Game Of Thrones – Iceland Special (2017)

Game Of Thrones – Iceland Special (2017)

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– Hi, I’m Einar Thordarson,
(light music) location manager and
scout on Game of Thrones in Iceland for Pegasus. We are here at a location where we shot East Watch, part of East Watch, on the beach behind me. We’re standing on what
would be base of the wall. There was some more
CGI work done obviously to make it the real wall. Down there we shot a scene with Jon and Jorah’s boats on the beach where they are approaching and the wall they used for where the dragon comes flying around and starts knocking it down. Well I think Iceland really offers a lot of locations that are very fantasy and adventure-like, which really fits into the show, I think. Mysterious-looking but also we have a lot of locations
that are very accessible even if they look like they’re
in the middle of nowhere, so that has really helped. And the producers on
Game of Thrones are very knowledgeable about Iceland, and together we have managed to find
new and exciting places for most seasons. It’s fantastic and exciting to see all the work that you put into this come together on the screen, and just to work it out logistically, you know, make it happen, is tricky at times. But of course, the end result is the glory, I mean,
that’s the exciting part, to see it on the screen. Obviously, film tourism
is something that is quite big around the world. And in Iceland has become big. Game of Thrones is a huge part of that. It’s been here many times. You may have a Hollywood movie come in, but it’s just once and
it has a big effect, but Game of Thrones has
been here many times, and there are a lot of followers that just want to go to Iceland because Game of Thrones was shooting there. We were looking for a canyon
for a dragon to fly in and coming up to a hill to pick up a goat. And this canyon was right for it. The dragon came flying
down the canyon behind me and up to the hill, picked up the goat, blew some fire on the ground, and you have the beautiful
waterfall in the background. It was a location where
the herder had his goats and wasn’t expecting the
dragon to come up behind him. Behind me is where they
put the Bloody Gate in CGI. At the end of this path
that the Hound and Arya are walking along, having a conversation. It’s a little distance
from the parking lot, so you have to carry everything down here. And it’s a national park, so you have to keep the tourists away. And in the summer time,
you have a lot more tourists than in winter, so a little tricky, but still, it worked pretty well. The funny thing is it was
really warm on that day, which is unusual in Iceland, but that was probably the main problem. People in heavy costumes were
really having a hard time. They wanted a narrow canyon
that they would travel through. We just started thinking about any canyon that could possibly work. And looked at there are a
few of them around here. We looked at a few, and this one in the end was the winner. So this is a location where one of the most climactic scenes
in the series was filmed at. We’re in Thingvellir, and this is where the Hound and Arya are trekking. He has the fight with Brienne, and in the end begs Arya to kill him. So in these hills here, we have like seven different positions
where they were fighting and then we had to do a little stunt work where the Hound falls off the cliff. Then, him laying on the ground. And then, in the end, you have Arya walking down the valley behind me at the end of the scene. This location, even if it’s
right off the main road, you just walk up the hill and
you have a hike into the hills that are difficult for the crew carrying equipment, and
even just without equipment it can be difficult, so there were logistical
aspects to worry about here, but we spent about a couple of days and some rehearsals up here as well. But yeah, a couple of
days of shooting in here in like five, six
different spots around me. (soft music)

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