Emotions! Madonna – The Girlie Show Tour Reaction (PART 2)

Emotions! Madonna – The Girlie Show Tour Reaction (PART 2)

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look I’ve ready to go goose bump she hasn’t even saw the thing she’s just talking and I’ve already got goose bumps everywhere part 2 yo what’s up everybody welcome back to my channel Hepburn’s having a beautiful day you guys it is officially the next day so that means we’re gonna be continuing the Gauley show told you guys last night I spent a ton of time reading all of your comments and I’m just so happy that you guys enjoyed part one as much as I did like I had so much fun watching part one of this show I can only imagine what parts who has to deliver also wanna give a huge shout-out to my legendary new patreon when I got the notification last night that a few of you supported me on patreon my heart it just my heart was so full thank you so much for helping me support the channel it’s just that I love you okay I love you beyond words you also wanna help support the channel then you can become a patreon member it’s the first link in the description down below alright guys I think I am ready to get into this video right now and I’m sure you guys have been ready ever since you clicked on the video so my favorite do if you do end up enjoying this video don’t forget to smash that like button in fact Construction three seconds together you ready three two one smash that like button to forget subscribe to join the family also don’t forget to leave me all your ass requests in the comment section down below and bye forever ado let’s get into this video all right you guys before we start I just want to say where is it grab your water make sure you have a drink because you know just watching the show it would dehydrate you that’s how sickening she is so rough overdo let’s go okay this is what we left onto but take you to a place you’ve never been before come on Queen [Music] [Music] come on I’m living for the colors come on audience [Music] what Oh Madonna only you only you would do something like this oh this is so beautiful oh I’m living with the caboose [Applause] come on crane [Applause] haha [Music] okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] now oh she looks so good yeah this is [Music] come on I’m living practiced aboard [Music] [Applause] [Music] come on [Music] express yourself Oh to ollie unlike of these outfits huh shoes [Music] oh my god the Sun looks so good dot have [Music] oh I can’t with you I cannot do this with you Madonna we just part to the beginning of putt soo is already sickening [Music] oh come on kid [Music] express yourself you wanna buy now [Music] let’s just bail oh no this is this is what I’m gonna do like even when I finished watching the show every morning just watch a bit of this show because this gets you hyped up in the morning [Music] always Hebrew regret is [Music] and nothing getting this I love you [Music] come on yeah breathe [Music] imagine being that close to the Queen [Music] Oh [Music] I know a few of you told me in the comments that you were actually in this show you went to see this show that must have been that must be like so crazy like like I couldn’t imagine me being that I wasn’t born but I could imagine me actually being there like that must have been a whole experience like me just watching this show like right now through a screen it’s giving me so much like life and happiness I can only imagine how you’d be feeling if you were actually there in the moment Wow oh yes I love that [Music] I love that line respect just now [Music] Amen Queen oh you know oh my god come on express yourself Oh [Music] deeper and deeper all the transition all this is so fitting to cuz it’s at a disco type of you thing and the music video yeah yeah oh I can fail at you audience you best you bes clap like you’ve never clapped me that is me right there okay Siddhartha all the way here it that’s all you just did that [Music] [Music] all the colors [Music] come on I’m so glad I watched the music video because I can see the reference like the music video [Music] yes I wonder if you get the pollutants out [Music] yeah [Music] oh wait a minute can we just take a moment to appreciate these outfits okay I’m living for the glosses and those pads come on [Music] ah [Music] Lu [Music] come on [Music] Wow Wow you can look at this look at this I like the car I’m someone who adores colors when I see cuz I’m like really really engaged and this is just so beyond beautiful come on production [Music] whoa whoa whoa [Music] yeah I love what you said come on someone threw someone something onstage you best breathe [Music] look at the shoes you guys everything has just been planned out so beautifully on those glasses I’m living in the background oh oh my oh my Donna those hips don’t like waiting wobble ha okay you twisted into it [Music] Oh choreography yes Madonna yes dances that cameraman in the background is like having this type of this lies [Music] got a Madonna show them what’s your name oh I mean you’ve already done that as soon as you like came on stage got a new backdrop here yeah [Music] come on I love when there’s just like a mom line just for the choreography because she is such an incredible dog – you guys you guys know about I’m like hot dog team Oh jeepers you must play [Music] [Applause] [Music] then he just come [Music] Oh okay [Music] he is yes [Music] so I need you to calm down [Music] butanna weed oh we’re transitioning oh oh yes girl I need water oh my god she’s got a bruise that man went into ha [Music] oh yes this song I don’t know Queens [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] this song just did so many truths [Music] yes Queen [Music] Challenge all I love that line when I reacted to the album challenge the system yes fates going down the line [Music] yeah [Music] this is a beautiful [Music] yes I guess not [Music] hey I’m living for this like Fiat and like dawn smooth in this song yes come on Madonna [Music] [Applause] come on yes [Music] yes [Music] come on [Music] we best reach it yes come on [Music] that’s wet like she is glistening she is shiny and she’s looking better than ever [Music] yes skip me oh the passion [Music] come on yeah come on [Music] come on oh yeah breaches [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] yes come on oh come on Greene but got that smile I cannot I cannot wave ease wave away though my heart is so full she just looks so happy and just let are not you uh-hmm oh my god I need to meet you one day it has to happen seriously it has to happen like I need to oh you are everything she is just we love you cream I hope you know that oh we adore you we adore you oh yeah oh come on you better swing that wood out same Queen oh ain’t doing that though okay that’s to ward off the rain oh I’m guessing it’s open this next song I wrote about two very dear friends of mine who died of AIDS and though you don’t know my friends I’m sure that each and every one of you tonight I know something album a will know someone who is suffering from AIDS the greatest tragedy of the 20th century [Applause] for all of you out there you understand what I’m talking about don’t give up oh no you’re gonna sing this song oh my heart [Music] huh saw his soul she has such a beautiful soul [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] in stress [Music] do [Music] [Music] my god [Music] respect [Music] I’m sure [Music] there’s bumps everywhere [Music] [Applause] [Music] Singh [Music] Oh [Music] we’re gonna [Music] are you feel you feel bad [Music] [Music] I oh my [Music] isn’t it crazy how she can make you feel like super soup like she can she can make you feel so many different moods she could like just her passion her talent just how ability to communicate sing like you feel that emotion it’s very real like everything she sings she she has experienced so when she actually sings it to you you feel that emotion that right there is true talent when an artist can truly truly make you feel something and Madonna does that all the time all the time [Music] I wanna give has the biggest hug ever [Music] we love you no don’t cry dunno cry because I’m miss applying please I mean if she was if she was to sing the power of goodbye I would be bull laying them a guy if you guys saw my power of the goodbye reaction video mmm that song means so much to me the power of goodbye means so much to me [Applause] mama [Applause] [Music] okay so that was part two whoo that at the end there that triggered some emotion like I said Madonna has the power of making you feel a sudden emotion and that is so special we just talked about the beginning real quick when Madonna came down sitting on that disco ball that was everything these outfits the colors like everything was so vibrant I absolutely loved it I cannot get over the fact that she tells the story right ha tours tell a story and it’s not just a tourist her albums has songs her music videos like everything she creates and pass out it tells a story it’s – it’s like a roller coaster I’m going through all the emotions putz who showed me a more sensitive side and I love that unloved and appreciate that so much and I love the fact that she’s bringing awareness and she always has LGBT like she’s always brought awareness and I love the inclusion and like the diversity onstage like this woman Madonna straight up Madonna is one of a kind I cannot wait for part three of this show like I’m just thinking to myself what more can you give to us what more can you do I cannot wait okay I’m gonna prepare myself for tomorrow I’m gonna get slayed I already know I’m gonna get slayed by the way so I’m talkin see you guys and I think Siri thought I was talking to her and she wrote everything that I was saying anyways you guys did make it all the way to this point of the video first of all I love you with all my heart but you already know that I hope you know that because I’ll tell you all the time since you didn’t make it to the end make sure you comment the number-10 alongside your comments so I can filter out the comments and see your comment first yeah a huge thank yous to those few people who have supported my channel supported our channel on patreon it means the absolute world thank you so much it means like everything are you guys if you did it up the joint don’t forget to smash that like button and subscribe to the family don’t forget stay awesome be kind to one another and I’ll see you guys in part three bye guys [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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  1. All of her shows are a rollercoaster of emotions. I been to a few and you get to cry, dance and be a different person, a better version of yourself when show is over. Younger generations don't appreciate this woman. She opened up many door for us, and reshaped our societies with her vision.

