biggest online fraud/Baga-night life party beach /famous beach in Goa

biggest online fraud/Baga-night life party beach /famous beach in Goa

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on the most famous beach in Goa..Baga beach.. Baga beach is a very popular place for those who have visited at least once and also have never visited Goa when I arrive at a particular place,I rent a room directly depending on its availability. this time I booked room in Goa via Oyo-rooms when booking a room via Oyo for the first time,they give us a discount of Rs 500 and the offer price of the room also seeing both of these offers made me think nothing else. the room was booked for the first two days,even though the plan was for a week. the day before my arrival in Goa I received a robotic voice sms on my mobile. followed by a text sms ..I went through the link provided with the text sms to find out exactly what it is due to unavoidable circumstances we need to change your booking to another hotel. upon entering that link ,will find a lot of hotel suggestions. .instructions for setting aside that discount and offer price. sensing the danger of it ,I didn’t try to click any more just thought it would stay there. at 9 am the day of checking ,it is again robotic voice sms the proposal to select the hotel within an hour. .I didnot mind that sms. .then at about 10 o’clock a direct call came from Oyo. .the sir-booked villa has a small technical probe. .you would choose another hotel .I insisted that I want the hotel I booked by then they had taken another tactic. sir,hotel power supply is a real problem. .for a moment nothing could be said. just knowing that tricks,can’t say anything. there can be no answer to such problems. there are good hotels within two to three kilometers. can you choose one? I insisted that I wanted a room at the walkable distance to Baga beach. we can try it, sir it,s not worth the effort,I should have got it. .the call was cut saying ok sir the hotel’s regular check-in time is 12 noon. .at about 11 am, a man called the captain of the oyo called me on mobile then the captain and I had a phone conversation with another person who had charge of Oyo in Goa. .the person  charge in Goa is talking about a hotel three kilometers away. .I don’t insist on having the same villa booked. but I repeated that the room needed to be walkable distance to Baga beach I don’t want any suggestion,you should confirm a hotel or villa. .I am a vlogger. when I said i would expose these cheap tricks on social media, the captain and the in-charger of Goa discussed for a minute,and cut the call saying they would call soon. he called again shortly after. .sir,a hotel address has been sent. the rate is higher than previously booked,but extra payment does not  need to be charged. can you check one? I checked in and said ok. upon arriving at the Mapusa bus stand in Goa,they sent me the exact address and booking ID of my hotel. from Mapusa bus stand ,took a bus to Baga beach. get down the bus and walked towards the hotel,I felt a lot of fun. .there is a flexboard in front of the opposite hotel where I am staying. no more Oyo…Oyo booking are not accepted.biggest online fraud.guest are welcome without Oyo. but the room was great. but then I learned that a cheap trick by seeing a better offer redirects us to another is a pemananent art form of Oyo. when I shared my experience with many people,I learned that many people had the same situation .it was heavy rain in the evening. .when the rain stopped,walked towards the beach with camera. entered the Baga beach via Tito lane the first thing that catch our eyes when we are entering the beach from Tito lane is statue of TITO HENRY DE SOUZA. Tito Henry De Souza was born in Mombasa,Kenya of Goan parents in 1927. TIto Henry studied in Mumbai and after working in abroad settled down in Goa in 1963. .in 1971 he started a restaurant with night club for hippies and europeans. .this Tito’s night club ,which started in beach side changed the face of Goa. thus opened the floodgates of tourism, nightlife and shacks into Goa. .in this memory got a statue and the name of this lane known as Tito lane. Tito’s night club is on the opposite side of Tito’s statue. don’t think the old glory still there.over hype is the only reason for the current crowd charging for couples is Rs.2700. .their marketing strategy is unlimited food and drinks really disappointing one the party ,which lasts from 10.30 pm to 3 am,is mostly a scream of Bollywood songs. better yet,go to the pub or shack on the beach side enjoy the party. most famous beach in north Goa. many water sports are waiting for you at Baga beach. .but it is over crowded .almost they are domestic people. foreigners are rare to visit Baga because of Indian crowd. the beauty of sunset could not be fully conveyed as there were rain clouds. .by night Baga beach is activated. .this place is for night party life .if you are a party craze creature,Baga beach will make you happy. enjoyed the party till 2 o’clock. I had to leave for the morning shoot,so I ended the party and returned to the room. it was late in the morning because of the party the previous day although I was late to reach Baga beach,I was greeted by very clear skies with no clouds. the beach was not what we saw yesterday evening. .it is more beautiful today I heard a loud voice from behind as I was enjoying the beauty of the sea along the cost. .they addressed me as Sardarji. .at first I didn’t understand anything but my eyes ran to the direction they were pointing. the view of a man sitting in the sand waiting for the waves little far away from coast. large waves come and cover him,but he moves according to the waves,with never mind. sensing the danger,I ran and tried to reach him,and the waves chased after me. when the waves moved again,I ran over to him and asked him to sit back. he came back saying sorry. at that time ,4 0r 5 men from the shack came with iron rods in their hand. when one of them ran up to hit him with an iron stick,I begged him not to do .my interference made them calm. I wondered what was in it for them to be so irritated. .I listen to them when they shouting at him. they were not going to save his life,but they were irritated by the bath that he was completely naked they left the place ,warning him not to be naked anymore from there. the man was from Pune. he thanked me a lot for rescuing him from that situation. it was nice to be able to save someone from a mob attack. .I forgot to turnoff my camera that reason I was able to share the visuals with you. as the sun started to burn,it got hotter. stayed one more night at Baga one more night enjoyed the night life .tomorrow is another destination. .it was in preparation for later. thus ends the experience at Baga beach. WITH LOVE PRASOON BANARJI

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