Alaska Cruise Vlog – Day 7 Tracy Arm

Alaska Cruise Vlog – Day 7 Tracy Arm

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This episode is brought to you by if you haven’t checked out their awesome resources be sure to click
on the link in the description below you can find amazing tips reviews and photos
for real everyday cruisers you it’s a little bit after 9 a.m. and we’re
just leaving Tracy arm fjord we made the entire passage between 6 a.m. and 10
a.m. this morning now unfortunately we weren’t able to approach the glacier
because there was too much concentration of ice so the captain felt it was
dangerous So we made kind of a hard stop up close to the glacier and flipped around
pretty immediately which is a little bit of a disappointment now I know there’s
probably a lot of first-time cruisers that are really bummed that they
couldn’t see the glacier today but we’ve been there done that with Tracy arm it
just really hit and miss with this slasher and a lot of times we don’t get
to see it so we’re kind of accustomed to but we’re enjoying a beautiful ride out
of the passage back to channel so this is a copy in Potter’s when
I used on the ship and they renovated back in December
and today we are lucky enough to score and ice cream sandwiches they also have coffee drinks that in the
milkshake so again oh and you can also get regular swirl ice cream cones here
vanilla chocolate or combination of hot tub hoppin for sport today my
husband does not do hot tubs but we’re doing hot tubs a little tip
for you if you’re coming on the Grand Princess or probably any Princess ship
to Alaska is that on the glacier day they serve reindeer chili and rock fish
chowder on the pool deck the covered pool deck around 11:30 a.m. I don’t know
if that will be a tradition that continues but it’s kind of cool and
nobody seems to be taking advantage of it there’s like no line and everybody’s
in the buffet and not out here but it’s really a nice beautiful place to be
everyone else I think it’s just kind of concentrated around the upper decks just
looking around and trying to find places to stay warm so hot tub hoppin it is
dressed today hasn’t really been the first day that we’ve been able to just
rest on this cruise it’s been so nice and while I’m disappointed that we
didn’t get seat like a leisure this morning it has been good just kind of
mope around I even took a little nap today yes it’s true and we were just
getting ready to go out and explore why don’t we heard a knock on the door for
room service were like we didn’t order room service what is this mystery and
our beautiful sweet travel agent and Marie got us some chocolate dipped
strawberries with a little note from her what does it say let’s see here hope
you’re enjoying cruising Tracy Arm fjord yes we are Ann Marie thank you very much
let’s take a look at these beautiful strawberries oh there’s over 80 you guys
very cute they’re pretty little swirls let’s give
it a taste chocolate strawberry cab so good so decadent so probably gonna get a
little fresh air sorry never system vlog and eat at the same time. Get a little fresh air
go for a spin and then get ready for our pre-dinner cocktails at club 1 5 and
tonight just happens to be Italian night in the dining room so maybe we’ll have
some lasagna and some yummy Italian food tonight this drink of the day is a good
old-fashioned gin martini dry no olive sounded kind of good to me and I was
looking for something not too sweet I keep board right in the cocktail of
the day and it’s just to cocktail and not enough for me so anyway we are
enjoying our pre-dinner cocktail hour we finally got a parent early enough to
enjoy it my son is over there humming and reading
his kindle and eating a platter of vegetables he was starving and his
stomach was starting to hurt so we’re like let’s go get some appetizers anyway
we’re looking forward to Italian dinner tonight and we’ve been sitting here kind
of looking over the princess patter for tomorrow there’s so much fun stuff on
the agenda tomorrow tomorrow night is formal night so we’re all gonna get