  2. The first verse of “In This Life” is a memorial sketch of Martin Burgoyne (1963–1986). Burgoyne was an artist who moved to New York City in the early ‘80s and quickly became Madonna’s best friend and roommate.
    The second verse is a tribute to Christopher Flynn (1930–1990), Madonna’s ballet teacher and mentor. He taught her that we’re all equal, no matter what gender, skin color body shape, sexual orientation we have. We’re all humans after all and we deserved to be respected.

  3. Pones en la palestra este tour para que las nuevas generaciones vean lo que Madonna ya hacía mucho antes que cualquier otra artista Pop. Erotica un Gran Album, Thw girlie show un Gran Tour. LOVE.

  4. If you want to watch Madonna singing the power of goodbye live please watch, Madonna- The Power of Goodbye ( VH1 1998)HD remastered.

  5. Im 15 year old, I’ve been a BIG Madonna fan since I was 2. I went to the S&S tour being 4 year old and to the MDNA Tour at 7. My Grandma bought me this DVD when I was 5 and I watched it once and then i was Forbidden to watch it because of how sexual it was, the thing Is that when I watched it back then it didn’t seem weird or something in the style, I watched it like I Watched the CT or the WTGT; Completly Normal.

  6. #10 I just got to watch this interview again. She was the LGBT crusader before anyone else did. They were worried it would damage their careers.


    She always has been Queen! ❤️

  7. I was there in 1993 when she came to Brazil, it was an incredible experience, the country was crazy. I was in shock standing in the audience on the left side at the end of the catwalk and she looked at me during the song Fever and then at other times. unforgettable indeed!

  8. #10 I wasn't expecting this!! I'm running to watch it! THANK YOU, JA! You just saved my day💜💜💜👬🐶🐶🐶😻❤

  9. 10. You got the essence of Madonna, my friend. She does exactly that. She makes you feel everything from exuberance to ecstasy to relaxation to sadness to everything. That is Madonna. You got her.

  10. #Madonma Bedtime Stories album era reaction pleaseeeee (album and videos)
    – SECRET
    – TAKE A BOW


  11. I love your reaction and the respect that you have for the talents for the queen have. You have my admiration for take time of your life and see why Madonna is the queen of pop for ever! Never in this world and in the pop culture will be another Madonna again she's the only ever for ever! Saludos desde Puerto Rico! 🇵🇷 you are beautiful!

  12. 10 Her being as vocal as she has been since the 80s when it comes to AIDS/HIV, promoting safe sex, supporting AIDS research, exploring sexuality in her work, it was something no other artist really did. She was really the one at the forefront taking the heat, even for simply questioning why sex in general has to be such a taboo subject, why can't we just talk about it openly without shame or judgment. She was never afraid to speak for freedom of expression and gay rights. I feel bad when today's youngsters (not you but I have seen plenty) who celebrate today's artists and then put her down as if she has never done a thing for the gay community. Today's artists are supporting gay rights and being vocal about a lot of other things because now it is ok and fashionable. She was there when the worst times were upon the gay community, when they were considered a plague of the society who deserved AIDS, basically. That is the dreadful reality. Nobody did a thing and people were dying in droves because there were no meds and HIV/AIDS was completely an unknown entity that no one in the public wanted to talk about. Madonna lost many dear friends to AIDS during those years, as did everyone. She's the reason other artists can use their voice today. She always dared to go where no other artist didn't. She was adamant in pushing buttons and going to extremes artistically, just to prove her point about the hypocrisy of our society. Her SEX book which came out before The Girlie Show was one of those statements. She made a book of nude photography, entirely on her terms, not as an air headed sex object but as the subject who had total control of the narrative. People lined up to buy a copy, made it a bestseller. They lined up hours just to peek at her nude body in library and then when they found out that what she presented to them showed a woman in total control of her sexual desires/fantasies, not a woman at the mercy of patriarchal society, they turned on her. But ironic enough, that was the point she wanted to make with it. By default, the world reacted with hatred towards her (at the strength that surprised and shocked her and yes, even hurt her) simply because she dared to do the unthinkable and reflect the hypocrisy of the society right back at it. It was a powerful statement and she got severe backlash for many years. Today it may not seem as controversial but back in the 90s, all hell broke loose.

