Box Office – The Rise of Skywalker nears Billion, Hit or Flop?

Box Office – The Rise of Skywalker nears Billion, Hit or Flop?

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hello and welcome to this week’s movie
math where things to finally calm down when it comes to the box office
discussion not just cuz only one horrible new movie was released this
weekend Oh we’ll talk about the grudge but also because I think we finally have
an answer when it comes to the box office fate of the rise of Skywalker and
I think that the franchise or this trilogy let’s say hopefully not the
franchise I don’t think the franchise but this trilogy is ending you know
image wise as it is box office wise with Matt now if you wanted to put a really
negative spin on this weekend’s box office for Star Wars
you could cuz it’s down again after rallying last weekend and being you know
pretty much catching up to the last Jedi now it’s 13 percent behind the last Jedi
domestically which looks even worse when you put the actual numbers next to each
other 13 percent doesn’t sound so bad but it looks bad with the actual numbers
in fact yesterday as the box office was taking shape I was gonna say this was a
real nail-biter but you know what it’s not because the bottom line is is the
rise of Skywalker going to join the billion dollar club and at 9:18
worldwide you know that now they’re like will it make six hundred domestic
whatever the the line in the sand is a billion dollars and again at 9:18 only
in its third week third week of release it’s probably going to join the billion
dollar club right I mean it’s it’s getting there very slowly right
something could have happened it could stop just short of a billion but we have
played this game with Disney before seeing many a movie March past that that
line in the sand now the rise of Skywalker won’t get there in nineteen
days like the last Jedi did and like it seemed it might last weekend right and
it won’t get there for sure in 12 like the force awakens did Avengers endgame
did it in five but it’ll get there so when Kathleen Kennedy packs up her
office to leave Lucasfilm as I still think she Willis we’re gonna discuss she
can still leave with her head held high proud to have delivered four out of her
five movies into the billion dollar club Feige has eight foggy that
teacher’s pet DC has four jurassic has three then there’s a bunch of two’s fast
and furious Disney’s live action fairy tales pirates Lord of the Rings and then
Harry Potter only has one get back in there Potter Wizarding World
what the heck that just shows you what a mess fantastic beasts truly is but
Kathleen Kennedy who also you know Star Wars has even one more billion dollar
club entry thanks to her old friend or is that former old friend George Lucas
but Kathleen Kennedy has put the Star Wars franchise in a pretty darn good
spot business-wise but of course creatively she has the bed which it’s a
which is why I think she’s still gonna have to leave because well four out of
her five movies might be billion dollar club members which some of you might be
furiously typing right now she’s still linking moviegoers like crazy I mean as
of right now and the numbers you know they’re gonna they’re gonna they’re
gonna again as I said it’s gonna get past a billion but remember how much the
force now of course not every movie can make what the force awakens dead right
even Marvel has these extreme highs but at this point the rise of Skywalker has
done about only half of the business of the force awakens but Feige for the most
part has kept his audience consistent you know he doesn’t go real low
he just has highs and then goes back to a wonderful you know you know regular
line I’ll be curious by the way because for the most part he’s kept it
consistent what he decides to do or who he’d more realistically who he decides
to add to ant-man 3 or mmm ant-man and the wasp 3 to make it worthy of a big
screen release date considering how full his dance card is these days but of
course everyone wants to know who won with the rise of Skywalker right the
haters prevail or the lovers right but I gotta tell you as I said it’s a mess
situation I think it’s a draw the rise of Skywalker isn’t a box-office
failure like solo it’s not this humiliation but at the same time it
definitely shows that the franchise has been damaged on Disney’s watch look at
that audience erosion and I think that Disney was supposed to save it but
then they delivered something no better than the prequels so George Lucas can
kind of hold his head high as well now today I was having my viewer Skype calls
for hitting 70 thousand followers on Twitter to celebrate and I talked to
about 30 of you this morning and one of us one conversation led to you know
making sure that people love the movies they’re working on and I was talking
about how of great it was that Feige of course loves Marvel you know I genuinely
loves comic books and apparently also he genuinely loves
Star Wars I think that’s funny how many things can find he genuinely loved Laura
Barger would like to find out but you know for instance transformers nobody’s
working on transformers who grew up loving that franchise or is a fan today
and I think the same could be said of Star Wars which is why strengthens some
of you might already be ahead of me here it strengthens the case even more so for
Dave Filoni to become a big part of the future leadership he won’t be the leader
cuz he has he doesn’t have enough experience but I still very strongly
believe it’ll be Jon Favreau and even if it’s not Jon Favreau Dave Filoni will be
a second to someone I think now speaking of the billion dollar club and trash
talk right for everyone who’s complained that frozen to isn’t as good as the
first film well at least this franchise this Disney franchise is headed in the
right direction and that’s up because the sequel is now the highest-grossing
animated film of all time passing up the first movie this weekend now this
doesn’t count though friendly fire from speaking of Jon Favreau his CGI The Lion
King remake which is basically a computer animated film but I guess it’s
not being counted so by the industry because it looks like it’s real right
creating an interesting issue of genre distinction especially when we get and
