Annual Report 2018-19: John Brayley, Chief Psychiatrist

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– The last year has
been a significant year for mental health. Our office, the Office
of the Chief Psychiatrist in partnership with the
Mental Health Commission has worked on the new
Mental Health Services Plan to be released soon. This plan will guide the
commissioning of mental health services for the next five years. Services that will be
of the highest quality, safe and effective, uphold human rights, and also help people’s
participation in the community. In the consultations for the plan three broad themes emerged. Personalised care so people
have the choice of therapies. Integration with other services, and services of the
highest safety and quality. Some of the ideas that came
out of that consultation are already starting to be implemented. In particular, a suicide
prevention initiative for our tertiary mental health services. That is beginning now, and also the development of alternatives to emergency departments
for people in crisis. We’re very pleased to have some funding to commence work on an urgent
mental health care centre. During the year, we also
saw the work to implement the Borderline Personality
Disorder Clinic, BPD Co, which is now operating as a state-wide sub-specialist service. Work began on planning for the Paediatric
Eating Disorder Service, and also the planning for a new 18-bed neuro-behavioral unit at the Repat. This unit will be for
people who have behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia. In terms of our office,
we have also undertaken 43 inspections, many
unannounced, some announced, of mental health units, in-patient units and community units. So it has been a significant year with more work to continue
over the next five years of implementation of the
Mental Health Services Plan.

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