Christmas Greeting Card Exchange 2017 | Annual Holiday Card Exchange

Christmas Greeting Card Exchange 2017 | Annual Holiday Card Exchange

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(voice of Jessica)
Guess what we’re doing today! Oh my goodness! Guess, what we’re doing… Oh my! I know, you guys
have your Christmas collars on. Can anybody guess in the
comments below, before I say it? What we’re doing today? Alright you guys! It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is coming! And… Once again… For what? I don’t even know how many
years, we’ve been doing this? We’ve been doing this for quite
a few years now. We are doing our annual
Christmas Card Exchange
with you guys! That’s right! We’re doing the
Christmas Card Exchange. Yet again… We are so excited! For those of you
that had no idea of what
I’m talking about. Every year for the past
few years, we have done something kind of a way,
to give back to you guys. As a thank you, for being
here with us. For all these years and for being
here with us and commenting
on the videos. We try to do something fun
at the end of every year. We are doing the
Christmas Card Exchange. Basically… Oh! Look at that good stretch!
It’s such a good stretch Oakley! She’s like, “I’m a good stretcher!
Watch me lay down now!” “I’m laying right here!”
Good job! Yeah! That’s comfy! Huh? Yeah! Whoa! Biggest yawn in the world! Basically, what we’re doing,
is you guys can send us a Christmas card or a Holiday card to the address
on the screen. Gone To The Snow Dogs
Christmas Card Exchange PO Box 12
Alpena, Michigan 49707. One of the things we ask for,
is a little bit of help with this. If you guys, can include a stamp
in your card, so that we have extra stamps to return cards back
to everybody. The other thing, I want to make sure
you guys do, write your return address on your envelope, legibly. Make sure we can read it. In the past, we had a couple people
that we could not read their return addresses. I want to make sure that, if you send us
a card, we get to send you one back. That also being said,
I cannot guarantee that your cards
will be back, before Christmas. Because, we get so many…
We had so many, that we had
to send back. It does take us a little while to
send them all back. We usually try to have them done
before the end of the year. Make sure your address is legible.
Include a stamp, if you can. If you can’t, like I said that’s okay as well. But, it really help us out and
we will be doing a video towards the end of December,
where we go through and we open all the cards that you guys sent us. Jamie and I, usually sit down
with the dogs and we go through
and we open all the cards. We do have a big,
long card opening video. This is… You know,
I love the idea of Christmas cards. I always have a…
I think is a tradition that a lot
of people forget about. You know, is the holidays! You guys should be sending a card
to the people you love. To your friends and families.
Send them a letter. Let them know, what’s going on
with your life for the year. I just think, that is a tradition
that a lot of people put to the side. Or thinks, it takes too much time
or, they forget about. I think, is important. I think, is important to do. I think, is really fun!
I think, some times people miss out
the little bit of fun. This is just our way of,
being able to give back to you guys. And to have a little bit of fun
and spread the holiday cheer for everybody. I’m excited and the dogs are excited. I know! Look at your little… Christmas collars on! Normally, we have the
tree up, before we do this video. I’m like, “You know what?
Let’s just do the video.” Because I know, some of you guys
send the cards from overseas. I want you, to make sure that
they do get here in time. We are so excited! Next, a little update for this video.
I just want to remind you guys, the 2018 ‘Gone To The Snow Dogs’ calendars and the signed and ‘pawtographed’
posters are now available in our ‘DFTBA Store’.
I will put a link up in the cards and down in the
video description below. The posters should start shipping
just after December the First (1st). So you guys will have all those
in time for the Holidays. I’m pretty excited about those.
I can’t wait to get mine. I already have a poster, but I need
to get my own calendar. I sound silly, right?
But I have to buy from my own store! So, those are available as well,
if you want to get those. I don’t think we had hit it by now, but we’re so close to
five hundred thousand (500K) pawdience members. This is crazy! I have a feeling… Possibly… Soon! We’re gotta have to make
some ‘YouTube Play Button’ cookies. Because, we don’t get a ‘Play Button’
for 500K subscribers. But, I thought it would be fun
as our own little celebration to make a ‘YouTube Play Button’ Dog cookie! I don’t know!
Maybe will do that. I do have, some holiday cookies
and holiday treats planned. So, that may not
actually happen until January. We’re pretty excited. Wednesday is actually our
eight (8) year anniversary of the day, that we
started this channel. That’s pretty exciting as well. Anyway, you guys! That’s our video for today. Again, Christmas Cards address
is on the screen. Include the stamp, if you can. Please write your return
address legibly So, that we can send you
a card back. We’re gonna go ahead and
end this. If you guys are new to this channel
and you liked what you saw, don’t forget to hit
that subscribe button. Like this video and share it
with your friends, to help us grow ‘The Pawdience!’ As always…
Thanks for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive and dream big!
We will see you again soon. Also, Miss Oakley
gets her stitches out today. Keep an eye on our I’ll try to post a picture
over, after she gets her stitches out. Finally! Two (2) weeks later!
We get her stitches out!

