Cruising for Introverts and Carnival’s PVP – Vlog

Cruising for Introverts and Carnival’s PVP – Vlog

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And action! And action. hey cruisers welcome to our weekly vlog thank you very much son for getting us started today this this episode is sponsored by Cruise Line com where you can find reviews photos and tips from real everyday cruisers we have been very busy lately we hope that you like the videos that we have bring been bringing to you sorry stumbling over my words already we had so much fun going to the mall and filming our what to wear on a Royal Caribbean cruise video maybe a little less fun writing and filming our norovirus episode but based on the comments that seem to be very helpful and informative for all of us we hope that you enjoyed that we loved having all of you on our alaska livestream last week that was so much fun thank you very much for all of you who brought your expertise and shared a lot of tips with our subscribers and viewers there’s a lot of fun you can still go and watch that on replay if you would like it was it was awesome so many different tips on port shore excursions and what types of Alaska cruises are the best for you and your party so speaking of live streams we aren’t quite sure right now what we’re going to be doing for our next live stream next Saturday April 22nd we were doing something a little different we’ve been invited to participate on cruise week TV they’re going to be interviewing us and allowing their subscribers to talk with us on the coolest most high-tech livestream ever so we’re going to be bringing a little bit more information about that now because we won’t have an episode between now and then to tell you more about it we’re going to go ahead and put all the links that you can use to watch us and interact on cruise week TV in the comments below and also on social media so on Facebook and Twitter you can find out all about it and look at all the links there for you so we have tons of questions to answer today we’re going to go ahead and get started on that right now because we have so many different things we want to do please pardon the sound of the airplane overhead on the weekends where we live there is an awesome glider activity that happens right around the time that we always film our vlog so that if you hear any loud noise that is exactly what that is all right we’re going to get started with some tips actually today by before we go to certain questions in response to our norovirus episode we had a couple of our subscribers Carolyn and Kendra wait in with some tips on how to prevent norovirus that we did not include in her episode and they were suggesting how to sanitize your hands and your cabin and what we learn from carolyn and kendra here is that not all hand sanitizers actually work against norovirus so you really need to find something that has the right agents in them and we’re going to start with Carolyn’s tip here Carolyn said that the norovirus germ can live on a surface for a couple of weeks that means that she would suggest giving your stateroom a quick disinfecting before settling it now bleach water ratio is effective for killing off the terms but cruise ships don’t allow you to pack bleach right so what she suggests that you do is do a little bit of research and Google hand sanitizers that kill norovirus and you’ll find brands that do work now what we’re going to do is link to some of those at maybe in the notes below i’m not sure if we can do that but definitely on our website cruisetipstv calm in the marketplace if you go to cruisetipstv calm forward slash marketplace and we’re going to get some of those products there Kendra was talking about the same thing and said that most Lysol and clorox wipes actually do not contain bleach so she found some special Clorox healthcare bleach germicidal wipes for ten dollars at office supply com so Kendra it has an inside doesn’t in here basically because she works in the medical industry so we appreciate that Kendra thank you so much for that tip just as a follow-up to our norovirus episode I know I’m going to be going and buying these things for my next cruise because I’m really paranoid about it and now that we’ve done all that research on it I want I feel like I’m knocking on wood hoping that we don’t get sick you know what I mean can’t stop thinking about it so thank you very much ladies for your wonderful tips also wanted to then get to some questions I’m a really interesting question that I would like to share today from the long 21 in the long first mention that they’re going on carnival legend to Alaska in May sounds wonderful and they’re doing the Chilton horseback adventure we’ve never done that for they wanted to know if we had any experience with it but it sounds amazing and i highly recommend that you book it as long as the weather is good and you don’t have rain that should be a fantastic excursion also this is the most interesting part of the question that I really want to share on today’s vlog and share with all of you the long 21 said I am an introvert and a little apprehensive about the large crowds aboard the ship are there any besides your room quiet spaces on board the ship for seeking a little less noise and I really think this is an important topic because I would imagine there are a lot of people who are introverted that end up going on cruises so I consulted with my husband who is actually quite introverted himself and he was willing to share some tips that he thought would make you more comfortable as an introvert cruising and i thought that i would share those with you my husband the first thing that he said is that one thing that he finds the most comforting is when we get on board to confirm that we have a table for just our family the idea of dining with other people doesn’t sound very relaxing to him really or to us as a family because we work a lot and when we vacation we kind of want to get away and have that time to reconnect over dinners so seeking out a private table at dinner may help you with some of that a second we think that getting a balcony cabin is a really good idea now I know you already know that you can escape to your room but the balcony gives you this little extra bit of space to really relax and enjoy separate from the people since this is your first cruise we’re not really sure how you’re going to react to those crowds right everybody’s a little bit different about it but we don’t find crowds on cruise ships to be very let’s just say this you’re not automatically required to socialize you can if you want to but there’s a great deal of anonymity on these larger ships these days so if you seek out a table at your own dinner get a balcony cabin and then explore some of them the spaces on the ship that are a little bit more private you’re going to be just fine and I was talking to my husband about private spots on the ship because I’ve never been on legend we were trying to kind of come up with some general tips for you and what we came out come up came up with was very interesting and that is outdoor spaces generally they’re kind of high on the ship maybe not the pool deck because the pool deck tends to be a little crowded but if you think about it those higher places like the basketball court play is above the pools anywhere that you would need to take stairs to go up and up and up there tend to be less people and we find ourselves gravitating to those places more to explore and define some quiet time when we need it sometimes the bow of the ship can be great even the promenade deck can be relatively uncrowded so you should be just fine and alaskan cruises are pretty mellow I think you’re going to find it to be quite a tranquil experience make sure that on glacier day you enjoy the silence and the peace and the quiet and watch our alaska live stream for some tips if you haven’t already so i hope that helped you but please don’t be afraid to cruise as an introvert