we’re gonna get there Jon Favreau is leading the charge to believable CGI
human animation and at that point is when Willis truly have an argument as to
what’s animation and what’s live-action right what do you think I I think if
it’s not actual people I would call the Lion King an animated movie quite
frankly and it should be competing in the animation category for awards this
year Disney’s really not trying to put it there but I think that’s where it
belongs that’s where I’d like to see it in fact at the awesome
nominations but we’ll see what happens you know they’re trying to animate James
Dean let’s see how good it let’s see how good he looks alright now as for the top
ten this weekend the Grunch might have been hated by everyone who saw it this
time critics and audiences agreed but as the only new game in town it still made
off with eleven point three million I say I say made off with it because it’s
extremely front-loaded because the more people see it and they talk about how
horrible it is the less people go the next day
right so it’s pretty much done and it was surprisingly expensive for horror
movie these days made it ten million usually they’re under five for a movie
like this so it’s no escape room for Sony with and the studio had great
success with horror at the beginning of last year
you know the first weekend of January has become a pretty big horror date and
Jason Blum will try next date next year now this wasn’t a Jason Blum movie even
though it seems like one this was Sam Raimi who after several box-office flops
clearly needs to step up his game and maybe should go back to directing and
not just producing or team up again with fede alvarez who he’s had the most luck
with as of late Fetty Alvarez by the way could also use
an assist after faltering with his first blockbuster effort now as for holdovers
knives out uncut gems little woman had the smallest drops little woman is now
the second most successful film of 2019 directed by a woman just passing a
beautiful day in the neighborhood this weekend but still behind hustlers
Captain Marvel by the way I feel is co-directed by a man so I don’t think
that counts but still hustlers is only at at the century mark and of course so
many other movies are much further past that but this year is going to be a
great year for women directors at the box office they’re directing a lot of
movies that really can’t fail and if they do it’s gonna look really bad for
women directors but I don’t think that’s gonna happen so I’m curious to see how
high up they can go at speaking of directors as for Rian Johnson knives out
has now made more domestically than Maleficent to Godzilla two men in black
international and glass although I think that’s more that’s saying that’s more
saying something about those movies then knives out but still kudos to Rian
Johnson the Lionsgate and I think that’s even more evidence
we’ll become a franchise as rumored then uncut gems is one of eight twenty fours
most successful films of all time and will likely be a juggernaut on
streaming as well it’s the movie apparently people love to hate or at
least have to see for themselves but we have yet to see Adam Sandler get any
other work off of this but yet he has murder mystery – coming up I make I make
I make the joke but I have to say I think the first murder mystery was a
very good guilty pleasure and I’m actually quite excited for the sequel
Hey the most-watched movie on Netflix period and tooth I think actually any
Content at all of 2019 it was actually I think it was really really good and I
just I think it was a really good crowd-pleaser I think not only was it
good but it was something that so many people could enjoy now what about the
Safdie brothers who of course directed uncut gems now good time for comparison
they had only three point two million worldwide total so they’ve certainly
moved up but not as much as Robert Pattinson they’re good time star he’s
moved on to major blockbusters already but we’ll see what the directing duo
what they get offered and what they decide to do next
they might want to just make another big movie themselves maybe they’ll have a
bigger budget an even bigger star although they didn’t get any Adam Adam
sailor any major acting nominations at least not yet we’ll see what the Oscars
decide but I wouldn’t hold my breath after SAG snubbed him because it’s
pretty much the same voting block especially for acting but you know maybe
they want to move to a franchise we’ll see what again we’ll see what they
decide to do although there are such a negative reaction from so many
moviegoers to uncut gems that I think a franchise would be reluctant to take
them so they might want to work on getting a better cinema score and then
maybe then they can jump to a franchise now as for the movies that people hated
there’s no 9lives for cats which plummeted again at the box office and
it’s almost out of the top ten in just its third week of release for comparison
frozen to is still way up there at week seven and so is knives out at week six
what will push cats out of the top 10 for now movies Hollywood is chomping at
the bit to get 2020 started after the holidays nineteen seventeen will expand
and should take first place hopefully after some Golden Globe wins now
speaking of the Golden Globes they are tonight
live-tweeting them so I hope you’ll watch with me and then tomorrow I’ll be
having my first live stream of the year and I’m gonna make this one something
that everyone can watch because but only members may comment because we’re going
to talk about golden globes I’m gonna break down every single win from tonight
including TV a lot of you I often asked me to cover the TV as well I’m gonna go
over at all so I hope you’ll join me then as well right here on this channel
4 p.m. tomorrow Monday then back to next weekend’s box office just mercy will
also go wide and compete with like a boss both movies are expected to do
about the same amount of business well it looks like 2028 Kristen Stewart’s
here for blockbuster movies either and that’s this week’s movie math thanks so
much for going over the box office with me be sure to share your thoughts down
below subscribe today and of course as always you can check out some more
videos right now

