GOA TRAVEL VLOG | 2019 | Best Places to Explore in GOA ❤️

GOA TRAVEL VLOG | 2019 | Best Places to Explore in GOA ❤️

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Guys…Guys…. Guys he is throwing my Camera.!!! Yo Guys right now we are at the Arambol Beach in goa This is one of the most amazing beach i have ever seen Hey there, we are We are at arambol beach right now woohoo This beach is awesome better than baga Baga is doodoo Man this is insane guys Look at that Wow the waves are awesome i mean its so good i’m enjoying it But always remember you know when you are travelling you always keep you know an extra pair of glasses or lens you’re wearing coz you never know what happens thats a quick update on the beach WOW gg boiiiz i’m so much tired right now it was a long journey boy, but it was worth it look at that sunset happening right there I’m on Time for this sunset and you guys will be able to see it now So enjoy it boiiiz lets go So guys this is my friend Yash Patel So yash are you enjoying right now ? NO No ? Why brother ? Because we are not comfortable with cameras Ohh, he’s not comfortable with cameras Guys guys guys he is throwing my camera You gotta look at that !! Oh my god… look at that sunset boiiiz im gonna show you Jash are you enjoying it brother ? It’s the best feeling ever its the best vacation ever with the best friends ever What are you doing ? Braids What is that Guys my friends over here are bargaining for something Bargaining for the bracelet right ? So guys right now we are at anjuna beach and…we are gonna do lunch right now its 12:30 here and after finishing our lunch what we are gonna do is we are gonna explore some water rides you guys can see !!? Jet Ski and all those things I hope i will be able to record videos because I think i wont be able to carry my phone over there but i’ll tell someone who’s not coming on those rides to record some videos for us It would be good Btw this place is so awesome Its plan B Resort…. Sorry, Plan B Beach Club And its at anjuna beach You know you won’t be able to find this on Google Maps If you search Plan B beach club you won’t be able to find it So what you have to do is search EVA Cafe You have to search EVA cafe on Google maps, at Anjuna Beach Look at this, this is literally awesome…WOW so if you search Eva cafe at Anjuna beach, This place is right next to it It’s so awesome Hello…Hey Guys Where are we right now ? PLAN B Yea what are we doing right now !! So, its our last day over here Plan A didn’t work so we are at Plan B We are at Plan B Toh kaise hai aap log ? aaj hum baat karenge Plan B ke baare mein.. And its really been a pleasant trip What are you drinking Smeet ? Gatorade ? Gatorade probably Only cow urine can cure you Cut….Cut….Cut No more vlogging… Cut guys Channel closed What is that Kesha ? Veg Noodles How is it ? AMAZING Food is really good and we are sipping beers and coffee with that Smeet what is that ? so this is basically Mughlai paneer Mughlai paneer and Cheese paratha is it good ? Yash ? Yea Don ? Allright don says yes so its good Jash !! What is that brother ? so i have vegetarian biryani in my hand biryani is a hyderabadi item yea aahn it comes with rice and vegetables in it it comes with curd as well its really spicy Het… what is that ? Chicken Wings…. So delicious i’m enjoying it really Hi dhruvi Hiiiii What are we doing right now ? so watersports so guys we are going at watersports right now I cannot see anything right now & these girls are gonna guide me Hi kesha how was it ? AMAZING Best experience Dhruvi ? Best thing about Goa !! Best thing about Goa to be honest you are correct yea this was the best thing WOW…it was so scary for me at first it was fun…it was so much fun

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  1. Turn ‘ON’ Captions to enjoy the Subtitles during Conversations 😉
    Make sure to give your feedback on the Editing of the video… Thankyou ❤️

  2. I’m so lucky to get featured!
    Zazy you the best man !
    Guys if you are reading this comment please do like the video, subscribe the channel and hit the bell icon ♥️

  3. Thanks for this vlog brother. Will be watching this over the time regularly to bring back the memories 💕

  4. Aahaan zazy😘 loved tht vlog boiii😍😍 wese were in couple entry?😅 i srysly need
    your answer for tht😅😅😅😅

  5. 2:17 I knew ,what a guy will eat first thing in Goa 😂😂😂
    4:25 that girl about only Zazy barely cared and lol Baga is doodoo
    13:27 That Paraceiling part was the best it made a good smile on my face
    19:27 lol Bargaining was so good and it was looking like jash was proposing that lady lol.
    8:20 The Timelapse was good but little big.

    I am really happy for you keep it up
    You are the Best.

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