for a couple of days. So we packed our bags in Taipei and set
a course for Kenting, the southernmost point in Taiwan. I don’t know if you guys
remember in the end of episode 11 we met a couple from Norway. Their names are
Aivind and Maiken and we’re going to meet them now because they’re coming with us
to a place called Kenting. We were told that Kenting is a must-see. An ethereal
rejuvenation of the senses. A restoration of one’s humanity. A better version of
Cancun just waiting to happen, and all of this so close to where we kind of live
in Taipei…. We might not make it back. At 6 foot 2 inches it’s rare that I have
leg space in any mode of transportation but the high-speed rail in Taiwan had me
in mind. We’re not sitting with Aivind and Maiken. They’re back there. We’ll see them in an hour and a half since this train is so fast. So right now we’re just drinking Heineken. I know this is super random but check out how tiny the Pringles are here… It’s super small! Their potatoes must be small too. That was a cool train ride. It was so fast! I can’t believe it. A short ride later we found ourselves in
Kaohsiung, the furthest stop on the line and we were now in search for the shuttle bus to Kenting. The Express bus to Kenting is sold out
for today, and that was going to be a 2 hour bus ride. So now we have to take
a regular city bus which is gonna be ridiculous. 3 hours! We better be able to drink on this bus! Yeah! We discovered that split between four
people, a taxi wasn’t much more expensive than the shuttle bus that we had missed
anyway, so off we went. Do you feel better? Yeah. Not a great experience but I feel relieved… It was a weird bathroom. ???!!??!!?!!??!? Alright, that was mental! Our hostel’s on the same street as a
night market…that’s perfect! When you arrive at bunk hostel you will
find the black box with the key placed under the iron grey bar on the left side
of your entrance and that’s where your key card is… Walk me through what happened. So the box under the bar was outside and that’s where there’s a
key and a map. We still don’t really know. Our stuff was in the same key box even though the hostel had no idea we were all coming together. So that I don’t understand. Two stars so far! They better have good beer to win me back to five. I’m just kidding! The room is on the
second floor I think. Ummm C7 and C9. Okay so second floor, bed numbers C7 and C9 we think. Well if the key works we know we’re right. Yay! I was a bit of a maze to get in there. Not bad though, we figured it out within like five minutes. Well, the girls did. And now we’re instantly on a night market street! As soon as you’re born with a dick you
immediately start dreaming about grilling fatty chunks of meat with a
blowtorch. It’s better than your dreams! Several
generations of my male ancestors looked down upon me and smiled, finally able to
rest in peace. Like a moth to a flame, Erin led us to a
lady selling a colorful selection of shots. Not everybody was looking to drain a
bottle of Absinthe, however. Some people just wanted to do their taxes in peace. Ignoring nearly all the social cues,
I provided colorful commentary on the things around us as we walked around the
dimming streets. Oh my god! That makes me want to not live any longer! That makes me rage. Buzzing neon lights in a white, undecorated room with stains on all the furniture. The night market was slowly closing up,
leaving us behind with the refuse, the weirdos and the fellow creatures that go
bump in the night. ???? Cheers! Tequila! You do KTV! Yes, he has to sing! I love them but they’re so crazy! That
was funny! They were super friendly though. Honestly I turned the camera on but I
don’t have anything to vlog about this place. This place is weird! Weird shit is happening here. We just met a guy bleeding from the head, what more do you want? So we grabbed a beer we’re going
back to our hostel. Eventually and somewhat surprisingly, we did end up back
at the hostel where we played drinking games, babbled and chewed and went to bed. Yay! Canada! Good morning. We had a rough start at the
hostel. But we got up, we had showers and ate breakfast. Now we’re going to rent
scooters hopefully and then find a beach definitely. Then not much planned after that. But you’ll see. Give me fuel! Daddy’s got rubber to burn!
Give me internal combustion and an open road and you’ll find me at my best.
Knuckles white with intention, teeth grinding behind a shit-eating grin. Happy. Have you guys given a name to your noble steed? It’s called Jabubu! Not a Vespa, a Jabubu. This is the stallion tha’ts gonna be
saddling us around the countryside today. Look at her, just rearing to go. Looks a
little bit like a Hornet. The wind was incredible! Thousands of
miles of open sea all around us like a playground for the wind to sail across.
It was fresh, crisp with oxygen and at times a little intimidating. Show us your compact travel camera. We’ve only been here for a couple hours of the day so far and it’s already so
worth it! So beautiful and the scooter is so fun. You can scooter all along the coast and it’s just so nice! Wow, look at this! It was a singular experience to
look out at the sea wrapping itself around the globe and knowing that the
next land we would hit if we set sail would be Mexico, 12000 kilometers away. We’re on the hunt for food. We had to
stop because it was kind of raining and now it’s really sunny. But we’re hungry and there’s a cool bridge. We’re all a little bit worse for wear. We still have great
adventures though! We stopped for some beef noodle and hair of the dog. Pocari sweat, Sprite and Coke. Wow it is hardcore hot here! Yeah the
Sun is beaming but it’s beautiful! It’s not too humid though which is nice. No swimming?!? So maybe we didn’t make it
to the beach yet. The beach we’re supposed to go to definitely allows swimming, has
white sand and doesn’t look as ominous I’m assuming. We were on a search for a soft bed of sand to lay on, cool breezes, a safe place to
swim in refuge from the relentless expenditure of the little energy we
could hardly afford at this point. But you’ll have to see in the next episode
what we found instead! We still haven’t made it to the beach. I think we’ve given up on that. We always end up on trolleys. That is so true! This beach is a weird Asian cross between Hawaii and the Kentucky Derby. Chicken blood and rice. It’s massive!