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  1. I actually want to see Underwater, and I'm not a Kristin Stewart fan, but the trailer looked good, couldn't say the same for Charlie's Angels.

  2. I think we're just dealing with franchise burnout. People I talk to seem to have generally liked Rise Of Skywalker. It doesn't seem nearly as divisive as Last Jedi was although it might be too early to tell on that front. A billion dollars is a billion dollars so I'd say RoS is a hit. But maybe they should retire the films for awhile and ride this Mandalorian wave to develop some primo streaming SW content.

  3. Flop. Big time. Rise Of Skywalker should have done $2B at the box office. With all that loss off revenue not to mention very poor merchandise sales this film flopped. Let’s talk about how many hundreds and hundreds and HUNDREDS of millions of dollars it took to create, to RE-shoot, and market. Flop big time. Kathleen Kennedy put this film in a good place business-wise??? C’mon Grace, she’s cratered the franchise.

  4. Make no mistake: If Kathleen Kennedy made 4 billion dolar movies is only because of a man: George Lucas. So she can write about Mary Sue strong women characters not needing Master or mentors all her life but reallity is another thing.

  5. I knew all along that last weekend headlines were missing something HUGE, TLJ hadn't gone through their holiday week yet while TROS had. What we saw happen this week/weekend is TLJ's run entering its holiday period (25th/31st) while TROS leaving it. It'll grow even more next weekend as TLJ still has 1/2 to 1 full week of holidays back during its run while TROS will finally get some stiff competition stunting its growth pretty hard

  6. In what world could Kennedy possibly keep her head held high, while under her stewardship, the franchise has been nearly run into the ground?

  7. KK should stay in Lucasfilm, she is a female with the Force. she knows what people want. 4 movies out of 5 passing 1B dollars what else u want.

  8. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea that something nearing a billion dollars is considered a possible flop monetarily

  9. Compare to the original Star Wars and the 2 sequels in the 70s and early 80s and the prequels, The Rise of Skywalker bombed at the box office since more went to see those films. That is of course if the ticket prices stayed the same. Nobody have come close to breaking that number of tickets sold which was Gone With The Wind. I wish people compare how well a movie done by the number of tickets sold and not how much money the films made.

  10. And the best part is this: everyone knows GOOD AND WELL that there is no way in HELL "The Rise of Skywalker" could ever be nearly as profitable as " Joker " They may make $1billion on a budget of $300 million. And that's after they alienated the fan base. "Joker" made $1billion on a budget of $55million and galvanized the fan base.

    Who's laughing now?

  11. Saw it last night finally…may be a success commercially but it's a terrible movie…..unless you're a Hardcore fan you safely skip this one.

  12. The major difference with Marvel is that the source material already had such great story telling. You can throw as much cgi as you want at a film, but without a great story and characters, the result is likely to be subpar. Looking at you Last Jedi, what a stinker.

  13. Shouldnt Rise of Skywalker be hitting the 2 Billion Dollar Club? How much money has Kathleen Kennedy lost to Disney?!?! Come on if you are going to go Beyond the Trailer, do an honest assessment of how much money Star Wars should have earned compared to what she did earn. Disney has to take a 3 year break, merchandise sales are likely terrible as well, Massive cost overrun on all movies etc……

  14. I’ll watch The Rise of Skywalker on Disney plus…. maybe.

    Also Coco was far better than Frozen. And not for some diversity reasons. It was just charming and beautiful.

  15. Every youtuber that I've watched so far on the subject has failed to factor in the "4 billion" dollars it cost Disney to own Star Wars in the first place. All these films, toys and rides combined needed a net profit of 4+ billion dollars just to break even. Solo lost money, and Rise of Skywalker will probably just barely make a profit after its own expenses. Rides and toys have their own manufacturing and construction costs, and I seriously doubt Disney has made any actual profit yet all things considered. All these movies needed to be big money makers, but instead they were mostly mediocre garbage which is still a financial failure for Disney.

