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the day is finally here we are going on our Disney cruise today good morning everyone right now we are gonna get started our pre cruise celebration and are we ready oh oh happy dizzy crew ain't no only no you want to go – I'm sorry sorry – you can't go on a Disney cruise less in honor of our Disney Cruise we are using our Disney Resort mugs – to get a little tipsy am I ready to drink our what is this sparkling wine kava tea tastes like vacation to me so our first stop is to head to my mom's to drop off geo geo is my dog for those of you who it's your first time watching my channel geo what are you doing over there do you need to be over here alright you have to be over here with me here with me you can't go on the Disney cruises okay alright guys out here to the Port of Miami just check their bags this ship is back there I'm so excited we got our key to the world so I think we're ready to board I think right oh so alright guys we're heading into the ship sooo oh my goodness think you believe it's been a year almost we've been here for the first time there's goofy I'm excited I'm very different I get excited when I know I'm about to board I've been excited for 11 days I don't get excited at all it doesn't bother me as soon as we're here it always happens anywhere 12:50 p.m. so we hit the board pretty quickly let me just say this oh my god that bag heavy or what oh my god hello hello thank you thank you it's actually pretty fast and they have all the Disney music playing already alright we're about to be on it here on welcome to Disney magic thank you already times that sanitize your hands reason for killing John [Applause] oh it's fun look at the first video that we did it was the same exact thing except the first video wasn't wearing this and I wasn't wearing these so we had to differentiate oh my gosh Pluto so our rooms are I'm ready for like another half an hour so we're gonna head to cabinas to get some yummy in my tummy cuz I've been dieting for like a month and done it's done for this trip diets over guys alright first time riding a Disney elevator nobody like no wait does like no one around this one I never noticed that yeah little Mickey Ann Oh nope it's actually gonna be this one shut up I never noticed these before yep this one right here you guys we are in Cavanaugh's yum yum yum we're gonna go put our bags down on a chair because the back is awfully heavy with all of our booths in it what an amazing view behind you look at that alright so of course I got my favorite stuff that I've been wanting to get chicken tenders mac and cheese french fries and Cod it's random but what about you so I got crispy pork chow mein noodles extra vegetables it looks like stone crab shrimp and cotton and macaroni and cheese I've been wanting this cup since probably the first time I was like how do you get those cups it's a really good deal will tell you guys all about it later Cheers do this to everyone and of course we got to get dessert so I got the nut crumble or chocolate cookie and rocky road ice cream and what you get same thing but I got the vanilla swirl man that was good now we're heading to our stateroom I think it's ready now there's 130 all right here we are on deck 6 we are in the Ford of the ship so I think it's that way all right wait no that Ford is that way for it is this way oh look at the thing Oh Ford is this way I don't have a good sense of direction on cruise ships that is a fact all right we're getting close up here we are whoa cool where DBC member then he left us a welcome aboard Disney Vacation Club member sign all right Ella you open the door oh my gosh I bet you want to get rid of that bag oh you have no weight here and welcome everyone welcome everyone how nice these rooms oh my god room is so good actually like come with just the port window yeah I miss a marina – but this is nice I was really nice look at this nice big porthole and we get the view of Miami Wow it's an awesome view Oh Disney Cruise Line TV we can watch the line is our name on it Oh what his name on it oh my god it is awesome they didn't have it before I don't think maybe they did I just don't remember Wow oh look it we have we have another one of these bag is the one that I'm perfect for they need another one they're Disney castaway cruise line bag that's what I'm wearing now on my back and then whoa look at this it is a little goodie it is Francesca and John the two of you're so sweet Kimberly ahoy matey all Kimberly thank you so much look at this cute thing oh yeah it's really nice play is really adorable we're of pirates it's a chocolate assorted chocolate awesome no you're gonna be off your diet yeah she knew Kimberly thank you so much Thank You Kimberly it's so nice to come into and get this awesome super sweetie I can't wait to eat the chocolates yummy in my tummy I love this room not gonna lie and then of course we have our two bathrooms bathroom number one there's just the toilet and then of course we have a little place to stow all of our toiletries and then we have a sink and of course the mirror hey guys and then now into the next bathroom we have our bathtub in here and then of course we have our sink and our Disney Cruise Line toiletries wait there is no body wash wait do they give up only bath bars now I want the body wash I wonder if they have that that's what I want the body was time for us to put our magnets on our stateroom door oh we're chef of the Ohana that's right kind of like that do you like it there yeah it looks really good right there just go John that's really good right yeah I love it okay and then we'll turn a light on on the Honda like later tonight okay so we're leaving the room we're gonna go see if we can change one of our restaurants okay so here on your heat of the world card you have these little letters down here let it focus yours can see that okay well it's not focusing but the letters at the bottom indicate your restaurant for that evening