[Episode 1] ARMYs’ No. 1 Stan Tour Destination: Hyangho Beach Bus Station in S.Korea

[Episode 1] ARMYs’ No. 1 Stan Tour Destination: Hyangho Beach Bus Station in S.Korea

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hey guys this is Grecian from Korean Elle today I came to a very far place from Seoul I'm actually at one of the most prominent beaches in Taiwan province I'm in front of toning Beach do you know what toning stands for well here Tong Tong today she citizen y'all ting you back so that means youth begins whenever you're on a vacation and that is why I decided to introduce where armies can come to vacate in Korea it is one of the most famous places BTS came their selves it is camel beach bus station it's right over there so so Korea Tourism Organization held a popularity poll to ask armies which place they wanted to visit the most out of all different BTS filming locations Cowell Beach bus stop ranked number one out of sand so I'm inside Cowell Beach bus station and what's really cute is that once VTS came here fans made a little bus station like schedule and you can see that all the station names are the names of BTS songs for instance like too cool for school boy and love run do you guys all know boy and love wait a minute y'all know that sometimes alright okay so it's amazing how they did this remember in their album cover you can never walk alone the seven members sat down on this beautiful bus station the weather was really bright and you could see like blue tints just making the atmosphere much more beautiful today I didn't come on a spring day or a really sunny day but I think it has its own atmosphere this is the exact beach that she need took the film for the music video spring day do you remember him he was looking at this exact beach he was picking up a shoe there's so many symbolic meanings and like the music videos of each yet I'm so honored to be here today to be at the beach where it's teeming with looking at although I'm at the beach where see me sing spring day middle of July along with Channel Beach bus station there's another special event for our me it's a burger set named after BTS if you're curious about this yummy dish follow me in order for you to have VTS said you have to first choose your burger there's various burgers like common burger ICI burger Pusan burger Jeju burger but because we're at Conlan I chose the condoling burger and I added four thousand one in order to get the BTS sometimes you Beach Adam devices all regu in temple the revenue Shivaji boo eleven are inserted in your day and Commodore Georgia Caucasian in that town is a devotee I'm going after you are we today we invented enough to miss in the D he sees the service for all the king joshey bottom of the range a young Susan that's about two kilometers or one huge and this is Condon burger and you can see on the flag it says calmness and toning remember in the beginning tongue shinning stands for youth begins when you're on a vacation it's amazing and they have really big french fries let me try the French fry Chris I think the BTS burger they give you a beer along with deep fries with your burger I highly recommend our me to come here and as he just mentioned you can have the receipt that says the BTS set and a lot of army actually use this to you know keep it in their memory come here and try the coming burger with the BTS set it's really nice hey guys so even though I came early in the morning after hearing that armies are waiting in line to take a picture in front of Powell Beach bus station because you can see the leather is really bad today it's raining the wind it's blowing like crazy that's why I'm all alone in this Howell Beach I hope army who come here on a very sunny day could leave a picture for me read at least look at what it looks like on a spring day here at Cowell Beach if you liked this video please give us a thumbs up and comment below don't forget to subscribe to Korea now bye cuddling is known for not only hello Beach bus station but also fresh tofu I came to trade on fresh tofu village to try it out kundan's representative specialty it's only 20 minutes away from Hanoi beach so I recommend you to juice it after taking pictures at BTS bus station

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  1. Hey guys!
    It's Grace from Korea Now.
    Thanks for watching our first episode for BTS Stan Tour!
    I hope you guys enjoyed 🙂
    Next week, Korean Unnie will bring you our second episode. She will visit Banpo Hangang Park, where BTS held a chicken party in “Life in Seoul” video.
    Where will we go next for the third episode?

    Please wait for more upcoming episodes, and until then keep yourselves updated with Korea Now!

  2. The bus stop isn't actually where BTS sat. They dismantled it after filming. It's the local government there that put up the bus stop for ARMYs visiting. 😊

  3. Spring day is the 👑 and that bus stop is definitely a must visit for ARMYs! I’m really hoping for it one day!! Also, the sand in the beach area looks nice! I think it’s really great to visit there during summer.

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