Carnival vs Norwegian – Cruise Line Comparison

Carnival vs Norwegian - Cruise Line Comparison

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action hi everyone we are ELISA and Jason from EE CC travels and today we are doing a comparison video between Carnival Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line so those of you who have watched us for a while you know that up until this point we have only cruised Carnival but we decided to cheat on carnal didn't we we did we totally cheated on Carnival it was a nice little romance so we took our first cruise with Norwegian on the breakaway and so many of you guys have asked for us to compare the two cruise line so we asked you what what you want us to compare and you made us a list so we're gonna go through the list and give our opinion yes and we're gonna give our opinion on if we prefer Carnival or Norwegian on these particular things okay all right so first up on the list is the value okay I'm gonna I'm gonna take this one yeah because I'm the researcher who books everything he looks at prices um you said I don't look at prices no you don't look at prices he just hands over his card that's totally not true yeah that's true no uh-huh okay okay honestly the cost of the cruise is going to be cheaper with Carnival but if you cruise with Norwegian you're and you use their free Etsy promotion you could break even I mean so we did an I said an apples-to-apples comparison in a balcony cabin with carnival and a balcony cabin with Norwegian with their free Etsy promo if you buy cheers on Carnival and you get the free unlimited beverage package on Norwegian you're really gonna be paying about the same for this cruise so yes you can cut corners and you can save here and you can save there but on value depending on the cruise depending on the time in here you're going to pay the same for these two creases hmm yeah I agree with that since I do know that she does it all so I just go okay that's cool all my trust in her okay the next one will list I'm gonna hand over to Jason oh layout Ledo pulls and slides okay yeah I'm pretty picky about my layouts and all right first and foremost I got used to the Lido layout of the breakaway you know like I was telling her once you get on the ship you spend a day or two you start to get used to it and you start to like it more grows on you at least it does me all right but first impression was I did not like the Lido deck of the Norwegian Breakaway I much prefer and I still feel that way I much prefer the Lido deck over the carnival I like that big area pool area that's big and wide open and like on the magic and the breeze you know in the dream series classes I love that big open space I love the bars over there I love the open feel of it I just prefer that layout much better you know you can look up top and you can see the kids playing up there you know they have another pool in the back but the but the breakaway is just like they have the adult pool and it's a really small contained area it's got the pool and it's got the four hot tubs and and then it's got like this alleyway or this this thing in the middle it's called the marketplace and it's like just a walk through you can either walk around it or through it but it just divides it and it makes it real choppy feeling and and then so then you've got the children's area on the other side and it's real small contained I don't know just didn't float didn't work for me you'll see in the videos what I mean but I much prefer the layout of Lido on the car yeah when you're used to that big open Lido and lots of room to maneuver it's it was definitely something to get used to on the breakaway something else I've got to give on Carnival is poolside food having the guys burgers having the Blue Iguana where you can walk up in your swimsuit and get food that's awesome there was no kind of options like that on the breakaway you had to the nearest thing you could get for food was the buffet and so and you couldn't go into the buffet in your swimsuit you had to put on at least a coverup and shoes and stuff like that yeah on the carnival Lido it's like you can see everything you can see the activity of the restaurants you can see the activities of the the Red Frog and the Blue Iguana bars you can look up top and the waterworks or the water park and you can see the kids playing it's just a really cool open feel like you can feel the energy of the boat and the activity all around you I didn't feel that it just wasn't buzzing on the breakaway like I'm used to with carnival yep as far as the slides go it depends on the ship you're on okay so we've been on the dream class where they have three water slides and they're awesome water slides the breakaway had five slides we didn't do two of them because they were down they don't do modding I'm gonna I'm gonna give that a break even know you're being judged interactor I think you're being generous I think the slides on the breakaway we're better they're way more intense depends on what you like those okay that's the thing though they were very intense which I didn't like as much man they we've said it time and time again on the videos but they really it's I mean they're really cool with you slides please