Abbey Blanchfield, Young Tourism Leader

Abbey Blanchfield,  Young Tourism Leader

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So I am the Marketing and Partnerships Manager for AirTrain which is out at the Brisbane Airport I work with basically all of the partners and all of the external communications that we provide. I love working in the tourism industry because of the people so at the end of the day any industry is made up of what you can and can’t do and in the industry of tourism basically, everyone isn’t all out for anything that is new and innovative and about the guests experience. So I grew up in tourism My parents actually owned a motel from the time I was 10 and then I worked in the resorts and hotels up until the time I was 17 with them so their own businesses and then at that age I left the tourism industry and went and started working with construction and environmental consulting and realised very quickly that is a different breed of people in that so I came back when I was 23 and basically ran operations for two resorts in Noosa and then I started at AirTrain about a year ago and in between that I have degrees in Marketing HR a Master’s in Management and I’m completing my MBA at the moment So working in tourism has provided me a variety of opportunities, probably the biggest one of late is working on the Commonwealth Games as part of the multi-agency committee So I worked with them for just under nine months preparing for the Comm Games But I also partnered with the G-Link tram on the Gold Coast releasing a new product last year with AirTrain. The biggest advice I would give for anyone who’s interested in tourism is to just get in and learn so start talking with people who are in tourism already start the conversation around what things are actually interested in obviously It’s a huge industry So if you’re interested in marketing or if you’re interested in HR find someone in that field, you know Take up internships take up work experience Do even short courses UQ and Tourism and Events Queensland have one of the best short courses which is called Travel and Tourism Management And it looks at holistially how the tourism Businesses operate and it’s it gives you a really good variety on on what opportunities you can have

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