Cruise-To-The-Cruise – The House Of Muscle Ep. 2

Cruise-To-The-Cruise – The House Of Muscle Ep. 2

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(music builds) (upbeat music) – So muscle cars ladies and
gentleman, are a dying breed. We know they’re out there,
we see them in garages, and we see them at car
shows every now and then. But the one place that you
rarely actually see them is here. You don’t see them ripping
through the dessert at 80 or 90 miles an hour. And you sure as hell don’t see them taking a 2500 mile road trip
across the United States to the Woodward Dream Cruise. Now to start of the House of Muscle, we wanted to do something epic. We figured, “What can
we do that’s going to blow the minds of everybody?” Well, sitting in my garage is this car. This is a 1969 Dodge Daytona. It is a clone, some
people are going to bitch but I don’t care. – [Mike Voiceover] In our
convoy we have two vehicles. A Dodge Charger Hellcat,
and the ’69 Daytona. One old, and more importantly, one new in case the old one breaks down. – Up in the Hellcat up
there we have Pat Devera. I’m sure he’s nice and comfortable, probably got the AC on at about 72. My eyes right now are going two places. In the road in front of us,
and the temperature gauge. Because this car, once it gets really hot, it doesn’t like it. It
just doesn’t like it. (upbeat music) – We’re at Benton gas station, I don’t even know what town we’re in. We pulled off and it seems like one of our big fans took a crash. It went up to 220. – It’s down to 170. – Well it is now, but as soon as we start it’s going to go back up to 220. The car went up to 220 degrees , we pulled over, and trying to cool it off. But it’s over 100 degrees out now, and it’s just a question
of if it is the relay, (laughs) can we pull a relay
from somebody else and fix it or can we just wire it
to the battery to see if the actual fan hasn’t actually
taken a dump but works. This was my biggest fear. That something in the
car was going to crap out and leave us stranded literally
in the middle of nowhere. But we have to let it cool, we just do. – [Colin] Do you have
connectors? And wire? – Yeah.
– [Colin] Hook it up. – The best part about
this is we have a Colin. When you have a Colin, you
can pretty much guarantee that your stuff’s going to be fixed and you will get to your destination. Everybody should have a
Colin by the way. Everybody. Every woman should have a
Colin too, that’s a plug. – It’s junk. – What the hell was that? – That is the connector for the fans. – Oh dude, it’s totally melted. – Yeah, look. – So anytime I go on a road
trip, I have what I call my, for all intensive purposes
we’ll call it my O-Pit Kit. It’s got wiring, it’s got
clamps, it’s got hoses, it’s got fuel line, it’s
got a whole bunch of stuff. And when we first did this trip, Colin kind of look at it and was like, “You probably don’t need to bring this”. Yet I did need to bring it. – The things we do for our cars. (laughs) – O-Pit Kit. – You ready for this? – Switch. (fan turns on) Yay! What do we have?
– Two working fans. – So we have two working fans? Two working fans, and a Colin. Tell me we’re not going to get there. (upbeat music) – So one of my favorite
things about this car is that it’s a great
example of a time when an automotive manufacturer
just said “screw it”. It’s actually pretty indicative of how Dodge is today these days. Like the next thing you know, you can buy a Charger with 707 horsepower. It passes all 50 State emissions,
it gets decent mileage, and it’s crazy reliable. This is a perfect example
of that, is this car. You look at the Hellcat, you
look at the Charger Hellcat, the Challenger Hellcat. Dodge is just reinventing itself and they’re having that moment again. And they’re having that, “You know, screw it. Let’s just build the coolest stuff we can and put it out there”. (upbeat music) – So I got to be honest. Right now I’m pretty excited. I’m standing in front of a
bucket list location for me. Behind me is the Goldfield Hotel. Now if you are a Dodge or a Mopar guy, you know that the Goldfield
Hotel was the home of Super Soul from the movie Vanishing Point. His radio station WKOW was right there. Right there! This is amazing. And like Super Soul said, man, speed means freedom of the soul. That’s why we came here. (upbeat music) So apparently the Goldfield Hotel is not the only cool thing
in Goldfield, Nevada. This is the International Car
Forest of the Last Church. It’s an art installation. Now, we’ve got 40 cars that
are buried kind of nose-in, all different makes and models. We’re looking around and
I want to find a couple of old Dodges and Chrysler
