Garden Glow 2019 – Missouri Botanical Garden Christmas Lights

Garden Glow 2019 – Missouri Botanical Garden Christmas Lights

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Hi guys. Today we’re at the Garden Glow. It’s at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Come with us and see what we can see. It’s hard to do in all this fuzzy-wuzzy. Yeah. Oh got our tickets. Special attraction. Wow. So who did we run into? Santa. What!? So coming right out of the front gate of the Missouri Botanical Garden, we saw there was a Santa photo-op available. Um, so we’re going to take advantage of that and see the big guy. See how good we’ve been. What’s up? What in the world is that hat? Aren’t you a little bit hot? Is that a hat or hair? Hat. I’ve seen some with their hair like that. All right. Are we on video too? Yep, got it. I didn’t know that. Yeah, you’re famous Santa. If I knew I was on video then I would’ve been… [laughter] Got a sign that says “Follow the Glow”. Let’s go see what we can see. There is. They have some nice lit up signs for you to follow. What do we got over here? We got a Blizzard Bar. The only thing I want during the wintertime is something warm to drink though. Let’s see what they got on the menu. Oh they have alcohol in them. I guess that would keep you warm. All right. And for your old-fashioned they got, uh, beer, glass of wine, regular hot chocolate. There’s soda or water. Okay. Oooooh. Okay, it looks like we’re coming up on, what is this? Are those lightsabers? They look like lightsabers. This is where they bury all the fallen
Jedi. Woah. That is pretty neat. So that looks like semi-synchronous lights draped down. I guess they change color. Oh yeah, they
just went from purple to blue. That is cool. From, like, blue to green. Okay. That’s pretty cool. Here’s the, what looks like lightsabers, all plucked throughout the ground. That’s pretty interesting. On both sides of you. They really, they really, underestimate the glow part of this. This is really glow. Woah. So you’re in, like a, a semi canopy of lights here. That is pretty neat. – Woah, look right there. Let’s go inside that. Uh-huh. Woah, a pink tree. So we’ve actually been out here during the… regular Garden activities. And this is so much more. This is like a new, this is a very new experience for us. – This is really cool. Yeah, really cool. – Look at the tree, Dad. Uh-huh. Everything seems to have a luminescence about it. There we go. Say “hi”. – Hi Woah. There we go. That is so cool. See, even the trees here… if you look ever so closely, you can see that they have little, little lights on them. I betcha it’s lasers. Little laser lights. But how cool is that? I really hope this shows up for you guys. That is cool. Ohh, and the dome, the dome has some color-changing properties, too it looks like. Okay so we went to the light, we went through the lightsaber area, now it almost looks like little star filled globs all along the ground. They’re on both sides of the path. It kind of reminds me of a Disney short that we had watched. Called “La Luna”. Where the stars fall from outer space
and land on the moon and light up the moon. That is really cool. So here’s a little bit of a close-up of one. That’s the close-up. That is really cool. And those are dotted all along the pathway on both sides here. Ohh, we come across a sign that says “Illumination”. I wonder if all these are, like, themed in a way. Cause this is “Illumination” here. – “Illumitron” Huh! Well, I need to learn how to spell because that look like “Illumination” right there. “Illumitron”. – I thought it was “Illumination” too. You thought so, too? Yep I’m not the only one. You got a food and beverage stand coming
up here. Oh, that’s beautiful. That’s a pretty, really pretty overview. It’s like it transports you into a magical place. So beautiful. Yeah they have this section going to the music, which is really cool. ♪♪ Oh it looks like they have S’mores
cooking stations here. That’s pretty cool. Keep you warm on a nice night. So what do you guys think so far? Cool. This is really neat, yeah. It’s so cool there’s so many lights. And the music and the, the fire pits. You can smell the fire going around.Pretty neat. You can definitely smell the fires in the air around, yeah. – And the marshmallows. Oh that’s so cool. ♪♪ Well they got some Glow merch here today. Yeah. They got some light-up necklaces. “Follow the Glow” So Abi is making a snowman here. They have these little magnetic metal