it's like if you feel gravity as you're going round them and it's like you start off and you're first you're like wow this is pretty cool and all of a sudden you start going faster next thing you know your life get me out of this thing I mean like you know of course when I came out of the other side of play no big deal good scare but uh no they're not fine they're all fine I'm just we're kind of old farts when it comes to water slides we like the big open air ones you can kind of sit up in just be like hey all the way down you know but I'm nice and easy yeah I'm not supposed to say I'm easy to please when it comes to a water slide so like the freedom didn't have fancy water slides it just had the one long twister and I was totally fine with that I actually like the open air slides better than the tube slide yeah I don't like the I'm kind of claustrophobic and I don't like close to in feel under the tubes I never have so that's gonna be into each your own kind of thing but overall water slides are fun no matter what yeah next on the list is food first impression oh break away break away definitely hands down no doubt no contest sorry carnival love you you're always gonna be my first love but I'm gonna tell you all the food Norwegians got to be sorry it's just the facts of life it's just the way it is the only thing I will give to Carnival is the guy's burgers because there was no comparison there was no good place to go get a burger that's true there was we never have heard they had to do the buffet I'm like no I'm not getting a bird girl yeah I got one of the burger patties anything was good and it tasted kind of like that you know the soy burgers we used to get as kids and school now to some people are gonna go do but to me that's like oh I love ya so I thought the burger patty tasted great but I never built a hamburger but I mean there was no guys burgers I mean let's be honest so we did miss the guys burger aside from that didn't miss the food no no everything I mean we had we had one bad me alone on the breakaway and that was it everything else was exceptional so you know definitely got to give the food to norwegia and maybe knotek's maybe let's don't use the word exceptional I was he a lot I don't even know if them know what exceptional food is I think we're still gonna learn that but she knows what I'm saying yeah but look it was better it was better food and you know I mean there was some stuff that I that was not exceptional I would imagine but it was good food you know but compared to breakaway winds out on the food like we're carving especially when you compare a buffeted above a we do not eat on the buffet at Carmel we've given it a try every cruise we're like okay let's go to the buffet let's give it a try and we'll always do it always disappoint it yeah and we're still doing will still just yemassee you know maybe if they've stepped up their game yeah but every we ain't on the buffet a lot on the breakaway and it was pretty much always good yeah yeah and I'm not gonna say I'm not gonna say I'm not gonna be that guy and I'm not gonna sugarcoat it and lie to anybody either but the food isn't terrible it's just not that good I mean there is a difference I'm gonna stop right there okay okay next on the list is wait times at the bars and restaurants so how long did you have to wait very long for a drink I I had to wait a pretty long time in some bars on the breakaway I felt like their service was slow absolutely but there were some bars that were fast I just I I I get faster service at home carnival like I'm not the drinker so I sit at the bar I'll have drinks whenever she's you know running around doing certain things you know I don't sit there all day but I go back and forth and get me a drink here and there and the service is usually faster Ellen Carter I mean it's it's it's fast food home carnival and it was a lot of places I said on the breakaway I set set set set set and you know and I think part of the reason was because they were offering the unlimited drink package and more people had that package more people were drinking so you're gonna wait longer um yeah well then that's a good segue into another thing let's compare cheers to the unlimited drink package which do you prefer what do you think that's a no-brainer right yeah limited right back I choose Cheers I only get 15 drinks over on limit I'm totally who would you go with Cheers duh limited yeah but you never buy not coming either listen I don't drink as much as people think but I do I do have my days where I'll drink more than so and on those days if you're if you're going at it and you're drinking why not have the unlimited it's better than just being cut off at 15 just in case you know one thing I noticed that I really liked is you don't have to sign for each drink yeah that's right that was nice than I remember it car you know when you get a drink on Carnival whether it's a soda or a drink drink you've got to sign the little piece of paper each and every time you don't get a receipt nothing that you just give them their card you say swipe it that's it you don't sign for anything you don't get anything it's just that so it's less stuff you got to keep up with but anything out of your pockets and