Episode 1: Sudden Change | Arizona Cardinals Flight Plan

Episode 1: Sudden Change | Arizona Cardinals Flight Plan

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[Applause] one thing about this organization that we've created as expectations 2018 was certainly way below our expectations as an organization there's definitely a a weird season hasn't been the best learning experience roller coaster you know how the roller coaster have that first drop you getting nauseous a little bit but that's not kind of hot it's been filling up the whole season I felt like I was on that f-16 fighter jet again it was a screeching oh and the Redskins pummel the Cardinals to open the 2018 season I never saw this coming from the Arizona Cardinals and we look up and is that whoa we're all in through the rosin one makes his first NFL start basically it's been a long year it's time to do some soul-searching obviously when you're losing games you find out what you're made of nobody in the building was here to collect sex he missed it and the Cardinals win it Lambeau when these times you you learn a lot about yourself you've got a lot of guys to hire character in this room you know the way they competed we're gonna have over time and extend 2018 or is the season off the snap fall is down the kick is up and the kick is good the Cardinals finished fully a third they will have the number one pick in a 2019 Draft it is ain't big red black Monday folks the season is over we're on the brink of a new year it is all going down around the Arizona Cardinals I'm going to go live to the press conference at 11 o'clock you're gonna hear from Michael Bidwell and Steve kind good morning everyone as you all know this morning I met with coach Wilks and let him know that we're gonna go in a different direction it was a tough decision and a very cordial meeting shook his hand and wished him well it's Nev how much responsibility do you think he's yours I mean I think there's a great deal of it I may not that's the way I'm wired you know at the end of the day we're all held accountable for this I mean there's certain areas where I have to look at our football parades and areas where we can make those improvements but again when we look back to the season and the disappointment it was we ultimately felt it was unacceptable it makes sense to just surround a young quarterback manof a young offensive minded head coach that seems to be where the league has gone with some of the fires that have worked out the last few years we're keeping our our cards close to our vest so thank you all for all your questions appreciate it very much when you've made a mistake you're best off to admit it fix it and and do it right away you know here we are it's been about five hours since I've spoke with coach Wilkes and let him know that we were parting ways most of the assistant coaches are out of the building the players have all cleaned out their lockers and just walking around the building it's very quiet so it does feel like you know we're now officially in the offseason and I have that sense of urgency we already have interviews lined up and I think now that we've got a franchise quarterback we're gonna look at offense the Arizona Cardinals are one of eight NFL teams looking for a head coach do they need to move fast there's no doubt in and probably out of necessity there are so many teams they're gonna be after offensive minded head coaches but we're gonna have to see how that plays out what being able to say on paper we want to do this this this and this and how we hire this coaching and where all this happens and have it happen in real life sometimes they don't always mesh that's that's anything right looks like this is gonna be a busy day on the coaching carousel breaking news here on NFL Network live from our newsroom here is on a current little scene without their new head Kercheval what if I told you click King's Barry is the guy the former Texas Tech head codes it is done the deal is done this is going to be announced very shortly certainly a very new and different look for the Arizona Cardinals but I like to hire a lot everywhere cliffs went and call plays it turned to gold and then the juice and the heat is back in the desert either way egg swing it's exciting we needed to get this right and we needed to do something dramatic and bold and is it a risk absolutely there's definitely some things that he's going to have to sort of curtail to the NFL game but there's no doubt in my mind that the way he attacks the way he uses formations the way he uses different style of players to create isolated mismatches to me that's what makes cliff an innovative type coach the in coach Kings very our history kind of dates back to when I was in high school we had gotten on the phone a couple of times you know him recruiting me to Texas Tech try to get me out there so it brings a lot of excitement you know because he brings a certain culture you know to our building to our organization and I think he's gonna bring some swagger back and you know obviously offensively we know what he's able to do we are at Cardinals complex in Tempe we are here obviously for the live press conference of Kliff Kingsbury today this is unprecedented what the Arizona Cardinals have done this is a swing for the fence move if I've ever seen one this is extremely exciting to be a part of an experiment like this with a guy like this with a polarizing story like this throw the ball 40 times a game the fans gonna love that nine days ago we started a coaching search we started out with the idea that we were going to look at the the most successful teams in the league our teams that have great offenses top 10 offenses are the teams that are in the Super Bowl that win divisions we wanted to hire a great offensive mind with that I would like to introduce our new head coach Kliff Kingsbury thank you Michael and I'd like to thank the bid will family as well and in Steve cam and the entire Cardinals organization for this incredible opportunity even though I grew up in Texas I actually became a Cardinals fan in high school when they drafted jake plummer i was a big jake plummer fan the way he played his style of play and then of course Pat Tillman what a legendary name my father who's here today former Marine and Purple Heart recipient and so we've always had a great appreciation of the military in our family and to learn the legend of Pat Tillman to hear that story has always been very inspiring so this is an organization that I've always followed closely have always found it very very first class the fan base is incredible and I can't wait to be a part of this Dale I came here to help this organization get to where we want to be and that's winning championships and giving this city the best team that we can be cliff what do you think of Josh Rose Josh Rosen is incredibly talented one of the most