a yesstyle “summer” try-on haul bc i treated myself again

a yesstyle “summer” try-on haul bc i treated myself again

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hello my friends it’s nina and i got a lot of clothes i got these clothes from yesstyle in may i was finishing up college, it was a stressful time i just wanted to treat myself again i’m gonna show you everything that i got from yesstyle and hopefully this video is helpful, because i intend for these hauls to be helpful because i know yesstyle can be overwhelming to navigate it was overwhelming for me but i got a lot of stuff and it will be a try on haul so you can actually see what it looks like but without further ado let’s try on some clothes so i think for this video to be more helpful i’m gonna give you some background info on my size and all that so my height is 172 cm or 5’7.7″ i would consider myself pretty tall for asian fashion i think some things that might be one size and might be intended to be oversized might be just right on me because because i’m a long person and then my waist is around 26 or 27 inches i did buy some pants in this haul and they actually fit so hopefully these measurements are helpful to you to get an idea of how these clothes would fit on you but now that that’s taken care of let’s get into the actual clothes so i’m gonna start with the bottoms because they’re the first things i can reach this is also like the hardest top to wear i don’t understand how people wear off-shoulder things so the first thing i will talk about is this midi skirt it is this pretty long skirt that ends towards where your calves are it has this black and white floral pattern that just i think goes great with a t shirt and then some chunky shoes on the bottom i used to not really be a skirts person but lately i’ve just been liking longer skirts the waist is elastic and for me it fits i like the material and in the inside it also has this black lining so it’s pretty thick, you’re pretty covered but i thought a skirt was very necessary for the summer y’all if you don’t mind i’m just gonna leave it like this i have to move my arms a lot i’m not bringing down my top anymore and then next bottom i got are these high-waisted what are they called i actually have a list of everything i bought so these are elastic cuff cropped pants these are high waisted pants that go up to where your calves are again, they’re pretty cropped i would say that- i know i’m wearing sweatpants with this top this is the reality of youtubers the pants go up to around here i would say but i think that’s also because i’m a pretty tall person but they’re just fun pants, they’re kind of like cargo pants but without the cargo and i like that they’re high waisted and have this light material it’s not too light where it’s like, what’s the term? fragile? the material’s pretty nice and you can just wear it with a cropped top and it makes a nice simple light outfit and i got another pair of the same pants but in this khaki color i would pair this with a nice black cropped top and it just makes me feel powerful so i got the black pair and the khaki pair i’m pretty sure there’s also a green pair i would’ve gotten those but i just realistically don’t wear that color pants so i just got these and i really like these pants i was actually very nervous to get these pants in the first place because shopping online for pants can be a nightmare but i got these both in large and they fit like a glove honestly they fit my waist nicely where i can breathe and i can sit down comfortably i can stretch my legs, do the splits i think that’s all the bottoms i got i didn’t get a lot of bottoms well moving on we are going to the tops and i’m going to start with a simple cropped camisole top it’s just a very simple top a closet essential you can put jackets over this coats over this whatever you want you can wear it by itself when it’s super hot and i like that it’s cropped so i can easily wear it with high waisted pants because all of my pants are basically high waisted i may have also made the decision to- buy multiple colors of the same top with my style i just like to have a lot of basics that i can mix and match so i don’t think it’s the worst thing to buy a lot of the same top so i got the gray one, the black one, this brown one this pink one this khaki-ish one and then this white one i can make like 30 outfits with these i thought it was a good decision anyway you don’t need to do that the next item i’m going to go into is this t-shirt it’s this plain t-shirt with a sleeve that kind of goes like a half-sleeve there’s a half-sleeve, a 3/4 sleeve i would say that this is about a half sleeve i really like the material of this it’s not that thick but it’s like it’s thicker than a normal t shirt, i would say it just feels really nice it was pretty popular on the website so i wanted to try it out this is a size medium and i would say that it’s still pretty loose on me so that’s a pretty good size for me and i also got the shirt in the color coffee and it’s a pretty thick material so you can wear it on a breezy spring day i didn’t mean to say that or on a light summer day as well next item i’m going to go into if you haven’t noticed i like getting multiple colors of the same item that might be some people’s pet peeve but honestly i think it’s efficient but the next item i’m gonna talk about is this long sleeve shirt this is definitely a thinner material than the shirts that i just showed i would wear these on a breezy day tuck them into some high waisted jeans and then of course i got the same shirt in black so these are one size shirts they’re kinda oversized on me not extremely oversized but they’re still pretty loose it’s a nice comfortable fit you’ve probably come across this shirt on yesstyle but i got it myself it is this short sleeve blouse it’s this sort of light linen material very breezy, perfect for the summer if you look closely it has this striped pattern and these are also one size i also got the same top in this white color it’s like a creamy white with the same striped pattern and i really wanted blouses, i like the material of this i like the feel and the lightness of it i understand why it’s a popular shirt i’m going to talk about some dresses that i got i’m not the biggest dress person but for some reason i just wanted to try some dresses so first i will talk about- it doesn’t fit into the screen but first i will talk about this dress that i got it is this long sleeve dress that goes up to- for me it goes literally up to where my knees are like it cuts right here i thought it was going to cut a little longer but that’s fine at the waist it has this elastic and it literally hugs your waist but i like the figure of this dress and it’s nice to wear on a summer day i could imagine myself wearing this near the beach but i don’t really like going to the beach eating ice cream but i also don’t eat ice cream bc i’m lactose intolerant i’m just not really a summer person but i got a lot of summer clothes then i got the same dress, actually no this is the shorter one there are two options of lengths for the dress there’s a short version and a long version i got both i did get a white version of the black dress it’s still the same length but i also got the short version right here which is definitely a summery look the dresses are one size the long dress went down to my knees and the short dress went somewhere on my thighs but if it’s too short for your preference wear some shorts under, wear some spandex under do whatever you want the next items i’m going to go into aren’t very summery but what else do you expect from me i had to get some wintery clothes i went and got myself some turtleneck sweaters i also did go and buy other colors i got this nice warm beige color you can wear this on a coffee date and by coffee date i mean a date by yourself obviously you can wear these turtlenecks under coats or just by themselves and then i did get a black one my closet is just made of basics i think that’s the best way to go you always have an outfit also of course you don’t have to buy multiple colors just buy the color that you like moving on i got a cardigan it’s a simple, pretty long grey knitted cardigan it also has these sort of slits at the bottom there’s not much i have to explain about the cardigan other than that it’s a great outer piece you can wear it over the camisole and some mom jeans basics! and then i did get the same cardigan in black and then finally just two more cardigans these are shorter than the cardigans i just showed you they go to where your hips are, i think i got one in pink and then i got one in this nice brown color i just thought it’d be nice to have a fun color and then a more traditional warm color and i like that these cardigans aren’t super long just in case you dont want all that material hanging down there these cardigans are knitted as well so it’s going to keep you warm but it’s not overwhelmingly thick but i think that is everything that i have to show you for this haul i’m just going to bring my shoulder top back down again i hope that this haul was helpful to you and that it gave you some ideas on what to buy on yesstyle if you wanted to buy anything and i also do want to mention i do have a code for yesstyle my discount code or coupon code is NINA10 every item that i showed you in this video will be linked down below so it’s easy to find but other than that, thank you for watching this video and i will see you in my next one! bring it in, and goodbye my friends 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much for making this video! I find YesStyle really affordable but overwhelming, and seeing an actual human wearing the clothes makes it much easier 🙂 Thank you for including your height as well!

