Andaman Tourism – Places to Visit in Andaman for 3-9 Days within Budget

Andaman Tourism – Places to Visit in Andaman for 3-9 Days within Budget

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Hello Theera Ulaa Viewers, Are you planning a trip to Andaman with friends and family? Then this video will be useful for you. There are many places to visit, I’ve noted them down in my tee-shirt as well ๐Ÿ˜› There are two way to reach Andaman. We’ve already uploaded a complete video on our flight video experience Check for the link in the description few say that Andaman is derived from the word Hanuman few say it means Island of god Andaman is home for many tribal people Andaman is an archipelago with 500+ islands but only few are allowed for tourists. Hindi and Tamil are widely spoken here as far as we’ve seen. Andaman is crowded during the best season it attracts tourists from many countries so it gets costly during those season If you’re planning for a budget trip then go during summer. You can roam freely with less tourists during this season It pours heavily during June and July. Water activities might be interrupted because of that If you’re planning during that season confirm with your tourist agent about the water activities. If you’re Planning to visit Andaman for the first time with your family or friends, and if it’s less than a week trip then i suggest you to explore South Andaman these places will keep you occupied for a week Place to see in South Andaman are : Cellular Jail : the place where British rulers prisoned our Indian freedom fighters They also show light and sound show in the evening about the struggle our freedom fighters have gone through during this period. If you love to know about history then Cellular jail is a must visit place. If you want to dive deep into history then you can learn about the Andaman tribal people It is located in Portblair’s Zonal Anthropological Museum It showcase how these tribal people hunt, what they eat, How they construct house, What languages they speak etc. Commercial fishing is banned in Andaman islands so, You get to see more sea creatures here. You can learn how they look, their habitat, tactics they use for reproduction, How coral reefs are formed, For how many years can they survive etc. You can learn them in Aquarium in Portblair Travel for 3 hours in ferry, reach the Asia’s best beach Radhanagar and watch sunset there. It is located in Havelock island, Since water is clear here This is the best place to try Scuba diving and other water activities. Put up in a good resort near Kalapathar beach in the evening and watch the Sunrise next morning and have a refreshing day. It takes 1 hour in ferry to reach Neil island. Watch the Naturally formed bridge and witness both Sunset and Sunset there. If you are looking for an adventurous place then Go to North Bay island. Since it is located near Port Blair, It costs less to travel there Also spend the rest of the day in Ross Island which Was ruled by British, then conquered by Japanese during WW2 and then destroyed by a massive Tsunami. There’s no staying options here, so keep this as an one day trip If you are a beach lover then Drive from Port Blair through the coastal roads and Visit Corbyn’s Cove beach. From there go to Wandoor Beach and spend some time with your family there. Travel 1 hour from there and reach Chidiya Tapu and trek to the highest point in South Andaman. In the evening watch and Enjoy the Sunset in Chidiya Tapu Beach. there are other few places like Jolly Buoy, Red Skin Island watch them if you have time. If you’re planning a trip for more than a week then After completing the South Andaman places, go to Middle and North Andaman. After Crossing the tribal forest, cruising through the sea you will reach Limestone caves which are being formed naturally for thousands of years. Mayabunder, Rangat are the end of Middle Andaman. The main places to see in Middle Andaman are Aamkunj beach, Morice Dera Beach and another beach after you walk through the ‘Dhani Nallah’ Mangrove forest. You can then travel to Diglipur in North Andaman Go to Ross & Smith island which are two different islands connected by a Sandbar. You can take a walk on that path and roam around these two islands. Water is crystal clear here so it is good to have a nice bath in the beach. Return from there though a ferry and in the night watch turtle nesting in Kalipur beach. The next day trek to the highest point in Andaman – Saddle Peak Alfred caves, Mud Volcano, Creagy Island are few other places that you can visit. South Asia’s only active volcano lies in Andaman. This barren island volcano is only allowed for visitors when it is active. Spend your extra days in ‘Little Andaman’ It takes more than a month to watch entire Andaman so Just pick your favourite destinations from what i’ve shown and plan for those places. I’ve already posted a detailed video of most of the places i suggested, Check for the links in the description. If you’re planning a budget trip then you can use bike to travel inside Andaman. They charge around 500 per day. or hire Cabs when necessary. Book the ferries in advance because it gets filled quickly during peak seasons. Networks are weak here, you get only 3G internet at 2G speed ๐Ÿ˜› So plan things appropriately. Cost in Port Blair is cheap compared to other island’s Sea shore resort which can cost Rs. 3500 for 2 members. How safe is Andaman? Andaman is very safe but Earthquake hits often ๐Ÿ˜› Last Tsunami was on 2004. Avoid travelling at night time in bikes because roads are full of potholes except for the highway. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us in the comments. We will try to help you plan your tour. Ask us in Whatsapp, check number in description. If you plan well, Andaman is one of the best place to visit this season. Don’t miss it… Let’s see in the next travel Vlog, Bye.

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