Calgary Zoo Tour/Lougheed House | Calgary travel guide (tourism attractions)

Calgary Zoo Tour/Lougheed House | Calgary travel guide (tourism attractions)

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On this episode of Traveling with Krushworth, LilLizzy and I visit the Calgary Zoo and the historic Lougheed House. For visitors, this travel guide features these must see sights. Tourists can easily access the zoo using Calgary’s
C-train system. The attraction has had a place of pride in residents’ hearts since 1929. For the two of us, we had a perfect day to
see the animals. This world renowned site is known for its
Centre for Conservation Research, which is a global leader In species reintroduction and recovery. The Lougheed House, an early sandstone mansion
built in 1891 By Senator James Lougheed and his wife Isabella, Was the former home of the pioneering, influential
Alberta family. Located in the city’s heritage Beltline
neighbourhood, The home and grounds offers a long history that Reflects the true spirit that built and continues
to shape the city’s future. Alright everyone, welcome back. We’re here at the Calgary Zoo and LilLizzy
what kinds of things are we going to see? Well, today we’re going to see the lemurs,
as they’re The new addition to the Calgary Zoo this year
and many other animals too. Yes and we’re both very excited to show everyone
all there is to see here. But until then, we’ll let you go. Bye bye! We’ll see you soon. As an exhibit, Land of Lemurs opened in July 2017, And Calgarians and visitors alike are thrilled
with the Black-and-white ruffled lemurs, red fronted
lemurs and ring-tail lemurs. Don’t hesitate to get up close to these
wonderful animals. The Calgary Zoo is the perfect place to further
understand the Issues surrounding these lemurs and communities
in Madagascar. The outdoor experience is closed during winter, and back in operation during the summer. Yet, the animals can be seen during the low season
when they’re in their heated glass enclosure. It was amazing to visit the Lougheed House and Gardens, which offer Calgarians cultural events. But, even More amazing is the legacy the family left
for all Canadians today. Senator James Lougheed helped form Alberta
in 1905, assisted in securing the prairies resources
and grandson Peter Lougheed was the province’s 10th premier
from 1971 to 1985. Kananaskis Country was set up as a multi-use Region under his leadership, with Peter Lougheed Provincial Park as a protected mountain landscape
within the wilderness area. In its storied history, the home welcomed The British Royal family, but in later decades, the Mansion and family suffered during the Depression When taxes were unable to be paid. The city, at that time, took legal title with Isabella remaining as resident until she died. The house played another role, becoming a
barracks For the Canadian Women’s Army Corps during the Second World War and later, a blood donor
clinic for the war efforts. A tremendous effort was exerted throughout
the 1990s Building the property into the beautiful site
it is today. The home is spectacular and helps to protect
the city’s amazing heritage. Thank you for watching this Calgary Zoo/Lougheed House episode of Traveling with Krushworth. To follow us to the National Music Centre,
click the link on the left. Or, if you’d like to visit Writing-on-Stone,
click the video on the right. If you enjoyed the video, make sure you like
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and click that bell. Thanks for watching and see you next time.

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