Cheers – Friends. Reunion. Goa | Web Series | Episode 3 – Free Will | Cheers!

Cheers – Friends. Reunion. Goa | Web Series | Episode 3 – Free Will | Cheers!

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We’ll go to Goa! Yes! Swear on beer! So, I’ll ask you in Hindi and you’ll reply back with heavy English?! I need to study and that’s not my “emotional” problem! It’s not emotional, it’s EMOTIONAL! See, you need to watch the match and I have to study… We both can’t be in the same room! See, don’t try to fool us that you’re not going to SpaceX because of your patriotism! There’s nothing like that! You should go to SpaceX because you’re getting to do what you always wanted to do… That’s a fact without emotion! What time is your flight? In 3 hours! You’re going to meet your friends? I don’t know… But I might miss my flight! But your bags are already packed!? All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go… I’m standing here… I can’t sing! I sing when I’m nervous… But why are you nervous? You’re going to meet your friends after 5 years… Hmm… But I think I should go for the wedding… Haven’t you got that ticket cancelled? I’ve 2 tickets right now… One for Goa and another for Delhi… And both the flights are in 3 hours! From last 3 days I’ve been stalking Varun on Facebook… I’m checking out his wife! And? And I’m scared… I might start sleep walking in the flight! Keep your seat belt fastened then! You haven’t slept!? But the good news is… I didn’t even sleep walk! You saw that dream again? No… When was the first time you saw that dream? 4th year, last semester! What was going on in your life at that time? A lot! Job applications, project submissions… The wedding discussions with Varun… It’s a long story! If you’re planning to miss the flight, we have all the time! Ok! Jigyasu give me the phone! Don’t give excuses! You’re being coward Prerna… Don’t! Jigyasu give me the phone! I won’t! Jigyasu, your logic is absolutely wrong… There are situations which makes a person do things! There are no situations, it’s only free will! Got it? Jigyasu! I won’t give! Jigyasu give me the phone! Prerna… You’ll look at the phone and then you’ll cry… What are you doing dude? You have kept her phone and here you’re giving lecture on free will!? I gave her the free will, out of the situations! She is looking! Let her look! Not her! She is looking… You have misunderstood! She’s looking at him! Certainly sir! I’ll talk for you! Yeah… Bye! Whom were you talking to? Sharma sir dude! He wants a… Job in primary school… He wants to teach science to kids! Is he leaving the college job? He’s being asked to leave! What? Apparently dean asked him, “Why is it so difficult for students to pass your papers?” And Sharma sir said, “Why is it easy for men like you to hold such important, powerful positions?!” And then he went on and on… About? About global warming… And how it’s affecting all of us! We’re all going to do die one day, and it’s all because of men like dean! Prerna… Are you okay? It’s so funny dude! Yeah?! Once in second year, Sharma sir… Give me your phone… You be quiet for a minute! Rajan, you go and talk to that girl… Are you mad?! No! Try and understand dude… You need to work on your English, right? You won’t get a better chance than this! Go talk! Exactly! That’s your SpaceX rocket bro! Go for it! And what do I go and say? Say… Grass is green, roses are red! You’re mine till I’m dead! Shut up! These lines are from some play… Silence! The court is in session! Yeah! You go and invite her! Yeah! Come for breakfast and beer with us! Breakfast! No, no! What rubbish?! Go and tell her, “I’m a mechanical engineer but after seeing you I want to be a mining engineer!” Because you look like you’re… Mine! Ohh… It’s deep! Prerna… These togetherness vows that you take every minute… Are the reason for this state of yours! One minute! What’s the “state”? The way you’re laughing seeing your phone… That’s the state! I was laughing at Sharma sir! Go and give those excuses to someone else! Go and tell her that you look so sad… And it looks good on you! She just isn’t looking sad! One minute! I’ll go to her and say that… See, I’m very honest… And I’m going to US for work! US! And my English is not very good! Correct! So my friends suggested me to… Suggested me to… It’s a really stupid idea, got it? It’s right! Don’t encourage him for wrong things! No, no… You’ll pull it off, right? Yeah dude, it’s the truth, I’ll just go and say! Try to understand… Cheers! She’s sitting there alone, getting bored… And we have a girl in our group too… If you’ll talk properly, she’ll agree to come! Try and understand the situation my boy! Not situations… Free will! Woah! Did