dressed up and one of the show’s I’ve been really anxious to see born to dance
which is only debuting on a few princess ships is playing tomorrow night so you
know us you never really know if we’re gonna make it to what we plan on doing
but I really want to go tomorrow so we’ll see if that happens but anyway
back to the drink of the day good old-fashioned gin martini let’s give it
a taste oh yeah that’ll do it see you at dinner good answer Jesse so you guys want to
hear about the Italian night menu it’s kind of fun it’s not your average
Italian food there’s no lasagna there’s no chicken parmigiana it’s all kind of
interesting unique stuff so for the starters they have a seafood antipasto
with a creamy lemon emulsion prosciutto cone Maloney YUM and an eggplant
parmesan which I ordered and then they have pasta fazool for soup a minestrone
iced peach Bellini soup which my husband ordered YUM and mixed greens baby
spinach crisp bacon pika RINO and pine nuts we both ordered that my husband’s
not a salad guy but he ordered that salad then they have a spaghetti with
meatballs with the fresh tomato sauce they’re classic fettuccine alfredo then
they have a sea bass dish a sea scallop and shrimp dish over gratinéed whipped
potatoes yeah they have a scallop inna veal with Marsala wine sauce beef pot
roast with Tuscan vegetables and polenta YUM and a breaded chicken breast which I
ordered with the mushrooms and fontina melts and vegetarian lingerie tonight is
a zucchini rapini do not team Nazis which is a cheese and onion stuffing
with cannellini beans so anyway do you need Italian menu I like the fact that
they kind of depart from the regular and they offer a lot of seafood so be sure
to watch our food slideshow will put together all the main dining room food
at the end and of course we’ll show you a little
piece of it tonight as well and we will let you know about the desert soon –
yummy excited about this you may not attend lasagna but they do
have tiramisu on the dessert menu as well as cassava alla siciliana which is
an ice cream trilogy a sugar-free semifreddo good old ice cream they have
a gelato as Sabbagh Leone totally chinos Roberto a limoncello
okay I’m terrible Italian accent and then of course the usual stuff so Love
Boat dream New York cheesecake creme brulee available every night creator on
Sunday available every night brie and Gouda and fruit so there’s always lots
of choices but my husband went with the tiramisu and I went with the ice cream
trilogy which means basically these guys know I’m not a big sugar lover
I’ll have a couple bites of it and then I’ll pass it off to the boys and see
what we can do but anyway I’ve been one of the better dinner nights the Italian
that kind of took us by surprise we thought that it would be like
traditional Italian but it was it was lovely the chicken was lovely the sea
bass was lovely the pasta that the head waiter was making kind of in the center
of the dining room was so garlicky and good it was with fresh Pomodoro
fantastic so two big fat thumbs ups for the Italian dinner tonight we won’t tell
it was three dollars when I tell you guys that’s a pretty good deal and maybe
just maybe do we get to keep this laughs hey ash when do I get to keep this
laughs do we get to keep it the glass for me three dollars is pretty good deal okay that’s smoke so sweet
well let’s just say it’s like grown-up lemonade right percolate what’s that
with lemon and sugar lots of sugar fantastic but now it’s tea time there’s
some good deals in the gift shop tonight you guys either I’m a sucker and they
always do the discounts or it’s the end of the season and things are half off
but my son the other day said that I needed this shirt right here don’t mess
with Mama Bear and you guys it’s eight dollars that’s pretty good right
normally 16 bucks it’s pretty cute you might have to get it it’s adorable
anyway other cute stuff look at this a little sleep dress that says barely
awake oh I’m kind of messing up the supply don’t mind that let me show you
the other things come on that’s cute
it’s really cute what else keeping it real oh good night you guys