I think you’re going to love it and let us know how it is when you get back our next question today comes from Fernando Garcia also going to Alaska wanting to know if it’s better to book tours with the cruise line or better to do it on their own when they land they want a dog sled but are clueless fernanda if you want a dog sled I highly recommend that you book it beforehand that is a very specialized tour that’s probably not going to be available to you right off the dock so you need to book that in advance as is the case with most most organized tours to Alaska now if you want to do something kind of casual like walk around the town take the mount roberts tramway and Juneau take a bus to Mendenhall Glacier those things can easily be done when you get off the ship but for those specialized tours like dog sledding or helicopter flights for example you need to pre-book hope that helps alright next question she is from Kelly O’Neil Kelly wants to know what is princesses policy for carrying non carrying on non-alcoholic drinks and there’s the airplane Kelly I know it’s weird but princess really doesn’t outline this on their website do they they only tell you what alcohol you can bring in what you can’t bring but they don’t say anything about non-alcoholic drinks so here’s the bottom line you can still take soda and water it’s fine it’s no problem and two bottles of wine are still fine i will tell you that on my last cruise on star princess they inspected every can of my soda so we took two 12-packs is about 2 12 packs of soda honey visits on right my husband likes diet coke I like club soda so we took 2 12 packs in our carry-on and they opened the paper containers and took every single can out and I am assuming they were doing that to make sure it wasn’t beer I don’t really think I looked at Shady but they inspected our back so just be prepared for that but they do allow it so i would take what you’d like to take you can still take bottled water to it’s not a problem on Princess and I think that’s because on Princess there’s less abuse you know you don’t have as many people trying to smuggle so hope that helps you on the move with the mix is going to Nassau by a carnival victory in September and wants to know if we have any tips you guys are going to love the serenity area on that ship it’s wonderful even though you’re going with the kids if you want a little escape from the kids go to the back of the ship and enjoy the serenity we love the alchemy bar on any carnival ship and I know there’s one on victory so enjoy that go get yourself a specialized martini I heard to that carnival victory has a seafood shack so go have a lobster roll for me and enjoy it and let me know how it goes i think it’s worth the 10 bucks or whatever it costs the kids are going to love the water slides we did hear that there are some awesome water features on that shift that sounds awesome i also think that you will love the sea day brunch don’t forget to try it out they have great food the steak and eggs is amazing and last time we went I had a filet mignon with my eggs and it was complimentary so enjoy that little perk now since you’re going to at Bahamas I’m assuming that you’re going to Nassau and a lot of people will automatically choose to go to Paradise Island for the day and they’ll go pay to spend the day to Atlantis and do the water slides and things like that but it is extremely expensive if you don’t want to do that if you want to still go to Paradise Island where Atlantis is but you don’t want to go to the resort into the water park you don’t have to you can go walk around the resort no problem no charge or you can go to cable beach which is nearby and that doesn’t cost much at all you can also do a resort for the day so get on to cruise line calm get onto shipmate app and start doing your research and you will find some really fun things to do have a great time on the victory on the move of the Meeks Cody love wanted to know if they could take a drone with them on the cruise we wish you could my husband would love to be flying a drone on a cruise or taking a drone with us to whatever destinations were going to but unfortunately you can’t and we’re hearing that the cruise lines are pretty strict about it and if you try to take it off you may be used muggle on the ship and you successfully get it onto the ship but then you go to a port you take it off in the port and then they see it coming through the x-ray getting back on that day and is confiscated so I would not bother to take your drone yet we’re not there yet cruise lines do not want you to do that okay seize the day who has a cool screen name by the way and then I’m going to go into Alaska it’s the season you guys and they want to know if we have packing videos on carry on only and yes we do we I believe that I message to our packing videos we have carry on only we have packing videos for Alaska only you should definitely look at all those but I think that what you wanted to know was you want to take as little luggage as possible right and you want some tips so in order to take as little as possible I but start with a lightweight really good quality rolling suitcase and then I would minimize your shoes and your outerwear because we’re going to laugh though we pack all these bulky jackets and you need to tone those down because they’re heavy and bulky plan on doing some laundry on board that is going to be the best advice I can give you because you can rewear your jeans your jackets and I don’t know why I’ve mentioned this before in these logs but clothes get more dirty in Alaska if there’s rain there’s mud there’s dirt and you’re going to want to do laundry so take some of those little Tide Pods takes me travel laundry detergent that will save you some money I don’t know if Royal Caribbean actually has self-serve launderettes on the ships that you’re going on if they don’t I would pay the 35 bucks and have that laundry done it’s going to save you keep your toiletries really light minimize them take small bottles of shampoo from the sample aisle at target or from a beauty box or whatever keep the makeup to a minimum and really watch those toilets toiletries those things add up and add a lot of bulk and weight leave your hair dryer at home as well but really the best tips I can give you our do laundry and don’t take a lot of shoes that’s probably going to be best advice you also wanted to know if there are any tips on getting from the airport to the hotel cruise port and any good hotel recommendations that I have for you in Seattle strangely when we went to Seattle on a cruise of my mom about wednesday was about ten years ago we took a town car from the airport to the hotel and it wasn’t expensive at all it was probably the same as a cab but I think that we must have pre arranged it through to our travel agent or something like that because I remember thinking oh yeah that sounds great let’s do it the only Hotel I’ve ever stayed at in Seattle is the hotel andra am DRA and it is awesome it’s really charming it’s right in the heart of downtown Seattle and it’s walking distance from the beautiful kind of waterfront areas you can even see the cruise ships if you walk around a few blocks in that area great restaurants nearby highly recommend it hope that you enjoy all right Jane Hawk has a question for us says do you have any info on late nights on a carnival ship I am a night owl and my first cruise is coming up I wonder what I will be doing it’s ray am well James here’s the bad news the bad news is I’m not a night owl that’s my idea of a good bedtime is like somewhere between nine o’clock in ten o’clock even on a cruise because I’ve got a early morning work schedule at home and I’ve just never been able to adjust so I consulted with my friend and experts on this matter Tommy from always be booked podcast you probably already have heard of Tommy but he had some really good tips for you and I’d like to share them now he said that the casino