Box Office – Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Opening Weekend

Box Office – Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Opening Weekend

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Hello and welcome to this week’s Movie Math

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  1. Yeah features have been DCP files for the last decade. it's great when in some cities like LA and NY you can see films like Ad Astra or Once Upon a Time in Hollywood on film. It looks so much better than digital.

  2. Hey Grace, can you review the video game cut scene movie of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order since it's been getting a lot more liked then the movie. The main character is played by Cameron Monaghan who played Jerome Valeska from the Fox's Gotham series

  3. The title really gave it away. I stared at that title and realized they are just going to handout the Skywalker name. Tbh we all knew.

  4. George Lucas didn't make a mess of Star Wars. He made two bad movies, but since 2005, he had kept Star Wars stable until 2013. He ended it off strong Revenge of the Sith and course corrected the first two movies under Clone Wars TV series. You think Filoni was the only one who did Clone Wars, George was there every step of the way.

  5. Perhaps if they’d kept Rian Johnson far away from the sequel trilogy and let J.J Abrams direct most of it, things would have been better. Not saying it would have been perfect but it would have been more like The Force Awakens, nothing new but at least tolerable.

  6. "Star Wars needs a woman"
    What the actual fuck Grace?? Is that your takeaway of the Disney Trilogy???
    Star Wars needs good writers, actors and cinematographers, if they are happen to be women, fine, if not kick their damn asses out of the door

  7. There’s one glaring difference here grace , the prequel trilogy never disrespected the OT. These Disney movies crap all over the Skywalker’s.. it’s a mess. And it’s not even there story.

  8. Good box office doesn't mean good movie. Btw, that's so much you can rely on cinemascore, Mad Max and SW being on the same level. The rise of the Skywalker is not a miss because it is connected to the main story

  9. Honestly, the Skywalker saga ended in episode 6, this trilogy should have told a different story. Luke, Leia, and Han should have been reference but it should have been the next generation's story. Their over reliance on nostalgia did this trilogy in and to me this trilogy was just a waste of time.

  10. James Cameron's upcoming Avatar sequel will be a far far better trilogy than this SW sequels… Do you know why??? Because JC took time and hired 4 other screen writers.

  11. Hey @Grace did you hear ppl on Reddit flaming Disney payed ppl off to give RISE OF SKYWALKER an 86%. Like yes thousands of ppl saying 86% is convenient but I don’t think Disney would stoop so low

  12. it deeply sucked from the highest proportion lol. IT had promise but the story was all over the place. They should of concentrated on one story and develop the freaking characters.. Make the story believable example why in the hell is there a underground army lol . they needed a deatyh star to hold that massive weapon but in this all the ships can use a canon lol lol noooooooooo

  13. The movie should have been only about Rey and kylo Ren. You know Kylo who is into genocide, killing Rey's friends and torture. Rey doesn't need Finn's because Finn is a janitor and black male. However Rey needs Kylo Ren help to save from death.

  14. This whole trilogy is a dumpster fire.

    They had so much potential and it was absolutely wasted by a critical lack of long term planning before Episode 7 came out.

  15. Please may the Force finally get rid of this woman. Let her do other things, but take Star Wars away from Kathleen Kennedy!!!

  16. Star wars episode 10. The sith villain uses the force to blow up a planet. The jedi hero uses the force to reconstruct it and brings everyone back to life

  17. Here's my answer the anticipation for this movie was just not there like Star Wars the Force awakens people works cited for that movie this movie had all the bullshit coming from The Last Jedi attached to it I'm not going to get into it but there's a lot of stuff that Disney tried to put into their stuff that the true fans don't give to schitts about Star Wars the rise of Skywalker at the end of the day will go down as one of the biggest flops in terms of fan Appreciation that we've seen in memory the second week drop will be crazy

  18. Jon Favreau may be this generation's film saviour, as Lucas and Spielberg were in the 70's. From Iron Man with Marvel to Mandalorian, his vision for worthy film projects has to be acknowledged.

  19. Star Wars actively attacked its own customers which violates the first rule of business.

    The destruction of Star Wars IP value is going to be studied in Business Schools.

