Goa – A Perfect Holiday Destination | Incredible India | Hungama Kids

Goa – A Perfect Holiday Destination | Incredible India | Hungama Kids

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Hello friends, I am your guide Prachi As you can see, today I am in a chilled out, vacation zone. And why not? As in today’s episode of Incredible India, we will be visiting the fun capital of India Name of this state consists of two opposite words.. Go & AAAA .. You must have understood which state I am talking about? It is GOA Friends let’s go to GOA !!!! Goa is the smallest Indian State. which
is located in the coastal region of Western India. The capital of Goa is Panaji and the religion
distribution is 25% Christians, 66% Hindus and 8% are distributed amongs Muslims and other religions Unlike the other Indian States, Goa was ruled
by the Portuguese till 1961 You would be surprised to know that this state was finally officially formed in the year 1987 Another fun fact about Goa is that.. this
is the richest state of India. But according to me.. this is the happiest
state of India.. and why not anyone who visits this place gets happy The main Industry of Goa is Tourism. Besides, Mining, Restaurants, Brewery, Chemical & Fertilizer are the main source of income for people It is said that.. Goa is also the only state which has 2 official languages Konkani & Marathi. Goa’s seven major rivers are Zuari, Mandovi, Terekhol, Chapora, Galgibag, Kumbharjua canal, Talpona and the Sal. The wildlife of Goa boasts of a long list
of resident and migratory birds like Kingfisher ..aaa the bird Kingfisher.. Herons, Kite, Sea Eagle, Koel, Pallas’s
gull and many more. Besides, Gaurs (Indian bison), Porcupines,
Wild boar, Pangolin (scaly anteater), Leopard, Langur, Monkeys & Crocodiles are found here in abundance. The main tourist attractions here are.. It’s a long list…. Dudhsagar Falls Basilica of Bom Jesus, Fort Aguada, Calangute Beach, Pilar monastery, Tiracol and Chapora fort Shantadurga temple, Mangueshi temple, Mahalasa temple, Naval Aviation Museum National Institute of Oceanography, Goa Science Centre, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Mollem Wildlife Sanctuary Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary and Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary (Phewww)..No doubt tourism is the main industry here!! The list of Goan cuisine is also a long and interesting and worth trying and my favorite is Vindaloo other then this Sarapatel, Shrimp curry. Xacuti, Patoleo, Crab curry, Chicken Cafreal, Sana and Fish Ambotik. Oh God I am hungry!! The Goan Music is famous all over the world and the famous dance forms are Fugdi, Corridinho while the famous music forms are
Mando & Fado quite an interesting name Konkani Film industry & Theatre is also quite famous. The eminent personalities of Goa are Varsha Usgaonkar, Subodh Kerkar Remo Fernandes, Kishori Amonkar, Hema Sardesai
to name a few. It’s suggested that November to February is the best time to visit Goa but according to me ..Goa is fun in all the seasons..even in monsoon Hey Guys Hope you must have enjoyed incredible trip to the incredible state Goa And you must be feeling refreshed just like me. And next week, I will be taking you to new state. Which State? Well that’s a surprise. There is one Home work for you all Firstly press the subscribe button down below Do let us know about your thoughts on Incredible India episodes and me. Please connect with us And share your knowledge on other states too Don’t forget to like and share this video See you again on next thursday..till then stay happy and Keep smiling!!

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  1. Was really waiting for this video.. been to Goa so many times but didn't know so many things abt it.. Thank you for providing so much of info thru ur video..

  2. It is very informative and because of the Anchor voice and screen presence. It is looking fabulous. Great job

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