and the nightclubs are going to be the best place to be at that late hour so if you’re staying up til 3am those are going to be the only slots really to hang out he said that Carnival has really great high-energy nightclub good djs keep the party going and interestingly enough though some of the night owls don’t hang out in the night clubs they hang out more in the casino but maybe not even to gamble but because it’s a little more quiet than the nightclub with the DJ and the music and the dancing and all that so another thing that Tommy wanted us to tell you this is kind of a bonus tip from him is that after all that fun late night partying you can still go to the Lido and get 24-hour Pizza and Tommy and I one thing we totally agree on is that carnival does have some pretty darn good pizza so head to the back of the Lido after you’ve been out late and get some pizza to cap it all off thank you very much Tommy for weighing in on all those tips at the very last minute for me I really appreciate it always can depend on you alright next question is from Jennifer stick now this is a great one you guys are going to love this jennifer has done river cruises but is has an opportunity to go on her first Caribbean cruise on a mega ship so royal caribbean independence of the seas to the Caribbean but she kind of has a phobic aversion of large things and is only going because of this convention so she needs some tips on how to go from being you know like accustomed to small smaller ships river cruises things like that to this giant mega ship Jennifer the first thing I’d like to tell you is that early December isn’t awesome time to go to the Caribbean you’re gonna have great weather fewer kids fewer crowds and it’s actually cheaper so you’re picking a good time okay that’s one thing I would tell you do you expect it to be the polar opposite of a river cruise but you will have I think you’re going to enjoy it quite a bit if you do a lot of research on the ship and of course if you’re going with a convention you’re going to have a lot of interaction with the people that are like-minded and that you’re you know you’re sailing with so enjoy that part of it here are my tips for you I think you should make some reservations before you cruise of some of the fancy restaurants on board I think that’s going to make you feel a little bit more at home also booked a balcony or if you can book a suite you’re going to feel like you can retreat that balcony or that cabin anytime and I think it’s going to be a nice respite for you don’t overschedule yourself even though I’m telling you to make reservations for shows and things like that I think you know keep it mellow enjoy the convention its focus on the good restaurants and you’ll be good and you know it’s going to be a little different for you because obviously when you’re on a river cruise is all about the port’s rights less about the grandeur of the ship but enjoy the ship in this case enjoy the fact that these are crazy huge shopping mall amusement parks these days and let us know how it goes all right irene castillo alonso has seen some of our packing videos but once you know what she should do with her dinner jacket for her husband during formal night Irene I think you what you mean is what should you do to pack it my recommendation is to take the little plastic bags that you get at the dry cleaner you know the ones that they wrap dress shirts and things in take one of those put the dinner jacket in it leave it on the hanger and lay it flat on top of the suitcase when you’re done packing if you’re not taking a garment bag if you’re taking a garment bag then just hang it in the garment bag in that plastic the plastic really helps to reduce the wrinkles we swear by that tip and they will give you a couple of them at your dry cleaner if you have a good relationship with them and you can just go grab them and help yourself to save those wrinkles hope that that helps Christine own meal wants to what is the best way to budget for the total cost of Virtua tease extra packages excursions service charges so one is not hit with a shocking bill at the end of the cruise so I think what you need to do Christine and this is a really complex question we do a whole episode on budgeting but I think you want to just do your research find out how much those daily tips are going to cost per person and get everything loaded into an Excel spreadsheet find out what the tips are going to cost per person per day and get those multiplied out before you even book the cruise so you know if you can afford this the same thing with shore excursions are you the type of people that are going to want to spend a hundred dollars per person per day swimming with dolphins and doing fancy excursions or are you going to be happy just going to a beach right so you have to think about those things in advance and as for other things like drinks and packages you know you have to figure every single cocktail that you buy on a ship is going to cost you between probably in I’d say five six dollars for a beer up to eight to twelve for a cocktail so every drink if you don’t buy the package you’re going to need to budget for that same with sodas so it isn’t probably two to three dollars per soda unless you buy a soda package so just be thinking about that and if we can we will do some kind of an effort some kind of an episode for you soon on budgeting I think it’s a really wonderful idea and you may have just inspired an episode hope that helps send me a little message if you want a little more help and maybe I can put together an Excel spreadsheet for you alright Carolyn chadwell says when we booked our cruise do we look at ourselves or go through a travel agent Carolyn we book their travel agent except when we booked with carnival with carnival we actually booked through our personal vacation planner everyone has access to a personal vacation planner with carnival they’re kind of like high-end customer service reps that are sorta like travel agents that book only carnival and they work for carnival a really cool concept but for all other cruise lines we actually do use our travel agent at Cerritos travel down in Los Angeles I hope that that helps you if you want more information on how to contact either of those people that I just mentioned you can send me a message and I will get you their contact information alright guys we just have a few more things to do here we need to help a couple people out we need to help orville and help Carolyn Orville wants to know if we have any information on passion island and cozumel now Orville knows that I always go to nochi cook home and I don’t know a whole lot about passion island so if any of you know Orville is going on liberty of the seas in September and wants to have some advice on if that’s a good choice we also want to help let’s see here Christine O’Neil it’s not Carolyn we’re carolyn it’s christine christine wants to know if in what ports in the Caribbean are Bahamas offer excursions where people can swim or interact with dolphins and honestly I don’t know Christine so hopefully some of our subscribers can help you out with that I hope everyone has enjoyed the vlog today thank you all so very much for all of your awesome support and thumbs up please be sure to follow us over on Facebook and did you know you can now rate and review us over on facebook we would love it if you would give us a good five stars and write some really nice things about us we always appreciate your support also wanted to remind everyone that we are probably not going to be doing a live stream next Saturday we will keep you very closely posted all over social media on what our next event will be be sure to check out our sponsor Cruise Line calm by clicking in the link below that’s very helpful to us and to them and thank you thank you thank you hope you all had a wonderful easter and until next time we’ll see on the high seas bye her home hey put me to subscribe and action