and like, this is it. This is an old Chrysler, looks to be an old Imperial or something, like an airport car. And back in the day, they
didn’t have SUVs right. They didn’t have minivans. So this is what they used, they used these massive
stretched road cars. This is awesome. This thing is cool. (upbeat music) – Okay so Mike has asked me to tell you what I think about this car
’cause he just raves about it. But I like my modern
cars like the Hellcat. Honestly, by any normal modern measure, this car is horrendous. But there is something about
it that’s kind of amazing. The fact that it’s still going. Because if it gets too
hot, it’s going to blow. And if it gets behind a
car, it’s going to blow. And if I go too fast, it’s going to blow. I’d just like to go really fast, in which case it’ll be fine. But then here’s the thing again about it. Once you’ve driven this
for a couple of miles you forget all of these things. You forget you’re boiling, you forget every pore in your
body is running with sweat. You forget you can hardly
hear. And the windows are open. Doesn’t really matter. Because this car is amazing. (upbeat music) (music fades) (awe-inspiring music) (awe-inspiring music continues) – So obviously on this trip, one of the main goals was to connect with some Dodge enthusiasts. So we’re here at the Red Rock amphitheater with Dan Frazzini. And so Dan, give me an idea of why you chose this place
for us to meet with you. – Well first of all I
grew up here in Denver. And first concert ever was at Red Rock. And there’s really not a more
beautiful scenic spot to pick. But really, why are you
here with that car– (Mike laughs) Driving cross country? – Our whole thing was driving something that was fun and exciting
across the country, right. And we actually the wrong car
to drive across the country. We’ve been battling heat, we’ve
been battling overheating, we’ve been battling gas
fumes and everything else. But you know, we made it.
And it’s here, which is good. One of the first things
I found out about you is that you had a ’68. You obviously know that I have a ’68. So it’s kind of, it’s a soft spot. So walk me through this thing,
because I love it, I love it. – Yeah, thank you. So this is my 1968 Dodge Charger. It’s a 440, four speed car. I’ve done a couple things to it. It has aluminum radiator with duel fans. I kind of rerouted the
fuel system a little bit. – Which you kind of need out here. – Yes, you do. With the altitude,
you’re always struggling, tuning the car, etcetera. Always gives you something to do. Switched it over to disc breaks, just for safety sake and nothing else. Upgraded the suspension, put
a big old front sway bar in, tied up the sub-frames, so
it has sub-frame connectors, just made the car a lot more solid. And then when I put in the four speed, I did all the liner– – Yeah, sure. – Made it much more quiet inside. Kind of kept some heat out. – So it feels kind of normal. – Kind of normal. So this is a straight line, go fast car. Not worried about cornering. And you have to stop good, too. – You do need breaks.
That’s always a bonus. This ’68 Charger is
obviously my favorite Mopar of all time, but I know
you brought something else. – Yeah. I have my ’70 Cuda. This car I really thought would look good sort of with a pro- touring vibe. I wanted just a little
bit of a different slant to a traditional numbers
matching style of car. So I plunked up the wheels to 18 by eights and 18 by tens. And added some of the
Hotchkiss sports suspension. But I kept with the 340
six barrel in there. – Oh good, okay so you still
got the heritage in there. – Yeah. – This is the stuff that
I still can’t believe that Dodge and Mopar did back in the day. – Maybe I’m a little biased,
’cause I’m a Dodge guy, but they are so easy to
spot, they just stand out. And that’s always been
the truth with Dodge. They’ve always made something that is just so far different from everybody else. They had the vivid colors. They had models that were not
even close to anything else. – Right. It’s a Tuesday in Colorado. Nobody wants to go to work, they’d rather just hang out with Mopars. (upbeat music) – So we were getting on the Freeway, and I made a left-hand turn. And in the back of the car is a jack that is not fastened down into the box. And it slid over and pinched
the harness for the fuel pump and grounded the harness,
the wire to the fuel pump. And then it blew the fuse. – And this is why you always bring Colin on every road trip you do. – And a spare 20 amp fuse.
– And a spare 20 amp fuse. – Just like that. Love it. (slow upbeat music) – Thanks for coming out. – Dude, how are you?