he just say free will! Free will and not bill! This calls for it! Cheers! C’mon, go! Didn’t get a chance to show his honesty! Come, come! It’s ok! Never mind! It’s ok! It’s absolutely ok! He was brave! Oh very honest also! Prerna… It’s ok! It’s very funny dude! Yeah?! Prerna?! Prerna it’s not that funny also! I know but while laughing I remembered Sharma sir! Okay!? What?I’ll tell you! During second year, Ciggy and I were sitting in canteen and having lunch… Dude, why does Sharma sir eats in student mess? And why does he eat so much? Do one thing, write a play on him… The hungry man! Madam you’re forgetting, it was me who was with you for breakfast that day… Really? Yes! And I very well remember why did I say about that “The hungry man”! Ciggy?! Dude, why does Sharma sir eats in student mess? Why does he eat so much? Do one thing, write a play on him… The hungry man! That’s actually good! Isn’t it?! Ma’am, it was your birthday on 4th, right? Here’s a gift for you! Gift? Yes ma’am! Do you know my name? Yes ma’am, Prerna Shukla! All the juniors really like you! Thank you! Thank you! Welcome! Manju, first year, electrical, right? It’s my birthday in 15 days, don’t forget! Get going now! Jiggy dude, gift! So the kids are crazy after you?! Open it quickly! Yeah, just a moment! Prerna! What happened kid? Sir juniors’ ragging is on so he did a prank! What? Gave me a birthday gift! What? Shaving kit! What? Sir, beard… That’s your friend?! You’re worried and he’s sitting here having his breakfast! You’re such an a$$hole! I had a logic dude! And I still believe in that! Got it? A person should fight his own battles! Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Stranger! Joker said it a$$hole! And that’s why Batman did that to him! It makes you stronger! Anyway guys! So Sharma sir caught that kid and asked him which senior sent him… And then he called me and that senior to his cabin! Good evening sir! Sir, good evening! Yeah, what’t the matter? Sir, beard… Huh? Beard! Yeah! You’re suspended for 10 days! Sir! Sir, it was just a joke! We’re good friends sir! Sir, he isn’t my friend! Sir… It’s ok but we’re in the same college, right?! So what? Sir, he’s ragging me from first year, And he makes fun of my beard too! No sir, I didn’t mean it like that! Sir why will I make fun of someone’s beard when I myself have so much of it?! Sir, you know what he is? He’s incorrigible! What? What? What? I was in second year… I would underline English words and learn them… And whenever I would get a chance, I would use them! I used to do the same! You be quiet! I already said, you’re suspended for 10 days! I shouldn’t see you in campus! Sir, please listen to me… Sir… Sir placements are starting and I’ll lose my job sir, please sir! Then apologise to her! I made a mistake, I’m apologising in front of sir… If you’ll say I’ll apologise in front of the full college… I won’t do any such pranks from now on, especially the ones related to beard… I won’t shave myself! Please forgive me, it would be a problem if I don’t get a job… Please, I’m really sorry! Sir, I can’t forgive him! You’re suspended! Sir… Leave my way! Sir please listen… Leave my way! Sir please… No! Sir just give me a chance… I know about this! In fact he was just telling me on the phone about this student he suspended during the placement period… Now when that a$$hole has lost his job, he’s remembering all his old sins! No dude! He was a little crazy… But he was a nice man! Jigyasu… Tell that ‘Hungry man’ story… You go and tell her! Hello sir! Hi! Hi! Varun? Sorry dude… I’ll pee and come! I couldn’t come! I was thinking, you’re sitting alone here so… Why don’t you join us for a beer? Us as in? Listen to this story about the hungry man, about Sharma sir… It’ll be of use to you! Tell me! So Rajan and I went to Sharma to take the permission for your rehearsal… Bro that guy is crazy, he won’t give the permission! He isn’t crazy dude… He’s into philosophy and all… He likes to talk about life! We’ll talk properly, a little about philosophy and he’ll give the keys, don’t you worry! Just come! You’ll talk to him about life? What? That I’ve already thought about! See, we’ll first start with the hen and egg concept… Hen and egg dude! From there, we’ll move on to existential crisis.. From there we’ll go to grandfather paradox and then he’ll handover the keys to us… And then we’ll be out with it! Dude you go alone, I can’t do this! I’m scared! Why are you scared?! You are from Bihar, show some courage! I’m from Bihar, so what?! He’ll spoil my grades! He gets irritated seeing me! He doesn’t get irritated seeing you! You aren’t understanding… He sees hope in you! What hope? That’s why I’m taking you! You’re