  13. 10
    Really Love watching your Madonna-reactions and was looking forward to this one. The Girlie Show is and will always be my favourite tour/show. Especially this part…..I Love it so much😍😍😍😍
    I've had tickets for the only Live-Performance of the GS in Frankfurt, but it was cancelled. Besides the Virgin Tour it's the only Tour I haven't seen live.
    Maybe that's the reason it always has a special place in my heart…..?!?

  14. #10 Your concert reaction is really making my morning! It really is an emotional rollercoaster isn't it? I totally LMAO at your reaction to the orgy, but I also remember my own jaw dropping when I first saw it too! Part 2 is truly one of the best sequences in any of her concerts – so much fun and energy and finishing up super emotional!

  15. 10 great reaction, I was at the second London show for this tour, my first time seeing Madonna I was 17 and traveled to London on my own from Yorkshire, I had the time of my life such an amazing night that I will never forget! I’m 44, it’s my birthday TODAY thank you for a lovely gift x

  16. The next part contains very big references to Marlene Dietrich, please, would you watch Dietrich performing "Falling in love again" and the symbol she represented and why Madonna wanted to tribute her and comment? Thanks.

  17. I've seen all her tours live from 87 to the recent MadameX tour where I got to touch eeek. Saw the opening night of this tour, 15 at the front of the stage at Wembley stadium in London.

  18. I watched the Girlie Show Tour for the First time in 1998 on VHS home video. I was fourteen and I remember How iconic and intense she was in this show. ❤️

  19. #10 OMG I loved watching you react to this. You just understand Madonna and her art so it’s a joy to watch you react to this.

    Again did you notice that musically she reinvented Express Yourself. See how different musically it is from Blond Ambition. She turned it into a 1970s disco song.

    Don’t you love that at the end of Deeper and Deeper how there is a giant orgy on stage? Back in 1993 this was super controversial.

    This section of the show was focused on the LGBTQ community. But back in 1993 supporting the community was damaging to your career because it was still not accepted.
    She was kissing boys and girls in the orgy scene and then singing Whys It So Hard to Love One Another.
    Then she sings a song about AIDS

    I don’t know how much you know about AIDS but back in the 80s and 90s every week there would be another person that you had known who had died from AIDS. It was a true epidemic.
    Madonna has the courage to sing about this when it was very unpopular. At this time there was no other pop artist in the world who openly supported gay people in a strong political way.

    You mentioned how much you love the colours. All the costumes were designed by fashion designers Dolce and Gabana. Another way Madonna was revolutionary. She was the first artist to basically have a fashion show in her collection.

    Can’t wait for part 3. Expect the unexpected with Madonna ❤️❤️

  20. I always wished to have an outfit like that (Deeper and deeper) for Carnival. #Madonna will slay you at Part.3..!!! Are you ready? 👸🏼

  21. #10, #Ten … I saw this show live on October 21st, 1993 At the Palace of Auburn Hills just North of Detroit, MI. She only played three cities in the USA.

  22. You're reaction videos of Madonna just make my day, especially when I'm having a bad day!! Can't wait for part 3!!!

  23. "In this life" is such a meaningful song. She has been committed to the cause from the very beginning, and we will never forget!

  24. #10 Thank you for reacting to this concert. You have no idea how much was to attend this concert. Part 3 is going to be amazing!!!…..so, I've never been this public about what I'm going to say…….but, I am HIV positive. In This Life absolutely struck a cord with me. Thankfully, we now can live healthier lives with meds. And I am ok and well. But this song is a tribute to thos who died in the beginning of this horrible epidemic. Again, thank you Ja.

