Goa Gil – The Life in Goa – Interview from 2010

Goa Gil – The Life in Goa – Interview from  2010

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My grandfather had been to India several times.
He travelled a lot and he was a photographer. And every year when I was in elementary school,
he used to come to our school and show slideshows of his photos from around the world, and many were from India. And already at that time I got this imprinting about India, and also in San Francisco in the hippie-time there was a lot of input about India. And I think… you know, when somebody gave me a Bhagavad Gita I read that and I really liked that and then I wanted to go to India, like I had so many different signs about India in my life. I didn’t go to woodstock, but at that time
I was a bit… I was anxious to leave the States and I wasn’t
too interested in the hippie movement at that point any more because… in summer of ’69 for me the bubble
kind of burst. It was around the same time… if… I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about Altamont. It was a big free concert to Rolling Stones
played near San Francisco in like… August or September ’69 and just before Woodstock-time. And then some… The hell’s angels with the… security and some guy got… black guy got killed down in front of the stage… There was a whole movie about it. Well anyway, I wasn’t there because at the
time I was working as an equipment man for a San Francisco band that I really liked, and we were on tour with the Jefferson Airplane in the western United
States the whole summer of ’69 playing many great shows with a
lot of different cool people also that were famous at that time like Joe Cocker, and 10 Years After, and this and that, many shows… It
was great time actually, I liked that time. But then when I came back to San Francisco at the end of the summer all this shit had happened, a lot of bad people had come in to take
advantage of the young runaway kids ’cause there had been so much publicity in the press, and somehow the magic was lost. And so I bought… I decided to leave the States
and go check out other places. And I bought a one-way ticket to Amsterdam. Well when
I was in Afghanistan I met this guy, he was going back to India, he’d been there before. And he’d been to a place called Goa which
I hadn’t heard of at that time. And he had been to… He was telling me about
this 8 Finger Eddie and he’d been staying in 8 Finger Eddie’s house in Colva beach. And that was like in ’68 christmas or
something. And then he was going back… I met
him like in end of ’69 in Afghanistan or beginning of ’70. And… then I decided to go with him. So we went from Kabul to Peshu, I got a
train to Karachi, got a boat to Bombay, there used to be a boat
Karachi-Bombay, stayed there one night and then took the boat to Goa. Next day we went to Kallengur,
and walked over the hill to Anjuna and arrived at 8 Finger Eddie’s house. I stayed there… There was like 20 people
staying there, 25 maybe… It was the only house in Anjuna at that time. There was no chai shop, restaurant, motorbike,
electricity, anything. And Eddie and Jack used to make food every
day and you’d eat out of a little coconut… half of a coconut. Then you’d have tee in the coconut and some biscuits… Then I decided that I… you know, after a couple of weeks I decided… I came…
I wanted to go see India so I started hitch-hiking and walking down the coast of India from Goa, and I ended up going all around the whole
India and I went from temple to temple and I met “sadhus”, and then… and they would call me over and I’d sit with them and eventually I started traveling with one sadhu. Then we went to
Kashmir for ??????, we stayed in a temple with many sadhus and “naga babas” and one old guru… And then… I really… I don’t know, I felt like I was kind of at home
there. And then I became the disciple or “chela” of that old guru. Sadhus are people who have left normal
life. Like normal life meaning: you go to school, you get a degree, you get a job,
you get married, you have a family and… you continue on like that. Well, some people don’t… don’t want that kind of life, historically
also. Some people are more attracted to spiritual life, and sadhus in India are people who
have left normal life and been reborn again into a spiritual life
with a new name and they belong to a family of sadhus according
to their guru, and they get the teaching and the oral tradition
and then live that life. They dedicate their whole life to God They do things that concern that all the
time. I should imagine that when more people understand
about it, it should be far more popular than it is today. When people the ear for it. Because I listened to
all kind of music in my evolution and you know, and so, it keeps going on and to my ear, which
has been through every kind of music in my history, this is the one that has the sounds and beats… new ideas that stimulate me. After the first flea markets in Goa, a friend had a small sound system, we used to put it at the beach,