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  1. Christine – my husband, mother in-law and I are booking an excursion in Nassau to swim with dolphins. It is at Blue Lagoon and costs $135/person. Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. I have always booked my own cruises, excursions and air travel. What are the pros going through a travel agent?

  3. Hello Sheri! I have answers and tips, as well as a question myself! [Suggestion: Pin this so that the people who were curious can see this :)]


    At 10:43 you said Drones aren't allowed. Josh Hocum on YouTube has a video about that, and he says you indeed ARE allowed to bring one, just you can't fly it whilst at sea. However, you can fly it in SOME ports.

    At 20:02, I know that Nassau (Atlantis) and Conzumel allow you to swim with Dolphins! Hope that helps!


    Tip 1: When sailing in the Caribbean during the cruise winter season (Late November-Early April) Expect a change in itinerary. I was once on an NCL ship in December and due to weather & technical issues, they couldn't tender at Great Stirrup Cay. They went on to Nassau (overnight)

    Tip 2: When booking a cruise, make sure you look at the deck above and below you. Try not to be above a night club, or underneath the pool area. Also, watch YouTube videos where they have a cabin in a similar location you do. Ask in the comments (if not already stated in the video) the noise level or complaints they had.

    Tip 3: When booking NCL, find a sailing with Free at Sea WITH 3rd & 4th Sale free. Ask family members to come on the cruise (If you want) It will save you money. Book an Ocean View, Balcony or Suite. You can get the 2 choices! Choose 3rd & 4th Sale free and another. This saves you a TON of money!


    Question 1: With NCLs Free at Sea promotion, there is an additional charge for the Beverage package. It seems like a great deal, free sodas and others, but is it worth the extra money, since we can't bring drinks aboard?


  4. Awesome vlog this week. Lots of good tips for carnival 🙂 first cruise coming up here very soon july 2nd. Very excited.

  5. Sheri – Clorox makes dry/powdered bleach. I bet you could take that on a cruise (and I have the real Clorox wipes with chlorine bleach at home)!

  6. As for quiet places – I still like to visit the library on the ship. Sometimes it's part of the Internet Cafe, but it's small & quiet, and I choose a good book, find a comfy chair – and even on a ship with a lot of passengers, I can enjoy quiet time in an area where there are some other people, but still peaceful!! Some of the ships still have card/game rooms too – they're usually quiet (unless there's a mah jongg tournament going on)!