whatnot yeah you can walk up and order more than one drink yeah you can you can order I think it's uh you can order two you can order two at a time you can order three yeah couple points I'm going to give two cheers is that cheers includes bottled water which the unlimited drink package did not include bottled water you can only get the you know filtered water and those other kind specialty coffees drink of water on the cruise and we always drink our bottled water babies ah but you couldn't get your specialty coffee either yeah that is the downfall of the unlimited drink package I did not get my Americana any specialty coffees for all you that like you know lattes and you know cafe mocha chocolata is and stuff like that it was stuff to pay out-of-pocket for that as far as the cost of it goes the unlimited drink package is almost twice of what Cheers cost but you're most likely going to get it free if you book within you know as long as it's not a last-minute cruise and you've got it booked in advance they're always running that for see promo so you're more likely actually only gonna have to be paying the gratuities on it entertainment and pre booking shows okay so on Chronicle you do not pre book shows you just whenever there's a show you walk up you wait in line you get in the theater you find a seat on the breakaway because of how they do their shows you need to you don't have to I like this pre Brooke your shows and it will be attached to your card and you will go and go to the theater they scan your card and you go in and then it looks good I liked it too and its capacity controlling and I thought that was it when you hear her explain that at first you're probably like oh I want to have to pre booked my shows that's one other thing I go keep up with and do I guess from that perspective yeah it can kind of go either way but it if you're planning on going to the show and you're gonna do it it's nice because you know you can get there early and get a senior guarantee to see ya so there is always a standby line so if you didn't pre book and you want to go there is a standby line but they're not gonna let people in until everybody's checked in or enough people are checked in that they know the doors are gonna have enough seats so I liked that about the breakaway now I will also cheers the downfall of the entertainment there are more shows on carnivals so on a 7-night cruise you're gonna have four to five different shows you can go watching the theater on the breakaway there were two so they did burn the floor two nights and they did a Rock of Ages two nights but that's the thing very literally Broadway listen I'll take quality over volume any day of the week look and I'm gonna tell ya the shows were better on the breakaway people just it was it was I mean night and day was like Broadway versus probably but no I mean we had Rock of Ages which is a you know what Tony a winning Broadway show yeah these were these were many great actors these were professionals at their craft and their artistry they rocked that they were good man I mean it was good y'all it was really really good it was good and they blew us away and they had live bands up they didn't have track music there was live bands up there playing all of the seating was good it's the theater style seating that's teared up yeah it's not flat like it carnival you know they got the lower deck and then you got the balcony and in the balconies teared up but the lower decks all flat this is like stadium seating yep goes all the way up you're like us in the shot that shorter guy always got a tall guy from you it wasn't an issue for us you know it was small it's everybody's got good seats yep so theatres I'm going with breakaway yeah I got to give that to Norwegian I mean Carmel you got more shows for us to go watch but quality style senator and I love that shows normal yeah I like it shows a lot I think they they have too many of the same shows on the same ships for too long I think that they need to change it up that's been gold they've been doing the same she showed for Jesus since we started cruising yeah yeah this is the opening show if you go to the welcome aboard show on Carnival it's the same fleet wide and it's the same music and everything for the last four years I think three or four years so yeah that needs to be updated needs to be updated but I mean they're fun they're good they're not bad shows at all but yeah and I just you know it's time for a change carnival yeah and I think with Norwegian and I'm not 100% sure on this so I'm pretty sure that every ship has different shows so if we go sail on the getaway it's gonna have different shows than the breakaway so that's pretty cool too okay next extra verses included um carnival definitely has more included on the older ships but the newer ships is going more 50/50 Norwegians fifty-fifty I would say you've got about half of the restaurants are included half the restaurants are an extra charge I know right now like what we've done a part of I guess oh yeah I mean it's hard tail but because this is so big and there's so many things but we pretty much saw I guess everything I'd say 5050 is about right yeah we only had we ate in La Vie Stroh and we ate in La Cucina