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  1. Welcome to Hengchun peninsula. The local people call it Hengchun or Hengchun peninsula, not Kenting. The final no swimming beach is the famous surfing spot_Jialeshuei in Taiwan. There are many beautiful beaches in Hengchun peninsula.

  2. Your videos are the weekly dose of chicken soup for my soul 🙂 … and this is the first comment I ever left on yt in a decade if not since ever as long as I could remember… helas, monsieur et mademoiselle, more episodes and of course beers pls

  3. too funny, kenting better than cancun. the lamest beach i've ever been to is kenting. looks like you made the best of it. have fun.

  4. Kenting is overrated … now a tourist trap…coming from the west coast of BC, its a bit underwhelming once we've been to the west coast trail.

  5. Now you may understand why so many scooters in Taiwan.

    We call them “Freedom”, enjoy it and welcome to my home county.

  6. If you folks try to have a scooter never over 250cc.

    150~249 should be better for you because you looks like similar height with me.(187)

    Because the convenience is different between above and below 250 in Taiwan.

    Do some homework before you actually to buy one.

    Btw, mine is 155cc Yamaha scooter.

  7. Kenting is 2nd largest tourist trap in Taiwan. It was notorious for merchant ripping off tourists. Now the volume of the tourists is way down now. Beware of dishonest vendors.

  8. You mentioned before that u like cooking, so here is the cooking class of bubble tea, beef noodles, etc, How Living Club.

  9. I've been following you guys since your first Taiwan episode, they're especially entertaining while high! I have a question though. I'm heading to Taiwan with friends this December, what did you guys need to rent the scooters? Do I need an international driver's license?

  10. 如果對英文有障礙的話,可以打開「中文(繁體)」看中文字幕。

  11. Nice one, guys! Taiwan bound in March. Your videos are really helping
    the wife and I get mentally prepared (Stoked!) Keep up the great work!

  12. Great video! I've been to Taiwan 9 times in last 4 years, but never made it to Kenting yet. How much was the cab from Kaoshung? And how much was the daily rate for the scooters? I would appreciate any suggestions you might have. Thank you from California

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