talented throwers you'll see a young player obviously that I'm excited to work with and develop but as a pure thrower it's hard to find a guy that throws it better really excited work with coach Kings beer talked on the phone a couple times since he's been hired I actually messaged a couple of the guys he's coached in the past at quarterback and they all said he's an amazing coach he's a really smart and loves to work with the quarterbacks and I couldn't ask for a better coach with the particular specialty and quarterbacks and often so I'm really excited get back there and thinking like April and hopefully get to work a little bit and start to get back into the swing of things environmentalism and conservation has always been sort of president or household my mom always taught us to recycle and pick up after ourselves and I grew up at the beach so sort of taking care of the ocean and sort of the marine wildlife conservation and everything has always been in my life and something that definitely doesn't matter to me and my family as well it's a bit intimidating just to go out on the beach and pick up trash on your own I think that it's a lot more comfortable to come out and partake in something like this as a community people of a bunch of like little called micro plastics I was broken up a little plastics from its last year I wore Harley adidas cleats they're made out of recycled ocean plastic so similar to a lot of the stuff that we're picking up right now that's probably the the biggest reason I signed with adidas is because of their relationship with parle for oceans trying to set an example for young athletes alike to really kind of align yourself with companies and products that you actually use and believe in also starting to work out this next week and get back into the swing of things and throw them ball around a little bit and excited to get back onto the field but I mean I think the off seasons this is what this stuff is all about and sort of exploring your inner passions and what you want to do and how you want to leave a mark on this earth you have to be able to unplug in the off season and really just get away from football and you know almost forget about it Foley because the season is so long I mean we're gonna be back in April and once April hits it's it's football season until the following January just get away from football just talk to your family visit your family and friends and all that type of stuff it's very soothing and it helps you know getting ready for this next season I want you to be an alpaca what do you think about the best football players what's the first thing that comes to mind is it their toughness their grit no its endzone dances she called me said you're doing this I've booked your flights like it's already a done deal can't say no at that point I've invited some of the best offensive and defensive lineman in the NFL to come here and be part of the world's first NFL big man dance crew when else could I ever stay either go on The Late Late Show like never we are creating history today offensive linemen never get opportunities like that James Courtney's big man Enzo have you ever asked me to like 2 truths 1 lie I could be like me and Beyonce I've worked with the same choreographer [Applause] yeah I can say that now I play for Knights today I guess did some research on us they're like you have to do one of the 49 dances it didn't have to but I guess the one my niece taught me that dance my little cousins so like that's the one I felt most comfortable doing the lady that did the choreography she did the choreography for Beyonce's formation tour we're up on the stage like practicing our dance and doing our dance moves and my girls like you couldn't see her but we had like 45 minutes to learn that dance so the lady in my girls like she literally is just like to do the Late Late Show with James Corden it was like one of those opportunities I couldn't I couldn't pass up I'll be able to look back and crack up at that later down the road my kids will be able to laugh at it would be like a good time to like end up being fun is a different experience something out of my element completely so it's definitely something that I I enjoy doing and I would do it again Michael good morning what's the news today from the Arizona Cardinals well Larry's coming back for his sixteenth season and we are thrilled his passion his drive his determination it's like his rookie year I mean he is he seems to get better with age he's like a fine wine Michael was the real one who closed the deal you know they've got a special relationship and I told Michael all the time that then I control 52 players on the roster and he controls one cuz Larry has a tough time saying no to the boss and at some point along the line you found time to talk to Larry right yeah yeah so he's back what can you tell us about what you told Larry Fitzgerald I'd like to say I sold him I don't think that that was me no but what what a thrill for this organization for us as coaches the work was such a a legend of the game a great person a great ambassador for not only our organization with the entire state and we're thrilled I think he's in having a great role in our offense what we do and it he'll be a great role model for the younger players on our team I didn't know his decision was coming so soon and I actually didn't know until one day I walked in the facility for rehab the day he announced it was on ESPN so that's how I found out and then you know showed up at X but obviously super happy that he's coming back and just to be able to get another year under my belt to learn you know from him after all I learned my rookie season and just take over that role one day when he does decide to hang up he's the foundation of this organization I feel like and me just being drafted here the first thing I thought about was you know Larry Fitzgerald just all the things he's done for the community for the team still always help you with open arms no matter if you're offensive player defensive player [Applause] it's exciting I mean you know as we all know he's one of the greatest if not the greatest Cardinal of all time certainly the face of this organization and a special person to me personally and a guy that still to this day regardless of age and speed athleticism he still catches that ball in the crowd chanting Larry Larry that gets the place going and and I told cliff early on in the process we got to figure out a way to get him the ball early and all we always said if you work hard good things are gonna happen scouting is A to Z and we're looking for everything you really try to go in and find out what makes them tick what their personality is like you have to look at it from the unique perspective of hey we are getting the first pick we're getting the thirty-third pick we're gonna get the first pick in every round after that