  2. I have the same linen blouses (and same colors lol) and I LOVE them so much, so so comfy! (plus they're dress code approved on my job lol)

  3. For anyone who reads this:
    You can use my Friendshipcode N9G39F to get 5% off😊🌻Also great video💜

  4. this is a genuine question .-. my friend bought a few things from yesstyle and it took 6 months FOR HER THINGS TO ARRIVE DID U HAVE THE SAME ISSUE??

  5. The black long sleeve dress looks so iconic on you omg yesss!!! I have a YesStyle friend code (LYEL59) if anyone wants to use it and save 5% off your first order and 2% off any returning orders!

    Code: LYEL59

    Link: @t

    Also, here are some other codes that will hopefully help you save more money!!

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    If you need any help with anything or have any questions about anything YesStyle related just let me know! 🙂

  6. Hey Nina, great finds. What size did you get the striped short sleeve shirt in, and the pink sweater in?

  7. Hey guys, if you're going to buy clothes on yesstyle, you can use my discount code (Friend Reward Code): XGZ9R5 for a 5% discount on your first purchase and 2% afterwards! Enjoy shopping 💕

  8. Tell me why her and I are the same height and everything looks good on her so I am going to buy it too now (I'm gonna be a broke bish)

  9. I recently ordered a plaid in one size which seemed over sized on the photos, but since i am pretty tall too (i am 176 cm) i think it's gonna be just right xD

  10. 💖💕Use this friend reward code on YesStyle: XZMSAV and get more 5% OFF. let's all help each other save money💕

  11. Hey guys, if you're going to buy clothes on yesstyle, you can use my discount code (Friends Reward Code): XGZ9R5 for a 5% discount on your first purchase and 2% afterwards! Enjoy shopping 💕

  12. Love your videos and not to spoil your happiness because I saw that your haul made you very happy but you should probably refrain from fast fashion companies like yesstyle, they're very bad for the environment, for their workers, for many things. So I'm not judging you or anything about this video but I strongly recommend looking up the effect of fast fashion on the world. Again sorry for being THIS person and hope you're very well! Best wishes

  13. it was all fun and games till u said you can wear it on a breezy spring day lmao and then or A LIGHT SUMMER DAY (didnt we all secretly say bogue shipdaaa) p.s BASIC NEVER LOOKED BETTER ilyyy

  14. Multi color purchase of Camisole is such a mood🤣 I actually own a lot of Camisole and I understand you😂💜

    I really love your style, it feels cozyyy.

  15. it sounds like you're trying to convince yourself that you did the right choice buying tons of those crop tops lols

  16. Try match these 3 for sexy summer looks!




  17. Yo mido 5.7 y mi peso es 125 libras y abeses me kedan muy cortos y muy apretados me gustan. La ropa de frio si me kedan bien como los dress cables

  18. hOW TO BE AS TALL AS NINA PLEASE!!! am 5'1 and am struggling with pants coz they're all too long for me ฅ╥﹏╥ฅ

  19. when nina said "in a breezy spring day" i was like…
    nina : in a breezy spring day…


    I used this code: GETOUTTA6 (can you leave me more?)

    once I use a code it doesn't let me repeat

    YESSTYLE has many good things haha ​​I love makeup especially and the best thing is that they always have discounts

    and on it they made me another discount. They are currently giving away free samples of products in case they are interested. My order came out super cheap xd AHHH AND EVERY DAY GIVE SOMETHING DON'T FORGET

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