  7. Thanks so much for the advice! I am immersing myself in every website, video, and any other piece of information I can scrounge up on cruising in general and RC Independence of the Seas in particular even though the cruise is still more than 7 months away. 😁. I also have a call into the convention planners regarding getting a suite. Again, thanks so much. I am binging on your videos to gain some comfort with the idea of a super huge ship on the big blue ocean!

  8. Sheri – there is a company called Evolve that has bleach tablets (35 per small bottle) come in linen scent. I pack a couple if I have a jetted tub and run through the jets with a tub full of hot water first (you never know). I am from Florida and they carry these at our local grocery, Publix. You could dissolve a tablet in hot sink water and use to wipe down surfaces, right?

  9. Just a follow up note to the Norovirus vlog, in regards to the hand sanitizers that kill Norovirus…… I buy a brand called X3 Clean at the pharmacy (and I'm a Canadian), but i recently discovered that you can buy it at Walmart; I think this simplifies getting your hands on some. I checked the U.S. site, and it is available there as well. They are sold in a couple of different sizes; even small enough to pop in a pocket. Hope that helps!!!!

  10. oh man thanks for the info now I'm supper bummed about not taking a drone oh well life goes on 12 days on the emerald princess to alaska next year I'll just have to bring more photography gear

  11. oh man thanks for the info now I'm supper bummed about not taking a drone oh well life goes on 12 days on the emerald princess to alaska next year I'll just have to bring more photography gear.

  12. Just wanted to add….& maybe you all know this…but with Princess, you can pay for everything up front before the actual cruise, if you wish. I have already paid for my excursions & will be paying for my daily gratuities up front as well very soon before we leave for our cruise destination in a few months. This is very handy when financially planning & getting these paid up front will certainly help the sticker shock at the end of the cruise when you settle with Princess before embarkation on the last day. Thanks for the great cruise videos. I really enjoy them!

  13. I love watching your videos they're so informative thank you for being there for us who have no idea what to do on a cruise or what to bring thank you thank you you are faithful watcher Darlene

  14. Carolyn G.,I think I got them thru a website – Medex Supply (but any medical supply store or website would have them – just look for the wipes that say they have chlorine bleach), and I think Sheri included them in her link to Amazon (even the refill packs)!

  15. Would like to see a budgeting video. I pay for my gratuity, drink packages and some excursions ahead of time. Makes a big difference at the end of your cruise 😊 I use Costco Travel, when I compared with another travel agent the shipboard credit was a little bit more with Costco.

  16. Hi all! Looks like Carnival DOES allow drones currently, but they cannot be used on the ship. Here is their official policy:

  17. Thanks for answering my question. Was going to ly to port city the day BEFORE so we can get to a store and buy soda before we embark. I know I can't pack soda in carry-on on flight (and really don't want to). Still deciding among Carnival, Norwegian, Princess and Royal Caribbean. So many considerations BTW, you also answered my sisters question (about budgeting). We are twin sisters.

  18. Sheri – I was so close to booking an Alaskan cruise on May, 15th on the Amsterdam (smaller HAL ship). Would have been a good price – but I waited too long and missed out!! I might still try, but only if I can get a balcony cabin (and reasonable airfare from West Palm Beach to Seattle)!!
    My last Alaska cruise (also thru HAL) we flew in the day before and stayed at great hotel (high rise and round) right near Pike's market. And HAL took care of all of our luggage and transportation (and I got to visit with my brother and family in Seattle).

  19. We have always booked our own cruises direct with the line, but this time I went to a travel agent. We were told a travel agent can get you a better deal and even help with getting discounts on some of the dining and drinks packages, so when I looked up travel agents on Royal Caribbeans web page they recommended our local AAA. What we got was the early discount that was offered on their site and nothing else. Someone needs to explain the advantages of a travel agent to me again!

  20. Places on the ship that are quiet: the coffee shop is generally pretty quiet. You can always go into one of the bars during the day where there won't be anyone. If you want to suntan, go to the base of the smokestack – there are generally deck chairs up there – it's where most staff goes to sunbathe to be out of the crowds! and it's very quiet and out of the way. At night, if you want to go watch the stars, go at the front of the ship near the bridge – the lights are all off and it's where you get the best view, you are away from the sounds of the engines and can just unwind and watch the stars! I used to just lay on my back and watch the shooting stars. If you want to grab a drink, the atrium bars are also much quieter during the day.

  21. In the old days of cruising – I made sure to put cash away in the safe, based on the suggestions of what to tip the cabin steward, dining room staff, etc. – so on the last night I had the cash to put into the envelopes that were left in our cabins. Now, the majority of tips are included in the fare (although I still will tip extra for excellent service). I always pre-paid for the shore excursions, so I didn't have to worry about that. But somehow I always manage to get the "extras" on my bill – usually the gift shop, maybe a little casino money and the photo packages (I'm a sucker for those pics, especially if they include one good pic of my whole group)!! My form of budgeting is called "credit card"! Since my cruise has usually been completely paid for months before I get on the ship – I don't get too upset if I decide to treat myself to some extras!! I have a jar at home – my cruise ship fund jar – and I throw in a few dollars as often as I can!! It becomes my "fun money"!

