Box Office for Spider-Man Far From Home Opening Weekend

Box Office for Spider-Man Far From Home Opening Weekend

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Hello and welcome to this week’s Movie Math!

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  1. Again, I've filmed my Stranger Things Season 3 spoiler review – close to 30 min! – and it will go up tomorrow before noon!

  2. Grace, Disney could get Spider Man back, and they likely could have if they didn't use him in Civil War and help with the movies. All they would have needed to do was write a check for 3 or so billion and get all the rights back, but they choose not to.

    I will see Spiderman Thursday night, I've got my tickets, but I almost didn't go. I don't really care about him, but it's tie to the MCU is why I am going.

  3. Far From Home was both good and bad at the same time. I felt underwhelmed overall – like it was meant to be an A-film but somehow it only achieved a B

  4. Ouch did you just refer to Taiwan as China… 7:32min. By the way thats an awesome poster of Spidey at Tai Pei 101 where can I find it?

  5. I saw the film yesterday. While watching it I felt like none of the actors wanted to be there. I like Spider-Man but we’ve had boy Spider-Man films for about twenty years now.

  6. Theory – Flash Thompson's dad is Rez Ahmed's character in Venom (or related) & the Venom movie will be retcon to take place during 5 year The Blip gap.

  7. Hum… I think Soney has a problem of over exposing their new Spider-Man franchise or not advertising them right, their first trailer is always good because it leaves mistery to be talked, but by the second trailer they start giving parts of the movie away way before it comes out in theatres so by the time it does people have already figured it all out and moved on.

  8. Grace I hate to disagree with you. But it already made half a billion in 6 days. And my YouTube notifications and newsfeed on Google is blowing up on spiderman. What do you mean no one is talking about it?? Spiderman is not endgame level but as a stand alone film I think it's doing great.

  9. spiderman as a brand needs a rest. too many movies over the last 20 years. Thats why captain marvel, blackpanther outsold it

  10. I loved Spiderman! I saw it in a 4DX theatre and it was fantastic. However, I talked to a fiend, a really MCU fan, and he told me “Endgame took all my hype”. And I feel that’s what happened. The impact of Endgame was so big and fulfilling that people lost the interest on Spiderman or what’s coming on phase 4.

  11. MIB International was hot garbage, not surprised it didn't make that much money. Far From Home was literally 100 times better than it and so was Yesterday.

  12. All I know is I've seen Spider-man Far From Home twice and talked about it on some facebook groups I'm on. I rarely see anything twice.

  13. I think it might be because a lot of people don’t consider Spider-Man to be a top tier Avenger? This movie might change that going forward.

  14. Far from home was better than Homecoming, but I’m pretty tired of the MCU formula. Wish they wouldn’t feel the need the add jokes so much. Even the 2nd ending credit scene which should’ve ended like a “wtf?” Moment, ended with another stupid joke. Maybe others feel the same as me.

  15. I was rewatching Ironweed tonight and it's as stunning as ever. So good, nobody talked about it. Different context than this film, of course, but such is cinema. Keep up your awesome work, love it.

  16. It’s done nearly $600m in 1 week….. what are you jabbering on about 😂😂😂 it’s doing great!!! Bore off grace…. Jeeeeeeez….. sometimes you are just so off the mark!!!

  17. Spider Man has had so many versions at this point.
    No matter how good a new one is, the number one reason there isn't a large majority going to see these films compared to Avengers team up films is because people just feel like they've seen Spider Man solo films a hundred times before, and they have (if we're honest)!
    So while I'll admit I really enjoyed this new one, just try convincing the average cinema-goer to see it… they need to be convinced why THIS new story is something they've never seen before.
    Pure and simple.

  18. That group you’re with seems like a dud. Everyone I’ve talked with either saw it already or were planning to see it.

  19. How is Shazam a Box office Bomb?
    It broke even and made more than 3 times their budget while competing against Endgame and Captain Marvel at the same time, to me that's a big win. Not all movies have to cross 500 million to be good. I still liked Shazam and nothing can make me change my point if view.

  20. As if marvel studios would end ffh that way if they didn’t know they were contracted to a third movie 🙄🙄 this whole “Sony deal void if ffh doesn’t make 1 billion” is utter bullshit. Ffh is a great movie (the best Spider-Man movie we have)

  21. LOL grace still butthurt over Captain Marvel destroying wonder woman at the box office. She can't hide her bitterness. So she lets it out in these spiteful, pathetic videos.

  22. This is why I didn't talk about Spider-man Far From Home. It was 4th of July weekend. There were a lot of people traveling. Many friends couldn't see the movie this weekend. I wanted to talk about it but I didn't want to spoil it for people (I know), who couldn't go see the movie.

  23. Am I tired of Spider-Man? Hell no!
    Am I tired of sub-par live action Spider-Man films? Hell yeah!
    Far From Home wasn't terrible. But it managing not to be terrible isn't exactly a compliment.