  25. Other Artists try to do what Madonna does but come very very short… Some like J-Lo, Janet jackson, Beyonce and Lady Gaga give you the same show with different outfits but it's the same concept, choreography and arraignments… Madonna shows look, sound and are completely different.. She never does the same old same old… If I see the " Bad Romance", "Single Ladies" or "Control" dance moves I just shake my head at the lack of creativity

  26. All of it is wonderful, but In This Life is so touching. My hair is raised in my arms. Unbelievable performance! People that weren't alive then you must try to put yourself in that time period while you watch this whole concert.

  27. 10 💙 I think the phrase “it’s everything” is overused. HOWEVER….
    I laughed, danced, dropped my mouth open , and TRUTHFULLY got tears 😭 at the last song!!!!
    Right now I want to turn back time and go down under to witness this blessing!!! There is NO ONE like Madonna!!!!!!!!!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
    And btw, love ya love ya love ya, you are so real!! Thnk u 👍😉😘

  28. your reaction to this is so sweet! You also have great taste~! This tour in my opinion has not been surpassed to this day.

  29. 10: this woman means absolutely everything to me. One of the men she is singing about in in this life was her ballet teacher in Michigan who died of aids. He told her to leave Michigan and follow her dreams. She arrived in New York without any money, slept in subway stations, and parks, never gave up and made all the difference in this world for equality, race, gender and gay community. Thats all i have to say 😉

  30. Please react to In Bed With Madonna: Truth or Dare (1991). it’s a documentary of hers she’s in. It’s 1hr 25 mins long. React to it after you finished The Girlie Show. 🙏🏽

  31. 10 Amazing! This tour just gets better and better! She really is talented, no matter what the naysayers may think. They don't know what true artistry means: being able to move you deeply. That is what she is capable of, like you said. Anyone who doesn't realize that has a heart of stone. She writes or co-writes her own songs and emotes them with true heart and soul. I think most naysayers are just suffering from the trauma of being hit over the head with her sexual provocation. Their loss, our gain! Looking forward to the next part!

  32. 10 buddy! man. this part may go down as a definitive moment for me.. watching the ecstasy and brilliance of express yourself and deeper and deeper.. it awakened me.. haha it was great to relive that with your reaction. thank you

  33. 10 you should check out her SNL live performance of Bad Girl, unfortunately she did not perform it on this tour. I was just born when this tour happened, what i would give to see this amazing show live! The next part of the concert is even better.

  34. At 15:36 the dancer actually bites her near her beautiful "tits". As you noticed, you can see the marks.😬
    Also love "WHY IT'S SO HARD"❤️

    Yes, Madonna definitely feels what she is singing and also make us feel this emotions. Love her!

  35. When I Was 13I had no friends and Madonna along with other divas were my escape from reality, but at the time I didn't understand so many things about Life. Leaving out the school one day I was persecuted by a man that at the end rapped me. This leaves a really big consequence years later. By that situation, I was diagnosed with HIV 5 years ago and I almost died, In this life and pray for Spanish eyes with other songs started to have more meaning to me when I entered the treatment for the virus I almost give up, I didn´t want to keep going in this life with this, but Madonna was giving me strength to keep going and do not give up. Now I can say that I defeated the dead and I feel better than ever, thanks to her she always be my fucking hero and my biggest inspiration in life.

  36. #10 There’s an interview that the journalist asks about her vocals, meaning that she doesn’t reach high notes like Mariah or Whitney. And she answers that the most important, as artist, is transmit emotions. Is exactly what you could realize! Madonna has such a powerful connection with us! Everything so deep! Many years won’t be enough to the world to see everything she has done for LBGT community.

  37. Nicky Harris and Donna Delory on Express Yourself. Plus, Carlton Wilborn as a dancer. The remaining guys from Blond Ambition Tour

  38. 10 I am glad u r enjoying this tour I really love this tour and u will the rest especially when she’s dressed up like a man oops sorry l🤣🤣

  39. What I love most about `The Girlie Show' is that M looks like she's having a great time on stage. She had been savaged by the critics because of the album and the book, so with this tour she had nothing to lose and nothing to prove! Her vocals are brilliant in this show too. I was supposed to go to the following nights show but we got rained out. Even in the Australian summer we get massive storms! I ended up seeing her last show in Australia and it was awesome. She was very chatty!!