and everything else was included so we didn't you know feel that and we had a specialty dining package so we weren't coming out of pocket for these things no not only get to Cagney's but we couldn't yeah I couldn't get a reservation of Cagney's and listen we want to do at nine o'clock at night which we just can't do but on Carnaval the newer ships are getting more and more specialty dining up until this cruise we've never done any specialty dining we would always just eat the places that are included with the exception of like Banzai sushi we've done that before so holy fun you can definitely go a whole cruise on any cruise ship any cruise line and not pay extra for food oh these are choices you know yeah and like I said up until this cruise we never had done specialty dining and the only reason we did is Norwegian had a specialty dining package that was free with our free at sea so on I mean yeah I mean I don't and we don't even we could totally never do specialty dining again and be totally fun I sure could it doesn't I mean it's it's a restaurant you sit down you eat you know the food quality I will say that the specialty dining from our experience this time our first time was it's a better food but everybody says that about carnival – they say the steakhouse on Carnival is one of the best meals you're gonna eat on the ship and the Kachina what's it called could she even don't Kathy whatever it is don't give me the Italian restaurant I really like Bistro had the best one of the best place I had in years it was so soft and tender and and they you know the the service was impeccable yeah but you had a stake in the Manhattan room and it was good too I did I did it was that's good as clean way but you know what it was very close second but the Manhattan room well I wish we could have went back there that's not cool you guys got to go in there my mattress lady that's included but that was my favorite of all that go there the atmosphere is great I love jazz the attic they got live jazz me I'm not every night is nice much like nice nice but uh that's the place y'all go there that's included you'll feel like you're a specialty restaurant yep that's for you okay so the next thing we're gonna compare is the cruise director and his or her staff which do you prefer Jason caramel or Norwegian both we're good but carnivals a little bit more lively and fun and in-your-face most definitely um this is this is a whole different dynamic on the breakaway it's not about the Fun Ship you know yeah yeah I tell ft-ev n internal yeah we didn't even see the crease right look I didn't miss it I mean no I didn't miss it I I can all that stuff I can live without that I can totally do without all that mess but if I had to pick definitely Carla yeah Carnival is the fun ship for a reason and their cruise directors are very lively and very energetic a lot going on the cruise director on the breakaway and this could just be the one guy was it was on the stump yeah he had his own style I mean he seemed fun we just didn't see a lot of him hey the rooms and the bathrooms rooms um this one's gonna be hard to convince we haven't it's not comparing apples to apples right we were standing on a balcony on the breakaway and I mean I like that room better than an interior um caramel but we had national caramel toffee I can I know I've been in my crews with us I've seen them I know what balconies look like on a carnival and I don't have to stay and want to really compare them yeah they're pretty about the same I really can't pick one or the other I can't say that breakaway is better I just can't that was not fair to to Carnival I would say they're about the same I guess the only thing that would would change someone's preferences color you know if you don't like the salmon orange of the carnival you'd probably gonna like the more cooler temperate colors of the Norwegian it's sent a soft blue and more neutral told oh yeah yeah that's the biggest difference the one thing I will say I like the shower better on Norwegian the showers a little bit roomier it's got a door instead of a curtain that's really the only thing every day as far as rooms or bathrooms you know those nice I'm not pretty even excuse me on board activities lots of drinking eating um no that's not an activity either yes it is for me well there's you go go ahead there's so much to do on a cruise ship and it kind of gonna depend on your personality I mean there are always activities going all the time so you just have to kind of find what you like and go do it as far as variety of activities I think they were pretty much about the same I mean I saw a lot of them different activities like I know on me not him I like four I like go on at the trivias I like rock and roll trivia I didn't the trivias were done a little differently and I didn't I don't know I like the trivia is better but over they did dance classes I'm on both I've seen dance classes on both I mean they've done mixology on both don't think one thing that if I can one thing I really like about what you were talking about just kind of brought this on but I liked like the promenade deck of Carnival better because to me it was more engaging more entertaining you could you know you'd have you