a sincere student, he’ll improve my grade too! You’re using me! No, I won’t come… You’re meant to be used! No, I’m scared! I can’t do this! Listen… Don’t be scared! No dude! No, I’m scared! You’ll have pizza? Yes! Tell me, what’s it? Sir, we’re rehearsing for a play and we have it’s final technical… And we wanted hall permission for that, If you could please give… What is the play about? Sir, the play is about us! About you two? Sir it’s about him, about me, about you sir… Is it? So, what’s my part? No sir, it’s like… It’s about humanity… It’s about the purpose of life sir! So what’s the purpose of life? Sir I think… This is a small misgiving… According to me, there’s no purpose of life! If there’s no purpose, then why don’t you commit suicide? Sir… The survival instinct! My survival instinct, it compels me to live sir! So according to you, life is a compulsion?! And your life is all about being his sidekick, correct? No sir! Hmm… The purpose of my life is to be a good engineer… To make my country proud! I’ll work for NASA sir! So your life’s purpose is predetermined?! Like this table and chair’s… Aren’t you a man? Sir, what I was saying… And you a donkey! Let me eat my food, please leave! Thank you, sir! Sir… My life’s purpose is not predetermined sir, To become an engineer and to work for NASA is my own decision! It’s a wrong decision! Do one thing… Meet me in the last semester of your 4th year, and let me know if the purpose of your life is same as it was in 1st year! Just talks! And, you? Sir What did you think? We’ll go to Sharma sir, talk about his favourite stuff, He’ll be flattered and he’ll give the permission! Life is not a compulsion… Life is an accident! In your case, it’s a terrible one! Now leave and let me eat! Comes to spread the knowledge! What did Sharma sir say, everything is not predetermined. A person can take his own decisions… Jigyasu bro, swear on beer… You’re irritating a lot! I’ve an idea! Let’s put him in the falcon and send it away! But, falcon comes back down! It is very important, it will help you! Just listen to me! Specially you listen… Priest! You do one thing, take a balloon… Fill the balloon with water, then prick it with a pin, phishhhhh… Not phishhh, boommmm!!! The balloon will blast. Just like the big bang! Then record this blast in slow motion… You can see all the droplets of the water, Each droplet is going in different directions on its own path and trajectory… Nothing is predetermined, just like the energy particles in the big bang… Everyone knows about randomness in the universe! The main thing is gonna come now, listen to me first… Bro please finish it 30 seconds, I don’t have much time… Need to grab a beer! Okay! There is randomness in the world right? Right!! All the energy, particles, water droplets are going in different unpredictable directions, right? Now, my mind is going in unpredictable directions, That’s my point, My mind is going in a predictable direction, indicating me to throw this bastard in the water. Boom… One more big bang, This direction, that direction Everywhere, Slow motion, going here, going there! Catch them… Prerna listen to me! If you would have listened on time then… If you would have listened to me on time, Then you wouldn’t have married that @$$h*le Varun, nor you would’ve been divorced today, And you wouldn’t have been crying today seeing his second marriage pictures! Go ahead, continue what were you saying… Basically, I was trying to say, I don’t know what I was saying, man, I’m sorry! Jigyasu… Finish quickly, I’m very sleepy! Prerna… The randomness in the world is evidence of free will! I had the option of not marrying Varun, it’s my fault? No, no, I am not blaming you! You’re blaming her! Alright yes, I am blaming you! Why are you blaming her dude? No! He’s right! It’s my fault! Just like it was your fault… The problem was not that we left, The problem was that you couldn’t tell her about your conviction! Just came back with your breakfast & beer talks! Went with honesty, came back with breakfast & beer! Now, go and talk to her… Go bro! Get lost from here! Go and talk to her, and this time tell her the truth! Honest! C’mon guys let’s bet! That girl would come or not? I bet she will come! She’ll come! She’ll come! If everyone says she’ll come, what’s the bet then?! So what’s up bro? Sharma sir is talking to you a lot over phone… Bro, we became friends! Friends? You and Sharma? How? Ya, Siddharth! May I come in sir? What happened? Got little cold sir… What is this attitude of yours?! You’re reading a novel in my class… Don’t you have any interest in my class? Sir, I don’t have interest in any class! So, why are you wasting your parent’s money by