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There are many ways to express ourselves. And no matter how much I sometimes like to push away the
given magic to it still comes back because that’s the vehicle to come back home every
time. Circles, circles, circles, spirals, spirals. Seems some things they just come around over
and over, and over, and over. And the characters who bring certain experiences changes yet they are familiar somehow they
are familiar. Just lots of faces, lots of faces. And that’s different and yet the same. So many layers of experiences and stories, so many clothes so many legends. I’m telling myself and yet from time to time
I can feel an empty space. I can feel there is a black hole I’m trying
to reach, I’m trying to connect to, I’m trying
to return to. Circles, circles, circles, circles, circles, spirals, spirals, spirals. I can get so busy to so many different beautiful things and yet that black hole is still there. If I am truly authentic with myself I can
see the longing, I can feel that something
is not complete. Looking, looking, looking outside telling
myself stories wearing more masks, more nice costumes. Another place, another country, another lover, another friend. Taking myself away from that black hole. Spirals, spirals, spirals Waves… As I stay in front of the mirror I can see
myself naked not trying to hide anything, trying not to be anybody. Trying to not be trying. And as that ocean washes wash away all my thoughts, all the fears, all the insecurities all the stories, all the battles all the nice battles as it wash all of it away it seems there
is nowhere to run anymore there is nobody to be but the ocean itself. We have known each other so quite a long time. Yes? My friend We have spent time together all over the world, been in so many different places. And very often you’ve been acting as me and I didn’t even know about that. You kinda been taken roles talking to people making love and loving different ladies, telling stories. And there is a meeting when we can just see
each other there is this place where we can meet And where I don’t have to be you anymore and you don’t have to be me anymore I don’t have to run away from you and can
just hug you and kiss you and say “Thank you
for being and play”. Because in the end this is a very beautiful
playful energy what you are. And I don’t have to run away from you because you are so beautiful you are so beautiful Isn’t he beautiful? Beautiful. So I wish that every monkey inside of me maybe somebody else would not take over that I could see that I could see and that I could give thanks for it appearing. Because in the end we are all connected In the end there is this theory that we have read in books and have seen in films. No! That’s part of the experience to fall and
stand up again So you know the theory, that we are all connected? Right? That’s a really nice theory. Some ancient people left us messages with
the flower of life images, you know? Very nice image, great reminder that everything is connected. And I feel like as much I would love to think positive I have so many negative thoughts
in my head. As much I would love to laugh about this character,
that takes over He takes over anyway And I get to love him more Because that’s part of me also And what this character secretly told me an a little story that every thought he thinks a music is created. Every thought that pass through is an opportunity to create a symphony. So in that case all of us are musicians know we that or not we are music We can play music, and we can be the ocean Circles, circles, spirals, spirals and when
we meet again we will never be the same on the next round just because we are all related and the same We are like the flowers after just a few moments they never the same. Underneath the masks of characters pretenders there is pain Underneath of every actor that plays the role there is pain And when this bubble of pain recognized it’s nice to let it – phhh That’s easy to put another mask It’s easy to put another
clothes and another story I just do a little experiment If there is anybody can see your bubble this bubble some kind of a bubble
If you can see Try to keep your attention to this bubble
right now and we do whatever time will think
right now maybe fifteen minutes or twenty
minutes that the sound, the wave will still
come in another round. Let just those negative bubbles go, let them fly out let them fly out What do you think, Zorba, how many thoughts been passing through tonight here? You think a lot of them? Sure, yeah, I think We think, we think that there is a lot of thoughts been passing through Do you think we need them, do you think are they real? What do you think, Zorba? No? Maybe not real. You think, they are not real, right? Yeah, we think Is this real like ummmhh? Yeah, that looks real, yeah? That feels real Maybe a little bit more than the thoughts,
no? Yes? Yes So maybe we should just do this (takes a deep breath) ummmhh That’s kinda a release thing, yeah? this thoughts process
of release, yeah? I think, yeah, we think No, we are not thinking, we are feeling, yeah? Feeling, thinking is all kind of could be
all the same anyway, yeah? So it’s kind of what? We just, we just release Whatever just happened I have no idea and I don’t need to have any ideas I can be just grateful for this momentum because this momentum will never come back again and the same scenario Zorba, you are great companion I can talk to you forever I don’t need to tell anybody anything to do, right? Because we are having conversation. We don’t know anything anyway, yeah? A concert without concept… That’s a great concept we could burn the concepts though Concert without concept, that’s great! A little birdie flew by and it dropped a little idea that out of time, out of space out of nowhere a sound appeared That sound gave birth to many other sounds In their multiplication they were given birth to trillions of billions of sounds And in each uniqueness they are creating the
symphony of life Every object around us has a sound And our own music changed each time What do you think? What do you feel when we express or not? Incredible musicians we are Knowing we are or not we are creating sound of life Each of us With every thought With every emotion We are creating music And the birdie asked itself: “I wonder if those sounds naturally can create a beautiful symphony? Naturally» It will never be the same without each of us being present here without each of the emotion we are collectively being experiencing In an unique way I like to give thanks to this beautiful place to Vasiliy and all the crew that hosted us here Like mandala of life being created and destroyed created and destroyed created and destroyed every time again And I want to give thanks to this beautiful
magician lady manifesting the colors And as a main thanks I would love to remind
each of us to look around and to give thanks
to each other Because without each of us being here it would not happen the same Thank you very much! Estas Tonne is also known as performer of “Internal Flight”, “The Song of the Golden Dragon”, “The Inside Movie”, “The Song of the Butterfly” and many other amazing compositions played with acoustic guitar. A fusion of classical structure, technique of Flamenco, roots of Gypsy, characteristics of Latin and Electronic Soundscape..