see live bands here and there scattered out like it forget what they call motion plazas and all ya have like a band there and then you turn the corners a band over here and there was none of that you have to go into a club to hear a band that you had to wait for the club open it wasn't open all day there was none of that on on the on the breakaway the Norwegian Breakaway I missed that yeah Carnival gets a win on that yep Tony I'll give him that yeah they are the musical entertainment I mean I remember seeing one guy where they get an acoustic guitar that popped up every now and then carnivals hands now got the beat down Oh music entertainment come on Norwegian get with the program I mean just play some rock'n'roll they said the house bandits it's was awesome the house been but the only problem is he played like twice the whole time and just when they come on my team and ready to go to bed yeah they didn't start till 9:00 and they were done it like 11:00 so they were great they were off than one band that they had was fantastic and literally the one band that we saw mm-hmm and they had this other band it was like a boy band on a band rock-and-roll not play instruments mostly this crap you will see Jason's reaction when we get to that video because I believe we love you shame on you injustice of rock and roll I could not believe it anyway it was funny okay so overall I think all board activities we're gonna say they're good on both or you can find it enough to do but they entered the musical entertainment we definitely like you know a love of chance where you had like bowling and you had you know had a little bit more extra stuff oh you have a little bit more extra stuff like that on the Norwegian Breakaway we had pool we played pool yeah I've enjoyed that we never got to do that on a Carnival ship we had bowling we definitely enjoy we never got to do that on a carnival ship we had darts we played cricket multiple games of that we had a ball doing that yeah so you know carnival doesn't offer those things that you know it's it's basically an adult's game room you know other than a casino because we don't gamble we what we'd love to play pool we love to ball we love to play darts over next to the bar with a couple of drinks we have a lot of fun doing that so she and Zsuzsa if you haven't seen this it's Irish pub so it's a big pub area and then all along one side our games like he's at pool table darts there's a video arcade games and then there's bowling and that was so neat it's a little ball like five pounds like a bocce ball or something like that and and it don't have any holes in it for you to stick your fingers and would just grab the ball you Slaney can what's cool is you feel so powerful after you sling that ball down on the lane and just totally destroy the friggin pants I think I felt I feel like Thor for a second with my hammer I don't know I just sorry ain't got into that for a second can you tell we enjoyed oceans there's been a lot of time in oceans so does everybody else no that's the big problem yes Chloe we need something's cool people go to it and tends to get crowded so you kind of get familiar with when to go when not to go you know let's hit miss yeah basically when you see a lot of people don't go yes if you come back through and you don't see anybody go yeah the other really cool thing about oceans is you could get pub food 24 hours a day and it was included eat impaction for that no sauce yeah chicken wings and done nothing like a chicken yeah okay special night parties and formal nights um no formal nights yeah cuz I don't like them I'm sorry I'm not trying to be rude to all the people that are like oh I can't believe you don't like to dress that well guess what I don't deal with it I don't like it and I've lost so much dang weight that I think I don't have any clothes that I can fit into anymore so I have to go buy all new clothes oh we're butter baby and go on the Disney Wonder in a couple days yeah and we were just talking about having a meeting for will wear because you do have to dress I have a cockatiel Oh obvious I'm gonna be a champ about go but Norwegian does what's called free stock raising you don't have to dress up there aren't our formal lights they get the win for me I have to agree that I liked it too we did bring nicer clothes yeah we use comments use common sense we're not gonna go in there with book flops and sandals and really take advantage of it and like the trashy kinda way we're just not gonna do that but you know we're gonna respect it we want to put on a little nicer clothes than what we've been wearing throughout the day you know pair of like for instance side you'll see what I wore a pair of gray I was gonna say great khakis that's kind of an oxymoron right there's no such thing as grey cash its Emerald Isle that kind of khaki is style pants and they were grey and I think we hurt yeah and a nice shirt buttoned down with mom vans we look good she looked beautiful and we but we were comfortable yep see you didn't have to put on these tie vest none of that crap stuff I'm sorry too much okay for the special events they but our special evenings they both have deck parties at night we did not partake in the deck parties on the