  20. The Force Awakens was a good start in spite of it being a retread of A New Hope. However, because Rian Johnson wanted to inject a non-sensical, solo film into a trilogy, there was no satisfying payoff for the sequel trilogy. I have not seen nor intend to see this movie. I have intentionally spoiled it for myself and am glad I did. The fact that Disney wants to push this narrative that anyone that hates crappy storytelling is a misogynistic, basement-dwelling neo-nazi is insulting to the true fans of Star Wars. Additionally, the disappointment from this movie is a sign of how hated The Last Jedi. Don't watch this movie; it's a waste of time. Watch the Mandolorian instead; it's made by true fans like Jon Favreau.

  21. NO ONE likes the PREQUELS ………..they just tolerate them and look back with rose tinted glasses after the recent nonsense

  22. I don't trust Cinema Score. People need more than two minutes to think about what they saw before they are ready to share their true feelings.

  23. God, I haven’t watched Grace since 2014 and she had horrible audio then and still horrible in 2019… DM grace I’ll mail you audio gear

  24. The arrogance of ignoring ‘cannon’ and the multitude of talented writers/ creators that handed Disney story ideas, concepts and direction so FULLY FLESHED OUT is why Disney Star Wars failed. They were literally handed the Galaxy gift wrapped.

  25. The box office doesn't in anyway say a movie is good. People have to buy the tickets to see if it's bad or good. So if 500 million people buy tickets and 500 million say it sucks, the box office number says it's great.

  26. BOXOFFICE BY SUBTRACTION – Now Rise of Skywalker if it maxed things out or made another deal with the Devil = 3 billion worldwide. However subtract 1 billion for Luke stinking it up the Last Jedi and doing very little in Rise – no grand comeback heroics = 2 Billion. Subtract 500 million for Emperor being inexplicably back and ruining the Original Trilogy/prophecy of the one(Anakin/Darth vader) = 1.5 Billion. Subtract 500 million if everyone hated Reylo, but I have found its half half so subtract only 250 million = 1.25 Billion. Subtract 100 million with no big role for Princess jedi Leia because of Carrie fishers Death R.I.P. = 1.15 Billion. Finally subtract 100 million for the other plot & character holes(Finn, Po put aside or Asian Rose, Lando thrown away), fan & critic antagonism(Fandom Menace, ok critic reviews, B+ CinemaScore) & past failures(Solo, Galaxy's edge) = 1.05 billion(Final Tangible prediction). Now it can go below a billion if you believe in God, Karma or the Force which either will have mercy(Final Tangible = 1.05 Billion) or totally disfavor Disney Star Wars as a whole, so subtract another 100 million for the Final Tangible minus the INTANGIBLE Rise of Skywalker worldwide box office = 950 million.

  27. now its fun and people its positive BUT its going to be like TFA…
    JUST WAIT! after some months everyone will open their eyes and see the bad ideas, destructions of the legacy and separate the fun moments from the bad and ugly consecuences of these story related to the general legacy from STAR WARS….

    The skywalkers are loosers, Palpatine's blood won at the ends…

  28. you forgot to mention FLOP of RESISTANCE TV SHOW and Forces of Destiny, toys sales….. that tells ALOT of the STAR WARS situattion…

  29. No one "loves" TRoS. Ppl who don't see the flaws with all the McGuffins & lore-breaking elements in this movie are mostly lay ppl. Lay ppl cannot "love" the 9th movie of a saga that they have no investment in.

  30. You're supposed to unite a fan base not divide them or try to appeal to new ones like sjws and China…. I wish it failed even more to send the message further. Long time star wars fans deserve better than this

  31. I’ll keep on seeing TROS until it’s no longer at the movies, it’s an awesome movie and an epic finale to the Skywalker saga 😊

  32. I think it would have been better had they made the Emperor a force spirit and Rey a clone of Palpatine and not a descendant. It is a shame that Rian threw away all the hooks from TFA.

  33. Episode 9 was wasted potential. Like having all the quality materials to build a house but cheating out on the foundation.

  34. This sucks.
    With Star Wars failing Marvel is screwed. Disney will turn all their attention to Marvel and start milk the franchise

  35. "Fun isn't something one considers when discussing the lowered box office expectations of Episode Nein, but this does put a smile on my face"

  36. The problem with rise is that the last Jedi didnt leave you wanting more. Like a 2nd part should. No cliff hanger. No mystery. You just gotta see it because it exists. The second one didnt pull anyone in that already wasnt a fan. And lost a bunch who were.

  37. Kathleen Kennedy and Disney destroyed Star Wars… I find your lack of Artistic Finesse disturbing… Choke hold…

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