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Fate/Grand Order x Apocrypha Special Event – Picnic Day & Achilles’ Reaction – 1K Special

Fate/Grand Order x Apocrypha Special Event – Picnic Day & Achilles’ Reaction – 1K Special

[Fujimaru] I won’t comeback here huh… [Sieg] Maybe [Sieg] …Would you like to eat something before we go? [Fujimaru] Yes […]

Family Picnic

Family Picnic

are you finished? Yes. Then turn the water off. Don’t waste it. Okay. Who knows another way to save water? […]



You excited? Yeah. Where we going? Kona. To do? Adventure. Gonna be great! Adrian: Look all the cows! Rachel: Oh, […]


  1. We have experienced this amazing excursion twice and have seen 2 different caves. We are going back February of 2016 to see the 3rd and final cave. The staff are informative, fun and engaging. This is one of our favourites out of all. That is why we keep coming back. Well worth every dollar and then some. Looking for a value added WOW experience? Look no further! Make sure you invest in the extensive photo package to,capture those lasting memories.

  2. I am somewhat claustrophobic.  Do you think that would be a problem?  How much head room is there?  Are there any tight squeezes?  Does the water rise if it rains?

  3. How strict are they on the age limit? It says 5. My son will turn 5 years old 3 months after our cruise, but he is a great swimmer.

  4. for those that have done this. how was the transportation? did you feel safe in terms of the safety of the cave and over all safety given some of the crime in area?

  5. I cannot swim, do I have to be able to swim to get to the other side, on website, did not say anything about being able to swim

  6. Anyone have an issue with the temperature of the water. I am very slim and cold by nature. Water typically has to be warm for me.

  7. I was there on 05/10/2019 I had the best time ever. I love to go back and see other caves one day thank you for a great time .

  8. How deep is the cavern —-how many foodsteps (about) you must walk down to the cavern an up again ? Do the stairs have banisters ?

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