breakaway but I know they had them and I saw the replay recap videos they looked fun but we just didn't go to them we called it early night several times but um I can tell you we did we have done the parties on Carnival before the eighties their parties look glam y'all seriously I'm not I'm gonna just come just kind of lay that out there we didn't go so we can't say for sure but there are a little get parties language yeah are both cruise lines yeah I mean Carnales go tore up on that well again it's the fun ships they're going to put more effort in general we meet again and the energy and this goes back to the entertainment director we never felt drawn or pulled right to these activities or parties we never we never really felt that presence they just kind of don't really push it like Carnival does they're in your face yeah don't forget to come to this yeah they get your interest they pique your interest they point you to it so that's a big difference between carnival wins out totally now if you were if you've been on the breakaway and you had a good time at one of those parties let us know yeah so we can't address for sure but hey next up on the list is the crew their service their help helpfulness and friendliness what do you think um my first thought is the Norwegian of bartenders again I go back to the bartender's yes oh he has a lot of interaction with bartenders yeah so how is get hurt drinks and stuff but uh they're not as friendly as they are on Carnival really I thought they were nice but I didn't I guess that'll only sit the wars but there was just a couple of bad ones that kind of ruined it for me there were a lot of good ones we had some really good ones that we ended up comedy was they were either like really good yeah or they were not good that's right I'll agree with that statement that's kind of how I can know that you had some exceptional bartenders and you had song that we're just doing your job and Andy and I think that's probably the you know the more I think about it the same for Carnival I think that's probably the same for any ship you know you get a guy that's just wore out you know that's he's pulling some serious hours it's hard for those guys to just be all chipper and bubbly you know the whole time you know all these people are coming on week after week on their new adventures and vacations and they're all happy and they expect you know a certain quality of interaction with their service mm-hmm and sometimes you don't get that that's just par for the course matched with the way it is overall I'm gonna say I'm gonna give this a title yeah my great time overall on any cruise ship you're gonna have really good service you're gonna have your couple people that are just really tired and don't feel like putting on their smiles but for the most part there they go out of their way to help you yeah you know go where the good ones are you know which is funny that was one day we were at one bar and this this guy we really like do you remember his I don't I'm everyday like that he made this cool it was a mudslide drink fossa and he had this little chocolate sauce and he made this little design on it and he got a little toothpick out and drew all the stuff and he was just so cool and we ended up later that same day he was down at the atrium atrium bar and he gave us great service there and then we saw a different bar we were like hey man we're following you around you're so good you know but yeah he really said I'll just get lucky like that mmm fifty-fifty yep I think that's a tie between Carnival and Norwegian I agree with that same okay Embarq haitian demarcation faster to the fun there is no faster to the fun on any cruise line but Carnival that is there that's a signature thing they do for those of y'all who don't know the faster the fun is where you can pay an extra fee to wear your first on the ship first off the ship you've got tent specialty tenders or priority tenders things like that there is nothing like that on Norwegian a lot of people have asked me that as far as the embarkation process we can't speak to that because we didn't do traditional and more occasion if you saw Sunday's video you'll see how we got on the ship got Norwegian winds hands that's not a normal situation y'all look at the boarding video yeah but I was crazy no that's crazy but on the flip side of that we heard that there were really really long lines to actually get on the ship that was a nightmare base because it was the biggest ship that's ever ported out of New Orleans yeah he just they had to work out some kinks they had to work out some kinks it was the first sailing I'm sure to get smoother but it was a nightmare everybody that we talked to said maybe and waited and waited it was just a big cluster we got lucky yeah and we were able to go right on you know because of the media tour so but like you said that was just like a fluke thing I don't eat that Cruz is going forward we're gonna be fine I think you know Norwegian when they've got their set terminals like in Miami and things like that they're used to doing this every time there's a shows I'm Joe you know yeah you know I'm sure Carnival has issues going to ports that they've never been to before right making those