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  1. Do not feel too bad about missing seeing a glacier. I took my wife to the Columbia Ice Fields one year and you could not see it as the clouds were too low. But she did get to see the Crowfoot and a few others.

  2. In July 2016 we were aboard the Grand Princess and scheduled for Tracy Arm Fjord and the Sawyer Glacier. There was too much ice in the fjord, so we toured Endicott Arm and the Dawes Glacier. It was different but spectacular in its own way. We had been to Tracy Arm in 2011 and 2014. In 2011 on the HAL Amsterdam we had brilliant sunshine and were close to the Glacier, in 2014 aboard the HAL Zaandam we had rain and saw the Glacier only from a distance. In all instance the Fjords were a highlight of the trips.

  3. Shame you didn't get to go to the glacier. Having just returned from my very first cruise, I have learned to be loose with expectations, and not to let disapointments spoil the experience. Watching vlogs like yours have helped me to adopt this attitude, so thank you. One of our shore days (Mare in New Caledonia) was cancelled because of bad weather. Difficult call for the captain, but I certainly appreciated the importance he placed on my safety, and that of my family. Fortunately, the tender pilots (superheroes) braved the waves to get us on to Isle of Pines the next day.

  4. Great video.. what stunning scenery!! think I'm going to add Alaska to the bucket list after seeing these videos!! Love the last few mins shopping.. you sound like me!! 😁

  5. We're Scheduled to go here before docking in Juneau.  More beautiful entry than I thought, with all that runoff!  I know some shy away from the shoulder season to avoid rain and fog, but I think in moderation, it adds to the natural setting.  Plus if I can do 3 cruises for the price of 2, sign me up!  It sounds like Princess isn't a bad option or snacks, drinks, and cruisine.

  6. Hey Sheri! Great meeting you on deck early morning in Ketchikan. I have also posted my Tracy Arm video this week. You can find it here!

  7. Another AMAZING vlog!

    Your footage of Tracy Arm was incredible! Wow!! Sorry that you couldn’t go much farther into the Fjord. :/

    Ice cream sandwiches on a cruise ship?! Yes please!!

    Your son deserves a gold star…reading while eating vegetables?! Good for him! LOL!

    Dinner sounded super good too! And I loved the shop deals! I’m going to start taking the last cruise of a season just for the incredible shopping discounts! Lol

    Thanks for bringing us along on another fun filled day on the Grand Princess!

  8. AWESOME!!! The scenery was beautiful and the food looked deeeelicious!!! The verdict is in and when we return from the Caribbean, Alaska is NEXT! The words came out of my husbands mouth!!! So I'm excited and will not suffer any cruise depression, or not too much. lol Thanks for sharing and keeping me excited! Can't wait to see you in your new purchases! :0)

  9. In Italy alot of people make their own limoncello and it is awesome. A question what toiletries are provided by the cruise line. You always seem to take your own is that because you have to or you just prefer your own stuff. And another stupid question when tipping what currency do you tip in. Thx great video as always

  10. When I cruised with my friend, she decided to try the Lemoncello! Let’s just say – she was the elevator entertainment for the rest of the evening! Better than the ship’s comedian!!

  11. Tracy Arm reminded me of Misty Fjords – with the trees growing in an inch of soil on the islands jutting out of the water!! And the waterfalls too!

  12. beautiful. love you channel.
    we just got back from our first cruise and I am looking to book our 2nd cruise. we have to kids 11 yr old boy and 6 yr old little girl. which cruise line do you prefer? we was on carnival

  13. Hey Sheri, I need help! We are going on a cruise on the carnival horizon. I am a 13-year-old and am going on with my family. We have been on 2 Cruises. Any tips I Really need help on the do's and don'ts! Thanks!

  14. I have followed you forever and decided to start a channel! I would be so flattered if you subscribed or shared!!!!!!

  15. Happy belated Thanksgiving, Sheri! Just getting a chance to watch this video now, and Shannon and I have a question; just how many Limoncellos did you have, exactly? 😉 LOL sorry, couldn't resist! Thanks for the video, and great job on the shots of the Fjord; absolutely gorgeous!

  16. Fun vlog! Your video brought back good memories for me of the beautiful water falls and ice in the sea there!. The first time you cruised your big cruiseship close to the cliff tall walls and icebergs did it make you nervous? I was nervous but so beautiful. I videod some on that trip but that was before i fully vlogged our cruises. I need to look through my old video footage and see if i can put something together to post eventually. Cheers!

  17. The last time we went to Alaska we weren’t able to get very close to the glacier either but we were okay with it. Now we know where to find the reindeer chili.

  18. I was afraid we would be overrun with people on our scheduled cruise to Alaska in Sept…I'm an outdoor girl so having the hot tub to myself would be awesome! I cant believe so many people stay inside.

  19. Loving your vlogs about Alaska. We're cruising on Golden Princess this summer and so looking forward to it.

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