EP 1| Delhi To Udaipur Flight Indigo | Udaipur Tourism | Udaipur Tour | Open2explore Udaipur Vlog

EP 1| Delhi To Udaipur Flight Indigo | Udaipur Tourism | Udaipur Tour | Open2explore Udaipur Vlog

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Hello Friends! Today, we are going from Delhi to Udaipur Udaipur is called, City Of Lakes Bharat & Shweta are going to show you Udaipur We will bang on this time also in making videos You must have watched our previous videos, Amritsar vlogs We returned from Amritsar few days ago Now going to Udaipur It’s 1:30 am now and our flight is at 5:45 am Why are we going so early? As we haven’t had dinner, we haven’t slept Empty Stomach And, this time Shweta is not taking 3-4 dishes we she always carries He is telling a lie, I don’t take 3-4 dishes Do you think so? Girls need lot of time to get ready, would I prepare 3-4 dishes? At least 1 she carries Potato and cauliflower dish which we eat secretly at the airport. So, no boby can see that we have brought it from home As soon as we open it fragrance spreads and people start looking here and there We wrap it in such a way as if we have bought any food wrap So, let me tell you that this time we are going empty stomach as we have two friends First, my younger brother in law, Anuj and second, my elder brother in law’s younger brother, Gaurav They said, you always carry food from home, rather you can have unlimited food at airport by paying Re1 only You just have to show your Visa, Master card Now, we need to find out if we get this deal there or not Do you think, we will get this deal? Definetly we will get when Anuj Jiju & Gaurav Bhaiya have recommended, then we wil surely get They don’t tell a lie Yes, they don’t tell a lie but if in case we don’t get then I will mention bank details and paytm number, So they can pay us back what we will spend at the airport Alright Yes Let’s leave now, let’s book Uber cab for the airport, Terminal 2 Yes, you have to travel along with us We have reached the airport, got the boarding pass, all formalities completed Now, just have to feed Shweta with unlimited food at Re 1 I have found out, name of the lounge is Plaza Premium Lounge and Shweta is very excited She is saying, she will eat this and that, not sure what all dishes she will have I am scared that she doesn’t eat too much Her face must be looking little sad Let me tell you the truth now Come on, let’s go to Plaza Premium Lounge and tell you the whole story of it Alright Shweta? Yes You are not looking excited I will tell you why am I not looking excited? This, you can see Plaza Premium Lounge Here, some of the visa cards are applicable but mainly master cards work here We have checked, we have 2 Visa International cards which are not working here and Have SBI debit card also but that too is not working here I am not excited now If you have Master card, Platinum card if HDFC bank, priority pass, Master Card, American Express, RU pay, Ease my trip , Diners Club Card Or Inter Mile Card, they work here Master & Visa Cards are applicable but not all they have various categories out of which some have offers only If you have Visa card, maximum Rs 2 get deducted which are refundable and if you have Master card, Rs 25 get deducted, which are also refundable But, bad luck, our cards didn’t work this time Next time, we will try our best to show you Airport lounge too If you go in with no offer, you can still have food but then you would need to pay approx RS 1440 per person and you can stay in for 2 hours We are not going to spend RS 1440. So, let’s find something for RS 40. LOL See, he is a miser Out of RS 1440, let me deduct Rs 1400 and search for something in RS 40 in which we get full Bharat, wake up, we are at the airport, not at the railway station We get full, also get to pack some food for flight and remaining we eat after reaching Udaipur also. LOL Right. Let see what do we get to eat now Thank you so much, Anuj & Gaurav You were right Had you given your card also, would have been better. Right Jiju, you should have given your card too Sent your brother in law without card. Hmmmmm Now, we have bought breakfast We have to eat breakfast now as dinner was missed For breakfast, at this time, its 4:30 am, there can be nothing better than South Indian which can be easily digested We have to be in the flight after it We have got 2 dishes for breakfast Shweta was starving that’s why we bought two otherwise I would have ordered only 1 dish For Rs 40 only. I asked them to give only 1 idli instead of 3 but charge only RS 40. Haha Then, he said, Sir, you are at the airport. Then, I stepped back and let Shweta order Shweta, show them all, first dish we have bought is Upma, hot Sambar with green and red sauces And, Shweta bought Idli, there are 3 idlis with hot sambar and sauces. Same as what I have got Let’s start with Upma It’s hot Red sauce is amazing, Upma is very tasty Green sauce is fine too, Sambar is hot and tasty I would have tried Idli too if Shweta says Yes, you can try.