so our letters for this trip are our lla which means Rapunzel's Lumineers Lumineers Hanna meters pallet now animator Stella is my favorite restaurant and I really would love to do it more than once and Lumiere is my least favorite restaurant and I were scheduled to do it twice on this ceiling so we're gonna go see with path boom – maybe change it and we'll see it with it doesn't hurt to try right no that's what messy sorry good yeah hopefully it'll work so we're gonna go to deck three midship prominent lounge to talk to the dining manager so basically it said to check with the head server tonight and asking them it's possible to switch the animators tell it when I'm fine with that totally and we have a table for two which we were already confirmed you can request tables for two if you would like and we got ours alright so we're here this is deck 3 this is the main the main atrium yes yes right hello and here's Lou Mears and then they're up there interest introducing guests we're starting our stair climbing but we're gonna be climbing stairs the whole trip no elevators for us I'm gonna burn calories on this trip yeah Derek's climbing all the way we're gonna get some drinking drinks here in the adults area everyone's already laying out let's put a nice with all four areas no kids there's one kid there what's he doing here we are at the bar the adults-only bar alright guys so we just got our pina coladas I've been craving the whole time that I've been thinking about this ship and then we've got an awesome view over here of downtown Miami it looks like it's gonna rain over there but we're not there but over there it's super sunny and bright say goodbye to Miami and hello to your Disney cruise vacation the party yay all right so back from the muster drill we're gonna pop another bottle leave it although looking kind of cloudy out there I really wanted it to be sunny but look at all those clouds I do kind of miss the Miranda don't you I do it was nice all right so shall we head to the sail a wave party I didn't know what we had we got a pop this bottle so for those adults out there this is how you do Disney cruises all right you guys had a pop bottles in your room you just asked me if I know how to open up a champagne bottle I open these up for work buddy just like you oh whoa I'm not expecting that are you sure you know how to do this vacuum are a little too easily [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it started raining on us all wet out here [Applause] so cute she watches my videos what's funny is that the what do you call the guys and the lead guy there I don't know like the main guy I don't know the main cheerleader guy he's and although all the magic ships right yeah so we're gonna be sailing waiting soon I have to meet someone who watches the video too Emily if you're watching it was nice to meet you we're moving we're moving hopefully that was a little fast so we're sailing away here from the Port of Miami too bad it's kind of rainy out but it's okay look at that view got a fast one moving I wish you were a little sunnier but hey there it is right there so we just met some more friends or subscribers who watch the videos ed and Han if you guys are watching it was nice meeting you guys as well so we're gonna go back to the room and get ready to go watch the show tonight called twice charms do you wanna do this the new into the slide we got it we got it on camera we didn't even know that it was gonna sound by the way hey do you want to do the slide by the way did it done it I'll do the other side this light kind of makes it a little nervous oh he wants a race buddy you can't try the Disney magic buddy and I think we're officially yeah that see almost right I love that time we could finally see the ocean from our porthole I gotta give you Saint port hole instead of balcony right now we are going to get ready for the show tonight's show is twice charmed I've never seen it before so we're gonna go see that we're gonna get ready switch into our nighttime evening outfit and then after that we're gonna go to dinner okay so we're now dressed and ready to go to the show for tonight and we got some Disney Cruise Line music on channel one we get to listen to the ship wide announcements on this channel all the announcers are getting outside they'll come into your Saviour if you're on channel number one all right so you are wearing and wearing this you're wearing this I love this this is the coolest thing ever oh yeah so okay we're wearing our lanyards given to us I'm rich and Jenna his daughter they sent us this to my P o box so we were wearing them on the ship you've been waiting for to go on to dizzy ideally you can finally wear these and they're really nice and then I'm just wearing this I bought this in Paris it was a Barcelona the pants yes so nice alright so let's go ahead to the show shall we yeah all right here you are here we are at the Walt Disney theatre ready to watch twice charmed oh so beautiful so beautiful we just twice charmed what did you think I was thrice charmed it was good now we're gonna go to the DVC get together and go see we can win $200 stateroom credit if you're in the adult area there's the DVC celebration so we're gonna apply it again but $200 stateroom credit and then they got some free drinking drinks over there you're gonna get a drink another drink find out right yes like I said we're the DVC celebration and he is filling out our entry forms into the $200 giveaway so hopefully we win all around the world every single day we set out to make magic on land and at sea all with one goal in mind to welcome our guests we just finished our DBC celebration here and fathoms lounge we didn't win the $200 gift certificate but it's alright we had a fun time we did it was really fun and we had two free drinks that's good oh he's good and they were not winning first dinner of the sailing we went to Rapunzel's for the night I took our first time we came onto this new cruise line Rapunzel's was