adjustments now demarcation just know that going into it that or expect yeah you know delays yeah whatever your prism from a new ship a new port yeah yeah but demarcation was essential but we and it was the easiest really I will tell you we always do self deportation meaning we carry our own luggage off we don't check our bags getting off the ship so that process is equal on both because you basically you go get in line or you go get to the place that you're supposed to be and they say okay bye-bye and you walk off the ship I mean there's really nothing to it if you're checking bags and have certain times that can wait for your friend to be polled and you know it's a waiting game yeah and you know you got more anxiety and getting off ship and all that so yeah family-friendly and children's activities I have to give this to Carnival with the caveat that we normally cruise on Spring Break where 50% of the ship are kids and so we see all the kids activities there are no on this cruise we were cruising in November there were 200 kids out of 4000 people on the ship we kept seeing the same five kids over and over I did I think we may have a different opinion yeah we cruised at a different time of year but for this from our experience I think that carnivals more family-friendly and the fact that they lit Lido and have the kids separated now for the older adults they absolutely love this but for families with young kids it's you know it's like well mom and dad want to swim over here the kids have to be over there you know so I think family friendliness we have to get to carnival oh yeah last thing we're gonna compare is the spa okay that's an easy one for me Norwegian winds desu yeah so hands down no contest it's a bigger spot for one and you have panoramic windows that go all the way around the back of the ship that you can see just for miles and it was it was uh it was I like the layout better it had bigger saunas and and jacuzzis and whirlpool tubs and steam rooms they were nicer they were bigger they were better equipped you know you know for me I like those stone chairs did she lay on we had the spa package on the Carnival Breeze and the spa package on the Norwegian Breakaway she loves those I don't care for him too much they're hard but they're warm they're warm and they relax but a lot of people like them I just don't like him too much but she likes the ones at Norwegian better the main difference in the chairs is that there was just more of them on the Carnival Breeze there were eight of those stone chairs eight on the breakaway there was about 20 or 25 and then the breakaway also had padded loungers they didn't have anything like that padded and then they had like these towels that would wrap around them yes if you got out wet you could just go sit on there and it absorbs Georgia we spent God the last day on the ship for hours ish in the spa just relaxing and because it's so big you don't feel like you have to get up and leave to make room for somebody else overall this fall I like better as a whole at Norwegian I did like the big the pool pool jacuzzi area what ship was will agree the breeze yeah I think it's called it was it was like a hot tub it was young the one on Norwegian that we were in you'll see with the water fountain for now it was cool it was cold it wasn't cold but it was it went on and her hot and I liked that one on the if I could it take took that and put it the water temperature a little bit okay so in conclusion are we gonna say we like carnival better or we like Norwegian better we can't say that because as you can see in this video there's things we like better about carnival and there's things we like better about Norwegian we will be cruising both going for we are bad about where we focus on the positives and when you do that and I know that's gonna sound cheeseball but look it's real talk when you do that you tend to you know have good experiences um with that said like ELISA was saying there were a lot of better things that Norwegian did better and there's some things that we liked better about carnival two completely different experience very different both good mm-hmm both fun I mean you can't go wrong with either it's they're just different I embrace different yeah absolutely so you know you have to go see for yourselves and let us know what y'all think we kind of gave you our likes and dislikes um both but we're still carnival fans you know we're looking forward to going on the Vista yeah we'll be on the Vista and April we've got the Vista and the panorama books with Carnival we've got the bliss booked with Norwegian so we're definitely gonna be cruising about these cruises and I'll say this when we go back on a carnival ship we may go hmm man boy I really like to Norwegian Dungeness you never know you just never know but anyway there you go there you have it that's what we like that's what we dislike that's our comparisons we hope that it helps hope answer somebody else questions if y'all have any questions or comments please comment below any questions that you have yeah don't forget to subscribe and hit the little bell so you can get notifications that's right and thanks for watching you guys happy person happy cruising bye [Applause]