being here in a science and technology institute? Curiosity sir! Huh? I was curious about science, but… Then I figured that the answers to my questions are not in science but in literature! Ask! Yes sir? Ask your questions! So the thing is… Apart from the condense matter of physics, I have read a lot about other things, I know a lot of things… So, you ask me anything, I will answer you! I will give you the answers answer, ask! Get rid of all your curiosity today only, from tomorrow onwards concentrate on science! Ask! My questions are a little stupid sir! What rubbish questions you guys have… Everyone comes up with stupid questions here! You guys find my office only? You guys want to shower all the knowledge on me only?! What stupid question you have? Purpose of life? No sir, it’s personal! What personal? Tell me! What’s personal? I have a problem sir… What is your problem, tell… I feel a lot of humiliation, guilt, embarrassment, a lot of mental turbulence happens… So, how do I reach a stage where I don’t feel all this? The only pain I feel is physical, like how? Okay… Whenever you find out, let me also know! Sure sir, I will! I will… But, the main thing is, tell me your grades? 6.8 sir. Very good! You aren’t afraid of failure and not getting a job also doesn’t bother you, right? Sir, I don’t think I fail sir… There is a deal between me and the system, That I get good grades, then I get a good job, will earn a lot of money Buy a house, keep servants and helpers, but, I don’t want that deal sir… So, that deal fails, not me! That’s what I think! Go Siddharth, go to your class! And listen… Those two boys came… Who wanted space for the rehearsal of play… So, tell the peon that I’ve told to give the big hall every day for 2 hours! Okay sir! Thank you, sir! Sharma sir was so weird! Not weird, but he was just in his… Hey… Prerna! What are you both doing? Just talking! I am very sleepy, goodnight! Prerna… Yeah… I talk a lot man, I keep blabbering about take a balloon, fill it and prick it with pins… Sorry man! It’s okay! Do you know why I married Varun? I married Varun because, We were childhood friends, family friends, 4 years we talked on calls and Skype, After that parents said, get married… So, I did! It was a situation! I am sorry… Okay, so I was telling you about Sharma sir… He did an experiment in 2006, about carbon nanotubes. When the results came, Sharma sir couldn’t believe it! He couldn’t believe that he is that good. So, he manipulated and fabricated the results and published it… In 2010, 2 Russian scientists got Nobel, for the exact same results, that Sharma sir overlooked. Sharma sir, lost his mind after that! Because he didn’t believe in… In himself! Goodnight! Jigyasu… You remember, I used to get beard, Guys used to bully me a lot, I just felt worthless… I just felt like… No one else will ever love me… Inspite of all this… Varun loved me! I married him! It wasn’t a situation dude… It was free will! Prerna! Do you know who got the auditorium keys for your rehearsal? Ciggy! How? Long story… Goa is a magical place, yeah? Yeah! What do you think? Situation or free will? He went twice with free will, situations fu£&ed him over! First time the girl disappeared, then we went… What will happen this time?! One more situation is coming up dude! Oh fu*k! Come, come… Prerna, what happened? Prerna! Prerna… Prerna… What happened? I had that dream. What dream? Listen, let her deal with her own pain! A$$hole! I see that, there is a beard on my face… Okay! And I am looking for a barber shop! Hold her, hold her! Let’s take her! Since 4 years, Varun and I were in long distance… After the end of 4th year, dad told me to get married… Varun also wanted that we should get married… I didn’t want to break Varun’s heart. I didn’t want to break my family’s heart. I didn’t want to look ugly to them… So I said yes! That’s when the dream started? Yes! I think I should go! Which flight are you taking? No matter what I do, I’ll never look ugly to my friends! I am going to Goa! Bye! Thank you! Bro, because of this stupid thing I left my studies and have come here, And, you’re lecturing me only. Can’t happen, let’s go Ciggy! Let’s go! Ya leave, just make a string of notes and shove it inside yourself… Jigyasu please man, It’s been 4 years, now at least tell her… Hmm… What? She knows everything dude! What? There is a world out there, which I would love to be a part of! But I can’t… Just because of the way I am! Just feel free to call me also… Like I am also just your friend, like all of them… Anytime! Why are you here? I wanted to be with my friends! Why are you here? Why did you come here? But, you only said come along… No, I didn’t! I don’t think so…