Should I? It’s okay As you are insisting a lot, that’s why I am tasting, otherwise I don’t usually eat from other’s plates Let me try a small bite only for a taste Idli is good too So, let’s eat it. And, its getting crowded here and I will show you some counters here as in what all other things are available here After that, we will towards boarding gate Delhi airport also looks nice as you can see at the back, it’s looking good How do you like the Delhi Airport? Nice What I feel is I Like Dubai’s Airport the most till today I have seen that airport thrice Dubai Airport is terrific Dubai Airport? When did you see it? I have seen it thrice on Discovery. LOL Yes, I have seen thrice really, what an amazing airport it is I thought when did he go to Dubai? Can’t I go to Dubai, I have a passport No, you can go but at least I should know No no, I went thrice at night on discovery between 9:30 pm – 10:30 pm Being at home. Lol If you want to go to Dubai, you can also go even by staying at home. Like you are going to Udaipur with us now. This is how, we went to Dubai with someone Now, I got it Boarding is started, people are leaving but we are stll busy in making video Now, we are in standing in the bus Going to board a plane and its 5:10 am You said, we are going in a flight but you are taking me in a bus to Udaipur Are you going for the first time? No, I went to Dubai once Now, we have reached Udaipur Airport Shweta How are you feeling after coming to Udaipur? Feeling Good, Enjoying We have not completely landed and you have started enjoying also There’s nice weather and we were welcomed warmly Really?? Like feeling really nice Ohk! I thought they just welcomed you but not me We have uber and it’s about to arrive in 2-3 minutes You can book Uber where ever you go, I feel it’s best Helloss, Hello Hello, Please speak Hello. Hmm, This I will surely add We have reached hotel now, Golden Tulip, Udaipur Our room is getting ready, till then we decided to have breakfast After that we will go straight away in the room, we will also show you the room Will also show you the hotel later Should we go for breakfast? Are you hungry? Recently you had Idli and Upma 3 hours ago 3 hours ago, we spent approx RS 300 but we decided to spend RS 40 in front of you The public knows, Shweta is spending lot of my money You should have come by Bullock Cart, why have you come by Flight? Flight flies fast I paid approx RS 200-RS 300 less. I told them I will stand while travelling but charge less. We will spend money in Udaipur Let’s have food and let’s try to get discount here too Let’s find out If we get discount or not and how is the food If we get discount or not and how is the food Let me show you what all items have we got for break fast Roasted Potato Masala Idli Bread Pakora Pine apple Masala Chana Everything is looking tempting and along with it, we have got this Chocolate shake Let’s eat and take tea after it and then check in to our room and then we will chat with you Now, we have checked in and let me show you the room This is the washroom Bed, sceneries, recliner work table TV & Mini Fridge There is a lobby area and reception in front of the room Now we take some rest and then we will get ready to leave and will roam in Udaipur We will show you whole Udaipur So, stay tuned with us. Watch all our videos. If you haven’t watched our previous videos please watch, like, share and comment and let us know how do you like our videos, how can we make it better if you think Which all other places you want to see where you want to visit for you and show you Shweta, now you tell something Please do press bell icon if you haven’t done till now. And, please share as much as you can with your friends & family. so, they can also enjoy with us, with Open2explore Anything else? That’s it. Okay then, let’s rest now Okay then, take care, Bbyesssss

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    Thank god finally shweta mam removed her cap and you look beautiful without cap but ur hair need a cut at least from sides and back it looks really over grown . Get it short u will rock in short trendy pixie cut.

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