Box Office for It Chapter 2 Opening Weekend

Box Office for It Chapter 2 Opening Weekend

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Hello and welcome to this week’s Movie Math!

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Weekend violence leaves 6 dead in Philadelphia

Weekend violence leaves 6 dead in Philadelphia



  1. Yeah It Chapter 2 box office is much higher than most other horror movies but I can’t think of many horror movies that cost 75 million to make.

  2. Hey first ever comment here and kinda unrelated but I'll give it a shot. Not sure if you're aware of the mayor of rio trying to ban the kiss between two gay characters in young avengers, but since one of the characters is the wiccan (son of scarlet witch) and its generated quite a bit of noise with fans voicing outrage what do you think the chances of the mcu incorporating this couple and more lgbt representation in the they're upcoming movies. I know they're doing some representation with externals and thor but with a rumored you avengers movie and scarlet witch getting significantly more fleshed out I was curious of your thoughts on the matter. Long time fan and love your work πŸ˜ƒπŸŒˆ

  3. that dual screen is cool – I wish they could do sth like that for laptops. A screen the can fold out horizontally into two bigger screens.

  4. Also, shoutout to Grace for getting her own Ads but gosh dang it! I hate ads and mute my phone or put it down during ads and now she's using the Podcast approach! Ya got me. LOL

  5. Okay the way they handled Stan at the end was awful……. who the hell greenlighted that. This is not how you should handle suicide. Real bad message.

  6. Funny how you have never get uttered the word 'Overcomer' in any of your videos, despite its astonishing money making run. You skipped right over it. Haha! First you bash Chris Pratt for going to church, now this. Tsk-Tsk. Your bigotry is showing.

  7. This video does not include the part where Grace was forced to give the phone back to LG so that they could return it back to its display shelf……….

  8. I was watching this- got past your first commercial Grace then your second ome was interrupted by a youtube commercial. Im out.

  9. James Wan Horror Films aren't really R Rated they just ask for the rating, nothing in those movies even comes close to being R. But I guess it technically counts, glad something like It, Us and Halloween beat those toothless cash grabs the conjuring movies.

  10. How come you didn’t put up the audience score from rotten tomatoes cause the audiences score for It chapter 2 right now is at 80% doesn’t that audience score me that the movie did pretty good an the audience generally liked the movie

  11. It & It chapter two are known properties. You gotta respect what Jordan Peele is doing with his original horror movies, I really enjoyed the It movies but I refuse to watch anymore Halloween films. We need more fresh ideas in the horror movie genre

  12. Can we please not disrespect the original content by assuming additions. The story has now been told. IMO there should NOT be any more It movies, they literally told the story, just because it performed well monetarily does not constitute continuation! God damn let it be god damnit! Jesus!

  13. I am so tired of seeing RT scores. If I like the subject matter and the trailer, I see it. if it is an older movie/show, then RT Audience score is worth looking at. But the RT critics score is so so far away from mainstream nowadays that it means nothing to me.

  14. lol grace I love your wee mini review of the lg dual screen phone, mkbhd just did mentioned it in his dope tech video. I can tell your not a tech person though haha.

  15. Sequels next to never do as well as the 1st. Look at Avengers, Star Wars, etc. It’s pretty standard, so this is no failure. And no one wants anything other than more back story on Pennywise. Anything else will tank.

  16. I have that phone just without the dual screen addition. I HIGHLY recommend the LG V50 ThinQ even without the second screen! I loveeee it! But yes even cooler with the dual screen, I want it! Grace's coolest sponsor yet πŸ˜‚βœ¨

  17. Gonna have to disagree I enjoyed the whole movie I didn’t even realize it was 3 hours and so did all my other friends I went with

  18. You keep insisting on the pace Grace, the movie is JUST FINE!! Please πŸ™‚ Love your reviews, but with this one, I can tell you didn't like it. You supported movies with horrible pacing like Pikachu or Captain Marvel, etc. Love your sponsorships πŸ™‚ you should get more!!!!! you rock.

  19. who cares about rotten tomatoes ? no one. Look at the RT score for Dave chappell's sticks and stones and then the audience score. Rotten Tomatoes is a joke. the onlything they know how to do is gate keep what people opinions on certain entertainment that they either do or dont like.

  20. Ironically I think they over marketed this chapter of IT. The first film I don't remember having as much marketing, so there was so much mystique behind it. This time round they showed too much in trailers. Nevertheless I really enjoyed it

  21. The movie wasn't that good, repeat jump scares, The story was blaw, blaw. Didn't understand the reason for the hate crime, Many people like me is comfortable with two guys kissing.

  22. Would this movie had done better if it was a trilogy? Would've given the audience more time to get to know the adult losers and really focus on killing IT rather than shoving all this stuff into a 3 hour movie.

  23. Jennifer Lopez winning an Oscar!? LOL … Unless some head injury leaves her with new talents enough to portray anything other than Jennifer Lopez I don't even see her getting a nomination. I think she has proven repeatedly that the only award she will ever win is a Razzie!

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