  16. Total flop the culmination film should have hit 1 B after 10 days. The fact it still hasn’t hit $1B means it’s a total failure

  17. Give it a rest… every Star Wars movie is about good vs. evil in space. Jesus… people have way too much invested in a movie. Sad to think a billion dollars is ehhhhh today!

  18. Come on Grace, episodes VII, VIII, and IX, are way better than the prequels. Even "The Last Jedi", a movie I didn't particularly care for was better than any of the prequels.

  19. "Star Wars was "damaged"on Disney's watch", this statement alone shows how IGNORANT Grace is of the movie industry. Grossly ignorant.

  20. Unfortunately box office figures aren’t an indication of success when it comes to franchises. No matter how bad a movie ends up being, people will go and see it droves regardless. Because it’s got Star Wars in the title, Disney will win even if they fail.

  21. Ima say ROS won because the “Fandom menace” couldn’t stop it from from getting to the almost Billion Mark. It’ll get there. 😂

  22. I will treat these films like my firstborn son and the prequels and just relish the OT Trilogy. The Skywalker saga ended in 1983: it's called 'The Return of the Jedi'

  23. I could have 'produced' episodes 7,8 &9 and they would have made a billion dollars. It would have been a total disaster, but its still Star Wars…. Still a billion dollars. Kennedy needed to do better.

  24. Business wise? Merchandise is in the hole and each movie made less than the previous. What do you mean "business wise"? That billion dollar mark is meaningless.

  25. End game compared to this it should be comparable but the results are a trash dumpster fire congrats idiots at the mouse house convince me other wise chat

  26. I've been a fan of Star Wars since I was 7, and I personally like what Kathleen Kennedy has done with the new Star Wars movies and I would be sad to see her leave.

  27. If The Rise of Skywalker was ANY other blockbuster movie, it'd be a hit. However, this is the END of a story that started in the late 70s, the last instalment of one of the biggest franchises in the world. The fact it's doing worse than Rogue One should be extremely concerning for Disney. If this movie is doing so-so and it's the end of the Skywalker saga, what's going to happen when they can't bank on nostalgia anymore? We shall see how the next SW movie performs.

  28. Adjusted for inflation all six SW movies from GL are billion dollar movies, maybe with the exception of Episode 2.
    And there was no 3D back then

  29. How is Fantastic Beasts a mess for not making a billion dollars when only one of the originals, the final one, made the billion dollar club?

    Fantastic Beasts doesn’t have a recognizable brand name to it. To expect it to perform as well as Harry Potter or other franchises with huge trademark names is foolish.

    The eternal damnation of the Fantastic Beasts franchise by individuals who don’t really know or care about The Wizarding World is frankly, pretty absurd and melodramatic. The first FB got an Oscar, an 800M gross, and good reviews with no proof of concept or strong brand recognition, and now people (most of whom had no prior interest in Harry Potter!) are ripping Fantastic Beasts apart because they’re inherently cynical about prequels.

    Whatever you thought about Crimes of Grindelwald, a 650M dollar divisive misfire, it is not in any way a sign that Fantastic Beasts is a “mess”. It literally came immediately following a resounding success.

    But to expect Fantastic Beasts to be raking in the cash in the manner Potter did is really not wise, and is not the barometer of success. WB will lower the budget, the international fan base is strong enough, and it will in all likelihood continue to perform in a lukewarm way, financially, until possibly the 5th film.

    I’m sick of people who never cared about Harry Potter act like authorities about what Fantastic Beasts should do, how the fans feel, and how successful or not it is.

  30. I–indeed, anyone–could have earned a billion dollars on the "last" Star Wars movie. Sheer curiosity over the "end of the Skywalker saga" will do that.

  31. 4 out of 5 movies in the billion dollar club, $6+billion made in total, an average of $1+billion per film; not too shabby.😏👍

  32. A draw is still tilted more towards a slight victory for the Fandom Menace, this film should have cleared up.

  33. Think how much the new Star wars trilogy would have made had they made movies the existing fan base loved.

    It could have been the 2 billion club!

  34. Jeez it almost matching Joker, really. Chinese box office helps but seriously the two movies are night and day when it comes to script…and story….and character development…and cohesiveness…and pacing…and budget. I'm proud to say I didn't watch it until I saw trusted reviews first so if anyone who has watched it and hated it, they have no one to blame but themselves. They are funding movies they don't like.

  35. I watched The Force Awakens 3 times in a row…. The Last Jedi once and tried watching it a second time just before going to see TRoSW but stopped basically at the start out of just annoyance at some things I noticed, and with The Rise Of Skywalker I watched once with no real intention of watching it ever again, I'm honestly quite disappointed at what has been done to the "Trilogy".

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