  24. Don’t get it, most successful movie right now and next few weeks and it will help endgame to get most successful movie ever 😉so where is the problem 💪🏻

  25. I am a huge MCU fan I went to see the movie, and it was not a very good movie. Sad to say the end credits were the best part of the movie.

  26. DC Fan there 🙂 I guess it is blinding her judgement it's ok to critique but to say no one talks about it when it grossed 330M domestically is a little weird

  27. I think these Spider-Man movies just have no real drama attached to them. Nobody cares what happens to these characters or the struggles they face. They are full of decent comedy but none of it is generated by Spider-Man himself.

  28. Two points:
    1- Good economy= People travel during summer= people put off movies. Especially a holiday weekend.
    2- After the jails that Endgame and other Marvel movies have done, a reasonably successful debut looks like peanuts in the shadow of Endgame.

  29. Another great review. Very interesting. My daughter and I will see Far From Home this weekend. These movies are escapist for us, so we didn’t go during the 4th holiday as we had things to do.

  30. Marvel's "No Spoilers!" campaign has come back and bit them in the butt. Now everyone thinks you can't really talk about Marvel movies when they come out.

  31. Nothing to do with Jake. Everything to do with over-saturation, generic plot lines and way way to much Spiderman.

  32. Me and my friend left the theatre and didn’t say a word about the movie. That rarely happens. Idk it just didn’t seem like it needed a lot of conversation. It was a good movie and worth the ticket price but it wasn’t something I loved or felt the need to discuss.

  33. Its WAY too soon after endgame! Endgame isnt even out on DVD yet and marvel have already moved on with a new movie. It took 20+ movies before endgame finally gave us a meaningful conclusion to a story arc spanning a decade. We got infinity war, the awful captain marvel and then endgame in very quick succession and we're still catching our breath. If this came out 6-12months from now after a break from the MCU, we'd all be like YES! Nick Fury is back! Spiderman is back! but as it stands now, its too soon.

  34. Give back spiderman to sony and let them do spiderverse with Tobey, Andrew and Holland(or maybe some 1 new) plus 2 more actors, then you can see venom, carnage and others in action…

  35. Far From Home made $185 mil in it's first six days and Homecoming made $154 mil.  The highest grossing Tuesday opening ever. And it's about to pass $700 million this weekend.  Grace knows nothing about the box office.

  36. I don’t think the stakes were high enough for Spider Man this time around. I wanted to see Sinister 6 or Green Goblin w/ Oscorp

  37. I didn't really enjoy the movie. I liked it but it was just slow and took forever to get me into it. I found myself yelling at the screen saying "Spider-Man isn't that stupid" and that might be what threw me off of the film.

  38. So how are we defining whether or not a movie is a success? I'm really curious as to what the metric is here.

  39. Went to see it two times. First loved it but left with a feeling like somethings missing. Second time that feeling got a little bigger. But a great film nonetheless!

  40. The Far From Home reveals were not epic.


    The Skrull who impersonated Nick Fury was Talos who was covering for an on vacation Nick Fury. An evil Skrull impersonating Nick Fury would have been epic.

    Mysterio really being from a different Earth (and still an illusionist) would have been big. But he was just a disgruntled ex Stark Inc employee.

    Spiderman's identity being revealed was a much better tide changer, but still not amazing as Tony outed himself as Iron-Man and we all know that just means asshole villains come out the shadows and attack.

    So, nothing truly game changing = why the buzz is just basic level discussion.

  41. Shazam wasn't a boxoffice bomb. The budget was only $100 million. And it made $364.2 million worldwide. That's a success. And not to mention the fact that Shazam isn't that popular of a hero to begin with. Lol

  42. This shoes how badass marvel is.
    Both captain marvel and shazam were mostly unknown to the mainstream audience.
    But somehow along the way marvel made 1 BILLION Dollars at the mox Office while shazam was more of a lost sneeze

  43. Tired of superheroes except Shazam! and GoTG. Come on DC!!!

    YAY, Nickelodeon made a new movie, I can't wait for Dora the Explorer!!! Saving my money for Dora…that movie will be the highlight of the summer for me!! I kind of haven't been paying attention to Nickelodeon lately though the Loud House is good but with CN's shows this year it's hard to watch almost anything else on cable…

  44. I am more interested in what will happen in the miles morales spiderverse cause its new and refreshing

  45. I’ll be honest I’m tired of superhero movies in general, been watching them my whole life. End Game was a pretty great climax to it all for me. So to enter another story, Far from Home, it was like ughh. Of course I went to see it bc I’m too invested now, I still enjoy them. But my enthusiasm is pretty much gone now. Plus like u mentioned before they were typelipped on the adcampaign so wasn’t much from commercials that had me interested.

  46. I feel like once upon a time in Hollywood could be pretty big might not get as much because it’s R so kids won’t see it but I feel it could get really high up there mabye even $1B club

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