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  1. Tell those sweet puppies I said hi I told my friend about you today and she loves your videos my puppies says hi and they said look how far they come! I just want to give them all my treats!! Love you

  2. Hey, Jess I have a question, how do you get a shih Tzu maltese that doesn't like to get there fur cut and bathed in a good way?!?

  3. For Christmas I got my dogs Christmas Presidents and this is what I got them for my beagle I got a new bed and treats and for my blue healer I got her two skweaky toys that have 12 skweaky in each one and that's all of the stuff I got them by🐶🐕

  4. Hey! Would you guys make a shirt/sweatshirt with a more realistic design? Maybe like that #cuddlebug Memphis shirt. I really love your channel and would like to support you, but I'm not really digging the design for the shirts/sweatshirts. I know I'm only one person and you're probably not going to see this, but I wanted to put in my opinion. If you do read this, thanks for taking time to read it. Have a nice day!

  5. On January 20th can you please give me a shout out because it's going to be my birthday and I'm going to be 8 years old cuz I'm 7 and I love you guys I watch you every single day and sometimes I stay up and watch you guys cuz you're so awesome I only watch two videos and then I got bored of it that I went to you guys and then I fell in love with you guys and I watch to you the rest of the time to other people well please give me a shout out if you guys bye and I really want a husky cuz they're cute

  6. I'm excited! Hopeful to be able to do the Christmas Card exchange this year 🙂 I've been wanting to do this for several years.

  7. since no one has asked this question before were oakley and Shelby confused, worried, or sad when you didn't bring shiloh back from being put to sleep

  8. Your videos are awesome!! I would love to do this, and your lucky for still having your dogs, Memphis I relate to so much!! I had an English setter named thortan, poor thing passed away, he was deeply loved and cared for

    Rip Thortan
    He’s probably playing with Shiloh, I have always wanted a husky, I have been begging my parents to allow us to get another dog, and I’m trying to learn from you, because I look up to you as an amazing breeder,

  9. Hey just wanted to let you know that I included a stamp you just have to peel it off of it’s paper from the post office

  10. I am so going to send you guys 4 cards for each doggy and dont forget adout shilo🐶
    I dont know how to spell his name😂

  11. I’m sending you something for Christmas soon! Shelby’s going to love her present! Oakley has the most adorable stretch!!

  12. Congrats on 8 years and (almost there) 500k. My 10 year anniversary is in January and I'm trying to decide what I should do for it. Are you guys planning anything special for yours or do you have any suggestions?

  13. Our 3rd year exchanging 🤗 picked up a special card yesterday!!
    I feel terrible we’ve tried to purchase stamps to send with our card but as were in Canada the post office said it isn’t possible to pre pay? Maybe I we sent a couple Canadian $?

  14. I've been so slacking the last couple of years with not doing Christmas cards. haha I still have the one you sent back to me up on my fridge. 🙂

  15. , what do dogs what do dogs mean no you don't forget to how many channels would I have I don't know what to call I have to ask my sister what was your dolls no I'm not stalking

  16. I have the worst luck so does my family exactly on Christmas day I get my flipping period my family has to deal with me on that special day sit with me a mean rude bit*hy monster because off my period

  17. I do this every night I wake up at midnight and I go to the Christmas Tree and howl I'm going to do this year if u won't u can do it to but I'm doing special because of shelby so cancer

  18. Bless you for doing this Christmas card exchange again. I know how much work it is. Last year I forgot the stamp and you still sent me a card so not only will i remember the stamp but I'm sending you a little something extra and special cause you both are so special and the dogs are so darn cute. (-:

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