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  1. This is what happens when u pick Josh Rosen as ur early number 1 pick…..whoever made that pick shouldnt be anywhere making important decisions for a high school team let alone a NFL franchise…ur average fan could tell he shouldnt have went when he did AVERAGE

  2. Hey Arizona Cardinals, can you please make a playlist for these "flight plan" videos? They would be easier to find and it would lead to more fans being connected to your organization. #nfcwest By the way, be ready for Jimmy to light you up. And Bosa, once healthy, will decapitate Murray.

  3. You fired the wrong guy,,, Kime is a joke…This is not a team but a locker room which worships Fitzgerald and Peterson no team concept. Blame Kime, not McCoy, Wilks , Kime signed off on the changes then threw everyone under the bus

  4. Reporter: Coach, what do you think of Josh Rosen?

    Coach K: Yeah, he’s outta here…gotta killer man crush on Kyler 🤩🤩🤩

  5. I love how it cut from the head coach talking about how he loves Rosen and looks forward to working with him, to Rosen in Florida LOL. Welcome to the Dolphins bro.

  6. What will we do will we draft bosa or allen and have a insane pass rush with a pretty good d-backs.
    Do we draft murry trade rosen for a 3rd rnd pick hope we get a 2nd rnd pick. Hope N'Keal is still on the board at 33. If not olinemen 2nd 3rd and 4th rnd
    Tackle in 2 and 3 rnd 4 gaurd. Now here is the trick move shiply to gaurd leaving cole at center. Humphries at right tackle cole at center shiply say at right gaurd puigh at left guard now you only need to feel left tackle.

  7. Funny how head coaches are the ones on the chopping block, but worthless GM who hired him gets to stay on and try and fix his mistake…

  8. Funny how the black coach got one shot and one shot only. Anyone on here wanna bet that the white coach is gonna get more than one shot to get it right. 🙄🤬

  9. Steve Keim lookin like Thanos lmao I’m sorry I’m a cardinals fan but I can’t unsee thanos when I look at Steve Keim 😂

  10. I don’t think people understand how prone to injury Bosa is. He was out injured more of his career than he played. He would not be a good pick.

  11. David Johnson, Patrick Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald are the only memorable members of this team. They need some more players.

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