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  1. The Vista layout sucks guys! No seperate dance club. They turn the Lime Light Lounge into the club at night! The Breeze is way better! I hear the Horizon is pretty much the same as Vista since it is the same class so I have chosen to try the Breakaway due to this! Your video was very helpful! Im a Carnival Cruiser so this will be a different experience for me. Only thing Im skeptical about is the entertainment on the Breakaway.


  3. I’m going to the breakaway on December and I am nervous since I,ve never been to NCL! I’ve been a carnival Girl so I don’t know what to expect. I don’t want the breakaway to be boring

  4. I have been looking at costs pretty seriously, on the surface Carnival is less expensive. But once you add wi-fi, drink and dining packages (if that is what you want), Norwegian's Free At Sea packages with certain rooms, ie., balcony's and suites make a big difference between the two lines.

  5. Cruised on RC, Carnival, Disney, and NCL. Freestyle cruising won us over! I’d recommend sticking with their mega ships if you like an extensive list of onboard activities.

  6. I travel once on a carnival ship never again on carnival. This is my third cruise with Norwegian cruise on board the beautiful Norwegian breakaway.

  7. looking at Breakaway for fall break cruise. Thanks for your HONEST review. We have a 14 yr old that will be cruising with us and not sure which to do. Thanks for helping with decision.

  8. I​ am​ a​ 14​ time​ cruser but​ it​ had​ been.5 years​ since​ my​ last​ cruise.​ We​ went​ on​ Carnival​ Mericle​ and​ i​ was​ shocked with​ my​ fellow cruisers, Im​ going​ politiclly in correct​ here… I​ have​ no​ desire to​ be​ traped​ on​ a​ ship​ with​ hurds of​ morbidly obese low​ life​ people​, sorry​ to​ be​ judgmental but​ if​ this​ is​ crusing NOW​ Im​ out!

  9. You guys are in denial lol. You just admitted that Norwegian has better food and quality entertainments lol. That alone give Norwegian the edge lol. Not to mention you also said their water slides, beverage package and spa are better lol. So how is it a tie? Lol. You forgot to mention Norwegian breakaway has a zip line, water corse and a walk the plank. Lol. You also didn’t mention Norwegian has a water front and a adults only H2O , where they have 7o’s and 80’s parties and a glow party. and nobody go on cruises to drink water and coffee lol, but the Norwegian Escape has Star bucks. Norwegian by far.

  10. If you are a Lattitude member on the Norwegian you can move in front of everybody and go right on the ship. Norwegian also have something called MY TIME where you can move ahead of everybody as well

  11. Sounds like you were comparing that one ship Norwegian Breakaway to the whole entire Carnival fleet. I’ve cruise on Carnival my first time cruising. Then I’ve tried Norwegian and told myself I’m never going back to Carnival again. I’ve been on the Breakaway 5 times. Awesome ship!! Don’t get me wrong I like Carnival too. But in my opinion Carnival don’t compare to Norwegian or Royal Carribean

  12. You do not have to book shows on all of NCL ships. On the Gem it is similar to Carnival. Just walk in. The Breakaway theatre is much smaller. That is why you are requested to book. The Breakaway and Getaway have the same shows, same ship layout. They are sister ships.

  13. We started off on Carnival. Once we traveled on NCL we never booked Carnival again. Try Margaritaville for a cheeseburger in paradise.

  14. Is one cruise line (Carnival, NCL, Disney, Royal Caribbean, etc) more vegetarian friendly? My wife is a vegetarian and would like to pick a cruise line based on food and onboard itinerary.

  15. Greetings A&J! Glad I stumbled across your video – I'm now hooked on your channel. Hubby and I went on 1 cruise as a late honeymoon (and a youngest kid left the nest celebration). The port we were at was in Miami w/NCL and I am going to try to talk my hubby into another LONGER (the one we went on was only 4 days). I wished I had seen your videos before going because even though we took a different ship, I know we missed out on a lot so I am glad your videos gave insight of all the things to look for. I think NCL is a little more laid back compared to Carnival – but it can also be fun if you know where to go. My idea of fun is to sit in a bar filled with books to read while sipping on whiskey and listening to rock. I know which bars to hit and what to look for now! Thanks for the vlog and I hope to soon become a travel expert myself. Keep up the good work and maybe I'll see you on one of the tours. Your "neighbor" from the ArkLaTex rat-capitol, A&G PS As a musical person, J, if you haven't already "discovered" the group Home Free, take a listen (though they do mostly country) – no instruments except their voices and they are amazing. Rock/Metal is my fav but hey, those guys are pretty amazing.

  16. I love how u guys talk to the camera. I feel like I'm having a conversation with a couple friends when I watch your videos. Great information. Cute family. New subscriber 👍

  17. You two are just so adorable! I'm going on my first NCL cruise next year (second cruise ever) and watching your videos is really ramping up my excitement levels! 😀

  18. Taking my first NCL cruise on the Getaway out of Rome in 2020. We have only cruised Carnival. Should be a fun and new experience. Have y’all sailed on that ship? Would love a review! Y’all rock. ❤️🛳

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