being built so we never got to look at it which was last year no it's called Carioca it needs to be Carioca then now it's Rapunzel so I'm excited about that all right we're getting to Rapunzel oh I've seen them all over YouTube videos these guys how are you I've seen you too clearly the universe a unicorn – this is Ponzi car and we've seen you and a YouTube at all this his Most Wanted thing people are coming after us what is you to be well I know I am a good person now yo yeah we're a good photo good people now you guys are news ooh yeah you don't know what that means you keep saying that wanted wanted what is America we're in Corona no it's this other place okay you don't want to go there what do we do in America I probably played a concert there you should have seen my one-man show if I only had a hand what the one man in the audience I thought my show was pretty good yes the way people thought of us all oh it's I see you in there bye well that was fun to see there those guys are hilarious we've seen them all over other people of YouTube blog so tangled had become one of my favorite movie that really loved the soundtrack from tangled it's so awesome in there it looks way better in person than video yeah on our way to our table [Applause] this is our awesome table right here all to ourselves Tangled son oh my god they're awesome thank you for inviting us like the lanterns good thing our favorites onto the vibe thank you so we got some awesome pictures with Rapunzel's that was so cool to meet her was it I wasn't expecting it right away I know me neither okay I haven't even shown you like the bride he wants to eat it already I'm sorry so there's a dipping sauce for the pretzel bread right there let's see how these days I am sorry by the way I have it not Ian since cabanas good I feel like we've seen you on television before television is explain it to him it's a bunch of pictures that move I don't recognize you when you think about let's get back to me I got the invitation there you go you so I got your bladder hope it's good oh hey somebody here and he's totally awesome all right so our first appetizer of the cruise ship I got ravioli and what did you get I got the Corona shrimp with pancetta all right dinner is now served I got the tangled pasta scallop and a basil pesto angel hair net the flume platter which is like a pork loin bratwurst and some pancetta and I don't know what that is but it looks good yummy okay let me know how it is taste it something in this town oh my god so amazing like better than I expected I had no idea was gonna be this gallop that was good wasn't it but you didn't like yours that much no I'm not a big fan of that it was not that great but I would try something else that was actually pretty good pretty good yeah mine I was like incredibly like pleasantly surprised like this pasta dish was I highly recommend the tangled pasta and finally the moment we've all been waiting for it's time for dessert I got the crรจme brulรฉe cheesecake and what did you get birthday sundae birthday cupcake sundae all right that was so good it was really noisy in there so I really hope that the sound quality was good in this video my food was delicious I don't know about yours food service oh man weird it's weird stuff you don't feel good look at her magnets what did you say you eat and drink too much yes it's our first little animal let me turn the lights on our first little bed animal of this ceiling you can figure out what it is please tell us like like a penguin and maybe I think of a penguin and I got one chocolate for me in one chocolate for you there you go I don't think I'm gonna have this habit now come on thank you earlier I requested some body washes so let's even put them in here I love them no no Peter not so apparently in like the lower staterooms they give you only bath soaps and the higher staterooms they give you body washes but I love the body washes and you get them in the Disney resorts he has closed the curtain here which i think is kind of cool and cute and intimate I love this and then oh it's like a separate little bedroom area my dinner was really really good I really enjoyed it thoroughly enjoyed dinner you were not a fan of your selections that you made however I made better choices so there you go I think like the theming of the restaurant is amazing it's great incredible it's really interactive it's very noisy but there's lots there's lots going on it's very noisy so a lot of the footage is very very loud that we got from the dining room so I put subtitles there so you guys will be able to hear but it was very noisy and very hard to get good audio for that restaurant however it was it's a really good themed restaurant so it's a good theme but I think like the food is sort of hit or miss and so um mine was a hit hit was amiss I liked the appetizer and yeah the food needs to definitely improve I think well like I said I picked the better option my angel hair pasta like blew my mind like it was way better than I expected the character was coming up to the table was really cool really is really interesting yeah I think the characters are fun yeah another note this is the great first day I'm so glad to be back on the Disney magic I am stuffed though yeah we ate good it was nice meeting those of you guys have said hi to us today thanks so much for saying hello we love meeting everyone so we have Key West tomorrow morning will be a Key West at 7:30 in the morning we really hope that you guys enjoyed this Disney Cruise vlog on the Disney Magic I've been so excited to put this vlog out for you guys thanks so much for watching make sure you give this video a thumbs up subscribe down below and turn on the bell for post notifications to be alerted when we put on our next Disney Cruise Line video and we will see you guys tomorrow because we still have three more days left here on the Disney magic have a good night alright goodnight ergo and bye

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