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The weather might be frightful but that’s not going to stop me. Even in the rain the Eiffel Tower is always a must-see in Paris. Welcome to my perfect weekend in Paris which begins at the city’s most famous and most recognizable landmark. The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 World’s Fair, it was only meant to be a temporary exhibit but now over 100 years later it is the symbol for Paris. The upper platforms offer great views of the city and there are also some surprises at the top. Feels like we’re walking up in the clouds. We’re up here at 280 meters above ground so this is not a place for people afraid of heights, however you do come up here and the weather is bad it doesn’t really matter because it’s still worth a photo. Well here’s a little gem at the very top of the Eiffel Tower Gustave Eiffel’s office. Now there’s Gustave Eiffel sitting on the right and he erected this office to entertain special guests and here he’s sitting with the American inventor Thomas Edison. Continuing on my tour I get ready for another classic a ride in an original Deux Cheveaux. Guide Alex Ringuet picks me up for a city tour. One of the best ways to get around is by car and if you want a really original way then try what they call a duck or a Deux Cheveaux. It’s two horsepowers and Alex here is gonna show me some of the main sights. Alex you’re gonna show me the highlights – what’s included? Well we are going to go to see the Louvre. And then Notre Dame de Paris. Ah, Le Louvre! [Music] With it’s a famous pyramid. We also pass by the fire damage cathedral. Notre Dame and of course we make our way around the iconic Arc du Triomph. [Music] Well what I’m noticing is more of the crazy traffic there are no traffic lights you really have to be careful how you get through. Are you nervous Meggin? I’m a little nervous. But don’t worry I am a a safe and sound driver. It’s crazy but I like it. Alex then insists that I try one of France’s specialties. Time for a snack! So Meggin, I will tell you how it’s done you just put that on the oysters it’s a bit moving so it’s alive and then you remove the oyster from the shell and then you swallow it. And it’s very tasty It tastes like the ocean. Oysters are my culinary tip for Paris. At night Paris’s boulevards are bathed in light. My driving tour has come to an end. I going to slow it down. Take a stroll along the Champs Elysées to enjoy the beautiful Christmas Lights [Music] In the evening I head out for some entertainment. A special thing to do in the evening is go to Cabaret and I am at one of the oldest cabaret theatres in Paris The Paradis Latin. There are shows here every evening guests can enjoy champagne or dinner with the entertainment. [Music] And sometimes there is a chance for audience participation. Cabaret is my special tip for a perfect weekend. My second day in Paris begins where famous designers have their boutiques on the Avenue Montaigne. Nearby is a museum dedicated to a fashion icon. Paris and fashion go hand in hand we’re about to get a glimpse into one of the biggest names in haute couture. This is the fashion house where Yves Saint Laurent designed for almost 30 years from 1974 onwards. The highlight is the master’s studio. Museum director Olivier Flaviano tells me a little bit about the creative process behind St. Laurent’s designs. So Olivier we’re in the heart of the house in Yves St. Laurent’s studio. It’s like he just stepped out for a moment and will be coming back. Yeah that’s what we’re trying to to do in this museum. What can visitors learn about the process of his work. Well what they can learn is that Yves Saint Laurent always started his collections with sketches like these sketches those sketches were given to the workshops from that sketch to workshops create a “toile” which is sort of mock-up of the garment to be approved by Saint Lauren. From that toile he would choose the fabrics to create the dress as it will be presented on the catwalk. I think I’d go well with these designs! Clear lines borrowing from men’s fashion were Saint Laurent’s hallmark with a few exceptions. Now that is what I call a wedding dress! One of many designs that certainly stand out. The Yves Saint Laurent Museum is my culture tip. Christmas shopping is in full swing on the Boulevard Haussmann where the big department stores are competing for the most beautiful windows. Paris’s Christmas windows are big tradition in the city and a huge tourist attraction. I headed to the Galeries Lafayette for more Christmas cheer. [Music] The Galeries Lafayette is famous for his Christmas decorations and it’s Christmas tree this year’s theme are bees in beehives. Macaron cookies are also a must on the list of things to try. My favorite sweets. There are also some unusual combinations. [Music] The rooftop terrace is a place for visitors to go for a bit of physical activity. Now one of the fun things you can do here on the rooftop of the gallery Lafayette is ice skating. I have not been on the ice since I was a kid. It’s harder than I remember. This railing is my best friend. At least I managed not to fall and I can still enjoy the views over the city. Finally in the evening I decided to take a scenic boat ride. The river Seine winds through Paris for about 13 kilometers with 37 bridges in all. My feet are certainly tired from all the sightseeing and walking that I’ve done. So I decided to hop on a boat, on the Seine, to get another overview of the city, at night on the water. Even in the cold of December Paris and its charms still leave me with a cozy and a romantic feeling. And this wraps up my perfect weekend in Paris. Join me again as I explore more exciting European destinations and until then it’s happy travels!

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