  40. I was at this show in 1993 at the MCG in Melbourne, I paid $250 to be in the Golden Circle (that's very close to the stage) I can still remember the light and could actually feel the sound pulsing through my body, it was loud and powerful and of course Madonna was amazing. I remember thinking wow she's so tiny but her presence filled that venue of almost 90 thousand people. Never seen anything like it…..never will. Wonderful to see your reaction. xxx 10.

  41. #10 OMG! Best reaction ever!!! Your face during the orgy scene was priceless 😂😂😂 I was at this concert in Sydney where it was filmed when I was 13 years old and it became the soundtrack to my life. And remember, this was 1993 when there were no big celebrities out there supporting the LGBT community in way she did. Blond Ambition was already revolutionary but this show took it to the next level! ❤️

  42. #10
    You nailed it when you said "Were you lucky enough to see the show live….". Sitting in MSG, after the unbelivable 1st act, & then the lights started going cray & the curtain went up, & it's not as easy to see on the video, but the entire stage just SHINED…..we were so excited, & when she descended from the heavens on her giant disco ball & screamed "HELLO NEW YORK CITY"…I remember each minute but honestly cannot describe it other than to say we (the entire arena) literally lost our shit!! Express Yourself was pure 70s joy. Deeper & Deeper was produced magnificently…the instrumentation, the choreo, the costumes & colors, and the sizzling simulated orgy ending it…Madonna knew exactly when to bring it down a notch, cuz by that point we were literally blowing the roof off the arena! Why's It So Hard was a moment of pure love with M & the audience. Then In This Life hit, & speaking for myself, who was at that point a terrified 25 year old gay man who knew of (personally & through the media) the loss of so many people to AIDS, &, IDK, something about being in NYC, which felt like the epicenter of the AIDS pandemic…i'll just say I bawled through that entire song…& I wasn't alone. The 2nd set went from the most exhilerating highs to the most emotional lows…it was most definitely a journey of the mind, body & soul. We knew the show was only at the halfway mark, so everyone comforted each other & composed ourselves for whatever was to come next. Seeing 'Live Down Under', a big part of me was so disappointed that I didn't get the experience of seeing it in a stadium with 70,000 other fans, but, deep down I realized I got to see it in the most perfect city. The show was like a mirror of life in THE gritty city, & where else to see it but THE GRITTIEST OF CITIES!

  43. First of all, it’s so entertaining to watch you watch Madonna! Great insights too! Madonna loves to tell connecting stories in her tour segments and this, to me, was her best, and most cohesive….and that’s saying a lot! Starting with the party vibes and excess of Express Yourself and Deeper and Deeper….morphing into the ramifications and prejudice of that fun with Why’s it so Hard…to the devastating finality of it….In This Life…dealing with the death of close friends and relatives from AIDS. I wore out this tour on VHS tape and I saw it live in the states. I love her voice, dancing, how she connects to her audience and fellow dancers. Thank you for wanting to experience it. Thank you for getting it. Thank you.

  44. That part where the dancer rips his shirt off and Madonna yells security always makes me think of the virgin tour. While she’s singing like a virgin an over excited fan rushes the stage and gets whisked away by two guards just as he’s about to jump her

  45. Isn't no one going to mention the fact that this was a huge resource of inspiration for the controversial Miley Cyrus' bangerz tour?

  46. There is something important about her performances, she always tells a story. You just gotta have an open mind and pay attention to the details and the clues.
    For example at the second part of The Girlie Show she was telling us the truth about living a crazy, wild and unapologeic life like back in the 70’s and then… what happened next? HIV EPIDEMY! That’s why she ended that part with that song (“In This Life”).

  47. #Ten 10.

    In Brisbane Madonna came down on the mirror ball while it was pouring rain.

    That man you kept referring to was a toppless woman (Why's It So Hard).

  48. Love how after the onstage orgy when all the dancers are all going into the white light to signify them dying of aids…..transition into the song about her friend Keith Haring(the artist and her friend)who died of Aids. Genius.

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