snowman that you can assemble which is really cool. [laughter] That’s a one..that’s a cyclops snowman. Oh those colors remind me of a
watermelon up there. It was a little bit green. Smile, Abi’s finished creation. – One more. No he has his own hat. Voila. Good job. – One, two, three Let’s follow the glow. So these are like dripping icicles here. This is really interesting. What do we got here? Interactive musical instruments. Oh they got some snow globe things hanging in the trees. [playing “Jingle Bells” tune] [banging] So you’ve hit these, like, really, you hit these flower like contraptions. – And it makes it pop. Maybe the kids get it. I don’t get it. – It interacted to the music. It pops. Oh, okay. It just pops. It pops. What does “pops” mean? It just pops. Abi how does it work? It just pops. ♪♪ – Did Abi tell you she thinks they kinda look like marshmallows? They do. They do kind of look like marshmallows. – I don’t think it does anything. But it’s interactive. – I don’t know, maybe it does. But there’s always so many people hitting, it’s hard to figure out what it’s actually doing. So here’s. If you guys know what’s going on, tell us in the comments. We don’t get this. We are going through the “Twinkling Tunnel”. Ohhhh. We’re going to go inside the snow globe. What? I’m being shook. Agh. And you’re gonna come with us inside. Yay! So, yeah, it looks like a real igloo shaped snow globe because the tunnel. If you can see it. Yeah, you can see it. What’s been your favorite part so far? Um,making a snowman. Yeah that was pretty fun. This will be my favorite. Going in the globe will be your favorite? You’re already sure? Just certain of it, huh? Yeah. Yeah. It’ll be pretty fun. Too bad Santa isn’t in there with you, that’d be awesome. That would be awesome. Then you could get your picture with Santa inside a snow globe. That’d be pretty cool. Uh-huh. Going in. – Don’t open that door. Look at your mittens, how cute. – There you go. All right. Thank you! Where we at? – We’re in the snow globe. We’re in the snow globe. Do you see Daddy? Can’t see nothing. Hold on, don’t go all the way up there. Stand here. And smile. I don’t know if Daddy’s out there. Wave. Can you see him? Do you see him? No. No. There he is, there he is. – Where? Right there. There’s Crazy Dad. – Where? Right there, he’s waving. Okay, you done in the snow globe? No. No? Well we gotta go. All right. [camera shutter] So that’s the globe they were in, that’s
pretty neat. They said it was kind of hard to see out
of – I can imagine. There’s all kinds of lights in there. Wow, you’re in a Christmas tree. ♪♪ It’s a rave at the Garden Glow. ♪♪ Okay so we’ve got little little trees,
bushes, shrubs light up. Those are really pretty, too. – Oh, oh. That’s awesome. What do you see up there? – Um, lights. Woah. – And squares. And squares. – They’re light-up squares. Cool. – Snap, I can’t snap. I can’t even clap. – My stomp isn’t loud. What do I do? ♪♪ Abi’s in line to write a wish for the
wishing, I guess it’s a wishing well. I wonder what she’s gonna wish for. Follow the Glow. ♪♪ That was really cool. – Yeah, that was really cool. ♪♪ We had seen something similar this
projection on the buildings at Disney World in Florida on the castle. Pretty neat. – Hi – Enjoy. Woah I see. The Tower Grove House. Victorian Christmas, I’m in. – Oh my goodness, look at you. How marvelous is that. – I love it. I don’t think the house is nearly as decorated as you. That was the sign. Mistletoe. Holiday traditions – making an ornament for a tree. You could just write stuff if you don’t want to draw. But she’d rather just clean up. – I’m just cleaning up cause some people just threw it in there. Are you gonna make an ornament? Yes. Just one side decorated, the other side… One side just a picture, the other side has a message, okay? Yeah, that’s fine. Dad’s making an ornament. Yeah. Then they get to hang them on the
tree when they’re all done. Here’s a great one – eating food. That’s a good tradition. Go Cubs? This is Cardinal Nation. You ready to hang it? – Mm-hmm. That’s the tree and that’s fire. Nice. – Can I make one more? No, we’re only going to do one. You want to hang it on this tree or on this one? This tree? Very carefully. Oh look at that Santa. – He’s creepy. Aw there’s a puppy. A lot of people did Christmas trees, yeah. Oh, yep, told ya. It’s Cardinals Nation. I don’t know what was up with that Cubs one. – Pizza! Pizza. Pizza for Christmas sounds, different, huh? – Presents. Yeah presents. – Oh I should have wrote presents. Can you reach? Gentle. – I wanted it to be easy spotted. There we go. We made a OneCrazyFamily ornament for the tree in the Botanical Garden. Let’s put it on. Yeah they got some oysters,
