Alaskan Cruise – August 2012

Alaskan Cruise – August 2012

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Finally leaving.
How late are we? Two hours and twenty minutes late.
That’s a long time. What happened? People were late coming so we sat here for
two and a half hours. Lame-o.
Yea. Here we go!
Doesn’t it make you happy? Woohoo! Doesn’t it make you happy?
Yay! We’re leaving Skagway! Yay! It’s freezing!

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  1. My husband and I really enjoyed your Alaskan Trip video this morning. It was well shot and the music was beautiful, particularly the mood music as the glacier was calving. It was otherworldly. Thanks for capturing the train ride and views from there. The editing was terrific!

  2. We are leaving in ten days and i am so excited! Thank you for posting this!!!! YOur video was very well done and helpful!

  3. OMG! This was amazing…My friends invited me on an Alaskan cruise next year. After watching this I can't say no. : )

  4. Great video! I went up to Alaska in 2005 on the Norwegian Star and it was truly one of the best experiences of my entire life I'll never forget it. Alaska is absolutely stunning along with Victoria.

  5. Thanks for sharing, heading out on the Golden Princess in a couple of weeks. Need to get some extra cards for the camera.

  6. Great video… were taking this same cruise in two weeks… Thanks for sharing and for the excellent quality HD video…

  7. My wife and I are going on this same cruise on August 29 2013 for our 35th anniversary, I loved your video, did you really enjoy this cruise?
    What program did you use to compose this video?

  8. We had a really great time. Alaska is a beautiful place, and we thoroughly enjoyed sailing with Princess. We are definitely looking forward to going back someday.

    I made the title scenes and maps in Blender. The video was edited using Windows Movie Maker.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing! My husband, son and I hope to go on an Alaskan cruise at some point in our future. Meanwhile, I home educate our son, and your video enhanced our history lesson of Alaska. Loved seeing the totem poles! We remember learning about them when we studied the Kwakiutl Native American Indians of the Pacific Northwest.

  10. If this is 'boring' then its my kind of boring. My wife and I are taking the 14 night trip to Whittier and return to Vancouver in May….and your videos gives us an inkling of what to expect. We haven't cruised before so we don't know what to expect onboard either but we're looking forward to it all the more for viewing your videos…thanks.

  11. To save money, is there a hot plate in the rooms so I can cook up some ramen noodles? Also, I was wondering if the ship would object to me bringing a couple cases of my own beer? Thank you.

  12. Are you sure you left from Seattle, U.S. flag ships are gone, it would be illegal under maritime Jones Act law to sale a foreign flag crewed and built ship from Seattle to another American State: Alaska? They sail from Canada to Alaska thus avoiding to hire U.S. crews and built ships – maritime lawyer retired. Yes, it's a terrible truth that is kept from the tourists.

  13. By my observation, even though you put down Seattle, the area looked suspiciously like Vancouver, Canada thereby avoiding American workers aboard the ship. U.S. to foreign ports allow for foreign flag ships. That killed the U.S. business over the past half century. Only U.s. to U.S. is protected by U.S. federal maritime law.

  14. Cruising To Alaska

    Alaska is sometimes thought of as America's last frontier, with the state's rugged mountains covering huge amounts of land, and much of it largely untouched by humans. It is also home to glaciers and wide waterways, referred to as passages, bordering the thick brush of the mountains. It is these waterways that enable cruising to be such an amazing way to see Alaska.

  15. Hey this video is awesome ! We'rr going on our cruise next month definitly looking forward to these sightseeing opportunites. You guys can follow us on our vlogs channel justbeingj3ss

  16. Were u on a princess ship? Im going on a alaska cruis on this 20th for a week and this video made me much more exited ive been on 6 cruises so far all out of state though and this is the first cruise im taking in the states im 14 btw so thx for this vid

  17. Great video, we are going on an alaskan cruise in 2 weeks. I'll have a video for that up on Video-Izer

  18. Enjoyed your video. We leave on July 25th out of Seattle aboard the Crown Princess with 4 other couples.  Can't wait.  Thanks for the great scenery.

  19. We are doing this next year on either the ruby, coral, grand or star princess. We had a holiday on the coral and my parents had one on the grand but they were in the Caribbean. What animals can you expect to see and what clothing, especially footwear, do you need?

  20. Given a ratio, how much time did you spend at sea as compared to being in port doing sightseeing? I'm think about a cruise but wondering if I'd go stir crazy being on a boat for too much time.

  21. We boarded her on August 25 2012 to September 1 man it was a once in a lifetime experience recommend for those who have not been on a Alaskan cruise

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