  22. Hi Sheri, a great tip for budgeting is to set up a separate "vacation savings account". My family and I have done this where we have a direct deposit amount from every paycheck is placed into that account. We save money that way for our trips and are able to have plenty of spending money for excursions, drink packages and souvenirs. Because this money is not included in our monthly budget we are able to have a better time knowing that we have saved a good amount for our vacations.

  23. Hi Sheri. Thanks for the blog. I'm not sure if we're talking about being introverted, or just wanting some privacy (a relative term on a large cruise ship). I mostly know RC so here are a few ideas. 1) Obviously, your cabin. You can get a balcony or suite, of course but you can also, on the larger ships, get an inside cabin that lets you look down onto the ship's main promenade. You can watch things and not be bothered by the crowds. 2) The library. 3) On the newer RC ships they have a Skylight chapel on deck 15. I've never gone up there since it seems a little sacrilegious, but I'm sure that you'll get quiet and privacy.

    The last place I can think of is the RC Diamond Lounge. It's a VIP lounge that's reserved for their Diamond Plus and Pinnacle loyalty members only. I'm neither but one time I just walked into the lounge and nobody bothered me. I don't know if you're supposed to show ID or if I walked in at the right time and got lucky, but it was quiet (with lot of free stuff).

  24. My daughter has aspbergers and she has a really tough time with the crowds and noise… She is only 10 so she wears the gun range head phones to block out the noise..once she has those on she is perfectly fine and happy. ..however, if you do not want to be standing out…you may be able to listen to music on your phone and just kind of find a nice chair to sunbathe on….

  25. I would like to point out at least at Port Canaveral, you can stay the night at the hotel prior to your cruise and they will let you park your car there and shuttle you back and forth versus just paying for parking. It extends the vacation and you do not have to rush either.

  26. How do you ensure you have a table just for your family? Is it possible for me and my wife to have a table for 2 in the main dining room?

  27. For Christine O'Neil's question on ports in the Caribbean that have dolphin encounters I found quite a few; Cozumel has two, Dolphinaris and Chankanaab. Also Grand Cayman, Roatan, Jamaica, Nassau, Costa Maya, Curacao, Freeport, Beremuda, & Tortola, British Virgin Islands all have dolphin encounter excursions. These were found through Carnival's excursions. Hope this helps.

  28. Another wonderful video, Cruise Tips TV! I loved the video idea of cruising is still for introverts!

  29. I would love a budgeting vlog! I THINK I have a pretty good grasp of what we need to save for (and how much) and we have already pre-paid our gratuities, but with this being my first cruise I'm sure I've overlooked something! 😉

  30. For the person going to Nassau you could go to Atlanta but there's certain parts were you are not allowed to go inside the the big resort the Atlantis so what we did we took a taxi tour and he took us all over the good the bad and the and the pretty parts of the island we did some good shopping some good eating so definitely I'd say go with the taxi tour

  31. Hi Sherry My Husband and I were thinking of either doing the Caribbean in December like we did last year or going to Cuba what do you think is more bank for your buck

  32. Alaska and the Carnival Legend…..Balcony FOR SURE! You have scenery most of the time! Its amazing. As far as a quiet place on the Legend…Something we called the "Enchanted Forest."' Its deck 3 forward. Portholes big enough to sit in. Tables in the area, and not a ton of people. My daughter sat down there for hours on our Alaska cruise. Definitely also recommend the small boat excursion in Tracy Arm Fjord. AMAZING! Little pricey….but so worth it! Right up to calving glaciers. Definitely going again!

  33. thank you sooooo much, i found you and your hubby's tips, and tips in the comment section to be extremely helpful. im feverishly taking notes. also, i AM staying in a balcony room, and feeling even better about making that choice after i watched this. im soaking up as much information as i can, and your channel is an oasis in a sea of the unknown 🙂

  34. We don't mind the crowds on the cruise ships as introverts, but then again we work from home and are far from overspent. I find that the majority of people on Celebrity are introverted, which may be more relaxing for some. Typically I start the conversations on there, and people quickly warm up.

  35. if you go to a medical supply store and tell them you need a multi surface multi viral disinfection wipe they sell some. they come in large tubs but, I am sure you can pull them out and put them in plastic bags and carry with you on board. just try to get the bigger wipes and not the smaller ones. you have to use so many it isn't worth it. the ones I just got for a friend are in a white container with a purple top. the name escapes my mind right now but I saw them and knew it was them. all I had to do was ask if they carried the larger wipe. these do have a smaller quantity but, they KILL EVERYTHING.

  36. I love your channel. I am cruising to Alaska in September. I am cruising alone and am on crutches. Could you possibly consider doing something to help those of us in this situation make the most out of this trip?

