Amazing Natural Wonders Destroyed By Idiot Tourists

Amazing Natural Wonders Destroyed By Idiot Tourists

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The natural world is wonderful. The mountains, canyons, waterfalls, and coral
reefs of our Earth are catnip for the soul. They encourage us to leave our gray, lifeless
cities, and venture out into the wild, and, for some dummies… completely trash whatever
we find there. Want to experience the natural wonders of
our planet? You better make sure you get there ahead of
these bozos. Duck and run Mother Nature spent hundreds of thousands
of years directing wind against a lump of Oregon rock, lovingly shaping it into an uncanny
likeness of a duck’s head — only for a bunch of teens in 2016 to destroy all that hard
work in a matter of seconds … “Dude. Holy s—.” “Got ’em!” The so- called “Duckbill” was a popular tourist
attraction in the Pacific Northwest, with many visitors to Cape Kiwanda choosing to
bypass the safety ropes and pose on top of the sturdy sandstone formation. So it really took some effort for the vandals
to ruin the fun for everybody. The worst part? In a reverse Scooby-Doo, the gang of teens
totally got away with it, because no one meddled enough, apparently. They were never caught or identified. Even if they were, Oregon state law means
they’d only get a fine of $435 for mucking up the duck, which is just…daffy. You’d think they’d get a…bigger bill. “You’re despicable.” Cruisin’ for a bruisin’ In March 2017, the captain of the British
cruise ship Caledonian Sky drove his humongous vessel over the top of a delicate stretch
of Indonesian coral reef known as the “underwater Amazon,” which sounds like how Aquaman orders
his cheap H-D-M-I cables…but it’s called that because of the rich and fragile rainforest-like
biodiversity on display. The ship grounded on the reef as part of a
birdwatching trip for the nearly 100 tourists onboard, badly damaging some 1,600 square
meters of coral. To make matters worse, the ship then called
in a tugboat to drag it off, causing yet more damage to this fragile ecosystem. Needless to say, the locals weren’t happy,
prompting a massive outcry and at least one death threat via YouTube, under an old video
of the crew dancing to their version of “Gangnam Style”… “Caledonian style! Caledonian style!” Hopefully “careless coral murder” is no longer
part of the “Caledonian Style.” Troop goof The so-called “Goblins” of Goblin Valley State
Park in Utah are one of the most surreal sights in North America: Huge, mushroom-shaped boulders
perched atop narrow sandstone stalks, formed over millions of years by a fluke of erosion,
these rocks can be found nowhere else on Earth. For 99-point-9 percent of visitors, they’re
a natural marvel. But for Boy Scout troop leader Glenn Taylor
and his fellow scout supervisors, they were a hazard. In an alleged flash of paranoia back in 2013,
Taylor realized that if one of these teetering rocks happened to be shoved by an idiot just
as some scouts were passing beneath, it could kill them. Rather than let this unlikely scenario come
to pass, Glenn decided to beat his hypothetical idiot to the punch, as his scouting buddies
cheered him on … “Wiggle it / Just a little bit”
“WOAH!” 170 millions of years of history, crassly
obliterated. But what’s worse? Pointlessly destroying a treasure of the natural
world? Or singing this song while you’re doing it? “I wanna see you wiggle it / Just a little
bit / As it grooves” Seems kinda like a toss-up. Cliffs nopes Look up from the base of the Ireland’s Cliffs
of Moher, and you’ll see 300 million years of history unfolding spectacularly before
your eyes. Climbing 390 feet out the Atlantic, the cliffs
are world famous among geologists, ornithologists, and plenty of others who have job titles ending
with “-ologist.” So you can imagine the “-ologist” community’s
collective horror when they strolled down to the cliffs one morning in 2013 to find
they’d been plastered in terrible graffiti. Covering an 8 by 6 foot section of cliff,
the graffiti replaced the natural beauty of the coastline with an abstract design resembling
those Zubaz pants your gym teacher wore in the nineties. Fortunately, the graffiti was cleaned off
by experts without damaging the cliffs. The work was tracked to a French art collective
who spent a couple of weeks tagging spots throughout the Emerald Isle. We know this because they uploaded their exploits
to Vimeo, but were soon hit with so many negative comments they yanked the video and shut down
their social media accounts. 300 million-year-old cliffs: One. Garbage art: Zero. One tree kill For centuries, the Tree of Ténéré was the
only tree for 250 square miles in the blistering heat of the Sahara Desert. As Atlas Obscura illustrates, its mere existence
in such a hostile environment, due to its unusually deep roots, was a miracle. So of course in 1973, a drunk Libyan truck
driver, following a centuries-old caravan route that passed nearby, struck the ancient
tree, splitting it in half. Today, a metal sculpture stands where the
tree once stood. Sure, the driver wasn’t technically a tourist,
but he had to have been drinking like a Spring Breaker on a booze cruise to not avoid the
only obstacle in sight for 250 square miles. Brooooo! “Ahh!” Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
YouTube channel. Plus check out all this cool stuff we know
you’ll love, too!

