Goa better than Miami ?|North Goa HD video |Miami|South Goa|Tito’s|Mango Cafe

Goa better than Miami ?|North Goa HD video |Miami|South Goa|Tito’s|Mango Cafe

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in 2018 around this time of the year I
was in Miami I’m in Miami beach I’m in Miami beach I’m in Miami beach and this
year around the same time we are in Dil Chahta hai , Kabhi na beetan okay enough of my
bad singing but you gets it right we are here in Goa
and this actually brings a very interesting comparison is going better
than Miami and No I’m not drunk it’s 2019 you cannot drink and drive in goa on so let’s be a proud nationalist and prove that goa is better than Miami just
kidding well that was lousy now coming back to the point let’s start scoring
Miami versus Goa while the beach water of Goa is pretty neat and clean the
green water of Miami wins your heart so right now it’s Miami one and go a zero I
hate to say this but this sand in Miami is better than that of Goa but hey you
can go to mandrim beach it sure is pretty calm musical amazing finally we have our winner I’m in
nightlife in Miami is pretty amazing too but nothing beats the feeling of
drinking and dancing right next to the ocean at midnight Miami government provides a free trolley
service to move around the city which is pretty neat Goa mai activa chalane ke maze ko aap usse compare kar hi nahi skte When you are riding you activa and singing Bahut dino baad ladki pe gaana , gaadi aur daru nahi dikha EMiway bantai maloom hai na ,, Machayenge the crowd in Miami is very diverse you’ll meet people from
all over the world goa unfortunately still slightly behind that the majority
of the people you will see on the beaches are Indian and in Miami you will
see that people are very carefree enjoying the moment dancing having fun
and will we we can be a little rowdy at times so just by a slight edge we will
give this to Miami the infrastructure of Miami is world-class
so I guess no comparisons there but the good part is even goa I is coming up
with two huge highways and that’s going to boost the connectivity a lot when you
are visiting Miami you can go to South Beach Ocean Drive Bayside wynwood Key
West and couple of other places but when you are in Goa you get to choose from
enormous number of spots Goa has a huge coastline and a number of tourist spots
where you can go and enjoy with this we are back in the hunt it’s four against
three if you are a vegetarian in Miami your options are really limited you rely
on subway support they are Indian restaurants for your food but that’s not
the case to go on Cova has plenty of options for all and the best part is you
can enter in any restaurant and the food quality will be great Miami has excellent properties right at
the beach but you can find similar properties in Goa at a much lower rate
koa has a lot of advantages walking freely on the beach is not one of them
you will have to constantly face vendors and sellers who are trying to
aggressively sell their things which can be a turn-off
if you’re trying to spend some me-time Miami offers exceptional sunrises while
you can see spectacular sunset in Goa I guess that evens it out one point for
both while you can do the same kind of watersports in Goa the duration and
level of these watersports is considerably higher in Miami
you can drive jetski on your own for 30 minutes you will be doing parasailing
for 15-20 minutes and the speed of this speedboat will be considerably higher
than what we have these two cities have almost the same kind of weather but one
thing which is a major differentiator between these cities is expenses you
will have to spend considerably higher in Miami in comparison to goa on well
this leaves us to a tie can you tell me one factor which will help one of these
cities win this race post your perky answers in the comment
section and please subscribe to my channel for more such fun videos

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