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  2. Just found you this year Estas and feel so blessed by your contribution that transcends all!!  Eternal freedom that needs no words…………..May your music be heard in every space on earth and beyond! Love always!

  3. You're a true poet…with words and with your fingers. Magnificent gift you share with the world…you touch my soul. Lovenlight

  4. Не ешьте ЛСД в 30)) а то будете как он. Индия великая страна, многие оставили там свой стержень.

  5. Играет он лучше всех в мире, но счастья нет. Боится. Жалко его… Знаю как бывает страшно там)) сам воплащаюсь в гитаре..)) но такой блаженной хуйни я не несу))))) нафиг защита, улыбка мир открыт.))) Бабу ему русскую надо, сразу мотив изменит.

  6. Сегодня День театра.. и это лучший подарок для меня… Спасибо, Estes !!!!!

  7. Волшебная музыка, уникальная, живая. Спасибо исполнителю, его душа соединилась с вечным.

  8. It all does always begin and end, with the sometimes 90 degree rotated, eye, as depicted. The beautiful, captured eye is always perfectly central to the black hole. And, the story or theme, always with it's sounds, does have a way of repeating itself, in millions of repeated repeats, as more life unfolds, and a way within life repeats, in accordance to underlying rules and frameworks from man. The eye is for wxxxy, it seems to me. And, as the full, elaborate pattern repeats, the eye is to be able to further represent millions of other beautiful persons, caught in the black hole, of the way or pattern, evolved as a system, deeply interwoven within a very much greater, and even beautiful, system from man and God.
    This video depicts the black hole, in three ways: an ongoing painting in the background; words from the man seated; sounds from his guitar. The sounds from life is the story. The story moves the orchestras forward. Ideally, the eye evolves to become the perfectly and exquisitely vulnerable…. Hence, the ninety degrees (as if … from a side view). Amen.

  9. Joni Mitchell would like this. So would Andreas Vollenvider and Ralph Towner. Maybe Stevie Nicks and Egberto Gismonti.

  10. Два часа юзать четыре аккорда! В чем прикол? Тупо в импровизации?

  11. It is not just a theory that everything is connected. It is a fact. We are all ONE. Really. Not just people, but everything. Even modern physics can prove it now. Atoms are not immobile anywhere: they move around everywhere, from me to you to the sun, to the other end of this galaxy and then some. And all of the atoms do this. So there are no "my" atoms, or "your" atoms. WE are ALL. The sooner we open our mind and heart to this truth, the better for humanity and the world. Children should learn this in school in first grade. We would see a different life then!

  12. my comment will be different from all the rest
    i have been listening to estas for years now.. that being said, i think he has a certain style.. every song and every melody he plays sounds similar and seems like one is blending into another.. (all he does is improvise btw which he's majestically good at) and for a regular artist it might seem like something negative to repeat the same melody in each song as if he were playing the same thing over and over but estas nails it and owns it.. i think guitar was invented for guys like him!

  13. Я восхищаюсь им надеюсь когда нибудь его затмить… или превзойти, не знаю как правилнее…

  14. Un chitarrista che ricerca le sonorità profonde del sitar e dei raga della musica indiana classica.

  15. Чудесная привязанность – играть, слушать, и чувствовать всё это…

  16. Being in Goa i missed this talent. I wish I had known that Estas Tonne was going to perform, i wouldve gathered my friends to show what real soulful music is. All they promote in Goa are these stupid events like Sunburn and other bull crap.

  17. You dont have to be very smart to understand that his music is very spiritual, no wonder he went to India. Its the world capital of real spirituality.

