Cuban Vacation – SNL

Cuban Vacation – SNL

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  1. Exactly, pretentious folks do not say the Eiffel Tower but tour Eiffel. Why not Deutschland instead of Germany? You never hear that.

  2. I work in a restaurant in Hawaii and I see white people come in from the mainland from work. About half of them try so hard to ingratiate themselves to locals by speaking like them.

    They sound like fucking idiots.

  3. I know it’s supposed to be funny…. but not really…. Cuban kids don’t smoke … and not all women are in the streets. 😡

  4. I’m Cuban and this half pissis me off because for real Cuban people not rich white tourists, there are parts of the island forbidden from my people and that’s kinda screwed up. But I get it’s just a skit and the tourists don’t know anything really about that.

  5. I noticed that they did this segment again with James McAvoy and them talking about their trip to New Orleans
    but where should they say they just got back from?

  6. I had a doctor who was Hispanic. I know some Spanish, so I typically try to pronounce names correctly, out of respect, not to sound pompous. The office staff completely butchered this doctor’s name. One day, I asked him why he didn’t correct their pronunciation. He said it just wasn’t worth it, because almost everyone – staff and patients – always got it wrong. But he confirmed my pronunciation was correct, and he said he appreciated it.

  7. I'll never read the word Cuba the same way again. 😆 Seth Myers almost looks like Jerry Seinfeld here. He looks a little creepy.

  8. “in cuba, EVERYTHING is alive with music and color.”
    i know this is a comedy sketch, but i was instantly reminded of when i was 16 and stayed with my uncle and his wife in cuba for a week. they live in havana, the capital. i had never, ever in my life, been in such a quiet place before. it was both a nice change of pace and an unsettling reminder of the country basically being in limbo.

  9. Ctfu my sugar daddy’s friends just came back from a cruise to Cuba and they al kept saying “Koo-bah” instead of Cuba… but I couldn’t say how much it annoyed me other cause then I’d have to get a job again 😂😂😅

  10. Seth sucks an orange push up pop every night thinking of donald trump . he sucked at weekend update and his brother ruined that 70s show.

  11. Me: from Havana Cuba

    “I think the worst part is not that most of they said is true but that these people actually exist and one them is a friend of mine who didn’t the difference between Mexico and Cuba until grade 5.

  12. When they Cuba is like they try to say it in Spanish but give up halfway and pronounce the rest In English……like all my other white friends.

  13. Habaná, uh na na.
    I saw some roosters at
    Habaná, uh na na.
    They weren't fighting,
    they were dancing, uh na na.
    I went to Cooba 'coz I have money,
    I have a lot of money.
    Habaná, uh na na.

    Habaná is in Cooba, by the way. We went there.

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