  37. for carnival. the excursion in nassau Bahamas to balmoral island has 🐬 and stingrays for interaction with cruisers

  38. As an introvert, I found that the nightclubs are often used for quiet activities during the day, particularly those a bit out of the way. No music, no bar service, just comfy seats with views and people enjoying quiet time to read and doze in peace and quiet.

  39. thankyou for cruiser of the week , great vlog as usual and what about the majestic princess home porting in Sydney in our summer of 2018, im so excited to finally get to sail on a new ship.

  40. Love your channel. Thank you for all your tips.

    My family and I are traveling to Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel on Carnival Vista in July. We were wondering what are the best kid friendly (I have a five year old) shore excursions in Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman?

  41. Hi Sherry 🙂 I love your vlog! As an introvert/early bird, the most enjoyable time of day on cruise ship is early morning. There are waaaay few people in public areas and deck. Almost empty! Get coffee and read in a bar, head out to deck, hear sound of waves and see sun rise. Such a relaxing time. This is why I love cruising.

  42. I was really nervous when we booked Oasis because OMG it is so big. But there are a ton of video tours on YouTube, so I binged on them. I also read religiously, and listened to Matt's podcast. By the time I got on the ship, it felt like home away from home. Doing research (maybe a little too much research) helped so much, the ship didn't feel near as big as it was. I knew what everything looked like before I went, and if that spoiled the surprise, at least it took some of the anxiety out of sailing for the first time.

  43. @malong21 when Legend is in Australia we have found the areas that are quite are: Deck 2 – outside the piano bar, the library and during the day the Odyssey Lounge. Deck 3 – card room and during the day the Atlantis lounge near the Alchemy bar and the sports bar. Hope this helps and have a great cruise.

  44. (Sorry, this is Phil aka TundraJunkie on Cruise Critic — accidentally posted from my other channel)

    When you do that budgeting video, talk about tipping.  It's very confusing when some of the packages say that tipping is included … but some isn't.  For instance, our daily room tipping is included in our package, but some people said ALSO expect an envelope at the end of the cruise.  I've read and that drink prices have the tip included (plus we have a drink package).  Obviously you wouldn't at a buffet, but when you go to one of the restaurants or even the MDR … what's appropriate?  We have an included dinner at the Pinnacle Grill, (this is HAL) too. Yes at a restaurant, no at the MDR?  Yes at both? I understand if we REALLY like the service of course we are free to tip an additional amount. Room service tipping, that sort of thing as well. Deal is,  I don't want to come off as a cheapskate, but then again I don't really want to be walking around the ship leaving a cloud of dollar bills wherever I go, either.  This is not a cheap trip to begin with.

  45. Royal Caribbean does not have self serve laundry. You can send out small items to be washed (underwear, tshirts, etc.), but I've never had my jeans washed.

  46. I just booked my 1st cruise on NCL Sky and they let you buy whatever you plan on purchasing during the cruise
    through their website. I pretty much took care of everything from the grats to excursions to water/soda in my room up front so there's no big bill at the end. It gives me peace of mind so I don't worry about how much I'm spending every day and you can pay for things over time instead trying to save a big hunk of cash.

  47. I don't know the first thing about drones, but wouldn't you be worried about a nasty gust of wind making it crash into something, or someone, or even over the side forever? Also, wouldn't the line be worried about it hitting some piece of equipment or another passenger who could say they were hurt and sue?

  48. Thank you for the tip of how to make dining less stressful for an introvert. As an introvert, I almost had a panic attack on my first cruise to Alaska because there were so many people. However, my mom, who is an extrovert, helped me to relax and allowed me to choose quiet places to eat. I've never tried the main (traditional) dining rooms because the idea of dining at a table with complete strangers every meal freaks me out. So, I'm going to try your husband's tip about seeing if I can just get a table for my group on the next cruise.

  49. Years ago we dove with dolphins in the Bahamas through They are a first class operation still in existence.

  50. oh I have another question… I know you're allowed to bring a bottle or two of wine but what about port wine my wife and I love a good port?

  51. Sheri will be a live guest tomorrow, 4/22 at 8pm ET/5pm Pacific on Cruiseweek TV. Watch or interact at any of the following points:

  52. Hey Sheri! Sorry we're just now getting caught up on the videos; crazy week. But I did want to offer a couple of things, first on the cruising as an introvert. The ship's library is a great place to go and relax, if for nothing more than a breather from the ship's hustle and bustle. Additionally (and as you mentioned earlier), take time to explore the ship and find its little nooks and crannies that can serve as a nice little quiet spot. Lastly, take a close look at the daily onboard newsletter (NCL's Freestyle Daily, for example) on what programs that are offering on a given day. Even on a megaship, you can find a lot of smaller talks, demonstrations, etc that won't draw the big crowds like the ship's main attractions do.

    With regards to budgeting, you hit the nail on the head when you said to do your research before you book. Additionally (and you know I'm broken record on this) plan ahead. Give yourself enough time to pay off the initial cruise fair and then pay off the "add-on's" after that. For example, for our cruise on the Epic in Jan 2019, I'm giving myself all of this year to pay off the initial cruise fair, with 2018 set aside to pay off the airfare, Specialty Dining Package, shore excursions, etc. In doing so, everything will have been completely paid off long before we step on the plane to fly to Port Canaveral for the cruise. Lastly, take advantage of as many of the "perks" as possible when booking (NCL's "Choice of Five" perks comes to mind).