started at sunset and played all night and all day
but not usually until the next sunset, but till noon or early afternoon… And then things progressed… we had some… you know, we had all kind of things in Goa, in those days we used to have bands also. And I remember one year, it was Christmas-
New year ’77-’78, and we had like 5 bands that year… You know, stage on
the beach, had a big P.A. system, I used to have a big house called the music house, where my main
band lived and all… On different days each band would come and have their practice time there on the equipment.
Anyway, we had an idea that year to… We made a party from Christmas Eve
to 2nd January or something. And we had our equipment man camped out with a tent at the stage
and all day he put on cassettes on the sound system while people were swimming and whatever. And every night we had bands, and DJs in between the bands. Those parties anyway used to go well until the next day.
And yeah, that party went on… It was a historical event. I just have my collection of music which is constantly changing because constantly
I’m getting new music from different artists. Then new artists, people are sending me music all the time
and it adds to the collection. And slowly-slowly things go from the collection because my policy
is not to play the same track in my set that I might have played one year ago
in the same place. So tracks don’t usually last more than a year… and some tracks less, and… So it’s just constantly changing and I have… I mean
I know that depending on how long I’m playing… I mean certain
tracks fit better in early night, middle night, late night, dawn, early morning, late morning, midday,
early afternoon, late afternoon, different tracks for me fit different
in those times. I don’t have an exact order I play them,
I have kind of blocks that fit with the time some tracks are good any time. And I just go like that then it’s
spontaneous from there. I’d heard everything already in the ’60s, kind of. People say: oh yeah, this new kind of music, but I’ve heard some band that was doing that in the ’60s.
’cause everybody… Everything was kind of done in the ’60s. I mean now what jazz can you hear, that was more than
Bitches Brew by Miles Davis, or you know, Return to Forever – Romantic Warrior
Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters are all the stuff that went before that. And Coltrane, Anderson, and every kind
of music it’s the same. Everything is just a rehash of before. This is the one of a kind of music that has
new ideas in it for me. And something new. And that’s why I’m into it. That’s why I’m passionate about it. My life is good. But I don’t go out so much because I travel
so much. And when I’m in Goa, I really like my house
and the environment that I created, and so I stay home most of the time and
I sit by my holy fire in my backyard, and we play drums, and work on music… and sometime we go out to eat but mostly we cook
our own food… I don’t really go here and there so much
because… there’s too much traffic now, too much garbage
too many, you know… shops… I don’t know, they got so commercial. Even when
we go to the beach, I go to the last little bit of beach where there’s nothing because on this side
and that side there’s all kind of big chai shops with beds and umbrellas on the beach. Like Coca-Cola umbrellas. And I can’t stand that
you know, so I go to the little place where there’s one little funky chai shop,
like out was in the ’70s, and we go in front of that even though it’s
not the best bit of beach… It’s the part I like just because it’s still like how
it was a bit

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  1. this was the best party i've been too in all my life….this was the first time that i've seen Goa Gil "in action" and i will always remember that wonderfull night for the rest of my life…

  2. yes yes love & respect for this god of psychedelic music ajjjajaa yeha the Nommos are fuck good jjajaja i love psytrance 4 ever. peace.

  3. Thanks for up'ing this. Goa Gill is a pure inspiration. Timeless, unaffected by age and un shackled by the typical western way of life.

  4. i want to go back to that time in goa…before all the bullshit…trip on his music..and dance all night..from sunset to sunrise

  5. how can u be so sure?
    and still you gotta insult people while talking, are u too damn stupid to have a normal conversation?

  6. Well, that may be right… but I find his disappointment with the hippie movement rather strange given that he has apparently no problem with the current state of goa-trance scene.

  7. you said transforming and compling music scene for 21'th century. are you a liar or what? i gave you everything i learn why you decided to deny my contribution i also gao`??=`£)==?)=

  8. For-give or not only us know the truth of who we really are, i see light all around you and energy in pure form. What are you? P.S.

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