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  1. To be fair I'd say that rock was unsafe to stand on if people could push it over. Also a bit of spray paint on a cliff by the sea is hardly a problem. Probably be washed off in under a year anyway

  2. The commentary for this video is fucked up dude you fucking ruined it..get serious about these skanks ruining great things that have been around for millions of yrs .


  4. thats why we need to shave our pubic hair before making love. to prevent a good quality sperm stuck on it and tha bad one be an asshole like on this video

  5. Ok I know the rock looks like a duck and looks really cool and whoever did this should be fined but

    It's a fucking rock it's not like it's going to destroy the earth

  6. Civilizations or cultures or kingdoms and the people who destroyed them.

    1.) Inca = whites,
    2.) Aztec = whites,
    3.) Mughal = whites,
    4.) Qing = whites,
    5.) Bagan = whites,
    6.) Konbaung (burma) = whites,
    7.) Mali = whites,
    8.) Benin = whites,
    9.) Java = whites,
    10.) Safavid = whites,
    11.) Borneo = whites,
    12.) Cherokee = whites,
    13.) Cheyenee = whites,
    14.) Choctow = whites,
    15.) Comanche = whites,
    16.) Iroquois = whites,
    17.) Muscogee = whites,
    18.) Kalakaua = whites,
    19.) Maratha = whites,
    20.) Sikh = whites,
    21.) Bonoman = whites,
    22.) Mossi = whites,
    23.) Senussi = whites,
    24.) Sennar = whites,
    25.) Darfur = whites,
    26.) Geledi = whites,
    27.) Jimma = whites,
    28.) Gumma = whites,
    29.) Kaabu = whites,
    30.) Baol = whites,
    31.) Dahomey = whites,
    32.) Kong = whites,
    33.) Bamana = whites,
    34.) Sokoto = whites,
    35.) Wassoulou = whites.

    Ironic they call "people of colors" savages. 😂😂😂 (I'm 1/4 white btw.)

  7. How the fuck are blunt mushroom shaped rocks are hazards? If ur so worried about ur idiotic scouts maybe NOT let them go near the bloody rocks? Jesus I wish that scout leaders brain was as big as his stomach

  8. This is just sad, these things that Mother nature made, they need to be held accountable for destroying these sights.

  9. My classmates just care about memes and trying to be cool so much,that they don’t care about anything else! Here’s a example:

    My class is doing a Disney play at our school and my stupid classmate was all like talking about memes and doing fortnite dances so since the teachers got mad we lost half of our rehearsal time!AND GUESS WHAT? HE THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY!!!

  10. I want to say , Earth is ruined by 7.6 billion people everyday. Ecosystems poisoning, sea pollution, endangered species, climate changes. Why should we care about 3 dead rocks and one stupid tree. Your video is pointless, there are lots of issues much more dramatic than this !

  11. There’s a beautiful poppy field in california that stretched over hills. National park. A bunch of fucking idiot tourist instagrammers sat all over the poppies and killed them for their pictures. It pisses me off so bad.

  12. the cliff grafitti really doesn't seem like vandalism to me. What does a few square feet of cliff being covered up matter when there are thousands? Its not like there was anything particularly special about that very spot. And the art itself was at least decent, rather than just common abandoned building-esque garbage.

  13. here is a news story about the fat goof that pushed over the rock..
    and look at him in the car talking.. does he seem even a tad remorseful ????

    I would say 0 %

  14. Maybe you guys should do a clip about crimes against nature where the involved governments willfully closed an eye for.

    Such as the fact that the Soviet Union hunted thousands of Northern Right Whales during the period of between 1950 to 1980. Now the Northern Right Whale is by far the most endangered species of great whale and has been declared off-limits for nearly two centuries because over hunting meant that 90% of the population had been wiped out.

    So after the falling of the iron curtain, Western scientists met up with their Russian counterparts and exchange data on whale populations, which is when one Russian scientist said that they had several hundreds of fetuses of Right whales collected during the years that the Soviet Union had a whaling fleet.

    Initially the consensus was that it must have been a mistake in the number, there couldn't possibly have been so many right whales shot since that species was outlawed. But when the paperwork emerged and was translated, mouths fell open in sheer morbid astonishment.

    Not only did the Soviet whalers kill thousands of Right whales but they also killed the equally outlawed Humpback whales in their hundred thousands, their quotas were never reported to the IWC and the governments who knew about it kept their mouths shut.

    So the Northtern Right whale and the Humpback whale are actually even more likely to go extinct than people thought.
    And what for?
    – Prestige, there was no market for whale products in the Soviet union, they only did it because they could do it.
    Read more about this disgusting waste of natural resources here.


  16. The best way to protect these things from vandals is to not pave a road right up to it. Most vandals are lazy and wont walk too far. Keep the paved road a mile or two away and the problem is solved. Those who appreciate such works of nature will take the time to hike to it. Those who wish to get drunk and be idiots wont.

  17. three hundred million years ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    calm your brainwashed self down.
    It's more like ten thousand years old.

  18. The only payment for the misdeeds of these worthless scums is their own LIFE. Humans are the real parasites of this planet.

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