Cats waiting by the picnic table for their share

Cats waiting by the picnic table for their share

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:: Piknik Masasının Yanı Başında
Paylarını Bekleyen Kediler :: En büyük, en yaşlı ve en bilge olanı:
KOCABAŞ Bahçedeki kedi aşk dramalarının yüzde 90 kaynağı:
DARTANYAN’IN KIZ ARKADAŞI Bahçemizin yaramaz delikanlısı:
MIRLAYAN KEDİ Prensesimiz:
YUVARLANAN KEDİ ZOOM: Çok fazla bilgiye sahip değiliz.
Hala gizemini koruyor! Utangaç ve içine kapanık oğlumuz: PORTHOS
(Ama bahçedeki en iyi atlayıcıdır!) Açken gözünü bile kırpmadan bize uzun uzun bakan,
kızların sevgilisi oğlumuz: DARTANYAN

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  1. Türk olduğunuzu öğrenince daha da mutlu oldum, yaptığınız şey çok hoş ve iyi ki varsınız. Sağlıcakla kalın.

  2. Last night this happened, we made BBQ and the brown cat that always comes to our house was waiting for his share also?! He kept rubbing his tail against me and my mom until we gave him some chicken and fajitas, and pico de gallo lol?! … 😀 🔥

  3. Bizimkiler nasıl keşfedememiş bu kanalı anlamadım ama çok güzel bir yabancı kitleye hitap ediyorsun bu kadar iyi bir youtube izleyici kitlesi görmemiştim herkes ne kadar naif eğer her kimsen yaptığın iş gerçekten çok takdir edilesi gözlerim dolarak izliyorum videolarını ve tüm insanlarımızın böyle hayvan sevgisine sahip olmasını diliyor iyi günler diliyorum

  4. I just saw this and was completely drawn in. You definitely love these cats. I always heard never trust a man who dosn't drink. I agree with that but I say never trust anyone who dosnt like cats. You are definitely a good human being. Bless you and your feline family.

  5. Your videos are so lovely and it's very nice that you love cats and dogs so much. It's a pity that you do not love other animals the same way, and you are happy killing and eating them. Please, think about this and consider to stop eating dead animals' corpses. <3

  6. her. mangalda. bizim. kediler. de. boyle.
    bu arada kanalini kesfedeli az oluyor helal olsun sana bikac videonda turkce konusan bir erkek sesi vardi sen misin bilmiyorum bir de turk komsun var neyse turksen de degilsen de much lovess <3<3

  7. Ahh your BBQ makes me hungry too! – Thank you for being kind to your cat friends, they help us in so many unseen ways for sure! Thank you Walter, kind soul that you are.

  8. These videos are just great 🐾 I love the way you make me look forward to them 😊
    For more stray cats in Istanbul, I am leaving the link to my channel 🤗

  9. It was wonderful to see the cats waiting patiently for you to finish cooking. The wait was worth it for the cats and humans, as the cats and humans sat down together in absolute bliss and harmony, eating their tasty treats, thus avoiding any chance of a "catastrophe"🐱🐈😄😃👍

  10. 384K subscribers! Wonderful! You give us great videos! We all appreciate that the cats have decided you will be their biographer 🙂

  11. I love your kitty videos! I have been enjoying them for sometime and I have been trying to figure out where you are from. I am ready to make a guess. I think you are from Turkey? I think the food, furnishing and artictecturhe were clues… But the biggest thing is that n my travels, I found that no group of people love cats as much as the Turks!

    When I was in Istanbul, I found the many strays in the city well fed and socialized. The city even puts out kitty kibble dispensers! Every shop had adopted a cat to two. Regularly cats would come up to me and demand attention with the full expectation that he would receive it- a expectation that could exist with a life time of positive reinforcement. If it was raining, I saw people putting there umbrella over strays to keep them dry. My Turkish friends all owned cats, and like you would have additional " garden cats" (if their real estate allowed.)

    So, did I guess right? thanks!!!!

  12. Look at this, this is a GOOD man, imagine if only at least 50% of humanity were like him, this would be a hole new and better world.

  13. Sweet precious kitties…awww..they’re so beautiful rolling in your wonderful safe garden.❤️❤️❤️🐾🐾🐾

  14. You know what we need more people like him feeding cats but also other animals because animals are better than humans 👌

  15. Yup, we don’t own kitty’s they own us, train us and love us! ❤️🐾🐾👍 What a great kitty daddy

  16. I love watching kitties eat!!! They are just so precious!!!! The grooming commenses after noshing!!! Then the naps begin!!
    Love your videos!!!!! 💕🐾🐈❣
    We are the Butlers to our kitties!!!
    They have trained us very well!!! Lol!!! 🥰🍗🧀

  17. With cats' sense of smell, being exposed to all those meaty scents and having to wait for their share must be a torture.

  18. I wonder what kind of treats you give them because they seem to eat every last ounce of them. Ours are so picky, we can never satisfy them with food. And what more your garden cats sit patiently and don't steal food from the table?! They're so lucky to have such a purrfect owner! More blessings to you man ❤

  19. Well done, after a hard days work you cooked the outdoor cats a BBQ with Grade A beef and you had a ham sandwich. How much do you spend a month on them????

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