– Good, thanks Mike. – Oh my God. I’m going to say right
off the bat, I hate you. (both laugh) But I love you at the same time. Is that a Mr Norm’s van? – That is Mr Norm’s van. – What? – ’77 Dodge Tradesman
with the 440 in a Dayna. – Where did you find this? – I found this four
doors down from my house in Naperville. – This is the original
Mr Norm’s van, right? – Yep. Mr Norm owned it in 1977 to 1980 and took his family to Aspen in it. And then it went missing
’cause my neighbor had it. – And nobody knew? He just didn’t–? – He didn’t even know who Mr Norm was. – So he bought this looking like this, had no clue of the
significance of the van. – Yep. – And just drove it around. – Just drove it around and took his family to Branson, Missouri every summer in it. And what’s cool is the
lady that painted it, her name and the date
when she pained the mural is on the other side. – Okay so this is obvious–
What did this start out as? ‘Cause obviously you
modified the hell out of it. – Yep. It’s a real Ucode,
so it’s a real 440 car. It was B5 blue. – So why’d you go paint it panther pink? – It’s my favorite color. – Is it really? – Yeah it just– when I see pink, and
sassy grass and purple, those high-impact colors,
they make you hyper. – This is beautiful. It’s a ’70 Charger 500.
– Mhm. – Is it a real 500? – Yep, it’s a real 500.
– Okay. – George Kubis, who is a
legend in the Hemi world, he built the car. He’s a well known man, he’s 70 years old. Him and his cousin Billy built it. The carbs are date-coded,
the intake’s date-coded, the manifold’s are date-coded,
the air cleaner’s date-coded. So they really went nuts to try and make this
like a real Hemi car. – Can I drive something? – Take your pick, man. – Really?
– Yeah. The cat’s fast, the fastest, but this thing’s got the
TBS that handles great. And that’s got a 528, so. You have your choice. I mean, then you’ve got the van, but I don’t know if you
guys want to showcase that. (upbeat music) – [Mike Voiceover] What
you need to understand is that back in the day, Norm Kraus, or Mr Norm as he was known, was the premiere name in Pentastar Tuning and his Grand Spaulding Dealership was considered hollowed
ground to many purists. Thus getting to pilot his
personal van was a kin to getting to ride in a
shag-upholstered time machine. And while it was an
experience I’ll never forget, the Woodward Dream Cruise was in sight. So it was time to get back on the road. (upbeat music) – So we finally made it to
the Woodward Dream Cruise and we’re standing here at the Dodge booth in front of the new 2017 Dodge Daytona. Now at first I wasn’t
really sure what to make of the Daytona considering we
drove here in a 1969 version. Now, this is so much more
than I ever really thought. We’re talking a 392. Big 20-inch wheels were
in 275 series rubber. 485 Horespower. Think of the 2017 as a Hellcat Light, and you’ll see where I’m going with this. The key here is fun, and
that’s what Dodge is known for. – [Mike Voiceover] So here’s the thing. Driving across the country is one thing. But being invited to run
against the boys from Roadkill in a drag race in front of 25,000 people, well that’s something else altogether. At this moment, I’m about
to race Mike Finnegan in the Dirt-Track Challenger. So if i lose, it’ll be so painfully big that it’ll be one of the
most embarrassing moments in my automotive career. The other huge concern, and
the one I’m more worried about, is scratching a very special and really expensive borrowed helmet. – You’ve got such a small head. Ow. So tight. (upbeat music) (heavy music) (cars revving) (loud car engines) – That’s pretty good. – [Man] That’s the biggest smile I’ve seen on Colin all week. – Oh my God. That’s full
redemption for the Daytona. (upbeat music) (wheels screeching) (engines roaring) (upbeat music) (Mike laughs) – That was a proper ass-kicking. I’m not bummed at all. If I’m going to lose to somebody, at least I can lose to somebody cool. – That was fun. – I can’t believe we drag raced in front of all these people. – I can’t believe my car didn’t blow up. (upbeat music) – [Mike Voiceover] Making memories are what road trips are all about. From meeting fellow enthusiasts to running at Roadkill Nights, and ultimately making it to
the Woodward Dream Cruise. These experiences fall
from a single passion and bonds us all together. And to put it simply, we love to drive. If you liked this episode of The House Of Muscle and want to see more there’s a brand new one available right now on Motor Trend On Demand so normally I would find myself lying underneath the belly of a car however this is no ordinary car what your looking at is quite possibly the greatest Plymouth Belvedere ever made well a solid 1600 horsepower 20 pounds of boost it’s so fast each new episode of the House Of Muscle premieres exclusively on Motor Trend On Demand sign up for a free 30-day trial and watch the latest episode now

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