Game of Zones – S5:E1: ‘A Golden Summer’

Game of Zones – S5:E1: ‘A Golden Summer’

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Stick stance, Nicholas OK, sorry Going off his numbers from last year, you could make the case he’s become one of the best shooters in the Realm [Scoff] You can never have too much shooting, Steph Klay, your thoughts? Huh? Um Yeah. Um. Yeah, I think it’s unsafe. A bit shaky I think Swaggy P could be an asset Lord Commander! Lord Commander! Yes, Patrick? A raven…just came in…Woj–er, Shams…Bomb House Hornets has traded for…Dwight Howard Hm, good for them. Nothing to concern ourselves with Thank you, Patrick. Let us know if you hear of anything else Aye, Lord Commander Swaggy has his moments, but all too often plays the fool Swaggy has his moments, but all too often plays the fool
They said the same of JaVale, but I’d say he’s worked out quite nicely They said the same of JaVale, but I’d say he’s worked out quite nicely Aye I just…I worry how many of these jester types can we absorb until… I just…I worry how many of these jester types can we absorb until…
Lord Commander! L-Lord Commander! Lord Commander! L-Lord Commander! Yes, Patrick? Another raven. He’s crossed the Narrow Sea! Who? Furkan…Furkan Korkmaz Furkan…Furkan Korkmaz
Oh, ugh, Patrick… Oh, ugh, Patrick… Oh, ugh, Patrick…
They-they say he might make the Sixers active roster. They-they say he might make the Sixers’ active roster. Oh, ugh. OK, Patrick. Um. Maybe just notify us if any…big
names change Houses. Understood? Right, right. Big names. Got it. I, for one, think Nick’s presence will help He’s one of the best catch-and-shoot guys out there Aye, and Lord Walton speaks well of his defense I mean, I like the lad, it’s just I’m concerned I mean, I like the lad, it’s just I’m concerned
Lord Commander! Another raven! Sorry to interrupt, but-but it’s a big name. Hall of Famer! OK Vince Carter He’s joining…House Kings! We’re not worried about House Kings, Patrick Come on, Patrick But…but you said big names and he’s— He’s bloody 40 years old, Patrick! I, I don’t know. I, I just…get a bad feeling about him Here, how about this: Only inform us of anything that actually matters to a house of our stature So say, one of the Great Houses of the West makes a move that directly affects us That sort of thing Right. Something that hurts our chances? Right Got it If you think it’s a good fit. That he’ll know his role You may be right. This is not the Swaggy P of yore He’s known as Uncle Swaggy now Alright, so it is agreed He’ll be examined by the maesters on the morrow,
and if they deem him fit, then a contract shall be Ugh, he’s coming. He’s coming up. He’s coming back up Lord, Lord Commander! Ah here he comes Lord Commander! I’ve got major news! Multiple ravens! This better be good Yes! Ser Chris Paul has been traded to House Rockets But wait, there’s more! Jimmy Butler is joining Karl-Anthony and the Maple Knight in Minnesota! And there’s more, it’s worse Paul George and Carmelo Anthony will be joining The Brodie on House Thunder That’s three new Super Houses. All in the West Again, Patrick? Please Only bring us news that actually affects our chances [Chair breaking] My God! Steph, your chair! Are you OK? Yeah, just uh, tweaked my ankle. No big deal Klay? Where’s Klay? Kl-Klay! Get down from there! Get off the scaffolding! Are you, are you mad? I’m just trying to see my portrait Stick stance!
[Scaffolding falling] Klay? I’m good I’m good just my thumb Oh God! Let me help you, Klay [Debris falling]
  [Debris falling]
  [Debris falling]
-Kevin? Just tweaked my ribs a bit Not to worry [Raven caw]
  [Raven caw]
Ah! Oh, Draymond! What’s wrong with you now? I don’t know. I was just sending a raven of my…uh…pelvic area and the raven, uh…just bit me in, right in the uh…right on the tip of the uh…pelvic area

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  1. And on July 2nd 2018 they sat at their golden round table and decided to add another jester type player….

    Demarcus Cousins!

    The rest of the league died on that day.

  2. 1 year after the 2017 free agency and none of these "superteams" were shit except the rockets. The thunder and wolves barely made the playoffs and were first round exits and the supposed 3rd options for them in melo and weggins both underperformed by a large margin

  3. Kerr and Klay sharing a blunt is in reference to Kerr claiming that smoking a joint helped him in dealing with his back pain.

  4. It could have gone so far as "the Lakers have bought LeBron, Chris Paul, James Harden, Isiah Thomas, Anthony Davis, Carmelo Anthony, Kyrie Irving and Kahwi Leonard!" and Kerr would still have been like "come on, Patrick."

  5. πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚im dying on curry β€œ im ok y just twist my ankle β€œ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. "I was sending a raven of me pelvic area, and the raven bit me on the tip of me um….. pelvic area"

  7. Bruuuhhhhhh Pat like Chris Paul to Rockets, Paul George and Carmelo to the Thunder and Jimmy Butler to Minnesota. Steve Kerr like yeahhhhh so

  8. Patrick McCaw saying he gets a bad feeling about Vince Carter is hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. Need to do a follow up with this one after the Raptors win. Have McCaw bring notice of the Kawhi trade but being sent away before he can give the news…

  10. Patrick:"Lakers traded for Anthony Davis!"
    Kerr: "*Sigh*, Patrick, please, only news that affect our chances in 19/20 season"

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