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welcome to my channel right now i am in londa grave cave tana toraja the distance is about 8 to 9 hours from Makassar londa is in the village of sandan uwai kecamatan sanggalangi about 7 km south of rante pau South Sulawesi what’s in there, keep watching this video please comment and subscribe up there is a white cloth that is the tomb of a nobleman we go there they will go up if there is a funeral and they will go down by about 10 people using bamboo stairs they stand on the bottom then pull from the bottom and bring the corpse into the cave if they are nobles then the grave is above right the higher the caste the higher the degree nobles will be buried together with their treasures and favorite items for security reasons it is placed at the top so that no one steals those over there for the middle class they will climb tree roots to get to the top from below will be pulled those who enter this cemetery are specifically for one clan this place is special for the Tolengke clan but because of differences in their economic status must be separate there are above and below but they are still one clan, right? right londa is the oldest and largest grave in toraja In Toraja the first grave is almost all natural and not artificial graves There is also a funeral carved somewhere called Lemo it’s made with a tool in the chisel and there is a baby’s grave placed in a tree where it is in sangala there is a public cemetery in a tomb on the ground like a funeral in the city and finally there are modern graves they make houses from cement one house for one family called katane Is this the way to use it now? if the family is able to sometimes they make a house for the family corpse but if they can’t afford it, they still use this method I will try to enter the cave here must bring lights it’s so dark inside here this natural cave is not carved it was formed from natural erosion thousands of years ago this is limestone if it rains there will be droplets and the cave’s uniqueness is like a chisel but it is really very natural and that’s what it is a coffin behind you many coffins from one family here they are grouped by family and the small chest above is the corpse of children In the old days in Toraja children who did not have teeth would be put inside a tree trunk these children are considered to be still holy and their bodies separated from adults according to the Toraja tree’s belief as a medium towards their other lives they are put into a living tree not a dead tree the reason for the Toraja people doing this stone tomb is to continue the ancestors and the Toraja people used to think that there would be more and more people on earth if all the bodies were buried in the earth’s earth would be even narrower This cigarette is an offering Inside the chest are their personal belongings this is a corpse from a middle caste nobility placed above with their jewelry Torajan people believe in reincarnation and they are buried together with their favorite objects according to the toraja belief, a dead human will only migrate to the second nature which is called puya in puya their favorite things will be used This crate hasn’t been here long because the family hasn’t been able to do the traditional ceremony then the corpse is still here the skull is black then it will be brown and then white this corpse still died in 2018 this is one family over there This is the stick that was used while still alive and here it is placed next to the chest so that it can be used there you can see there is a pair of skulls their love relationship is not approved by parents then they kill themselves behind me is a couple skull they die unnaturally because their relationship was not approved I’ve come out of the cave there’s still a cave and I’ll go there I think inside there will be the same view but I am curious about the story behind it here the skull shifts because it’s been so long and placed above so as not to scatter the white skull is around 400 to 500 years old corpses here will not stink with special ingredients will be stronger currently using formalin is not recommended will make the skull quickly broken and porous I feel tired I have invited you to the cave I have to go out with the road uphill all will pay off with the scenery around the air here is cool tends to be cold thank you please comment and subscribe on this channel

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