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  1. kahan gya kejriwaal ak wooo wadaa jo seela dixit ko jaila mai dalne wala thaaa. jab se aap ki prtyy bani modi ke pichee apni maaa bhn krwaa rhe hai bass…. nd alka lamba fyi… signature bridge is not urr work done it was congrress project … now fck offff

  2. Okay here's what I got. The actors did a great job again. Direction was fine. But the biggest problem is the writing. Either the writer is kinda confused or the screen writer has done a bad job. What are you trying to tell us is the question. I get the basic concept but the connection between the individual stories of these people is soooooo loosely knit that the series kinda loses its objective. Not gonna be a hater. Keeping my hopes up for the next episode. Hope it all somehow connects. Btw Vijay Verma love you (no homo). It would be great if you could release the entire title track. It's pretty good.

  3. Story is amazing..
    Camera work is not good. Just average
    Friends-bond is also just ok
    ISRO boy logic is just useless

    Meaning of story is deep.. overall it can be better..

    Waiting for last episode

  4. Awesome series …with fact without emotion and free will like concept to realise your worth capabilities and most importantly value yourself…. great work by the characters….

  5. what a episode…. I really like siggy conceptual thought…feel like real life episode is going on. Please bring such more content like that…waiting for finale. All the best

  6. Itโ€™s so good that it messes with my head. Congratulations on creating such a masterpiece. โ™ฅ๏ธ

  7. If there would have been randomness, either there would have been no consequences for an action or a different consequence for a certain action; like for example, eating lots of chocolates would have given good muscles and going to gym would have made us sick ๐Ÿ˜‹ !!!
    Destiny is knowing that something good is happening and free will is participating in it ๐Ÿ˜‡.
    Karma is something that brings sanity to the universe and makes us accountable โ˜บ!!!

  8. Kuch kuch baat sahi hai it's like predetermined type se aur kuch baat hai jo khul k kha nhi sakta free will nhi hai but series is going good. Waiting for next one. Love you guys good come up;!!

  9. Wow! Some worthy content to watch.. It's so relatable I had these few batchmates like ciggy and bihari and the nerdy emotional girl.. It's really beautiful series and a deep.
    Not everyone can understand this so don't mind if you get any criticism ..Please carry on making series with the real content like this.

  10. I am not understanding why people have given thumb down to this?? I mean, seriously, guys!! This is so realistic and alive. It's like I am remembering my engineering days. The actors are doing superb work!!

  11. episode 3was awesome as compared to other episodes. too many general awareness provided in this episode i think so. i really like this episode thanku guys for this web series. i am become your big fan all 3 of u guys ..

  12. Brilliant writing, great plot and excellent acting. Honest opinion!! But can you guys make a show which is as entertaining but without using the crutch of alcohol and cigarettes? Were you (and many others like the creators of this show) paid by alcohol and tobacco companies? What do you get by showing non stop smoking and drinking as a way to bond with friends? And include women as well, knowing full well it harms women more. They are supposed to carry a civilisation forward, it affects pregnancies, and general health. Had to bring this. Since the show is good, but it seems critical thinking skills have gone down to the audience's bunions.

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