maybe, or clams. A turkey, a ham. Some fresh fruit and some bread. Woah. Gingerbread men, some kind of a cake turnover. That is pretty. There’s dolls. – Kids room. Oh they had a tower. – Those ceilings. I know, they are so big. – And that bed. – Don’t hurt your back. – You try, Dad. – How many pounds is it? 28 I think I’ll stick to the, I think I’ll stick to the faucet. – Feel it. Let’s see. – Oh yeah, Daddy wouldn’t have no problem. Daddy used to carry, uh, pails of ink around. I’m good. – The water’s nothing? The water is nothing. – Oh, you want to show off here? Show us. It’s my ink, back in my ink technician days. – Try it with one finger. No. Well if we lose plumbing, Daddy will be our
water boy. Yes, I’ll be the water man. How cool is that? – Cool. An old safe. Follow the glow. Follow the glow. There’s a house. Look at that, they’re all lit up. So that was closed. That area was closed. Woo. How did it make the ground slanted like that? Oh, that’s not ground. Let me get everything. One second. Whoa. I want to get the whole thing. Whoa, it’s awesome. Smile. – That’s good. Merry Christmas. – Thank you. She says it’s easy. She said it’s easy, now she’s lost. I see it. – I know how to get out of here. I thought. I thought there was a door there. The Herring House. Frosted Forest. ♪♪ – That looks frosted. It is so pretty. I like these colors. – Brillance. – Welcome to Brilliance. Follow the Glow. 12 Days of the Garden. A partridge in a pear tree. – It’s sort of like 12 Days of Christmas, right? Right. Two turtle does. Doves. Two turtle doves. Number 3 is three French hens. [singsong] Three French hens. [singing] What’s the next one? What’s this one? Number four is four calling birds. “Hey, Larry, did you get my FaceyTweet? Larry?” Calling on the telephone. [laughter] Them chatty birds. Number five is five golden rings. 1,2,3,4,5. Six geese of laying. Daddy think this is seven swans a swimming, and he was right. [inaudible] Seven swans. Eight maids a milking. Eight maids a miking. – I was close. Oh can I go be a maid? Yeah, go. – Aggh. [laughter] She totally didn’t see you sneak over here and do it. Oh just over here milking. [singsong] Nine ladies dancing. ♪♪ – Other way. Do the opposite way of what you’re going. [singsong] Ten lords a leaping. Uh, three lords a leaping. [singsong] Three lords a leaping. Can only leap so many. Oh, Mom, it’s Plinko. – Woah. Garden Glow Plinko. Ah, somebody got a gift. Somebody got nice. Two gifts. Reindeer ring-toss. Almost. Oh. So close. They have the texture of pretzels. That’s weird. Don’t they feel like pretzel kinda? – Little bit. Not so easy, is it? Oh, look at Abi. Got it! Snow. Twelve drummers drumming. Oh! I bet you these are pipers piping. They got pipes. Those are piping pipers. – Oh! Ha! We thought it was just Plinko. We found the elusive number 11. Woo-hoo. Eleven pipers piping. You can definitely smell all the Christmas trees in here. Beautiful. That looks like the brewery right there. So, like, what did you guys think? Awesome! It was really great. It was worth the admission. Think it was $18 for adults… and, what, $10 for kids, I think? I believe so. They have family nights, too, but we wanted to come when the weather was a little bit nicer. And I think this was the last really nice day of the week. Nice. Yeah I would definitely say it was worth the admission. There’s so much stuff to be able to see around here. We pretty much closed up the, sorry, we
pretty much closed up the area and then we were still looking at stuff, so if you
guys come, make sure to come early. Definitely. Thank you guys so much for joining us. We had a really fun time. We hope you did too. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Bye

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  2. Great tour Shawn again it's been years since I'd been here. I watched the whole video and a lot seen here to comment on so I'll comment on my favorite part the lighting and light shows here were awesome

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