  53. How is it possibile that a town car is the same price as a taxi?  I realize that limos have set fees and taxis have meters but I would assume a limo is 2x the price of a taxi?

  54. booked our first cruise for princess cruise west coast getaway 4 day trip. taking our 5 year old any recommendation .

  55. We might have a special situation, but this is how I save for vacations. I'm retired and receive SS each month and my husband is still employed. I have my own checking account and when my SS check comes in I automatically transfer money each month into a separate "travel' account. It only goes in once a month, but you'd be surprised how fast it adds up. My husbands check is automatically deposited into our joint checking account and after transferring money into a second checking account for household expenses what's left in the first checking account is for discretion spending. This includes, entertainment, gas, groceries etc. At the end of the pay period, if there's any money left in the discretion account it gets transferred into a vacation savings account. Like several others, we pay for all associated costs up front so there are no surprises with the final bill.

  56. Hi Sheri! I tend toward the introvert side and thought I'd never like a cruise. Didn't take my first until about five years ago at age 52 and am now averaging 30+ days a year and love nothing better. Have never had a problem finding a quiet place if I needed one.

  57. I'm an introvert (INTJ) and I like to travel by myself. I'm also an early bird like another person mentioned. My first solo cruise I got up early and walked around the ship and I ate breakfast in the MDR by myself. I was always seated near the window and for the most part people didn't bother me. If someone was a chatty Kathy then I would put my earphones in. I like eating by myself so I brought my tablet with me for dinner too. I also spent a lot of time in the spa. The ship I sailed on had a thermal spa and it was always quiet and relaxing there. I didn't book any excursions because I has traveled to most of the ports on land based trips. I stayed onboard and found a lot of quiet places to relax. I sailed with Norwegian so they don't have set dining times so I didn't have to worry about being seated with other people nor did I ask. I was always seated at 2 seater table. Hope this helps.

  58. Was this a bad make up day or are those black eyes? Surprised this made it past edit….. hope you're ok and I'm worrying unjustly….

  59. Thank you thank you I have an introvert daughter 17 and she can't decide which ship Ncl or royal carnival any ideas?

  60. Hi! Great introvert tips! If the ship has a library, I'll steal away there. I've also found my "recharge" moments sitting in the back of a bingo game that I wasn't actually participating in or going to one of the smaller rooms (typically where there are some musicians). It gets me away from the crowds and no need to socialize.

  61. Hi Sherri!! I have 2 tips relating to this video. I find the best place for quiet/alone time on the ship (NCL is my line of choice) is in the thermal spa!! It's soo relaxing and people don't tend to socialize in there unless they come in with someone! Nobody bothers you and no one under 18 is allowed. Highly recommend spending the extra $ for the pass!! 💖 💖(if you purchase prior to boarding you save $20 off on board pricing)
    In terms of budgeting.. I recommend paying for what you can before boarding so there are minimal surprises on the final bill. On NCL you can prepay tips before trip (they will automatically add a standard tip ($13.99 per person per day) to your on board account at the end of the cruise.

    Love your channels.. keep up the great work!!! 💖 💖

  62. I have accidentally stumbled across your vlog's and have already watched 6 which have had so many Amaaaaazing tips THANK YOU ! ! ! I head out on my very first cruise 9/12/2018 and I am just obsessed with watching yr vlogs 😀 … My son was recently hit by a car and thank goodness he's a very big boy as had it not been for his size he would not be here today…although he is up and about physically he is doing ok…how ever has taken a toll on him mentally and goes in and out of depression and anxiety so his moods are very up and down, so had decided to take my son (who is 22 by the way) on a vaccay to hopefully lift up his mood and give him something to look forward to and because he can not fly … A cruise it is…. So for us both watching your vids just keeps that momentum of excitement going for us/him 🙂

  63. "I don't think I look that shady…"
    I think it's less how you "look" and more about they probably already had a hit on someone "wise" doing exactly that before you got there. Like at amusement parks, security acts real lax until they get their first hit of the day, then it's all business because as hard as they are watching what you do, management is watching them even harder.

  64. Sherri, I have been watching your videos as I am possibly going on a cruise this November on Carnival. Can you make a video including more details about how dining on board the ship works and how and when you make reservations (specifically on carnival cruises)? I would want to make sure that I sit with my family as eating dinner with strangers would give me an anxiety attack 😁. Thanks for this channel it's super helpful.

  65. Hello!! I’ve been seeing some of your videos lately and it’s very informative. Thank you!! I’m going on a cruise w my fam in July 2019(god willing)and there’s so much to know and learn lol it’s a little overwhelming but very exciting. For excursions ,what the best affordable and trustworthy way to book other then on the ship?

  66. I'm going on a Carnival Cruise in Sept. and was wondering if you can recommend a helpful,friendly, and knowledgeable pvp?

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