Crewmen of FBM Nuclear Submarine doing leisure activities. HD Stock Footage

Crewmen of FBM Nuclear Submarine doing leisure activities. HD Stock Footage

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the two months that you're actually at sea and on patrol doesn't really get you physically out of condition you have enough activity ladders and back-and-forth and Carmen stepping through the hatches you know you gotta bend a lot of muscles to get down through a house the food is really good and it's the best in his service as far as I know nice thing is the fact that the captain has to eat the same kitchen as you so when the bad food comes out he gets it too and then it comes right back to the cook yeah so you know everybody's happy about that but one out of every six of the crew is on his first patrol it takes about two patrols to pass your ship and watch stationed qualifications but when you finally done that and you've got your dolphins it's the greatest feeling in the world while guys will give you help and a lot of them will give you help but when you get ready to go for your oral interview or your qualification board and you've passed it you look back on all that and you think well and it helped more than hindered I think everybody on the boat really you know pushes people get on qualified as far as a recreation goes the lounge is the big thing usually it's packed night and day but yet the crew was conscious enough of let's say that n QPS where he's trying to qualify and it really gets noisy all he has to do is open the door and say will you please hold it down and they will they respect each individual there's no real sense of night at night so there's really no sense you know of time I know jack and I've sat down and played this cards at four o'clock in the morning and thought it was 4:00 in the afternoon of course we have the movies there's a different one every day doing Sundays and then there's the individual projectors we just slide in a cartridge and you can run your own movie anything from that big sir our sociology religion those type of things you know and they're very good we get five family grams during the Patrol 15:18 word messages from our families of course we can't answer back but they mean a lot sometimes a guy gets an extra like a baby gram and those come through the captain that's when we all get cigars and we bake them a cake slap them on the back sometimes the babies come near the end of the patrol and the cigars are a little bit stale by then I have to be at sea for 60 days have prefer to be under water it's much smoother storms are very little trouble you don't have to put up with any of the elements do you have to on a surface craft and the habitability of the submarine is very good temperature 72 degrees relative humidity 50% constant we keep recycling the air it stays nice and clean I think most people will haven't experienced something like this being isolated for a period of time when they think of it it seems as if it would be very difficult but we have a relatively large crew and we have very few problems with anybody I mean I've heard a very few in the entire submarine force

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