  18. If gods decided to come back to Earth one of them would be this guy. Is he going to open a cult or smth?

  19. A talent that cannot be taught.. This comes from within his very being . Each note is an extension of Estas.. You cannot say “ listen to that man playing the guitar !! “ But instead you would have to say listen to that sound he’s making . Because the music he is making is coming from within him .. The guitars he plays or nothing without him.. I’m hooked. .. Every morning I get up make my Coffee and go straight to YouTube on my TV and pull up Estas Tonne and enjoy hearing his soul pouring out before I head out to work. .. He is a beautiful human being

  20. Жаль что нет записи 18 19 годов где он куда пропал БОГ

  21. На столько балдею что забываю ставить лайки просто приход на плей чума

  22. I would like to elaborate on my earlier comment and add this thought: What single entity is it that regulates and controls 100% of our earthly existence on the physical plane? Yes, it is the one star that is crucial to our planet earth: the SUN. As a star, it has a definite life cycle. Within this life cycle, there is only a very narrow span of time in which the conditions are such that life as we know it can exist. Before the star arrives at that stage, it would be inhospitable on Earth for water based life. And when that beneficial phase closes, again there will be inhospitable conditions for life as we know it, including human life, of course. Nothing that humans can invent or manipulate will stop this cycle. It is truly beyond our grasp, capability and power. In human time count, this beneficial phase takes millions of years, of course. But…. let us not delude ourselves, eventually, our physical existence will be over on this beautiful Planet Earth. Then what?

    So, why then are we so bent on making wars among nations, why are we racist with each other? Can we come to realize that there is NOTHING to be gained for keeps here? We are just borrowing this planet while the good times last.

    Maybe we all can come to realize that the only thing worth pursuing is learning how to live peacefully with each other, how to love ourselves and others? How to share this planet and its resources with each other and enjoy them together? Time is an illusion and does not really matter. How we evolve in our spirit, in our heart, that is the only thing that we can take away from this existence, individually and as a species. I hope we can all come to this understanding and apply it in or lives! This is my most fervent hope for mankind! Namaste!

  23. Estas, your music reaches inside and touches my soul. This age of our world is privledged, blessed, your expression of the soul is moving, and eternal. God bless you, and thank you for sharing with the world.

  24. Не бойся этой чёрной дыры – шагни в неё! Ты сможешь! Ты готов!

  25. Holy crap…this is really CRAP!!! You meditate with good music, not bad noises. This guy is a master…a master of mediocrity…selling his bull crap to the simple minded and easily impressed masses that gobbles this stuff up like it is something to be worshiped. All his stuffs gets old in about 30 seconds…lots of loud fire and fury signifying nothing. Actually, his guitar playing skill is not that great…lots of simple chords and fast loud arpegios. The fact he can sit there and milk that themes for over 2 hours when 1 minute was more than enough…that is mastery of mediocrity for the equally uncultured masses. This is a real master……best in the world and his videos do not viewed in the millions. Says a lot about society today.

  26. Estas opensup our hearts and minds and he opens up connections to our soles he is the guitar gooroo😂

  27. ยามตื่นตาตื่น!!! โลกตื่น
    ยามหลับตาดับ!!! โลกดับ
    ผลเกิดแต่เหตุ ทุกสิ่งล้วนธรรมชาติรังสรรค์

  28. Плачет гитара не выстрелом скорой песни, плачет она в руках своего господина о его и о своей мечте. Не всякий в силах разговорить ее сердце так, чтобы проливающаяся музыка своей вибрацией лаконично текла в сердца и души слушателей. Тлеет благовонная свеча, с ним нет никого на сцене, никто не кривляется, все оцепеневают и творят завороженную тишину. В зале полумгла и свет не ранит и не утомляет глаза слушателей. В такт мелодии стан музыканта еле подается в стороны, и в дыму благовония совершается таинство веры нежной и величественной в своей доступности этой музыке. Играй гитарист! Я тебе верю… Я потрясен… Очарован, пленен. Играй гитарист, пусть только она поет. Я как друг жениха отойду в сторону и буду радоваться за него и его невесту. Играй музыкант. Плачь твоей гитары живителен и свеж. Я здесь наедине с этой музыкой, и я не один такой. Лица людей, окружающих меня светлы. Нас роднит удивление…

    Нас возвеличивает благодарность Богу за твой талант и этот момент. Позже, когда все пройдет, и опустеет сцена, эти стены будут помнить…, а сердца благодарных людей за тот мир и покой, какие испытали здесь, вознесут это здание до уровня храма искусства. Спасибо тебе, музыкант…

  29. Estas, As I listen to your interaction with the audience, I realize you are a bringer of light. Your music is an extension of your light spreading as you play, and as you play you emit the vibrations that console the spirit. Only hoping a continuance of understanding, that can only be explained through your music you channel to all who love and listen too you….

  30. Amazing. Do you think it is possible to start learning guitar for free at home ? Or its needed to pay and have lessons with teacher ? If the first prop is possible, any advice, website ? Hope one day you'll make a live concert in France/Paris !

  31. WOW. I just discovered you! God speaks through your musical composition and abilities Estas! Thank you for finding me on YouTube. And thank you for this journey to outer space. I have loved and worshipped music since my childhood. You have touched a part of me which only beautiful music can touch. The deepest, darkest part of my soul. Gracias! I hope to see you live someday. In Goa, even better!

  32. This makes me want to go back to Goa. It was so nice and peaceful the time I spent there, I loved it. It reminds me of the great beauty of life in the streets. That was a time that I will always cherish, it taught me so much of myself. I am thankful for it.

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